Questionnaire Results And Conclusions 2

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  • 1. Questionnaire Results and Conclusions
  • 2. How Old Are You? Age Number Of People I asked a range of people within my target audience to fill in my questionnaire. The majority of people that I asked however where aged between 15 and 18 therefore my results will be more bias towards this age range so that it appeals to the audience.
  • 3. Who is your favourite band(s) or singer(s)?
    • I asked 20 people who their favourite bands or singers were. The most common bands/singers which were put as an answer were The Fray (2), Linkin Park (2), Coldplay (3), Bob Marley (2), All Time Low (3), Bruno Mars (3), Leona Lewis (2) and My Chemical Romance (2). Other answers put were Bob Dylan, The Byrds, McFly, Christina Perri, Marianas Trench, Bon Jovi, Ed Sheeran, Metallica, Eminem, LMFAO, Matt Cardle, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Mumford and Sons, 30 Seconds To Mars, Radiohead, Black Veil Brides, Manics, Adele, One Night Only, Michael Jackson, Evenescene and You Me At Six (All these bands where only given once throughout the 20 questionnaires that I gave out). By using these bands in my magazine it will appeal to the target audience, making them want to buy it.
    Most Popular Bands Received As Answers
  • 4. What Colours Do You Associate With An Indie Magazine?
    • I asked 20 people what colours they associate with the indie genre, the most common answers given where Brown (6), Red (12) and Blue (9). This will help me to choose an appropriate colour scheme that will attract my target audience.
    Colours Associated With Indie Colours Number Of People
  • 5. How Often Do You Buy Music Magazines? (Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Yearly or Other)
    • The most common answer to be chosen was monthly with 50% of the people that I asked choosing this option. The least common choice was yearly with no one choosing this option. The 2 people who chose other both specified that they never buy music magazines.
    How Often You Buy A Music Magazine Number Of People Frequency Of Purchase
  • 6. Name One Good And One Bad Point About A Music Magazine That You Read
    • I asked 20 people to list one good point and one bad point about a music magazine that they read. A bad point that was continuously put was that music magazines are too expensive (10). A good point that was regularly put was that they liked to find out new or more information about artists (7), closely followed by the interviews and articles that they read (6).
    Good Points Bad Points
  • 7. How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A Music Magazine? (Less Than £1.50, £1.50 - £3.00 or More Than £3.00
    • When I asked my target audience how much they would be willing to pay for a music magazine the majority of people chose between £1.50 and £3.00 with 14 out of 20 people choosing this option.
    How Much My Target Audience Are Willing To Pay For A Music Magazine Price Number Of People
  • 8. What Type Of Article Do You Most Prefer To Read? (Interview, Review, Fan Mail, Gig Guides, Other)
    • I asked 20 people to answer which articles that they most enjoy reading from a list choosing one or more options in the list to help me with the content that I am going to include in my magazine. The most common answer chosen was Interview (18), followed by Review (5)
    Article Type Number Of People Articles People Prefer To Read
  • 9. Do Free Gifts Influence You Towards Buying A Magazine? (Yes or No)
    • Yes 12
    • No 8
    • I asked my target audience whether free gifts influence them towards buying a magazine. The majority of people seemed to prefer magazines with free gifts with 60% choosing this option.
  • 10. What Attracts You Most To A Front Cover Of A Music Magazine?
    • I asked my audience to write 1 or 2 things that attracts them most to the front cover of a magazine, the most common answer given was the image of the band or singer on the front cover with 18 people writing this as their answer. Other answers given included the colours, bold writing, The advertisement of the interview or article with the artist featured and buzz words. By asking the audience this question, it allows me to understand exactly what will attract my target audience towards the cover so that they would want to buy my magazine.
    Attraction To A Front Cover
  • 11. What Words Would You Associate With The Magazines ‘Q’ And ‘NME’?
    • I asked my audience to list words that they believed to have connotations with the music magazines Q and NME, the most common answers given where Rock (7) and Indie (11). Other answers that where given where New Music, Good Bands, Mosh, Red, Black, Buzz Words, Music, Epic, Awesome, Concert, Chart Toppers, Good Music, Kerrang, MTV, Popular, Talent, Dark Colours, Good, Unusual and New Music (All these answers were given between 1 and 3 times)
    Words Number Of People