Documentary analysis- Marketing Meat Loaf
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Documentary analysis- Marketing Meat Loaf






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    Documentary analysis- Marketing Meat Loaf Documentary analysis- Marketing Meat Loaf Presentation Transcript

    • Documentary analysis- Marketing Meat Loaf Mixed documentary
    • ThemesMarketing Meat Loaf consists of a range of themes. Itdisplays the music industry, marketing, media influenceand competition between the old and young.
    • Narrative structureThe narrative structure is closed and single stranded.It is also non-linear due to the flashbacks it contains.
    • CameraworkFor the majority of the interviews included within the documentary,a mid shot is used. However, unconventionally a profile shot is usedduring one interview. Also, a point of view is used to include theaudience and make them feel as though they are too witnessingwhat the camera is. Long shots are used to establish the settingwhilst low angles are also used during panning. Whilst the crowdsoutside are shown, the camera is handheld. Also rule of thirds andzooming out are used throughout.
    • Mise-en-sceneCamera crews and cameras are featured a lot throughout thedocumentary to reinforce the themes of the media and theindustry. The magazines used also reinforce the industry, keepingthe topic relevant.
    • SoundUpbeat music is used at the beginning when differentgenres of music and different people in the industry arebeing introduced. There is a narrator throughout whouses Standard English and unconventionally appearsopinionated and sarcastic at times. Meat Loafs music isplayed and there is a heartbeat featured. Also, musicfrom Meat Loafs oppositions at the time isplayed, ‘YMCA- Village People’.
    • EditingThe editing used throughout the documentary consistsof the screen peal used on the title, slow motion, cuts,dissolves after interviews, spin on images, montagetechnique and chromakey.
    • Archive materialThe archive material within the documentary includedvideo clips, interviews, Meat Loafs ‘Beauty and the Beast’themed music video, shows announcing Meat Loafsreturn, YMCA music video and newspaper articles.
    • GraphicsThe graphics used are in clear, san serif font. When wesee them during the credits however they areunconventional due to travelling from the left to theright.