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  • 1. Welcome to yourCreative Spirit ExpressedThrough Written WordLSS CreativeWriting Club
  • 2. You don’t have to be a writer to join…
    The club “meets” online the first Wednesday of the month to discuss our latest magazine issue, what we each are currently working on, and/or to read or create. You can just listen or participate
    The club publishes a magazine twice a year. called Vision and Voices. As a memberYOUR WRITING, PHOTOGRAPHY OR DRAWINGS WILL BE PUBLISHED!
  • 3. This is a poem we created at our last meeting(each member wrote just one line!)Home to Spring
    Going out today,
    nature had inaugurated Spring
    Warming the air, the soul, the Home
    The winter’s chill tries desperately to cling
    Yet the north winter’s wind has flown
    A youthful sun wakes from each cold sting
    As if winter was never known
    I hear the burble of an unfrozen Spring
    Sunlight and green come Home
    The early flowers begin to swing
    An April sun rises to her throne
    Raindrops drip from bird’s wings
    From beyond the clouds the sun has shone
    Life caresses the flowers of Spring
    An outside world becomes Home
    Diamond dew drops to crocus petals cling
    Crashing water on the beach does foam
    A sleeping world awakes to spring
    No longer do we feel alone
  • 4. Join Us Today
    The club is for students who enjoy writing and reading poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Through peer editing and a monthly meeting, come and improve your creativity and craft!
    Go to and click on “groups” then “clubs” and find our special place!