Stuiben Waterfall: Tyrol’s Highest Waterfall


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Stuiben Waterfall is the highest not only in the Ötztal, but in all of Tyrol measuring 150m! It's a family friendly hike to the top w/ viewing platforms.

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Stuiben Waterfall: Tyrol’s Highest Waterfall

  1. 1. Stuiben Waterfall: Tyrol’s Highest Waterfall /stuiben-waterf all-tyrol-austria As soon as I heard about St uiben Wat erf all, I knew I want ed t o visit it . How could I resist Tyrol’s highest wat erf all? Fortunately it was near the Aqua Dome where we were staying and they even arranged our own private guide to visit it. The hiking path up the waterfall is incredibly well designed. There are several viewing platforms along the way, providing the best vantage points of the waterfall. Hiking to the top of the waterfall takes less than an hour and nets you just over 300m elevation gain on a gradual path. We saw lots of families doing it. Just past the waterfall there’s the Stuiben Restaurant which makes a great rest stop if you’ve worked up an appetite. The more adventurous can even climb up Stuiben Falls. Not only do you climb up alongside the 150m waterfall, but you actually cross it near the top on a wire cable. This looks like pure adrenalin! I wish we would have done this – next time! Know Bef ore You Visit St uiben Wat erf all: Ho r l a ch Cr e e k, wh e r e th e tr a i l to S tu i b e n Fa l l s s ta r ts .
  2. 2. We visited Stuiben Waterfall with a guide, but it’s very well- marked, so it’s easy to visit on your own. We also stopped by the Archaeological Open Air Park, which is en route to the waterfall. The open air museum shows what life was like in prehistoric times. It’s more suited to children than to adults. The climb up Stuiben Waterfall is considered easy in that it’s not technical so if you are familiar with Klettersteig (climbing along ropes while in a harness) you could do this on your own. If not, you can arrange a guided tour in Umhausen. Travel t ip: Most stores are closed on Sundays. We tried to find a place to rent climbing harnesses on Sunday morning but they were all closed, so get your gear on Saturday. There are so many great hikes in the Ötz tal that you should stay for several days. We stayed at the nearby AQUA DOME and loved it. Make sure your stay also includes a Friday night – I think it’s the most romantic place to spend a Friday night in all of Europe! If you like waterfalls, also be sure to check out Krimml Waterfall – it’s Austria’s highest waterfall! S tu i b e n Fa l l s
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