Hiking to Krimml Waterfall: Austria’s Highest Waterfall


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Krimml Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Europe and the world's fifth highest waterfall! It's no wonder its one of Austria's most visited attractions.

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Hiking to Krimml Waterfall: Austria’s Highest Waterfall

  1. 1. Hiking to Krimml Waterfall: Austria’s Highest Waterfall monkeysandmountains.com /krimml-waterf all Krimml Waterf all is the highest waterf all in Austria. It’s no wonder the 380 meter (1246 f t) waterf alls are one of Austria’s most visited attractions. I normally avoid touristy places, but I couldn’t resist the lure of seeing what sounded like an impressive waterfall. I had been awed by Marmore Falls in Umbria, Italy, the world’s tallest man made waterfall built in Roman times. But underwhelmed by the Rhine Falls, in Schaffhausen, Switz erland. It’s the largest waterfall in Europe by volume. Being from Canada I had Niagara Falls expectations which felt sort as I observed the waterfall which was nice but resembled a really big rapid. How would Krimml measure up? As we drove t he winding road up t o Hohe Tauern Nat ional Park, where Krimml Wat erf all is locat ed, I admired t he glaciers and craggy peaks. I was in mount ain heaven at 1600 met ers (5250 f t )! We stopped at a viewpoint of Krimml Waterfall. It didn’t look overly impressive from the distance but it still sounded impressive. We were 6km away, but could still hear the unmistakable roar of the powerful water tumbling down 380m of rock. So how did Krimml Wat erf all measure up in person? I’ll let you be t he judge: Kr i m m l Wa te r fa l l a s s e e n fr o m a d i s ta n ce . Yo u co u l d s ti l l h e a r th e r o a r o f th e wa te r fr o m s o fa r a wa y!
  2. 2. J .P. ( m y h u s b a n d ) l o o ki n g u p a t Kr i m m l Wa te r fa l l .
  3. 3. So what do you t hink? I loved it ! The roar of t he wat erf all was of t en almost deaf ening. No sound existed except for the rush of the water, all voices, all birds were silenced. It was like nature turned up at full volume and was invigorating yet relaxing at the same time. The wide pat h made Krimml Falls accessible t o anyone in reasonably good shape. It takes between 75- 90 minutes to reach the top of the waterfall but there is also a good vantage point about halfway up (~ 30 minutes) with some rocks looking up at the top part of the waterfall that would make a good spot for a picnic. There’s also a hut and kiosk there if you wanted to purchase food or something to drink. I can be snobby when it comes to hiking and tend to avoid easy hikes unless I’m sick or injured. Full disclosure: the reason I choose to hike Krimml was because I was still healing from an injured knee (torn MCL) and this was my first hike since the injury. But beyond t he pat h t o Krimml t here are mult iple hut s so t he hike could be Lo we r fa l l s
  4. 4. Lo o ki n g fo r th e e n d o f th e r a i n b o w? It’s h i d i n g a t Kr i m m l Wa te r fa l l .
  5. 5. Me e n j o yi n g Kr i m m l Wa te r fa l l a t o n e o f s e ve r a l vi e wi n g p l a tfo r m s . ext ended int o a f ull day
  6. 6. ext ended int o a f ull day hike t o t he Krimmler Tauernhaus or mult i- day hike t o one of t he ot her hut s. As luck would have it my snobbishness caught up with me. I was in too much pain to continue on to the Krimmler Tauernhaus – what I would consider to be more of a “real hike”. I normally would consider Krimml Waterfall to be a really easy hike, but my throbbing knee had me close to tears the entire way down. So no matter what your idea of a “hike” is, there truly is something for everyone at Krimml Waterfall. The surrounding scenery in Hohe Tauren Nat ional Park is incredible! Multiple glaciers, craggy peaks and of course Krimml Waterfall. It deserves so much more than the day trip we had allocated for it. We’ll be back for a multi- day trip, to do some “real” hikes. Know Bef ore You Go to Krimml Waterf all: Krimml Waterfall is located in Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria. There is a €8 fee/car to enter the park. The entrance fee to hike Krimml Waterfall is a very Up p e r fa l l s
  7. 7. reasonable €2.50 for adults and .50 for children. The path to Krimml Waterfall is in excellent condition but you should still wear sneakers or hiking boots. Krimml Waterfall is open from May to October each year. Note the website said it was open from midApril, but it was closed when we went on April 21. We still went, but the upper part of the path was snowcovered in places. Check the official website for further info. Allow several days if possible to explore Hohe Tauern National Park – its beautiful! I want to go back. Krimml Waterfall is located 185km south from Munich or 97km west of Innsbruck. It’s possible to get there by train, but from Munich it takes ~ 5 hours. The road is mountainous and very Vi e w o ve r Ho h e Ta u e r n Na ti o n a l P a r k fr o m Kr i m m l Wa te r fa l l windy. My guess is that there are a lot of traffic jams in summer since the waterfall receives 350,000 visitors a year. Go in spring or fall. If you do go in summer, try to go during the week. It wasn’t busy when we were then, but then it wasn’t officially open either. Directly across from the road is Krimml’s Wonderous World of Water. It was closed when I was there, but looks like it could be a fun attraction for children.