Castles Cycling and Climbing in Prien Am Chiemsee


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Prien am Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany is a great get away close to Munich for castles, cycling, climbing and more.

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Castles Cycling and Climbing in Prien Am Chiemsee

  1. 1. Castles, Cycling and Climbing in Prien am Chiemsee /prien-am-chiemsee Prien am Chiemsee is f amous f or Schloss Herrenchiemsee (Herrenchiemsee Palace). It’s King Ludwig II’s largest palace and is based on the Palace of Versailles. In my opinion Neuschwanstein has nothing on Schloss Herrenchiemsee! It’s incredibly ornate, and even on its own island – don’t worry, there’s a boat so you don’t have to swim over. Schloss Herrenchiemsee is one of my favorite castles in Germany and I highly recommend checking it out (more details coming in an upcoming post). Seeing as how I had previously visited Schloss Herrenchiemsee on several occasions, I was eager to see what else I could do in Prien am Chiemsee. Electronic- biking (e- biking) seemed like a great option for exploring the country side. E- bikes still require you to work, but they give you a little extra oomph. You decide how much help you want by adjusting your settings. My husband and I rented our bikes from additive bike and had a choice of two different models.
  2. 2. We stored our water in the specially designed additive bags, which are basically like a backpack for your bike and off we went through the rolling country side around Prien am Chiemsee. Several hours later we returned famished for our picnic lunch. It’s been years since I’ve had a picnic but there are so many perfect picnic spots around the lake, like the Prienavera Beach. We promised ourselves that we will do this more often.
  3. 3. Bellies full, it was off to Kletterwald (Climbing Forest). I’ve done different versions of this in Italy and in Austria, and LOVED it. It was J.P.’s first time and he was intrigued. There are a total of 13 different courses, each course having several challenges. They vary in difficulty, starting from courses that are low to the ground and aimed for children as young as 4 years old and up. Watching 10 year olds move through the courses was like watching monkeys – they were fearless and fast moving. Being just “slightly” older than 10, I moved somewhat slower and less gracefully. And while I consider myself to be reasonably athletic, two hours and four courses later, my arms were shaking in exhaustion. Each of the courses we did was challenging with the Tandem Course (where you have to work with your partner) being one of our favorites. The
  4. 4. Climbing Forest had kicked my but AND I hadn’t even done the two toughest courses – yet I couldn’t help smiling. It was daunting but exhilarating to look at a challenge and think “I can’t do it” to “I’ll try” to “I’m doing it” to “I did it!” Now that my arms have stopped shaking, I’m thinking about the two toughest courses that I have yet to conquer….and hiking the Kampenwand, the most picturesque peak around the Chiemsee – without the help of a gondola of course. Prien am Chiemsee is only 90 km south from Munich, but we felt like we were miles away. It was the perfect getaway from Munich. Know Bef ore You Go to Prien am Chiemsee: Prien am Chiemsee is easily reached by train or auto. 6 night packages can be arranged from 127 EU (what a great deal!). Contact Prien am Chiemsee Tourist Information for more info. Reserve your additive e- bike in advance to ensure availability Prien am Chiemsee is known for its local cuisine, especially fish so you can plan your own picnic using local food Allow at least 2 hours (more is better) for the Kletterwald (Climbing Forest) Check with the Prien am Chiemsee Tourist Information for more ideas about what to do View Larger Map Thank you to the Priem am Chiemsee Tourist Office for hosting me. About Laurel Laurel Robbins is a free- spirited adventurer, award- winning travel blogger at Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel Blog. Many hats, one travel obsessed Canadian in Germany.