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Boosting business results and engagement – 3 simple steps for L&D professionals
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Boosting business results and engagement – 3 simple steps for L&D professionals



Laura Overton shares how formal benchmarking can help L&D leaders become the boost business results and improve learning engagement.. The presentation looks at: ...

Laura Overton shares how formal benchmarking can help L&D leaders become the boost business results and improve learning engagement.. The presentation looks at:
• Benchmarking as an L&D business improvement tool and why current L&D benchmarks are wholly in adequate
• How new learning benchmarks can help L&D leaders improve results and engagement.
• The benefits that great benchmark data can add to aligning learning to need, forging business relationships and prioritising action areas.
• 3 simple steps to help you benchmark with L&D peers.

The session draws on benchmark data from over 2200 L&D professionals around the globe. Participants are invited to take part in the confidential Towards Maturity Benchmark for free until 12th July 2012 here [https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TM2013Benchmark].

Find out more about Towards Maturity Benchmark Reports at www.towardsmaturity.org/benchmarking
Find out more about new learning benchmarks by joining The Towards Maturity New Learning Benchmark group on Linked In.[ http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=3696010]
Follow benchmark conversations on twitter at #bethtebest13

This session was originally given presented as part of the Corporate e-learning Consortium webinar Series



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  • MotivatingProactiveEncouragingAlignedFunGame-changerSeek-forgiveness-not-permissionBraveDiverseChallenge-the-normInvisibleChallengingIntegrated
  • Our benchmark studies highlighted the great aspirations that L&D departments have to shift from being providers of courses to enablers of business.
  • We need to take time out to reflect on our own e-enabled learning strategy and use the behaviours of top learning companies to help us be the best we can be.
  • As a community we are really passionate about raising our game and delivering the services that improve the productivity and confidence of individuals as well as the success of our businesses. Benchmarking is a way of helping us do just that.
  • http://www.towardsmaturity.org/article/2010/07/13/benchmarking-business-improvement-tool-ld/Informal benchmarking is used almost unconsciously by most as we compare our activities, learn from experts, consult with peers and harness the web. Formal benchmarking is divided into  two areas – performance and best practice benchmarking. Performance benchmarking provides a comparison of key performance indicators which will vary from function to function. Typically they may be defined in terms of cost, cycle times, customer satisfaction, product performance , absenteeism but generally they are set to provide a standard against which other achievements can be measured. However performance benchmarking alone merely highlights the gap. It is of limited value unless the results are acted on. Best practice benchmarking on the other hand focuses on action – why are others getting the results they are getting and how can I improve as a result of that knowledge?
  • Formal benchmarking is used extensively in business to raise the bar. For example if you managed a customer contact centre and you wanted to be the very best , it wouldn’t be unusual for you to regularly compare your customer satisfaction scores , attrition rales or sales peers in your industry. If you are in the top 10 % of your peers then that’s great you want to keep & celebrate that position ,  if not you want to learn how to get there!
  • But if you want to be at the top of your field in L&D, what are the opportunities for you to formally benchmark and to learn from your peers around you to really raise your game?
  • Until now it has been really difficult for us to benchmark in the same way , We can find out information on the money that has been spent in learning , or hours but that doesn’t cut it in todays environment. Learning inputs and spend are not the focus on highly successful L&D teams
  • We’ve been looking at how we can establish new learning benchmarks by considering these three questions over the past 10 years.
  • Since 2003, we’ve looked at over 2200 organisations to understand how they have been supporting both formal and informal learning and the results they are achieving. And we’ve identified a range of common benefits that are being achieved and L&D approaches that set the top performers apart
  • Now we are in a position to provide a formal L&D benchmark Process.
  • We are now starting to establish some great performance benchmarks for those embarking on an e-enabled learning strategy.Whilst not all organisations are able to provide this level of feedback, we have been able to establish new key performance indicators from the inputs of over 700 L&D professionals in the last 3 years. These are the type of benchmark indicators that make business stakeholders sit up and take notice!
  • Our benchmark has identifed and distilledthe effective practices of top performers , into a framework of 6 different implementations workstreams that we call the TM model. The TM Index linked to this model allows us to compare the results and behaviour of those in the top quartile of best practice with the averages across the sample to understand how implementation behaviour influences results.  we are now able to give organisations a single tm index as an indication of how they are doing against this framework.http://www.towardsmaturity.org/static/growing-maturity/
  • The TMI was first defined in 2010 now over 1000 organisations have a TMIIn 2012, we found that those in the top quartile of implementation best practice (as identified by the TMI) were at least three times as likely to report the following benefits as those in the bottom quartile. Comply with new regulationsImprove induction processReduce time away from the jobReduce training costs7 times more likely to Improve staff motivationImprove talent/performance managementImprove employee engagementIncrease ability to tailor programme to needSpeed up application of learning
  • firstly it helps you improve your results by looking at what you are achieving now and what you want to achieve in the futureYou can use industry insight really set smart targets and work towards those goals
  • Secondly it helps you achieve your goals even faster as you can learn from others mistakes rather than making them yourself.The benchmark helps you prioritise the actions you need to take in the next month, 6 months or a year.
  • Thirdly by using the benchmark to set a baseline , you can track your teams improvement year on yearThis will help you demonstrate progress both internally with your team and to your organisation as well
  • Finally it really helps to bring other people on board, in the early stages, it can help you to justify an investment or back a proposal for change with key stakeholders but it can also help you motivate your team as you look to raise the bar internally and across the industry
  • So how do you use this information to improve your own performance?We recommend 3 simple steps1 – review your strategy across the TM framework firstly take 1 hour reflect - use the online study to review your current approach either individually or in a team
  • Step 2 – compare your progress with peers via your personalised report to help you compare yourselves with your peers.The report helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses which you can use to develop your action plan over the next yearIt is free for those benchmarking before 12th July 2013 thanks to the support of Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors
  • Your personalised report provides you with feedback against 12 performance indicators – of interest to business and 5 L&D input indicators. This information alone can help you justify your business case for change.
  • The good practice benchmarks provide you with a dashboard of information to help you identify strengths and weaknesses and prioritise actions that will help you become a top learning organisation.
  • So the 3rd, and most , step in the process is to act on what you’ve found out!We’ve found that many of these ideas are common sense but not common practice

Boosting business results and engagement – 3 simple steps for L&D professionals Boosting business results and engagement – 3 simple steps for L&D professionals Presentation Transcript

  • Boosting Business Results3 simple steps for L&D professionalsJoin the conversation online#bethebest1314th June 2013@lauraovertonIn conjunction with
  • lauraoverton #bethebest13When we think of successful L&D teamswhat words come to mind?
  • At least 9 out of 10organisations want toimprove the sharing ofgood practice, improvingtalent and performancemanagement, improveapplication of learning andwork and respond faster tochanging businesschallengesBut only 1in 5 believethey are making progressTop learning companies aretwice as likely toreport that they areachieving thisSo what can we learn fromthem?
  • Not interested No timeWhen did you last take time to stop and reflect on what is working inyour L&D team and what is not?
  • • Stop, reflect, change• Benchmarking allowsyou to do this• #bethebest13Be the best youcan be
  • Agenda• So what is Benchmarking?• How can it improve results and engagement?• What’s in it for me?!• 3 simple steps to improving business results
  • Benchmarking can be formal or informalFormal:• Performancebenchmarks• Best practicebenchmarksinformal
  • A business performance improvementtoolHow are wedoing?What areourcompetitorsdoing thatwe are not?
  • What formal benchmarks do you use to keep at the top of your L&D game?
  • % revenuespend ontrainingCompletionRateshrs /course Cost/personIts time for some New Learning Benchmarks!
  • Establishing newbenchmarksWhat results are L&D teams getting?Who is getting the best results?What are they doing differently?Download the 2012-13 Towards Maturity Benchmark atwww.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
  • 53%17%30%
  • Providing a formal L&DBenchmark ProcessHow are wedoing?What aretop learningcompaniesdoing thatwe are not?Becoming a TopPerformingL&D Team
  • HOW CAN BENCHMARKINGHELP?Improving Business Results and Staff Engagement
  • Learning technologies are adding value to the bottom line e.g. 22% improvementin productivity, 9% improvement in staff retention whilst improving efficiency –cutting time to competency and training costs by 22%
  • Your TMIndexhttp://www.towardsmaturity.org/static/growing-maturity/
  • 1 100Top QuartileBottom Quartile 3rd 2ndIn 2012, those in the top quartile were:7x more likely to report:Improved staff motivation and employee engagementImproved talent/performance managementIncreased ability to tailor programme to needStaff able to apply learning fasterImprovements in productivity3x more likely to report:Improved ability to prove complianceImproved induction processesReduction in time away from Job and training costsTMI
  • Lessons fromtop learning companies• Foundations for growthat the Priory Group– Aligned to need -Supporting rapidexpansion– Strong focus onstakeholder engagment– Delivering bottom lineresultsFind out more by downloading the case study atwww.towardsmaturity.org/article/2013/06/04/building-strong-foundations-priory-group/
  • Lessons fromtop learning companies• Integrating learning within the business at DixonRetail• Using Big data– Understand learner needs– Mapping to staffsatisfaction• Reviewing L&D roles– Facilitating sharing andcollaboration• Demonstrating bottomline valueFind out more by downloading the case study atwww.towardsmaturity.org/article/2012/03/22/dixons-retail/
  • Lessons fromtop learning companies• Barnardo’s– Blendingcourses, resources andtechnologies– Supporting managers tosupport staff– Video bites to addressneeds identified by helpdeskFind out more by downloading the case study athttp://www.towardsmaturity.org/article/2012/03/18/barnardos-delivers-e-learning-excellence/
  • Lessons fromtop learning companiesI’ve been taking part in the TowardsMaturity learning technologyBenchmark since 2003. I find theresults thought provoking and agreat source of ideas forperformance improvement. Thelearning technologist is often quite alone specialist role withinorganisations and the benchmarkingallows me to make a comparisonwith the real world and to just stopfor a moment to sanity check that I’mdelivering tangible businessbenefits.” Mike Booth, LearningTechnologies Manager,Find out more about why Mike has won awards for his approach here:www.towardsmaturity.org/article/2012/11/05/characteristics-successful-learning-technology-str/
  • WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?I’m still too busy to benchmark– convince me!!
  • Achieve goals faster, set smarter targets
  • Just completing the benchmark provides ideas of other possiblealternatives you may not have considered."Matt Brewer ELN board memberIdentify quickwins andPrioritise actions
  • •I am kicking myself hard for not using this when I first stepped into myrole.I missed a great opportunity to make my life easier and the team evenmore effectiveKelly Thomas, Thomson ReutersSet a baseline, track improvement year on year, demonstrate progress to those that matter
  • Bring others on board-justify a case for change, motivate your team as you look to raise the bar
  • It made us us stop and reflect on whatwe are planning to focus our energies onStep 1
  • Your PersonalisedBenchmarkReportStep 2 Free thanks to Towards Maturity Ambassadors:Why are some more successful than others?
  • Personalised feedbackPerformance benchmarksTake up BenchmarksOpen up newdiscussions withstakeholders
  • Good practice BenchmarksPerformance benchmarks Performance DashboardFast track to success!
  • Step 3
  • It’s only action thatdelivers results!
  • 3535lauraoverton #bethebest13Find out more• Benchmark today - reviewyour strategy atwww.towardsmaturity.org/mybenchmark• Find out about our SectorBenchmarking Activity– Finance– Retail– Professional Services– Charity (with CLC)– Specific Sector reportswww.towardsmaturity.org/shop