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Audience profile

  1. 1. Target AudienceMy target audience is a younger demographic, aged between 16-25. This is because they are often looking for the newest trends in music and fashion, therefore my magazine about new and upcoming artists will be suitable for them and they will find it more interesting. Also I have priced the magazine quite low so it appeals to teenagers more as they often have low paying jobs whilst still in education. This means they will be able to afford the magazine every month and more copies will be sold. My poll results have also helped me establish what people of this age would like to see in the magazine, therefore I can make sure it meets their expectations.
  2. 2. Ideal AudienceMy ideal audience would be 16-25 year olds as younger people are often more willing to look at new magazines. Also they will spread the news of the magazine quickly which will increase its profile. I would like it to appeal to both male and female is this will keep the magazine balanced and makes the audience range wider. Younger people will still be in education or may have just started a job, which means they are always around other people, meaning the magazine will gain a lot of publicity and will become popular with people of the same age very quickly.
  3. 3. Poll resultsI created a poll on my blog for other people who are in the age bracket to complete. This has given me a better idea of what they expect to see in the magazine and what they are willing to pay money for. The results are as follows…Do you subscribe to music magazines?Yes- 15%No- 85%This lets me know that the majority of my target audience will probably not subscribeto the magazine, therefore I should maybe think about offering a better price for asubscription so it becomes more desirable, or promote it more on the website or withinthe magazine to make the readers more interested in getting one.Where do you read magazines?Home- 85%Train- 15%Bus- 0%Other- 0%This informs me that people like to read them in the comfort of their own home, assuppose to out and about. Therefore having a website may be useful to my audience asthey can visit it in their own time and look at specific information.
  4. 4. Do you have an app for a music magazine?Yes- 29%No- 71%The younger demographic do not seem to be as keen on the use of apps for themagazine and like the classic paper copies. This sometimes can be because you cankeep it forever. However apps are also more convenient. I think promoting the appsmore would be a good idea and would inspire my readers to purchase it.How often do you buy music magazines?Daily- 0%Fortnightly-16%Monthly- 42%Never- 42%This result is surprising, as almost half of my answers are never. This highlights thatsome people are no longer interested in music magazines and this could be for variousreasons such as price, or new technology that’s now available. This gives me an idea ofhow I need to market the magazine and how to advertise to make sure I appeal to asmany people as possible.
  5. 5. Are reviews important to you in a magazine?Yes- 85%No- 15%I now know that I must include reviews in my magazine to make it successful andup to date with magazines already in the market. The poll shows that the majoritythink this is a vital piece of a magazine and therefore there is no doubt that I willinclude reviews in mine.Do you go on magazine websites?No- 37%Yes- 13%Sometimes- 50%The majority of people either regularly use the magazine sites or have atleastvisited one. This reveals that they know the websites exist, they just may notalways remember due to poor advertising. I am going to make my website a keypart of the magazine and include various links in the magazine to the websitewhere the reader can find more information.
  6. 6. What attracts you to a magazine the most?cover image- 72%Colours- 0%sell-line- 14%Information- 14%The cover image is the main response in the poll and this means I must make sure Ithink carefully about who I want to model for the cover and what they will bewearing, type of shot etc. This is vital as it fills the whole page and has to catch thereaders eye straight away, otherwise it will blend in and not be noticed. The selllines and information are also considered important so I will make sure theycoincide with the cover image and they all link together.How do you buy your music?CD’S- 57%Illegal downloads- 28%Legal downloads – 14%CD’s are still how the majority buy their music which is useful to know, as I canthen mention new album releases in the magazine and provide the reader withwebsites on where they can pre-order them. This relates to the content of mymagazine and I can make sure I include info on both downloads and CD’s.
  7. 7. Which social network site do you mostly use?Facebook- 100%Twitter- 0%Google plus- 0%Myspace- 0%The clear winner in this poll is Facebook, which suggests that this is the main site toadvertise on and the best way to find new readers. However I will still make sure Iuse a variety of social networks as this will attract a variety of audiences and newpeople.What genre of music do you listen to?RnB- 14%Rock- 14%Indie- 28%Pop- 28%Other- 1%As there are numerous different music genres, I cant cover them all in onemagazine. However from my results, I have decided to put Indie and Rock togetherto create a new style magazine which will incorporate the two. I think there is alarge gap in the market for this and this means it has more chance in beingsuccessful.