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How To Jam Your Website With Traffic
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How To Jam Your Website With Traffic


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  • 1. How To Jam Your Website With Traffic
  • 2. "Traffic! Traffic! I need traffic to my website! I have been trying so hard to write articles and submit them to article directories but still can't see traffic flowing into my website. Why?"....hear the screaming voice of many website owners who are hungry of internet traffic.
  • 3. "Article" had been recognized as internet #1marketing strategy and the most effective way to generate tons of traffic to a website. You heard about this statement before and putting a lot of efforts to write "articles" and working very hard to submit them to many article directories which you can find frominternet; while waiting for your articles to be approved bythese article directories, you start to imagine with smiling face:
  • 4. "If those 200 articles directories which I submittedwith my 3 articles, each one bring me 200 internet traffic to my website, then I will have 120,000 targeted trafficand If 10% of those visitors buy my product or click on my Adsense ads, then I will earn $$$.........".
  • 5. You wait with patient and with full of hopes for yourarticles to be approved and drive tons of internet traffic to your website. Finally, your articles are lived on internetand you start to monitor your website internet traffic from time to time. This is the situation you may face:
  • 6. Day one: 0 visitor drop by to your website. You giveyourself an excuse that it only one day you articles live on internet, let wait for some times.
  • 7. Day Two: again 0 visitors.
  • 8. Day three has two visitors; day four has 3 visitors; day five has none by day past.....where are those 120,000 targeted traffic? You wonder!
  • 9. This time failed never mind, you try the same processagain: Writing a few articles, submit them to hundreds of article directories, waiting with hopes for approval, monitor your website traffic from time to time.
  • 10. "What's goes wrong.....why my articlescan't drive traffic to my website?" This must bethe questions come up to your mind after a few failures. If this is your case, the first thing that you need to do isreview your articles. Are your articles attractive enough to lead your article readers to complete reading your article and curious enough to get further information by visiting your website through the link from your article.
  • 11. In order to drive traffic to your website using articles, these steps must happen:
  • 12. 1. Internet surfer looks for information from internet or ezines directories. Hundreds or thousands of search results or related articles list up for the internet surfer to choose from; he or she will selectively click on the linksfrom search results based on the summary of each searchresult or article which he or she thinks the links will bring him or her to the useful information he/she needs.
  • 13. At this first step, you need to have an eye catching articletitle and summary which will draws the attention of your potential website visitors.
  • 14. 2. Next, your article needs to drive your readers tocomplete reading your article and create the anxiousness to get more or further information by visiting your website. According to the experts, good articles arearticles which can connect to your audience with emotion beside provide them with necessary information.
  • 15. Facts and Statistics are fine but what makes us take action is emotion. If your articles are all fact and create no emotion then who cares about going on to find more dryfacts at your web site. Your articles will fall into the depths of article directories everywhere and be a big fat waste of your time and efforts.
  • 16. There are many tips and tricks available from internet on how to write a killer article that will flood your website with traffic. Simply search on this article directory with keyword "Killer Article" or "Quality Article" will give you many results with useful information.
  • 17. If there is a need, you might want to get help from a professional writer to write you a quality article and private label it to yours for submission. There are manygood writers around where you can use their service; off course fee normally incur, but it's may gives you a good return in investment (ROI).
  • 18. Do waste your time just to write articles but put your effort to write quality articles. It's true that"Article" is the internet #1 marketing strategy. Just good & bad articles that make the different.
  • 19. Please visit: for more info