How to Sell Your Website to Advertisers: AAN Convention, Portland 2007

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  • 1. How to Sell Your Website to Advertisers Arve Overland, CEO + Executive Creative Director Leo Chung, Director of Interactive Strategies Overland Agency, Inc. Understanding how to monetize your website and leverage advertisers’ need for local impact. 1
  • 2. Introductions – Overland Agency The Overland Agency combines high-level strategic consulting with smart, passionate and award winning creative execution. Within one company, the agency serves as an online integrated marketing partner in the following areas, as: • an online ad agency (creative, media) • a web development shop (technology innovation) • a search-optimization consultancy (SEM/SEO, analytics) • brand specialists (strategy, research, analytics, metrics) 2
  • 3. Brand Marketing & Interactive Specialists 3
  • 4. Print vs. Online • Print – buy real-estate – pricing based on circulation and readership – creative is static • Online – buy views, clicks or actions – pricing based on impressions, unique visitors or specific actions – creative can be dynamic and interactive – campaigns are trackable • Advertisers are following their markets and moving their media dollars online 4
  • 5. Who is Your Customer/Buyer? • Local business owner • Local advertising agency • Marketer in corporation • National Media Buyer from Corporate • Interactive agency/media buyer 5
  • 6. The Opportunity - Your Advantage 6
  • 7. Vocabulary • Analytics: measuring and interpreting user behavior on a website and applying that to site and campaign improvement. • Click-Through Rate: the number of times an ad unit is “clicked” by the site visitor in relation to the number of times it is seen (impressions). • Conversion Rate: the number of times a site visitor achieves a certain goal on the website (ie. sale, completing a registration form) in relation to the number of unique site visitors. • Marketing ROI: measure of the effectiveness of advertising investment to incremental revenue. • Page Views: the number of web pages viewed during a single visit. High page views per visit can indicate good content. • Unique Visits - visits from a single computer, usually cookie based and combined with IP information for geo-data. 7
  • 8. Vocabulary • Organic Search - natural search results based on site content optimization; these appear in the main body of the page. • Paid Search (Sponsored Ads) - text-based ads that appear to the top or right of natural search results based on a keyword bid. • PPC (Pay Per Click) - pricing model based on ad click-through, usually associated with Paid Search. • SEO - the practice of seeking high organic search ranking by providing relevant website content. • SEM - leveraging both Organic and Paid search to attract site visitors and conversion. • Tracking Pixel: script on a website that allows the advertiser to know that an ad has been served and that an action or series of actions resulting from that placement has occurred. 8
  • 9. Online Advertising is Growing Rapidly 9
  • 10. Local Online Ad Spending Increasing • Growth in Local Online Ad Spending Outpaces National – Estimated Local Spend in 2007 = $7.5 billion – 31.6% increase outpaces national online ad growth of 20.7% – Borrell Associates • Banner ads and listings still dominate, but be ready for the future - video 10
  • 11. The Local Landscape • Competition is high for these advertising dollars • Leverage Your Strengths: – Captive Audience - Creative Class – Geo-Target - local, urban – Speed and Flexibility 11
  • 12. Case Study: Selling Your Site to Advertisers 1. Understanding Your Buyer 2. Communicating Your Website’s Value 3. Planning by the Numbers 4. Measuring Results to Drive Success 5. Questions 12
  • 13. Who is Your Customer/Buyer? • Local business owner • Local advertising agency • Marketer in corporation • National Media Buyer from Corporate • Interactive agency/media buyer 13
  • 14. Understanding Media Buyers and Advertisers 14
  • 15. Jennifer Bio • Age = 31 • Senior Interactive Media Planner • Leading National Media Agency • San Francisco, CA Objectives • Define strategic interactive media goals for national clients that meet business and marketing objectives • Find and research effective online advertising opportunities • Keep up to date with the latest models and client competitors • Maintain and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with media contacts • Negotiate the best pricing model and rates to maximize ROI 15
  • 16. Jennifer’s Client, Oregano Oregano, is a multinational consumer packaged goods manufacturer that is launching a new household, organic cleaning line, called Clean Green. They are going to launch in specific test markets to reach the “creative class.” Oregano’s goals are two-fold generate awareness of the brand by driving 50,000 visitors to a micro-site and generating 1,500 coupon downloads (leads). 16
  • 17. Media Planning Process 17
  • 18. Communicating Your Website’s Value 18
  • 19. Media Buyers & Advertisers • Are looking for and need online opportunities that have impact • Have specific, quantifiable goals • Look for placements that have relevance and conversion potential • Require reports and validation of performance • Regard flexibility and learning as part of long-term value proposition 19
  • 20. Creative Class and Geo-Targeting Clean Green Target Market • Highly-educated, artistic, creatively minded • Age 25 – 45 • Professionals - knowledge-based occupations • HHI = $35k+ • Geo-targeted - urban concentration 20
  • 21. Website Value Opportunities and Metrics - Reach Impact and Relevance •Interactive - Flash, •Unique Visitor per video, dynamic Month •Larger sizes and •Pageviews and Time specific site placement on Site •Integrated online •Impressions vehicles (e-newsletters, •Return vs. New sponsorships, Web 2.0) Visitors •Conversion-centric •Opt-in demographic information •History of conversion, similar advertisers 21
  • 22. Always Create New Value MarketingVOX, April 16, 2007 22
  • 23. Planning by the Numbers 23
  • 24. Impressions Needed Visitors to Oregano's Microsite Goals Coupon Downloads 1,500 Click-Through Rate = 1% Assumptions Oregano Microsite Conversion Rate 3% Unique Visitors Needed to Microsite 50,000 (1,500 / .03) Impressions Needed on Publisher Site Goals Visitors to Microsite 50,000 Assumptions Projected Banner Click-Through Rate 1% Impressions Needed on Publisher Site 5,000,000 (50,000 / .01) 24
  • 25. Marketing ROI • Oregano projects the amount of revenue generated from the campaign to determine ROI • This will help justify the spend and serve as benchmark • Investment Media Buy Impressions 5,000,000 CPM $ 10.00 Total Media Cost $ 50,000 Cost per Lead (Customer) Coupon Download Goal 1,500 Total Cost $ 50,000 Cost per Lead $ 33.33 Customer Value 1 Year Average Revenue/Customer $ 150.00 50% Customer Retention 750 Total Revenue (1,500 Customers) $ 112,500 ROI 125% [(Revenue - Media Cost)/Media Cost] * 100% 25
  • 26. Measuring Results to Drive Success 26
  • 27. How Agencies and Advertisers Measure • Ad network serving – DoubleClick, Atlas, Tacoda, BlueLithium and/or publisher reports • Advertiser’s / Agency’s Web Analytics – Campaign id codes, conversion (ie. coupon downloads) – Landing pages WebTrends Atlas 27
  • 28. What We Measure • Ads / impressions served to date (when and where) • Click-throughs from each vendor (campaign conversion) • Best performing placements – Creative and Messaging Impressions: Apply Impressions: Learn Unit Size Webtrends Campaign ID Now More – Ad type 468x60 ADR_10089 87 47 – Ad size 120x600 ADR_10088 1,410 560 160x600 ADR_10087 1,643 1,059 728x90 ADR_10086 4,789 4,067 – Content section 300x250 ADR_10085 1,747 834 300x250 ADR_10114 243 728x90 ADR_10115 435 – Page placement 160x600 ADR_10116 211 120x600 ADR_10117 516 468x60 ADR_10118 14 – Time of day • Demographic data –who is clicking / responding to Oregano’s coupon offer • Relevance and context of vendor-supplied reports within Oregano’s own tracking data 28
  • 29. 4 Keys to Successfully Selling Your Site 1. Understand Your Advertiser/Buyer • They need to maximize return and show results against quantifiable goals • Go beyond selling inventory and “space” to selling solutions 2. Communicate Your Website’s Value • Demonstrate your local, demographic and flexibility advantage • Leverage your unique position to differentiate and deliver relevance 3. Plan by the Numbers • Every dollar is accountable and ROI drives online advertising • Use the ROI model to price your products; demand more for what converts higher and understand what is driving an advertiser’s price pressure 4. Measure Results to Drive Success • Data is key to success during the campaign as well as for on-going strategy and relationship • Provide your advertisers with knowledge to improve their campaigns and results and they will come back 29
  • 30. The Overland Agency • Presentation enter password: aan123 • Arve Overland • Leo Chung 503.963.8501 30