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Hello Cupcake Digital Strategy Plan
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Hello Cupcake Digital Strategy Plan


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Georgetown University MPS-PR/CC …

Georgetown University MPS-PR/CC

Hello Cupcake Digital Strategy Plan

Published in: Business
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  • 1.         Hello  Cupcake  Digital  Strategy:     30-­‐Minute-­‐A-­‐Day    Recipe  for  Success     May  4,2011   Georgetown  University     Prepared  By:     Tess  Alberts   Shinett  Bogan   Tabitha  Brackens   Caroline  Gould     Laura  Wilson      
  • 2. TABLE  OF  CONTENTS    A.  Executive  Summary  B.  Background     a.  Organization     b.  Industry     c.  Competitive  Landscape  Analysis    d.  Situation  Analysis  (SWOT)  C.  Branding  &  Target  Audience  D.  Goals  &  Strategy  E.  Tactical  Recommendations     a.  Website       i.  Competitive  Domain  Analysis       ii.  SEO       iii.  Website  Usability     b.  Email     c.  Social  Media       i.  Facebook       ii.  Twitter     d.  Reputation  management     e.  Mobile       i.  Mobile  Website       ii.  Location  Based  Marketing       iii.  QR  Codes          F.  30  Minutes  A  Day  G.  Budget  &  Measuring  Success  I.  Appendix     a.  Digital  Glossary     b.  Case  Studies     c.  Cupcake  Awareness  &  Brand  Research  Survey     d.  HelloCupcakeOnline  Usability  Testing              2    
  • 3. EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY      When  it  comes  to  marketing  communications  in  2011,  companies  are  turning  their  focus  to  the  digital  realm.  The  following  plan  serves  as  a  roadmap  or  in  this  case,  “recipe”  to  success  in  the  online  space.  From  our  previous  discussions  with  you,  we  are  aware  that  you  are  skeptical  to  fully  engage  online  with  your  existing  and  potential  customers  since  you  are  not  sure  you  see  the  benefit.  Additionally,  your  time  is  very  limited  and  these  tasks  often  take  back  seat  to  running  your  company.  However,  we  hope  this  plan  will  give  you  a  better  understanding  of  the  importance  of  online  communication.      Katie  Paine,  CEO  of  KDPaine  &  Partners,  a  NH-­‐based  company  that  provides  customized  research  that  measures  public  relationships  and  brand  image  and  acclaimed  measurement  expert,  recently  posted  key  findings  from  an  annual  communications  report  that  put  numbers  behind  this  shift  in  media  relations  and  professionals  role  in  listening  to  and  taking  part  in  the  conversation.     • Social  media  is  winning  over  the  skeptics.  In  2008  just  66  percent  of  respondents  said  that  blogs   and  social  media  have  enhanced  the  practice  of  PR.  By  this  year,  81%  agreed  that  it  had   enhanced  the  practice.       • Another  dramatic  shift  found  this  year  was  in  the  credibility  of  social  media.  While  the  majority   gives  traditional  news  media  higher  credibility  scores,  this  year  fully  half  of  respondents  now   expect  blogs  and  social  media  to  be  honest,  tell  the  truth  and  advocate  for  a  transparent  and   ethical  culture,  up  from  just  40%  a  year  ago.     • People  seem  to  accept  the  fact  that  social  media  encourages  two-­‐way  conversations.  One   respondent  suggested  that  "new  media  enables  companies  to  quickly  learn  what  publics  and   consumer  are  saying  about  their  goods  and  services.  And  that  they  enabled  communications   "without  gatekeepers."    In  the  pages  that  follow,  we  have  provided  more  information  about  the  importance  of  online  communication  and  visibility,  as  well  as  specific  tasks  for  you  to  accomplish  to  establish  yourself  in  the  online  space.    We  have  tried  to  prioritize  our  recommendations  by  identifying  “urgent,”  “essential,”  and  “suggested”  recommendations  when  possible.    We  are  grateful  for  the  opportunity  to  participate  in  this  project,  and  hope  that  we  may  have  the  opportunity  to  work  with  Hello  Cupcake  on  this  exciting  and  challenging  assignment.  We  look  forward  to  discussing  our  thoughts  on  how  to  leverage  digital  media  to  build  awareness  for  Hello  Cupcake,  inspire  brand  loyalty  and  motivate  purchase.         3  
  • 4. BACKGROUND    Organization    Hello  Cupcake  was  established  in  2008  by  Penny  Karas.    Hello  Cupcake  is  a  fast-­‐growing  boutique  cupcake  shop  offering  a  variety  of  gourmet  cupcakes  in  an  artfully  designed  space.  Hello  Cupcake  currently  has  one  location  in  DuPont  Circle  in  Washington,  D.C.  and  is  opening  an  additional  location  this  spring  in  Capitol  Hill.  This  year,  Hello  Cupcake  will  be  breaking  into  nationwide  delivery.  In  2010  company  had  gross  revenues  of  $1.3MM.          Penny  Karas  learned  to  cook  from  her  Greek  mother,  aunts  and  cousins.  Penny  prides  herself    on  making  everything  from  scratch  .  Penny  brings  the  "Greek  Mother"  philosophy  to  everything  they  do  at  Hello  Cupcake,  from  the  high-­‐quality  baked  goods,  to  the  sparkling  clean,  charming  and  inviting  environment,  to  the  friendly  and  helpful  staff.      Industry  For  the  past  decade,  cupcakes  have  become  a  pop  culture  trend  in  the  culinary  world.  The  trend  started  in  Los  Angeles  and  New  York.  In  Los  Angeles,  Sprinkles,  which  bills  itself  as  the  first  cupcake  bakery,  has  expanded  from  its  base  in  Beverly  Hills  to  over  twenty  locations  today.  Magnolia  Bakery  in  Manhattan  was    immortalized  in  Sex  and  the  City.      Before  we  knew  it,  cupcakes  were  the  new  black.  "Owning  a  cupcake  bakery  is  the  career  fantasy  of  our  times,"  declared  Vogue  magazine.  And  now,  if  industry  experts  are  to  be  believed,  having  a  cupcake  bakery  in  your  area  will  make  house  prices  rocket.  The  current  recession,  which  started  in  late  2007,  laid  the  groundwork  for  the  recent  proliferation  of  cupcake  stores  in  American  cities.  Lots  of  people  know  how  to  make  really  tasty  cupcakes,  which  are  simple  products  with  cheap  basic  ingredients.  Baking  cupcakes  doesnt  require  a  large  amount  of  capital  investment,  and  its  relatively  easy  to  scale  up  without  hiring  lots  of  workers.  It  takes  about  as  much  labor  to  produce  three  dozen  cupcakes  as  it  does  to  make  one  dozen.  Meanwhile,  storefronts  in  heavily  trafficked  areas  became  cheaper  with  the  decimation  of  local  retail.  And  so  in  the  past  year,  casual  baking  has  turned  into  an  urban  industry.        Hundreds  of  bakeries  devoted  to  cupcakes  have  popped  up  Washington  D.C.  and  across  the  United  States  over  the  last  decade.  As  it  becomes  an  increasingly  crowded  marketplace  it  becomes  more  imperative  for  individual  bakeries  to  differentiate  themselves  and  make  their  mark  in  the  industry.      4    
  • 5.    SITUATION  ANALYSIS  (SWOT)  The  SWOT  analysis  below  identifies  Hello  Cupcake’s  organizational  strengths  and  weaknesses  as  well  as  outside  threats  and  opportunities  that  can  be  expounded  upon.         Strengths     Weaknesses     ·∙    Ingredients  are  fresh  and  local   ·∙    Brand  differentiation  is  unclear  in  a   ·∙    Loyal  customer  base     competitive  environment     ·∙    Penny  has  an  interesting  story   ·∙    Company  relies  too  heavily  on  traditional   ·∙    Cupcake  classes  are  unique     media       ·∙    Lack  of  time  makes  it  difficult  to  raise     awareness  of  company  and  the  product     via  online  community     Opportunities   Threats     ·∙    Social  media  platforms  can  act  as  free   ·∙    Without  online  engagement  and   online  advertisement   optimization,  the  company  can  get  lost  in   ·∙    Engaging  with  the  online  community  can   this  crowded  marketplace.   lead  to  more  in-­‐store  customers       ·∙  Online  engagement  allows  company  to     target  niche  markets  (vegans,  gluten-­‐free     eaters,  etc.)       ·∙    Increasing  online  visibility  can  lead  to     awareness                             5  
  • 6.      COMPETITIVE  LANDSCAPE  ANALYSIS            The  company  dominating  the  market  share  is  without   doubt  Georgetown  Cupcake,  a  cupcakery  located  in  the   Georgetown  neighborhood  of  Washington,  D.C.  Sisters  Katherine  Kallinis  and  Sophie  LaMontagne  opened  the  shop  in  February  2008.  The  owners  have  a  similar  story  to  Penny  Karas:  Growing  up  in  Toronto,  Katherine  and  Sophie  learned  baking  from  their  Greek  grandmother.  As  kids,  their  grandmother  allowed  them  to  use  leftover  cake  batter  to  make  miniature  cakes,  such  as  cupcakes.    Before  opening  the  shop,  LaMontagne  was  working  for  a  venture  capital  firm,  and  Kallinis  worked  for  Gucci.  The  sisters  financed  the  shop  using  their  own  life  savings,  along  with  a  small  business  loan.  Their  mother  and  employee,  Elain  Kallinis,  also  helps  run  the  shop.    During  winter  and  spring  of  2010,  TLC  filmed  a  reality  series  at  Georgetown  Cupcake,  shadowing  the  sisters,  telling  their  story,  and  aspects  of  running  a  small  business.  The  six-­‐part  series,  titled  DC  Cupcakes,  aired  on  Fridays  in  July  2010  and  their  second  season  is  currently  airing.      Kallinis  and  LaMontagne  have  appeared  as  guests  on  numerous  other  television  shows,  including  the  Martha  Stewart  Show,  Rachel  Ray  show,  and  NBCs  Today  Show.    The  shop  sells  an  average  of  5,000  cupcakes  daily.  Each  day,  Georgetown  Cupcake  gives  away  100  free  cupcakes,  at  each  location;  they  announce  the  free,  not-­‐on-­‐the-­‐menu  flavor  on  Facebook  and  Twitter,  and  give  them  out  to  the  first  100  customers  who  request  them.  Reviews  are  always  positive,  with  the  exception  of  people  complaining  about  the  long  lines-­‐  yet  they  still  wait  in  them.                          6    
  • 7.        Another  popular  cupcakery  is  Red  Velvet.  The  first  store   opened  in  December  2008  and  since  then  they  have  set  up   a  satellite  location  in  the  Dupont  Circle  store  of  their  sister  company,  TangySweet,  as  well  as  a  store  in  Tucson,  Arizona  and  have  plans  to  open  two  additional  stores  in  Northern  Virginia  in  the  next  year.  Red  Velvet  uses  ingredients  from  local  farms  as  much  as  possible  and  aim  to  minimize  waste  by  donating  their  leftover  cupcakes  to  area  shelters  and  nonprofit  organizations.        baked  &  wired    get  baked          Baked  &  Wired:  Although  not  just  a  cupcake  bakery  (offers  a  variety  of  baked  goods),  there  is  quite  a  bit  of  online  chatter  about  Baked  &  Wired’s  cupcakes  being  superior  to  Georgetown  Cupcake.  For  Baked  &  Wired,  quality  is  far  more  important  than  quantity  and  by  baking  in  small  amounts;  they  are  able  to  assure  the  customer  that  their  products  are  the  best.    Having  only  one  store  allows  them  to  focus  on  quality  rather  than  production.      New  to  the  Washington,  DC  scene,  but  one  of  the  first  in  the  cupcake  market  is  Sprinkles.  In  2002,  ,Candace  Nelson,  33,  and  her  husband  Charles  Nelson,  38,  both  investment  bankers,  visited  Candaces  sister  in  New  York  and  tried  the  cupcakes  at  Magnolia  Bakery.  Candace  believed  that  it  was  "time  for  cupcakes  to  stop  being  the  backup  dancer  to  cakes",  while  Nelson  remembered,  "I  get  the  cupcake  thing;  cupcakes  are  awesome.  But  we  were  like,  The  cupcakes  arent  that  great.  They  could  be  so  much  better  and  really  could  taste  a  lot  better".  They  took  it  upon  themselves  to  create  a  better  cupcake;  over  the  next  two  years,  they  developed  over  20  cupcake  recipes.                 7  
  • 8. Company   Website   Twitter   Facebook   Other  Online   Tools/Additional   Comments     Hello  Cupcake   Serves  as  an  online   N/A   3,160  fans     brochure;  not  very   interactive.  Has  link  to   Facebook  page.  The  url   may  not  be  easy  to   remember.  Still  has  a   Valentine’s  day  class   offering  on  homepage   in  May.     Georgetown   Has  picture  of  two   21,551  people   106,152   Store  owners’  personal   Cupcake   sisters  right  on  the  front   following;   fans   Twitter  account  is  also   page,  shows  multiple   1,218    Tweets     linked  to  the  company   pictures  of  the  shop;   website:  personalizes   offers  online  ordering   customers’  experience     and  includes  widgets  to   even  more     Facebook  and  Twitter   accounts.       Red  Velvet   No  idea  of  what  the   444  people   2,145  fans     store  is  like;  looks  like   following;  259   you  only  buy  online.  No   Tweets     link  to  Facebook  or   Twitter  on  website.   Sprinkles   It’s  very  informative  and   49,685  people   268,745     has  a  nice  design,  but   following;       fans   lacks  a  personal   connection  like  the   Georgetown  Cupcakes   owners  have  capitalized   on.  It  does  have  widgets   that  link  to  its  Facebook   and  Twitter  pages.   Baked  &   Website  has  been  under    2,  811  people   1,768  fans     Word  Press  blog  serves  as   Wired   construction  for  quite   following;   website     some  time;  store  uses  a   1,046  Tweets   Word  Press  blog   instead;  looks  low-­‐ budget  and  lacks   professional    feel    8    
  • 9. Target  Audience    Good  communications  planning  calls  for  the  identification  of  Hello  Cupcake’s  target  audience  before  developing  a  goal  and  strategy  to  maximize  Hello  Cupcake’s  online  presence.    We  have  defined  Hello  Cupcake’s  target  audience  by  creating  buyer  personas  to  help  you  understand  buying  behaviors.  A  persona  is  a  “fake”  member  of  your  target  market.  It  is  the  collective  summary  of  a  group  of  people  who  share  similar  interests,  demographics  and  worldviews.      Personas  help  you  put  a  name  and  a  face  on  impersonal  statistics  and  focus  your  strategy  around  what  specific  wants  and  needs  each  group  faces.  Developing  personas  for  each  type  of  consumer  can  help  you  better  serve  those  types  of  clients.  By  identifying  where  your  client  is  spending  time  online,  you  will  be  able  to  mirror  their  behavior.  By  actively  encouraging  current  and  prospective  customers  to  connect  via  social  media,  you  can  send  them  updates  regarding  new  products,  special  offers  or  events  that  will  drive  interest.        Why  do  this?  When  many  people  sit  down  to  think  about  their  target  market,  they  start  with  the  general  public.  When  you  start  to  look  at  each  individual  persona  story  you  create  relevant  communication  tactics  that  are  tailored  to  each  of  your  target  markets  based  upon  how  they  communicate  online.    We  have  created  personas  for  the  following  target  markets:     • Fit  &  Stylish  Student   • Chic  Working  Woman   • Savvy  Career  Mom   • Upscale  Mature  Woman                                     9  
  • 10.                            10    
  • 11.                         11  
  • 12.                      12    
  • 13.                                     13  
  • 14. BRANDING    Every  product,  business  or  service  needs  a  Unique  Selling  Proposition  that  will  make  it  stand  out  from  the  competition.    A  brand  is  the  essence  or  promise  that  a  product,  service  or  company  will  deliver  or  be  experienced  by  a  buyer.  Hello  Cupcake’s  brand  is  the  world’s  overall  perception  of  the  bakery.  A  great  brand  engages  us  and  instills  trust  and  loyalty  within  us.  Conversely,  a  weak  brand  fails  to  grab  our  attention  and  break  through  the  crowded  marketplace.    The  essence  of  branding  is  sending  a  message  that  speaks  directly  to  your  target  audience.  That  is  why  it  is  so  important  to  clearly  understand  who  that  audience  is,  what  it  is  that  the  audience  wants  and  how  your  company  can  satisfy  that  want  better  than  any  other  competitor.    As  an  increasing  amount  of  cupcake  bakeries  continue  to  open  across  Washington  D.C.  it  becomes  extraordinarily  important  that  Hello  Cupcake  determine  what  exactly  it  is  offering  buyers  that  no  other  cupcake  bakery  can  truly  offer  them.  We  highly  recommend  that  Hello  Cupcake  take  steps  to  determine  its  USP  prior  to  implementing  any  strategic  digital  communications  plan.    Here  are  five  steps  to  determine  your  USP.      1.      List  the  features  and  benefits  that  are  unique  about  your  product  or  service.  Do  a  Google  search  and  compare  your  features  and  benefits  with  your  direct  competitors.  Identify  the  benefits  what  sets  you  apart.      2.      Decide  what  emotional  need  is  being  specifically  met  by  your  product  or  service.  Think  about  this  from  your  customers  perspective  and  add  it  to  your  list.      3.      Identify  aspects  of  your  product  or  service  that  your  competitors  cannot  imitate.  Put  a  star  beside  anything  that  cannot  be  easily  duplicated,  reproduced,  or  copied.      4.      Create  phrases  about  your  unique  product  or  service  that  are  short,  clear,  and  concise.  Use  the  words  from  steps  1-­‐3  that  you  singled  out.  Be  sure  they  can  be  easily  communicated  to  and  understood  by  your  customers.      5.      Answering  your  customers  primary  question:  "Whats  in  it  for  me?"  Make  it  to  the  point  and  state  it  as  a  benefit  to  the  customer.  Examples  of  this  are:       • Dominos  Pizza:  "You  get  fresh,  hot  pizza  delivered  to  your  door  in  30-­‐minutes  or   less…or  its  free."   • Target:  "Expect  more.  Pay  less."   • U.S.  Peace  Corp:  "The  toughest  job  youll  ever  love."   • FedEx:  "When  your  package  absolutely,  positively  has  to  get  there  overnight."  14    
  • 15.             15  
  • 16.       Goal  &  Strategy         16    
  • 17. GOAL    To  leverage  digital  media  to  build  awareness  for  Hello  Cupcake,  inspire  brand  loyalty  and  motivate  purchase.    STRATEGY    We  have  created  a  4-­‐step  strategy  to  strengthen  Hello  Cupcake’s  current  online  presence.  We  recommend  that  Hello  Cupcake  take  the  following  approach  in  implementing  our  tactical  recommendations:      1.LISTEN-­‐  Before  you  can  actually  dive  into  the  digital  environment  you  need  to  evaluate  and  assess  how  people  are  talking  about  Hello  Cupcake  online.    2.Engage-­‐  Cultivate  lasting  relationships  and  build  brand  loyalty  with  consumers  by  getting  people  to  interact  with  your  brand  online.    3.  Act-­‐  Lead  customers  towards  taking  an  action  or  purchase.      4.Pass  It  On-­‐  The  final  step  is  to  have  satisfied  customers  tell  other  people  how  much  they  like  your  business,  products,  or  service.                         17  
  • 18.       RECOMMENDATIONS         18    
  • 19.     WEBSITE  OPTIMIZATION       The purpose of Hello Cupcake’s website is to make it simple and easy for customers to find your bakery, research and connect with Hello Cupcake and eventually purchase cupcakes online. Creating a strong online presence and offering current and potential new customers multiple ways to stay in touch is vital in today’s digitally connected world. Your website should serve as your communications and marketing “home base.” This is where you want people to begin when contacting Hello Cupcake for the very first time. Potential new customers will form their entire first impression of you based upon your website. Your website is also your “contact information” that you want your current customers to pass along to their friends, family, or colleagues that may be interested in Hello Cupcake. It is important that your website makes a memorable impression and provides those visiting your site with the information that they need. The first place that many of us turn when we have a question or are looking for an answer is to a search engine like Google. In order to be found when someone is looking for you or asking a question related to Hello Cupcake you must have a website that you update regularly, that others link to, and that involves itself in the conversation online.    We  want  the  Hello  Cupcake  website  to  be  found  online    when  people  are  searching  for  the  brand  itself  or    relevant  phrases.  How  can  we  ensure  this?  Through  implementing  the  tactics  we  outlined  throughout  this  section.           19  
  • 20. Competitive  Domain  AnalysisAn overview analysis of Hello Cupcake’s website compared to three of its localcompetitors shows that the Hello Cupcake website has significant room forimprovement. Overall, the Sprinkles website scored highest inevery category.                        20    
  • 21. SEARCH  ENGINE  OPTIMIZATION    The   term   “search   engine   optimization”   is   the   art   and   science   of  making  web  pages  attractive  to  the  search  engines.  Why  is  optimizing  your  website  for  search  engine  visibility  important?        A   2008     study   by   the   search   engine   marketing   firm   iProspect   found  that   49%   of   people   look   at   only   the   first   page   of   results   and   if   they  don’t   find   what   they   are   looking   for   on   the   first   page,   they’ll   change  their   search   terms   or   search   engine.   That   means   that   you   must  optimize  your  site  for  the  search  engines  using  a  variety  of  tactics  that  we’ll   out   line   below   so   that   your   site   appears   on   the   first   page   when  someone  searches  for  those  terms.   A  heat  map  shows  where  the     greatest  amount  of  clicks  are     on  the  first  page  of  Google’s     search  engine  return  page.      URL   is   not   an   ideal   keyword-­‐rich   URL   for   the   company.   Choosing   a  keyword-­‐rich   URL   is   important   not   only   for   search   engine   optimization   but   also   from   a   usability  standpoint.  When  a  company  uses  a  keyword-­‐rich  URL  it  helps  the  user  immediately  know  what  that  site  is  about.  Although  the  URL  is  the  company’s  brand  name,  it  is  not   easy   to   remember   and   could   be   easily   improved   by   exchanging     the   word   “online”   with  “DC”.           Suggested Recommendation: It appears that the URL   is available. This is a better choice for a URL than   because it tells both the user and the search engine that the site is about the   specific bakery in DC.                   21  
  • 22.    Page  Title    The  page  title  is  the  first  of  several  critical  pieces  of  real  estate  within  each  of  your  websites’  individual  content  pages.    The  page  titles  are  usually  a  good  indicator  to  tell  whether  or  not  a  site  has  been  optimized  for  search  engines.  A  title  tag  is  an  important  meta  tag  that  is  located  at  the  top  of  each  web  page  .  The  title  tag  should  contain  highly  searched  relevant  keywords.  The  title  should  not  be  too  long  or  contain  too  many  characters  or  the  reader  (and  the  search  engine)  may  not  get  to  see  the  entire  title  tag.      Some   web   designers/developers   prefer   to   create   a   generic   page   title   and   then   repeat   it  verbatim  or  in  some  variation  through  an  entire  website.  This  is  a  missed  opportunity  because  the  page  title  is  the  first  item  Google  looks  at  when  indexing  a  site’s  content  page  to  determine  the  page’s  relevance  to  the  keyword’s  found  within  the  particular  page’s  content.    A  page’s  title  also  becomes  the  clickable  link  that  Google  displays  within  its  search  results.    By  having  a  title  that  describes  the  content  on  the  page  using  targeted  keywords  Hello  Cupcake    is  both  increasing  the  likelihood  that  a  user  clicks  on  the  site  and  increasing  the  site’s  value  in  the  eyes  of  Google.    There   are   several   problems   with   the   title   tags   on   the   website.   The  title   tags   are   not   keyword   rich   and   they   are   not   unique   to   each   individual   page’s   content.  Currently  there  are  4  duplicate  page  titles  on  the  website.       Urgent Recommendation: The title tags on the Hello Cupcake website must   each be changed to include relevant keywords and reflect each individual pages   content. It is very important that this be done.                            22    
  • 23. Meta  Description        A  META  description  is  another  valuable  piece  of  real  estate  within  each  individual  content  page  of   Hello   Cupcake’s   website.   The   META   description   field   is   found   in   your   site’s   HTML   source  code.      The   meta   description   is   a   brief   description   of   the   overall   website   which   is   created   by   the  website  owner.  Search  engines  sometimes   use   meta   descriptions  to   display   them   in   the   search  result   listing.     While   accurate   meta   descriptions   can   improve   the   number   of   people   who  “clickthrough”  they  wont  necessarily  impact  your  site’s  ranking  within  search  results.      It  is  a  common  problem  during  the  web  design  process  to  not  include    META  description  fields  on  your  web  pages.  Developers  tend  to  focus  on  the  design  of  the  site  and  do  not  necessarily  pay  intention  to  content  optimization  or  usability.    The  meta  description  should  employ  the  keywords  intelligently  (recommendations  follow  later),  but   also   create   a   compelling   and   attention   grabbing   description   that   a   searcher   will   want   to  click.  The  description  should  optimally  be  between  150-­‐160  characters.    The   Hello   Cupcake   website   has   the   same   meta   description   on   each   page.   This   is   a   lost  opportunity  to  grab  the  readers  attention  or  tell  the  reader  what  the  site  is  about.        It  is  very  important  to  differentiate  the  meta  descriptions  for  each  page  within  the  site.  By  using  identical  descriptions  on  every  page  of  its  site  it  is  not  helpful  to  the  reader  and  search  engine’s  do  not  like  this  because  it  does  not  accurately  depict  what  the  content  is  on  the  page.    Hello  Cupcake  should  strive  to  create  meta  descriptions  that  accurately  describe  each  specific  page  on  the  site.      Current  Meta  Description  on  every  page  of           Urgent Recommendation: If you dont have time to create a description for every single page, it is recommended to try to prioritize the content on your website. You can start by creating a meta description for the most critical or important URLs that are on your site like your home page and popular and frequently visited pages.         23  
  • 24. Alt  Tags      An  alt  tag  is  an  HTML  tag  that  provides  “alternative  text”  when  non-­‐textual  elements,  which  are  typically  images,  cannot  be  displayed.  There  appear  to  be  no  alt  tags  on  the  images  on  Hello  Cupcake’s  website.  Alt  tags  are  important  not  only  for  search  engines  to  know  what  kind  of  content  is  on  the  site,  but  is  also  extremely  important  for  visually  impaired  readers  who  are  visiting  your  site  and  are  relying  on  the  alt  tags  to  know  what  is  in  the  image.    It  appears  that  no  keyword  research  has  been  performed  or  applied  on  any  alt  tags  on  the  site.     Essential Recommendation: It is recommended that Hello Cupcake add alt tags to the nontextual elements on the website. This is an easy fix and one that can be very valuable from an SEO standpoint. Alt tags should always describe what is in the picture but it is recommended to use keywords in the alt tags. Example: “Photo_of_Hello_Cupcake_Custom_Cupcakes”                                                24    
  • 25. Pages  on  the  Website          We  analyzed  every  page  on  the  website  for  a  better  idea  of  what  can  be  improved  on  the  website.    We  analyzed  the  following  pages  on  the  site:      Each  page  on  the  Hello  Cupcake  website  has  the  same  title  tags  and  the  same  meta  descriptions.  More  importantly  the  content  on  the  pages  is  sparse  and  does  not  provide  enough  depth  on  each  topic.  In  general  it  is  difficult  to  find  what  you’re  looking  for  on  the  website.        Website  Content      Your  site  must  feature  content  that  not  only  attracts  and  engages  humans,  but  also  registers  optimally  with  search  engines  and  the  “spiders  or  robots”  they  use  to  crawl  and  index  your  website.  Appealing  to  both  spiders  and  humans  is  not  easy.  The  spiders  are  driven  by  logic  and  algorithms,  and  humans  by  emotion  and  personal  preferences  and  needs.  We  highly  recommend  adding  more  content  to  the  site  specifically  about  unique  differentiators  of  Hello  Cupcake  such  as  its  online  classes,  catering  of  large  scale  corporate  events,  and  custom  cupcakes.    We  also  recommend  adding  more  pictures  to  the  website  specifically  regarding    corporate  events  and  weddings  that  Hello  Cupcake  has  catered.     Urgent Recommendation: More content and more pictures on the website that is frequently updated. Your website is not an online brochure for the bakery it is an information hub through which customers will judge your store. Your website must have the relevant and interesting information about the store that your customers and potential customers are looking for.     25  
  • 26. Keyword  Research       Hello  Cupcake  should  target  keywords  that  have  a  high  local  monthly  search  volume  and  less   optimized  competition.  I  would  recommend  Hello  Cupcake  optimizing  for  the  search  phrases   “Cupcakes  in  DC,”  “Cupcakes  DC,”  “Best  Cupcakes  ,”  and  “Cupcakes  wedding”  These  are  the   keywords  that  are  highlighted  below.     Hello  Cupcake  should  also  focus  on  niche  keyword  phrases  for  some  of  their  gourmet  cupcake   flavors  such  as  “pumpkin  cupcakes”  that  may  have  the  greatest  chance  to  appear  on  the  first   page  and  also  may  create  the  opportunity  for  an  online  sale.     Hello  Cupcake  is  not  appearing  in  the  first  10  rankings  for  any  of  the  generic  search  terms  that   we  believe  would  be  a  good  fit  for  the  company.  We  think  that  taking  steps  we  previously  listed   in  the  last  section  such  as  changing  the  title  tags,  meta  descriptions,  and  using  keyword  rich   content  on  its  site  will  also  help  them  rank  higher  in  the  SERP  listings.       Another  way  to  improve  Hello  Cupcake’s  rankings  is  to  include  a  geographic  modifier  such  as   “DC”  or  more  specific  like  “Dupont”  or  “Capital  Hill”  in  the  keyword  to  help  narrow  down  the   competition.       Optimized  Keywords   Local  Monthly  Search  Volume   Competition   Competition  Hello  Cupcake     22,200   254,000   24,200  Cupcakes  in  DC   49,500   8,350   418  DC  cupcakes   49,500   464,000   30,700  Cupcakes  DC   49,500   32,800   625  Cupcakery   49,500   518,000   53,500  Cupcake  decorating   33,100   573,000   33,700  Birthday  cupcake   33,100   854,000   74,600  Best  cupcakes   27,100   315,000   11,200  Cupcake  bakeries   27,100   70,000   21,000  Cupcake  cakes   27,100   153,000   10,200  Baby  shower  cupcakes   27,100   441,000   45,900  Pumpkin  cupcakes   27,100   121,000   10,000  Wedding  cupcakes   22,200   881,000   63,800  Cupcakes  wedding   22,200   181,000   14,300             26    
  • 27.  Google  Analytics        Google  Analytics  is  a  free  tool  that  shows  you  how  people  found  your  website,  how  and  what  they  explored  on  the  site,  and  how  you  can  enhance  their  visitor  experience  on  your  website.    Currently  there  is  not  analytics  tracking  on  your  website.  This  is  a  huge  wasted  opportunity  for  Hello  Cupcake.    Without  tracking  data  on  the  website  you  have  no  idea  how  effective  the  site  actually  is.  It  is  imperative  that  Hello  Cupcake  sign-­‐up  for  a  Google  Analytics  account  and  deploy  this  on  the  website  which  can  be  done  by  adding  a  simple  block  of  code  on  the  website.    With  the  information  provided  through  Google  Analytics,  you  can  improve  your  website  return  on  investment,  increase  conversions,  and  ultimately  increase  new  customer  acquisition  through  the  website.       Urgent Recommendation: It is extremely important to track who is visiting your website and what they are looking for on the site. We highly recommend that you sign up for a free Google Analytics account and ask your web developer to deploy this on the site right away.                                       27  
  • 28.  WEBSITE  USABILITY        Currently  the  website  is  not    user  friendly.  It  is  somewhat  difficult  to  find  what  you  are  looking  for  on  the  site  because  information  is  not  clearly  labeled.  There  appears  to  be  three  different  menus  on  the  site  which  is  also  very  confusing  to  the  user.    The  Hello  Cupcake  website  could  benefit  from  an  updated  navigation  bar  at  the  top  of  the  page  that  more  clearly  indentifies  what  each  section  contains.  This  navigation  bar  should  be  consistent  throughout  browsing  the  entirety  of  the  website.    There  is  also  no  user  generated  content  on  the  website.  Hello  Cupcake  should  be  seeking  user  input  and  allowing  comments  and  interaction  on  the  site.  User  generated  comments  seem  much  more  believable  and  authentic  than  testimonials  that  could  be  canned  or  made-­‐up.      The  website  should  also  incorporate  Hello  Cupcake’s  social  media  accounts  throughout  the  site.         Essential Recommendations: Update the website so that there is only one navigation bar on the website. -Incorporate Hello Cupcake’s social media accounts throughout the site. -Allow user generated content on the site.                            28    
  • 29.              MOCKUP  OF  HELLOCUPCAKE  WEBSITE              Above  is  an  example  of  how  Hello  Cupcake  may  want  to  consider  redesigning  their  website.  This  updated  design  allows  for  one  navigation  bar  at  the  top  of  the  website  that  is  clearly  labeled,  incorporates  Hello  Cupcake’s  social  media  accounts  so  that  the  user  is  able  to  find  other  ways  to  stay  in  touch  with  Hello  Cupcake  and  also  displays  pictures  more  prominently  on  the  homepage.       29  
  • 30.      LINK  BUILDING  &  BLOGGER  OUTREACH    Search  engines  give  sites  with  good  inbound  and  outbound  links  a  higher  ranking  so  it  is  important  that  Hello  Cupcake  finds  relevant  sites  that  are  willing  to  link  to  it.  First  and  foremost,  Hello  Cupcake  must  have  great  content  that  these  sites  might  be  interested  in  linking  to.  Hello  Cupcake  must  ask  itself  the  question  "Why  would  anyone  want  to  link  to  us?"  Right  now  the  quality  and  content  of  the  site  must  be  improved  before  starting  a  link  building  campaign.  Inbound  links  also  help  to  build  trust  amongst  potential  customers  and  potential  visitors  of  your  website.  If  someone  sees  that  a  popular  site  links  to  you  then  they  may  be  more  likely  to  believe  that  what  you  have  on  your  site  is  of  value  to  them.  Once  the  content  of  the  site  is  improved,  Hello  Cupcake  has  numerous  promising  opportunities  for  link  building  on  its  site.    Play  Nice  and  Share  the  ‘Link  Love’.  It  is  very  important  for  your  website  that  you  make  those  linking  connections.  The  goal  of  search  engine  algorithms  is  determining  relevancy  and  value.  The  prevailing  theory  is  that  search  engines  will  assume  your  site  has  more  value  and  relevancy  if  other  sites  link  to  yours,  so  go  out  there  and  make  some  friends!  When  linking  to  your  site,  link  from  a  key  phrase,  not  always  your  bakery  name.  Instead  of  linking  from  “Hello  Cupcake,”  link  from  “  best  gourmet  cupcakes  in  DC.”  Search  engines  will  reward  you  for  this.          Think  of  search  engine  optimization  like  a  popularity  contest.  When  you  have  others  who  like  you  (link  to  your  site)    your  popularity  improves  (the  more  highly  ranked  your  site  becomes).  Links  to  your  site  are  the  3rd  party  vote  in  the  popularity  contest.  Generally,  the  more  people  “voting”  for  you  the  better.  But  don’t  think  that  all  links  are  created  equal.  Links  from  pages  that  have  tons  of  outbound  links  are  not  as  valuable  as  a  link  from  a  page  that  is  choosy  about  who  it  links  to.  You  want  links  from  higher  authority  sites  that  are  picky  about  who  they  will  endorse.  Remember  this  is  like  a  popularity  contest.  Getting  attention  (a  link)  from  the  ‘snobby  prom  queen’  who  doesn’t  like  just  anyone  means  more.            30    
  • 31.  Blogger  Outreach        One  way  to  gain  inbound  links  to  Hello  Cupcake’s  website  is  through  what  it  is  commonly  referred  to  as  “blogger  outreach.”  This  is  somewhat  similar  to  traditional  media  relations  in  that  you  are  engaging  with  writers  that  create  content    online  and  whose  readers  may  be  interested  in  Hello  Cupcake.      Blogger  Outreach  Strategy:  To  engage  with  blogs/bloggers  that  have  readers  with  an  interest  in  cupcakes,  which  in  result  will  lead  to  elevated  awareness  of  the  brand  and  its  products,  particularly  in  niche  markets.           Recommendation  1:  Reach  out  to  Vegan  Bloggers  and  invite  them  to  try   Hello  Cupcake’s  vegan  cupcakes     • DC  Vegan  Blog  is  the  primary  source  for  all  things  Vegan  in   Washington  DC  and  around  the  World   • Competitor  Sprinkles  was  recently  featured  on  DC  Vegan  Blog:   A  blogger  posted  her  experience  at  Sprinkles  and  eating  a  vegan   cupcake,  which  “Unlike  their  nearest  cupcake  competitor,  Sprinkles  offers  a   vegan  cupcake  for  the  tired,  the  poor,  the  huddled  masses  yearning  to  eat  cruelty-­‐ free.”   • Sticky  Fingers  is  often  featured  on  the  blog      Recommendation  2:  Reach  out  to  Gluten-­‐Free  Bloggers  and  invite  them  to  try  Hello  Cupcake’s  gluten-­‐free  cupcakes   • DC  Gluties  Blog  is  a  very  popular  blog  for  Gluten-­‐Free   eaters  in  the  DC  area     • DC  Gluties  reached  out  to  Penny  in  2008  and  asked  for  her  gluten-­‐ free  flavors  and  gave  them  a  positive  review.  Penny  should  engage  with  her   again  (since  it’s  been  three  years  since  her  last  mention  of  Hello  Cupcake)  and  let   them  experience  the  store  and  urge  them  to  blog  about  it.     • DC  Gluties  has  a  personal  relationship  with  the  owners  of  Georgetown  Cupcake  after   they  reached  out  to  her  for  advice  on  gluten-­‐free  baking  tips  and  how  to  prevent  cross-­‐ contamination       31  
  • 32. Recommendation  3:  Reach  out  to  Capitol  Hill  Bloggers  and  invite  them  to  the  new  store  opening     • The  Hill  is  Home  Blog  is  the  most  popular   blog  for  Capitol  Hill   • The  announcement  of  the  Capitol  Hill  store   was  announced  on  the  blog  in  a  post  entitled   “Hello  Cupcake  to  Open  on  Barracks  Row”   back  in  June  2010,  but  no  updates  since   then.          Recommendation  4:  Reach  out  to  General  Food  in  DC  Blogs   • Dining  in  DC  is  a  popular  food  blog  for   the  DC  area  and  Hello  Cupcake’s  1  &  2   year  anniversary  free  cupcake  specials   were  mentioned  on  the  blog,  but  that   is  it.  Penny  should  encourage  Lisa   Shapiro  (founder  and  also  a   Washington  Examiner  food  critic)     • DC  Foodies  is  another  popular  blog  for  the  DC  area.  Hello  Cupcake  was  only  mentioned   once  back  in  2008  and  it  was  the  announcement  of  their  opening.       • Washingtonian’s  “Best  Bites  Blog”  is  another  popular  food  blog  in  DC  that  commonly   covers    stories  about  cupcake  bakeries  and  may  be  interested  in  Hello  Cupcake.                    32    
  • 33.  Example  Blogger  Outreach  Email        Ann  Limpert,  Editor  of  Washingtonian  “Best  Bites  Blog”    Hi  Ann,    Hope  all  is  well  with  you.    I  am  the  press  representative  for  Hello  Cupcake,  a  bakery  located  off  of  Connecticut  Avenue  in  Dupont  Circle.    You  may  remember  us  when  you  covered  our  grand  opening  in  2008.    I  have  followed  your  recent  articles  regarding  cupcakes  in  DC  and  it  would  be  great  to  continue  to  work  with  you  on  new  coverage  in  Washingtonian’s  Best  Bites  Blog  for  Hello  Cupcake.    As  you  may  know  Hello  Cupcake  is  opening  up  a  new  shop  on  Capital  Hill.  We  are  thrilled  to  be  opening  an  additional  location  and  are  looking  forward  to  sharing  our  cupcakes  in  our  new  neighborhood.      At  Hello  Cupcake  we  pride  ourselves  in  making  our  gourmet  cupcakes  fresh  and  from  scratch,  all-­‐day,  everyday  in  our  shops.  We  use  the  highest  quality,  fresh,  seasonal  and  local  ingredients  available.  We  currently  boast  over  50  flavors  ranging  from  the  simple  to  the  sublime,  along  with  seasonal  and  holiday  selections.    I’d  like  to  cordially  invite  you  to  Hello  Cupcake’s  opening  bash  on  Thursday,  May  19  from  5  p.m.  –  8  p.m.    During  this  time,  Hello  Cupcake  will  open  its  doors  to  members  of  the  media  to  taste  each  and  every  cupcake  that  Hello  Cupcake  has  to  offer.    We  challenge  you  to  determine  which  one  suits  you  best.    Would  you  be  interested  in  sending  a  Washingtonian  reporter  and/or  photographer  to  cover  this  event?    Additionally,  would  you  consider  linking  to  our  page  (  in  an  article?    All  my  best,  Carly  Cupcake      Carly  Cupcake  Press RepresentativeHello       33  
  • 34.  EMAIL  MARKETING      Email  marketing  is  one  of  the  most  powerful  and  effective  marketing  tools  available  to  businesses  today.  If  you’re  trusted  by  your  subscribers  and  provide  valuable  information,  they  will  look  forward  to  receiving  your  emails  and  are  more  likely  to  open,  click  through,  share,  and  convert  on  your  emails  into  purchases  in  your  store  or  online.      Email  marketing  is  highly  effective  for  a  variety  of  reasons:     • It  allows  targeting   • It  is  data  driven  -­‐  educate  and  inform  your  customers   • It  allows  for  more  frequent  customer  contact,  which  translates  into  higher  revenues.   • It  builds  relationships,  loyalty  and  trust  and  name  recognition   • It  supports  sales  through  other  channels  -­‐  pushing  clients  to  your  website  and  pulling   information  from  them   • Its  immediate  and  can  generate  quick  results   • With  a  "Forward  Email"  link  you  could  increase  your  customer  base  two-­‐fold        Hello  Cupcake  is  missing  an  opportunity  to  connect  with  it’s  customers  via  email.  Each  time  Hello  Cupcake  has  an  event  or  is  offering  a  special,  cupcake  customers  should  be  notified  through  all  digital  channels  including  email.       Urgent Recommendation:  Keep  your  customers  updated  via  email.  A  simple  email  blast   showing  a  special  or  seasonal  event  is  easy  to  put  together  and  highly  effective.  This  is  especially   important  to  do  this  around  holidays  such  as  Mother’s  Day,  Valentine’s  Day,  Halloween,  or   Christmas  when  people  are  highly  interested  in  purchasing  cupcakes.  This  may  be  a  significant   online  revenue  driver  once  Hello  Cupcake  begins  to  sell  cupcakes  online.                    34    
  • 35. Sample  Email  Blast:    Below  is  a  sample  of  an  email  blast  that  Hello  Cupcake  might  send  out  to  alert  its  customers  of  an  upcoming  seasonal  special.  We  also  included  a  button  where  fans  can  click  to  link  back  to  the  website  so  that  they  can  purchase  cupcakes  on  the  site.                                                     35  
  • 36.                TWITTER    Using  Twitter  to  market  yourself  or  your  business  requires  a  bit  more  thought  than  simply  following  and  retweeting.    Before  you  start  tweeting  away  at  random,  take  some  time  to  do  your  research  properly.  By  now  you  have  a  thorough  understanding  of  your  target  audience  so  maximizing  your  use  of  twitter  is  now    a  case  of  identifying  the  key  influencers  and  authority  figures  in  your  industry  .      You’ll  find  that  some  players  (e.g.  competitors)  in  your  market  are  much  more  advanced  than  others.  These  power  tweeters  are  probably  picking  up  incremental  business  from  Twitter  as  a  result.      To  find  your  key  influencers  on  twitter  you’ll  have  to  do  searches  for  keywords  in  bios  (try,  for  what  people  actually  tweet  about  (check  out  and  even  their  usernames  (Twitter  Search).  Once  you  have  a  list  of  influential  users,  you  have  defined  your  targets  and  we  can  Tweet  on.    Gaining  a  big  following  is  important,  but  having  30,000  random  followers  is  nowhere  as  effective  as  being  connected  with  the  right  ones.  Twitter  is  about  spreading  information  and  getting  others  to  pass  it  on  to  their  networks  (retweets).  A  handful  of  influential  tweeters  spreading  your  message    will  have  a  powerful  impact,  both  in  terms  of  stirring  up  interest  and  for  credibility.  An  added  benefit  of  social  mentions  on  Twitter  is  that  search  engines  like  Google  are  crawling  through  all  global  tweets  on  a  daily  basis  and  it  will  help  your  ranking  and  SEO.      When  the  strategy  is  in  place  it’s  time  have  a  tactical  look  at  your  Twitter  activities.      Here  Are  Some  Key  Steps  to  take  in  Improving  Hello  Cupcake  on  Twitter:       • Get  your  Twitter  profile  in  shape  with  a  full  bio  and/or  company  description     • Target  the  influencers  in  your  industry,  both  customers  and  competition.  Do  searches   to  find  their  Twitter  handles  and  start  following  them.       • Link  your  Twitter  account  to  another  social  platform  where  visitors  can  start  a   conversation.  This  could  be  a  Facebook  Page  or  your  blog  which  allows  people  to   comment  on  posts.    36    
  • 37. • Create  tweets  that  travel-­‐-­‐A  well  crafted  tweet  that  is  entertaining,  educational  or   remarkable  is  likely  to  take  off  in  the  Twittersphere.  It’s  a  fact  that  people  will  share   things  that  make  them  look  good  so  give  your  followers  a  compelling  reason  to   spread  your  Brand.       • Identify  and  share  quality  content  every  day.  Be  the  first  person  to  share  a  well   written  article  and  you  will  be  retweeted.     • Be  sure  to  utilize  hashtags  whenever  possible,  such  as  #HelloCupcake  or  #cupcakes  –   Twitter  users  carry  out  searches  on  these  terms  24/7  so  it  increases  your  chances  of   being  retweeted.     • Encourage  your  website  visitors  to  follow  you  on  Twitter.  Make  it  very  obvious  to   first-­‐time  visitors  what  your  Twitter  username  is  and  invite  them  to  engage  with  you.    Monitor  and  measure  your  success  Make  the  effort  to  follow  up  and  see  what  is  working  and  what  isn’t.  Avoid  making  Twitter  a  big  waste  of  your  time  by  consistently  following  up  on  your  results.    Most  tweeters  will  judge  their  success  by  the  amount  of  followers  they  have.  While  this  number  does  play  a  part  in  attracting  new  followers,  there  are  plenty  more  metrics  to  look  at:     • Listings:  how  many  lists  are  you  included  on   • Retweets,:  and  retweets  of  the  retweets   • Potential  reach  from  those  retweets  (who  retweeted)   • Website  traffic  as  a  result  of  Twitter  (check  Google  Analytics)   • What  Twitter  users  has  your  company  Twitter  account  added  to  its  own  lists?   • Some  useful  tools  for  monitoring  and  measuring  are  Twitter’s  own  search  function  as   well  as  Social  Mention,  Trackur  and  Radian6.  There  are  plenty  more  tools  out  there,   new  ones  seem  to  be  popping  up  every  day  so  keep  your  finger  on  the  Twitter  pulse   and  try  out  new  tools  as  they  come  out.                             37  
  • 38.  Influential  Twitterers      Here  is  a  list  of  influential  twitterers  that  Hello  Cupcake  may  want  to  engage  with  online.  You  can  start  engaging  with  someone  on  twitter  by  first  “following  them”  and  then  starting  a  conversation  with  them.  You  may  want  to  tweet  something  to  them  that  he/she  may  be  interested  in  or  reply  to  something  that  he/she  has  tweeted  on  twitter.          DC  region:  |  24,648  |  822  |  1,084  |  2,161  |  1,103  |  1,740  |  6,504  |  11,531  |  11,543  |  1,254    Food  Bloggers:  |  5,505  |  73,122  |  5,037  |  3,  827  |  CA  |1,981  |  52,708  |  2,475  |746                            Male  Blogger:  |  10,408                    38    
  • 39. FACEBOOK                              There  are  over  56  million  women  on  Facebook  in  the  United  States  (source:  This  means  one  very  important  thing:  if  you  have  a  brand,  product  or  company  that  targets  women,  Facebook  is  essential.  Hello  Cupcake  has  all  three.    Hello  Cupcake    has  already  created  a  Facebook  presence,  however,  there  is  an  opportunity  to  boost  its  current  presence  and  increase  engagement  with  customers  online  to  foster  interest,  loyalty  and  acquire  referrals  to  new  customers.    QUALITY      Remember  that  women  are  bombarded  by  marketing  messages  all  day,  every  day.  On  the  surface,  Facebook  is  no  different  than  the  “real  world”  .  Constantly  being  pitched  to  and  spammed  is  annoying.  The  main  difference  between  Facebook  and  the  “real  world”  is  that  on  Facebook,  fans  can  “hide”  your  marketing  message  much  more  easily  than  they  can  avoid  the  billboard  on  the  way  to  work.  As  a  result,  you  are  going  to  have  to  try  your  best  to  connect  with  them.  On  Facebook,  quality  rises  to  the  top  more  often  than  not.      CREATE  A  CONNECTION        For  starters  lets  take  a  look  at  what  Dove  has  done  on  Facebook.  Dove  is  one  of  the  few  brands  that  seems  to  grasp  the  fact  that  on  Facebook,  content  really  is  queen  and  that  brands  must  deliberately  create  an  emotional  connection  with  their  fans.  This  is  a  great  strategy  to  emulate    because  in  order  to  reach  women  on  Facebook,  you  are  going  to  have  to  connect  with  them  by  providing  content  that  women  can  relate  to.  Something  that  ignites  a  reaction  like  “Wow,  that’s  me!”  will  encourage  women  not  only  to  respond  to  your  messages,  but  actually  remember  them.  Making  an  emotional  connection  is  one  of  the  best  ways  to  motivate  women  to  use  your  brand  or  service.    For  example,  Hello  Cupcake  can  pose  questions  to  their  followers  such  as:     ·∙                  What  do  cupcakes  mean  to  them?    The  Branding  Section  provides  “faces”  for  Hello  Cupcake’s  customers.  These  persons  serve  as  a  guide  for  developing  messages.  Additionally,  by  looking  at  the  personas  we  can  see  how  Facebook  is  a  perfect  fit  for  engaging  with  Hello  Cupcake’s  key  public.   o      Bring  in  brand  personas  and  post  reflective  messages   §    All  busy  women—a  quick  indulgence  they  deserve     39  
  • 40. §    They  all  are  social;    like  being  around  other  people;  interested  in  food,   dinner  parties—cupcakes  are  a  perfect  fit   §    Like  to  be  doing  something  “different”  and  always  like  to  be  busy  and   productive—Cupcake  classes   ·∙                       Urgent Recommendation: Respond  to  all  (or  as  many  as  possible)  Facebook  posts     and  mentions.  Currently,  there  is  virtually  no  engagement  or  response  from  Hello     Cupacke  to  customers  who  reach  out  on  Facebook.  Several  customers  are  saying  great     things  about  the  brand,  yet  we  are  not  thanking  or  encouraging  them.              PROVIDE  UTILITY        Utility  should  be  synonymous  with  your  brand.  It  will  allow  you  to  create  a  relationship  with  your  fans.  Create  a  series  of  posts  that  your  fans  can  look  forward  to  on  a  daily  or  weekly  basis  —  something  they  will  feel  a  real  connection  to  and  will  teach  them  something  they  can  use.  If  you  run  a  fashion  web  site,  for  example,  provide  a  piece  of  advice  from  a  designer  every  Friday  –-­‐  it  will  make  it  much  harder  for  your  fans  to  block  your  updates  if  they  have  something  to  look  forward  to.       Suggested Recommendation: Penny’s baking tips. Send weekly recipe and   baking, and icing tips to customers.                   Essential Recommendation: Issue rewards for FourSquare and Facebook   places checkin. (See section on Location Based Marketing)                  40    
  • 41.  GIVE  FANS  A  VOICE    Women  like  to  be  heard.  Stand  out  from  the  crowd  and  engage  them.  By  creating  a  two-­‐way  conversation,  you  are  personalizing  your  brand  and  making  it  one  that  can  be  trusted.      Your  Facebook  Page  is  also  one  of  the  best  “focus  groups”  on  the  web.  Just  ask  your  fans.  A  great  example  of  this  type  of  interaction  is  H&M.  They  are  constantly  asking  their  fans  what  pieces  they  want  to  buy,  what  they  would  pay  and  what  they  want  H&M  to  carry.  This  type  of  feedback  is  invaluable  and  brings  the  fan  into  the  overall  experience.  Women  can  share  their  thoughts,  and  you  can  enjoy  the  free  insight  you’re  receiving  straightfrom  your  target  consumer.    Hello  Cupcake  can  enable  their  fans  to  be  evangelists  for  the  brand  by  making  “them  part  of”  the  brand  in  the  following  ways:     • Be  the  flavor  of  the  month”  have  a  customer  post  her  favorite  flavor  and  why   and  why  she  loves  Hello  Cupcake   •  Take  recommendations   •  More  contests!  The  D.C.  Cupcake  Contest  received  great  Feedback.   •  Post  photos  of  “Cupcake  Queens”  frequent  shoppers/big  fans      LISTEN        Not  only  do  we  like  to  be  heard,  we  also  like  to  know  we’re  actually  being  listened  to.  If  a  fan  posts  a  question  on  your  page,  answer  it.  If  she  compliments  your  brand,  thank  her.  And  if  she  complains  about  it,  address  her  concerns  and  reassure  her  that  you’re  working  on  fixing  it.  This  is  a  great  way  to  build  trust  and  showcase  the  great  customer  service  and  support  your  company  offers.     • Again,  here  we  are  highlighting  the  important  of  the  above  urgent   recommendation  to  engage  in  discussion  and  dialogue.        COMPLIMENT  HER  LIFE,  DON’T  COMPLICATE  IT      If  you’re  doing  a  giveaway,  running  a  great  promotion  or  launching  a  new  product,  you  need  to  keep  the  process  simple.  Cosmopolitan  Magazine,  for  example,  constantly  offers  giveaways  and  discounts,  but  always  do  it  in  a  clear  and  simple  way.  The  lesson  here  is  not  to  overthink  your     41  
  • 42. promotions.  Your  fans  will  look  forward  to  the  next  time  your  brand  has  something  new  and  exciting  to  share,  as  long  as  taking  advantage  of  the  offer  is  relatively  pain-­‐free.        DON’T  BE  REDUNDANT    Unlike  Twitter,  where  most  people  are  following  a  plethora  of  people  and  information  is  passing  by  at  lightning  speed,  Facebook  has  a  tendency  to  draw  attention  to  “spammy  posts.”  Facebook  users  do  not  want  to  see  the  same  message  posted  multiple  times  in  their  feed.  So  if  you’re  promoting  something  through  your  Fan  Page  be  sure  to  reword  it  and  provide  additional  value  before  you  post  it  a  second  time.    KEEP  THE  SHOPPING  EXPERIENCE  SEAMLESS      You  need  to  remember  that  women  tend  to  be  the  CPOs  (Chief  Purchasing  Officers)  in  their  households,  and  that  they  tend  to  ask  friends  for  advice  about  brands  and  products.  Women  are  more  than  happy  to  share  a  good  deal  when  they  find  one.      The  Limited  was  one  of  the  first  brands  to  really  grasp  that  Facebook  represents  a  huge  opportunity  to  reach  their  CPOs.  They  have  started  to  embed  actual  retail  offers  into  their  newsfeed.  But  unlike  other  brands,  they  do  not  drive  their  traffic  off  of  Facebook.  Instead,  their  feed  stories  open  up  into  widgets  on  Facebook  that  can  handle  the  entire  transaction  right  there.  This  clever  use  of  technology  is  a  prime  example  of  ways  that  brands  need  to  think  outside  of  the  box  to  reach  their  social  shoppers.      REMEMBER:  SHE’S  A  SOCIAL  SHOPPER        Women  also  tend  not  to  be  shy  about  sharing  their  distaste  about  a  brand  or  product  or  talking  about  their  poor  experience,  so  never  take  advantage  of  your  fans.  The  last  thing  you  want  is  your  target  demographic  badmouthing  your  brand  on  a  viral  platform  like  Facebook.                              42    
  • 43. KEEP  YOUR  FANS  IN  THE  LOOP    Fill  your  fans  in  on  the  positive  but  don’t  be  afraid  to  address  the  negative.  As  we  all  know,  the  web  is  transparent.  Allow  it  to  work  in  your  favor.  Just  launched  a  new  Android  app?  Let  your  fans  be  the  first  to  know.  Just  got  nominated  for  6  Grammy  Awards  and  want  to  share  it  with  the  world?  Then  do  what  Lady  Gaga  did  and  let  your  fans  know  the  moment  you  find  out.  In  a  transparent  world,  you  can  share  your  news  with  your  fans,  and  the  sooner  the  better.    Last  but  not  least,  if  your  company  is  experiencing  difficulties  like  supply  shortage  or  a  down  web  site,  be  the  first  to  let  your  customers  know.  Be  upfront  and  straightforward.  Your  honesty  will  speak  volumes  about  your  brand.       Urgent Recommendation:  More  timely  updates.  Keep  your  fans  abreast  of  what’s  going  on   with  Hello  Cupcake.  For  example,  construction  photos  of  the  Capital  Hill  store  or  asking  for  fan  input   would  be  a  great  way  to  include  your  fans  in  the  process  of  opening  the  new  store.  Talk  about  how   much  you  can’t  wait  to  see  them!               43  
  • 44. REPUTATION  MANAGEMENT    WHAT  IS  BRAND  REPUTATION  MANAGEMENT?      Reputation  management  is  about  taking  an  active  role  in  the  perception  of  your  brand.    It  should  be  noted  that  you  cannot  control  everything  being  said  about  your  brand  online,  but  by  actively  listening,  participating  in  conversations  with  both  fans  and  detractors,  and  promoting  and  distributing  positively  charged  content  you  can  better  manage  your  brand’s  reputation  online.          WHY  IS  IT  IMPORTANT?    People  are  increasingly  using  blogs,  video,  podcasts,  images  and  customer  reviews  to  gather  information  about  your  brand.  This  information  may  guide  the  decisions  they  make  about  the  interactions  they  have  with  your  brand.            IMPACT  ON  HELLO  CUPCAKE’S  BRAND  &  SALES      Like  it  or  not,  perception  is  reality.  If  someone  does  a  search  for  your  Hello  Cupcake  in  Google,  what  will  they  see?  Hopefully,  they  will  see  links  to  your  website  and  positive  content  about  the  brad.    But  what  if  what  they  see    is  a  link  to  a  rating  site  that  discusses  the  rare  bad  experience  someone  had  at  your  store?  Would  you  buy  a  product  from  a  company  where  5  out  of  6  customer  ratings  rated  the  company  for  poor  customer  service  or  a  poor  quality  product?  Probably  not  and  neither  will  your  potential  customers.  It  is  important  to  address  negative  feedback  that  is  raised  on  rating  websites  and  engage  in  the  conversation.      STEPS  TO  PROTECT  YOUR  REPUTATION  ONLINE:    Reducing  negative  word  of  mouth  by  2%  boosts  sales  growth  by  1%  (according  to  a  study  by  the  London  School  of  Economics).  It  is  worth  the  time  invested.    Two  areas  of  focus  in  executing  reputation  management  effectively  and  strategically  are:    1)            Performing  Customer  Service  2)            Building  relationships  with  customers          44    
  • 45.  There  are  three  key  steps  to  follow  in  managing  your  company’s  online  reputation:    1.            Listen!—Listening  to  what  your  customers  and  others  are  saying  about  your  brand  is  paramount.    Find  out  where  your  customers  are  online…Facebook,  Twitter,  etc?  Google  your  company  to  see  what  stories  and  websites  come  up  and  what  is  being  said  about  you.    Find  out  what  bloggers  and  other  influencers  are  saying  especially.    Look  for  conversation  trends  for  insight  on  what  is  on  the  mind  of  your  customers  and  influencers.    2.            Respond-­‐If  and  when  you  do  find  material  online  that  is  negative  for  your  brand’s  reputation,  responding  to  it  is  imperative.    But,  responding  appropriately  is  essential.    If  a  person  is  ranting  online  about  a  bad  customer  experience  they  had,  reach  out  to  that  person  directly  to  find  out  what  happened,  apologize,  and  do  what  needs  to  be  done  to  reverse  this  person’s  opinion  of  you.        3.            Engage—establish  a  consistent  two-­‐way  line  of  communication  between  you  and  your  customer.    Keeping  them  engaged  is  one  way  to  do  this.  Seek  to  involve  them  through  online,  interactive  activities  like  games  or  cupcake  lessons.  Also,  set  up  a  mechanism  for  them  to  come  to  you  directly  with  a  negative  issue,  before  they  broadcast  their  complaint  via  a  social  media  platform.    Something  as  simple  as  setting  up  a  regular  survey  box    or  comments  box  on  your  homepage  and  social  media  pages  would  make  the  customer  feel  like  you  want  to  hear  what  they  are  saying  and  that  they  matter.  It  is  important  to  respond  to  them  when  they  do  offer  comments  or  have  questions.           Urgent Recommendation:  Do  not  sit  idly  by  while  people  are  discussing  your  brand  online.   Hello  Cupcake  must  get  out  there  and  proactively  listen  to  feedback,  respond  to  comments  when   appropriate  and  engage  with  it’s  consumers.  Failure  to  do  this  could  quickly  result  in  a  virtually   irreparable  situation  for  Hello  Cupcake.                           45  
  • 46.      What  are  customers  saying  about  Hello  Cupcake?    A  Google  search  of  “Hello  Cupcake  DC”  shows  the  review  site  right  after  the  Hello  Cupcake  homepage.  So  there  is  a  strong  chance  that  someone  searching  for  Hello  Cupcake  online  will  end  up  on  looking  at  the  store’s  reviews.  Below  are  some  samples  of  recent  reviews  of  the  store.    Good  Review:          Bad  Review:  46    
  • 47. In  order  to  successfully  manage  Hello  Cupcake’s  reputation,  it  is  essential  that  feedback  is  continually  used  to  help  design  and  refine  the  customer  experience.  Social  media  should  be  used  to  set  expectations  with  customers,  to  influence  the  customer  experience  in  a  positive  way,  and  to  collect  customer  feedback  and  act  on  it  in  an  appropriate  and  timely  manner.    It’s  important  to  cover  all  the  bases  in  order  to  manage  your  Hello  Cupcake’s  online  reputation  effectively.  Here  is  a  list  of  sites  that  should  regularly  be  monitored  and  used  for  managing  the  brand’s  name.    Key  Websites:     • Your  URL—who  is  linking  to  your  site  and  what  are  they  saying?   • Twitter—what  are  people  tweeting  about  you  online?   • Facebook—what  is  the  feedback  on  your  Facebook  fan  page?  Below  are  the  most  popular  rating  websites  on  the  internet  that  we  recommend  that  Hello  Cupcake  monitor  comments  and  discussions  regarding  it’s  brand.  Key  Rating  Websites:   • Yelp   • Urban  Spoon   • Google  Local   • Yahoo  Local                                   47  
  • 48.  MOBILE      Mobile  Website      Consumers  are  increasingly  turning  to  their  phones  to  discover  local  businesses.  Businesses  must  shift  their  marketing  strategy  to  accommodate  the  growing  mobile  landscape,  or  risk  being  left  behind.    A  2010  Smartphone  Intelligence    Survey  found  consumers  increasingly  rely  on  their  mobile  phones  to  search  for  retailers  including  restaurants.  The  survey  found  that  nearly  one  in  three  smartphone  owners  has  called  or  stopped  into  a  local  business  after  finding  it  using  a  local  search  application.      With  the  increasing  popularity  of  local  search  local  businesses  like  Hello  Cupcake  should  ensure  their  sites  are  optimized  for  mobile  browsers.  Consumers  expect  to  be  able  to  easily  access    menu  information,  store  hours,  and  directions  on  their  mobile  phone.  Make  sure  that  your  customers  can  not  only  discover  Hello  Cupcake  through  the  mobile  web  on  their  phone,  but  that  your  website  provides  them  with  the  information  they  are  looking  for  and  displays  this  information  in  a  way  that  is  easy  to  navigate  on  a  smart  phone.           Suggested Recommendation: A mobile website would be a huge competitive advantage for Hello Cupcake as no other cupcake bakeries in the District have a mobile website. Currently all other cupcake bakeries’ websites are not optimized for phone use and this could be an excellent way for Hello Cupcake to position itself as the tech savvy company and marketplace leader in this industry.                48    
  • 49. Mobile  Website  Mockup:                 We  mocked  up  an  example  mobile     website  for  The     purpose  of  the  mobile  website  is  to     allow  users  to  easily  access  the  most   important  information  on  the  site.     Although  many  smartphones  such  as     the  iPhone  have  full  browsing   capabilities  it  is  typically    very     difficult  to  read  the  website  and     browse  to  look  for  specific   information.  We  believe  that     creating  a  mobile  website  for  Hello     Cupcake  would  be  an  important   competitive  advantage  for  the  store.                       49  
  • 50.  LOCATION  BASED  MARKETING                  In  2009  Foursquare  stepped  out  into  the  forefront  of  the  location-­‐based  marketing  space.  The  application  combines  a  social,  game-­‐like  component  to  location-­‐based  social  networking  and  the  real  driver  for  using  these  applications  are  the  incentives  given  for  users  to  “check-­‐in.”  Coupons,  specials,  offers  and  perks  are  given  to  mobile  users  in  exchange  for  a  “check-­‐in”  at  a  place  of  business.  Business  owners  in  turn  will    have  an  increase  in  loyalty  amongst  customers,  an  increase  in  traffic  of  new  customers,  and  more  ‘word  of  mouth’  coverage  on  social  networks  from  these  check-­‐in  offers.    Physical  loyalty  programs  in  brick  and  mortar  businesses  have  long  been  a  driver  of  repeat  business.  The  advantage  of  these  location-­‐based  services  is  the  combination  of  a  digital  loyalty  based  program  along  with    the  “digital  advertising”    that  Foursquare  allows.  Mobile  users  are  able  to  browse  deals,  incentives,  and  offers  that  companies  are  presenting  on  their  phone  before  becoming  actual  customers.      Over  the  last  12  months  review  sites  like  Yelp  have  also  begun  offering  users  the  opportunity  to  “check-­‐in”  at  a  place  of  business.  In  August  2010  Facebook  launched  Facebook  Places  and  Deals  which  has  pushed  the  concept  of  location-­‐based  advertising  into  a  much  more  mainstream  market.  Because  many  businesses  already  had  a  Facebook  Pages  presence  we  can  expect  to  see  increased  usage  of  Facebook  Places  and  Deals  in  2011.       Suggested Recommendation: Hello Cupcake could greatly benefit from utilizing a location based application like foursquare . This is an opportunity to not only reward loyalty amongst repeat customers but also drive increased foot traffic of new customers into the store. We recommend running a foursquare promotion that offers an incentive for customers on their second checkin. A checkin promotion like this will see an increased amount of foot traffic and provide an incentive for the customer to return.          50    
  • 51.    QR  CODES                QR  Codes  or  “Quick  Response”  Codes  are  2-­‐D  scannable  bar  codes  that  are  readable  by  QR  scanners,  mobile  phones  with  cameras,  and  smart  phones.  QR  codes  were  developed  to  hold  more  information  than  the  standard  UPC  barcode  and  were  originally  used  to  track  manufacturing  parts  in  factories.  Today  QR  codes  are  commonly  referred  to  as  mobile  barcodes  and  mobile  tags    and  can  be  used  for  a  variety  of  other  purposes  including    communication  and  marketing  efforts.    In  its  simplest  sense  a  QR  Code  is  a  “print  based  hypertext  link.”  QR  Codes  are  free  to  make  and  any  kind  of  data  can  be  translated  into  a  QR  code  by  a  QR  code  generator  (that  is  simply  software  that  is  able  to  take  the  data  and  turn  it  into  a  readable  code).  The  size  of  a  QR  Code  depends  on  a  module  size  (colored  and  white  dots)  and  a  symbol  version  (data  capacity).  In  order  to  read  a  QR  Code  you  must  have  a  QR  code  scanner,  a  mobile  phone  with  a  camera  or  a  smart  phone.      What  are  QR  Codes  used  for?      The  possibilities  are  endless  for  the  various  uses  of  QR  Codes.  You  can  download  data  from  the  code  itself  like  in  a  vcard  with  contact  information;  Transport  users  from  printed  material  to  websites  or  online  videos;  Prompt  an  action  such  as  an  email,  SMS  text,  or  phone  call;  Prompt  social  media  interaction  such  as  a  tweet,  Facebook  status  update,  Foursquare  check-­‐in;  Provide  mobile  coupons  to  consumers  to  increase  conversion  ,  loyalty  and  repeat  purchases  at  a  point  of  sale  location;  Convey  a  sense  of  exclusivity  and  personalization  via  direct  mail  campaigns,  with  QR  codes  driving  consumers  to  personalized  URLs;  Facilitating  e-­‐commerce  and    on-­‐the-­‐move  impulse  transactions;  Facilitate  charitable  giving  and  donations  and  literally  anything  else  you  can  dream  up.    Potential  Growth  for  the  Mobile  Barcode  Market    According  to  the  September  2010  Mobile  Barcode  Trend  Report  growth  of  mobile  barcode  scanning  has  seen  exponential  growth  from  January  2010  to  September  2010  with  traffic  up  over  700%  during  those  months.    There  is  huge  potential  for  continued  growth  in  this  market  that  is  currently  being  untapped.  We  know  from  a  2010  Pew  Internet  Research  study  that    76%  of  cell  phone  users  in  the  U.S.  are  taking  pictures  with  their  cell  phones  and  38%  are  accessing  the  Internet.     51  
  • 52.      We  also  know  that  there  are  currently  there  are  54.5  million  mobile  Internet  users  in  the  United  States,  representing  25  percent  of  online  users.  This  means  that  there  are  millions  of  potential  users  with  phones  that  are  capable  of  using  this  technology  that  either  have  not  heard  of  mobile  tags  or  have  for  some  reason    chosen  to  not  use  this  technology  yet.    We  can  also  expect  a  huge  increase  in  the  number  of  smart  phone  users  in  the  coming  years  which  means  an  even  larger  potential  market  to  target  with  mobile  tag  campaigns.  According  to  a  November  2010  Nielson  study,  28%  of  the  U.S.  cell  phone  users  have  smart  phones  and  as  much  as  41%  of  the  U.S.  recent  acquires  of  cellular  phones  are    smart  phones.  These  studies  point  to  tremendous  future  potential  for  the  reach  of  these  mobile  tags  and  businesses  must  pay  attention  and  learn  the  ways  to  maximize  this  technology  now.    Why  Should  Hello  Cupcake  Use  Them?    Mobile  tags  are  an  unmatchable  way  to  give  instant  information  to  consumers  on  their  mobile  phone.  Mobile  tags  allow  communicators  a  way  to  interact  and  engage  consumers  in  traditionally  static  mediums.    Mobile  tags  also  eliminate  the  need  for  the  consumer  to  search  on  their  mobile  phone  for  more  information  about  Hello  Cupcake’s  offerings.  This  is  good  because  it  can  be  difficult  to  optimize  for  mobile  search  because  you  can’t  use  “regular”  keyword  research.  Now  we  can  direct  the  consumer  where  we  want  them  to  go  for  more  information  and  eliminate  their  need  to  “search”  on  their  own.      Mobile  tags  also  give  communicators  the  ability  to  measure  their  campaigns  “live.”  We  have  the  possibility  of  sophisticated  analytics  about  consumer  behavior  and  interests  that  we  have  never  had  access  to  before.  We  will  also,  for  one  of  the  first  times  ever  have  measurable  statistics  about  our  offline  reach  and  have  the  potential  to  gain  information  about  whether  or  not  our  content  is  truly  effective.                              52    
  • 53. What  Makes  a  Great  Mobile  Tagging  Campaign?        A  great  mobile  tagging  campaign  gives  instructions  to  the  consumer  .  When  using  QR  codes  a  communicator  must  remember  to  keep  URLs  short  (it  reduces  chance  for  error  in  code).  The  campaign  should  drive  the  consumer  to  relevant,  targeted  content  or  a  unique  experience.  Consumers  must  be  rewarded  for  making  the  effort  to  scan  the  code  or  tag.  If  you  are  sending  a  consumer  to  a  website  the  site  must  be  optimized  for  use  on  mobile  phones.  It  is  also  smart  to  consider  optimizing  for  the  lowest  end  mobile  phone  users  as  not  everyone  has  an  iPhone.    Finally,  communicators  must  make  it  easy  for  content  to  be  shared  on  social  networks.    Mobile  phones  are  by  definitions  social  tools  and  we  should  try  to    leverage  this.         Suggested Recommendation: Hello Cupcake should use QR codes as another way to align itself with it’s tech savvy target audience. A QR code could be used on a side store front window to drive customers to your website once online purchasing is available. We also recommend putting a QR code on the back of your physical loyalty card and ask customers to share their love with Hello Cupcake with a friend. The QR code could allow the customer to send an email coupon to a loved one. This is a great way to incentivize customer loyalty and encourage positive word of mouth referrals.                             53  
  • 54.         30-­‐Min-­‐A-­‐Day       54    
  • 55. HOW  CAN  YOU  GET  IT  ALL  DONE?     We  recognize  that  as  an  extremely  busy  and  successful  entrepreneur  you  have  a  limited   amount  of  time  each  day  that  you  are  able  to  spend  on  these  activities.  While  we  highly   recommend  that  you  consider  hiring  a  college  or  graduate  student  to  handle  many  of  these   tasks  for  you  for  a  stipend,  small  wage,  or  academic  credit  we  believe  that  you  can  get  a   significant  amount  accomplished  in  our  strategy  if  you  spend  just  30-­‐minutes  each  day.     To  start  we  recommend  using  a  service  such  as  that  allows  you  to  pre-­‐schedule   your  Facebook  posts  and  tweets  in  advance.  Through  you  can  access  all  of  your   social  networks  at  once.     We  also  recommend  that  you  use  Google  Alerts  and  Google  Reader  to  facilitate  your  brand   monitoring  online.  Information  about  each  is  available  at  and  Both  of  these  tools  are  free.       Example  Schedule    Day   Activity  Sunday   Schedule  social  media  on  Monday   Monitor  brand  using  Google  Alerts  Tuesday   Monitor  brand/industry  topics  using  Google  Reader  Wednesday   Review  Google  analytics  info  from  the  previous  week  Thursday   Send  out  email  blast  about  weekend  specials  or  events   Engage  with  your  customers  on  social  media  and  Friday   respond  to  comments  online   Monitor  your  social  media  sites  and  catch  up  on   anything  that  was  not  able  to  be  completed  during  the  Saturday   week.                   55  
  • 56.         Budget  &   Measurement       56    
  • 57.  BUDGET      Below  please  find  a  proposed  budget  that  could  range  from  $20,000-­‐$44,400    a  top-­‐line  description  of  fund  allocation  towards  the  following:         Online  Engagement   Website  Redesign     SEO    =$10,000-­‐15,000   Outreach  =  $0-­‐$2,400   =  $10,000-­‐$25,000     • We  suggest  hiring  a   • Online  ordering   college  social  media  intern  • Extensive  keyword   to  manage  social  media   • More  frequent  updates   research   platforms  who  could  work   • More  photos  added  to   from  home  or  in  the  store  • Comprehensive  analysis  of   website   if  there’s  space.  She/he   the  website.   • Mobile  website  design   could  be  compensated     through  academic  credit     and/or  a  travel  stipend  of   $200/month.                       57  
  • 58.  MEASURING  SUCCESS      It  is  important  to  measure  how  successful  this  campaign  is  before  you  begin  implementing  our  strategy  and  tactics  it  is  important  to  benchmark  where  you  currently  stand.  This  includes  making  notes  of  Facebook  Fans,  Twitter  followers,  SEO  rankings,  and  customer  satisfaction  on  rating  websites.    The  effectiveness  of  this  campaign  can  then  be  measured  by:1.  TrafficThis  is  one  of  the  more  obvious  ways  of  measuring  social  media.  However,  it  is  important  to  keep  in  mind  that  the  quality  of  traffic  both  on  your  website  and  on  our  social  media  sites  is  more  important  than  quality.    2.  Interaction  Participation  of  your  customers  online  is  makes  a  statement  about  the  quality  of  traffic  you  are  attracting.  Interaction  can  be  considered  anything  from  leaving  comments  on  your  Facebook  page,  to  tweeting  to  you  or    leaving  positive  customer  reviews  and  ratings    3.  Brand  metrics      “Word  of  mouth”  online  can  help  shift  the  key  brand  metrics  either  positively  or  negatively.  These  metrics  include  brand  favorability  and  brand  awareness.    4.  Profits  Finally  of  course  if  you  are  able  to  reduce  any  customer  churn  and  increase  engagement  amongst  customers  increased  profits  will  follow.      Free  Tools  to  Use  to  Track  Your  Success:     • Google  Analytics   • Facebook  Insights   • Twitter  Search   • Adnomics    58    
  • 59. APPENDIX    
  • 60.       DIGITAL  GLOSSARY        
  • 61.    Wondering  just  what  in  the  heck  some  of  this  stuff  means?    We  thought  that  might  happen.  We’ve  complied  a  friendly  reference  for  you  for  some  of  the  more  obscure  and  complex  marketing  communications  terms  that  may  not  have  been  fully  defined  in  the  context  of  this  plan.  This  glossary  was  adapted  from  an  exhaustive  reference  created  by  HiveMind  Marketing  Inc.  and  can  be  found  in  full  at­‐of-­‐Digital-­‐Marketing-­‐Terms.        A    Adwords:  Google’s  pay-­‐per-­‐click  advertiser  program.  Analytics:  Any  metrics,  statistics  or  key-­‐performance  indicator  which  measures  marketing  and  sales  effectiveness.  Anchor  Text:  A  term  that  describes  the  main  text  associated  with  a  link.      B  Brand:  A  name,  term,  sign,  symbol  or  any  combination  of  these,  which  identifies  the  maker  or  seller  of  the  product.  Also,  the  totality  of  the  attitudes  and  perceptions  about  a  company  and/or  its  products  by  customers,  prospects  and  the  general  market.    C    Content  Management  (CMS):  A  software  system,  usually  implemented  as  a  Web  application,  for  creating  and  managing  HTML  content.  It  is  used  to  manage  and  control  a  large,  dynamic  collection  of  Web  material.  A  CMS  facilitates  content  creation,  content  control,  editing,  and  many  essential  Web  maintenance  functions.  Usually  the  software  provides  authoring  (and  other)  tools  designed  to  allow  users  with  little  or  no  knowledge  of  programming  languages  or  markup  languages  to  create  and  manage  content  with  relative  ease  of  use.  Conversion:  The  percentage  of  people  whose  activity  can  be  tracked  from  clicking  on  an  ad  or  visiting  a  website  to  actually  purchasing  a  product  or  service.  A  high  conversion  rate  indicates  that  the  link,  ad,  or  site  was  successful.  
  • 62.      D  Directory:  A  list  of  other  websites  or  services  online.  The  directory  is  often  its  own  website  and  contains  links  to  various  sources,  websites,  or  other  information  on  a  variety  of  topics.  Domain  Name:  The  identifying  name  of  an  internet  site.    F  Facebook:  Facebook  is  a  free-­‐access  social  networking  website  that  is  operated  and  privately  owned  by  Facebook,  Inc.  Users  can  join  networks  organized  by  city,  workplace,  school,  and  region  to  connect  and  interact  with  other  people.  People  can  also  add  friends  and  send  them  messages,  and  update  their  personal  profiles  to  notify  friends  about  themselves.  Findability:  Refers  to  being  locatable.  Though  tied  closely  with  Information  Architecture  on  the  Web,  particularly  within  one  site,  findability  has  also  become  a  popular  term  for  defining  how  findable,  locatable  and  navigable  a  business  or  person’s  presence  is  on  and  across  the  web  and  social  networking.    H    HTML  (HyperText  Markup  Language):  The  coding  language  used  to  create  and  link  together  documents  and  files  on  the  internet.  Hyperlink:  A  navigational  reference  to  another  document  or  page  on  the  internet.    I  Impression:  The  exposure  of  a  clickable  ad  on  a  website  to  one  individual  person.  Inbound  Link:  A  link  to  your  website  from  a  different  website.    K  
  • 63. Keyword  Density:  Usually  expressed  as  a  percentage,  keyword  density  refers  to  the  number  of  keywords  on  a  web  page  divided  by  the  total  number  of  words  on  the  page.  Keyword  Research:  The  research  to  determine  the  words  and  phrases  that  are  most  applicable  to  a  given  web  page,  online  business,  product  or  service.    Keywords:  The  words  or  phrases  used  by  a  prospect  when  performing  a  search.  Marketers  optimize  their  websites  according  to  the  search  volumes  of  keywords  related  to  their  industry,  product  or  service.  Marketers  can  also  create  ads  related  to  keywords  that  appear  in  paid  search  listings.    L  Link  Building:  Quality  link  building  is  one  of  the  most  important  activities  you  can  undertake  to  get  higher  search  engine  rankings.  One-­‐way  link  building  builds  link  to  your  site  from  high  value  websites  such  as  authority,  relevant  and  industry  leading  websites.  Two-­‐way  link  building  offers  a  link  back  to  the  linking  site.    M  Meta  Tag:  A  special  code  or  "tag"  that  contains  specific  information  about  the  inner  workings  of  a  web  site.      N    Navigation:  A  menu  of  links  allowing  users  to  move  from  one  web  page  to  another  within  a  site.    O  Open  Rate:  A  measure  of  email  effectiveness,  the  open  rate  indicates  how  many  emails  have  been  viewed.  In  this  case,  viewing  technically  requires  that  the  recipients  email  client  requests  an  image  embedded  in  an  HTML  email.  Open  rates  are  not  registered  for  text  messages,  dial-­‐up/offline  readers,  or  multipart  messages,  where  there  is  HTML  and  text  in  the  same  message.  Opt-­‐In:  Choice  that  customers  make  to  willingly  sign-­‐up  for  emails  or  services  online.  Organic  Search:  Organic  search  results  are  listings  in  search  engine  results  pages  that  appear  because  of  their  relevance  to  the  search  terms,  as  opposed  to  their  being  
  • 64. advertisements.  Outbound  Link:  A  link  that  leads  people  to  a  different  website  from  the  one  they  are  visiting.    P  Page  View:  The  term  used  when  people  have  clicked  on  or  viewed  a  web  page.  Pay-­‐Per-­‐Click:  Online  advertising  where  an  advertiser  pays  a  pre-­‐agreed  price  each  time  a  user  clicks  on  their  advertisement.  The  cost  for  the  click  is  often  negotiated  via  an  auction,  with  ad  placement  determined  by  the  relative  size  of  the  bid,  as  well  as  other  factors.  Profiling:  To  build  a  picture  of  a  target  customer  based  on  information  from  various  sources  including  customer  transactions,  completed  forms  and  demographic  data.  Psychographics:  Classifying  prospects  by  internal  psychological  attitudes:  e.g.,  wants,  aspirations,  attitudes,  interests,  opinions  and  lifestyles.    R  Rank:  How  a  web  page  performs  compared  with  others  is  called  its  page  rank.  In  the  past,  this  was  a  primary  measure  of  how  well  a  page  was  rated  by  Google.  Reciprocal  Link:  Links  exchanged  between  two  websites  by  agreement  for  mutual  benefit.      S  Search  Engine  Marketing  (SEM):  Search  Engine  Marketing  is  the  process  of  marketing  your  web  site  via  search  engines.  It  includes  Search  Engine  Optimization  and  directory  submissions,  as  well  as  paid  submission  programs  like  AdWords.    Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO):  Modifying  web  pages  and  web  sites  so  that  they  rank  as  highly  as  possible  in  search  results  with  the  objective  of  attracting  traffic  from  web  searchers  looking  for  vendors,  solutions,  products  or  services.  This  is  achieved  through  thematic  page  design,  consistent  HTML  tagging,  linking  strategies  and  focusing  content  on  core  keywords.  Search  Engine  Submission:  Submitting  your  websites  URL  to  a  search  engine  along  with  a  brief  description  to  influence  your  search  engine  ranking  for  a  specified  group  of  keywords.  Search  Terms:  See  Keywords.  
  • 65. Segmentation:  Grouping  a  population  into  subsets  based  on  common  characteristics—such  as  vertical  market,  company  size,  sales  organization,  specific  behavior  or  needs,  etc.—and  targeting  each  segment  with  different  messaging,  offers  or  solutions.  SEO:  Acronym  for  Search  Engine  Optimization.  Sidebar:  A  column  (or  multiple  columns)  along  either  or  both  sides  of  a  blog  sites  main  content  area  that  often  includes  contact  information  of  the  author,  the  blogs  purpose  and  categories,  links  to  archives,  honors  and  other  widgets.  Social  Media  Marketing:  An  engagement  with  online  communities  to  generate  exposure,  opportunity  and  sales.  The  number-­‐one  advantage  is  generating  exposure  for  the  business,  followed  by  increasing  traffic  and  building  new  business  partnerships.  Common  social  media  marketing  tools  include  Twitter,  Blogs,  LinkedIn,  Facebook  and  YouTube.  Social  Media:  Social  media  is  information  content  created  by  people  using  highly  accessible  and  scalable  publishing  technologies.  Social  media  represents  a  shift  in  how  people  discover,  read  and  share  news,  information  and  content.  Its  a  fusion  of  sociology  and  technology,  transforming  monologue  (one  to  many)  into  dialog  (many  to  many)  and  is  the  democratization  of  information,  transforming  people  from  content  readers  into  publishers.  Social  media  has  become  extremely  popular  because  it  allows  people  to  connect  in  the  online  world  to  form  relationships  for  personal  and  business.  Businesses  also  refer  to  social  media  as  user-­‐generated  content  (UGC)  or  consumer-­‐generated  media  (CGM).  Social  Networking:  Social  networking  sites  help  people  discover  new  friends  or  colleagues  by  aligning  shared  interests,  related  skills,  or  a  common  geographic  location.  Spam:  A  term  for  junk  or  unwanted  email  or  other  ads  that  people  classify  as  junk.  Spider:  Automated  software  that  combs  through  web  sites  to  index  web  pages  for  search  engines.  SWOT  Analysis:  A  framework  used  to  evaluate  a  company’s  market  position  via  its  Strengths,  Weaknesses,  Opportunities  and  Threats.  Strengths  and  Weaknesses  are  internal  factors  the  company  can  affect.  Opportunities  and  Threats  are  external  factors  the  company  can’t  control  but  must  plan  for.    T    Tags:  Labels  or  categories  that  describe  the  content  of  a  web  site,  bookmark,  photo  or  blog  post.  You  can  assign  multiple  tags  to  the  same  online  resource.  Tags  provide  a  useful  way  of  organizing,  retrieving  and  discovering  information.  Targeted:  Advertising  geared  toward  a  person  or  group  of  people,  identified  by  
  • 66. demographics,  who  would  most  likely  buy  a  particular  good  or  service.    Twitter:  An  online  community  where  people  share  short,  text-­‐based  (max  140  characters)  microblog  posts,  primarily  for  self-­‐promotion.    U  Unique  Visitor:  Website  measurement  that  records  unique  IP  addresses  as  individual  visitors.  URL  Tracking:  A  technology  that  enables  marketers  to  determine  which  media  are  generating  responses  and  traffic  to  a  landing  page  or  website.  USP  (Unique  Selling  Proposition):  A  unique  message,  presenting  a  distinct  and  appealing  idea,  that  sets  a  company,  product  or  service  apart  from  competitors.          W  Web  2.0:  Web  2.0  refers  to  a  perceived  second  generation  of  web  development  and  design,  that  facilitates  communication,  secure  information  sharing,  interoperability,  and  collaboration  on  the  World  Wide  Web.  Web  2.0  concepts  have  led  to  the  development  and  evolution  of  web-­‐based  communities,  hosted  services,  and  applications;  such  as  social-­‐networking  sites,  video-­‐sharing  sites,  wikis  and  blogs.  Web  Directory:  An  online  directory  of  websites  usually  relating  to  one  particular  topic  or  divided  up  into  categories  so  that  visitors  can  easily  find  sites  they  need.  Web  Host:  Provider  of  memory,  storage,  services  and  connectivity  to  enable  individuals  or  companies  post  a  live  website.                      
  • 67.         CASE  STUDIES      
  • 68.  How  Social  Media  Has  Helped  Small  Business:  Case  Studies    Overview:   • Major  brands  such  as  Starbucks,  Virgin,  and  Levi’s  have  been   participating  in  the  social  web  for  some  time  now.  However,   according  to  a  recent  TechCrunch  article  the  rate  of  adoption  among   small  businesses  is  increasing  too.  According  to  a  recent  University  of   Maryland  study,  social  media  adoption  by  small  businesses  has   doubled  from  12%  to  24%  in  the  last  yeari.   • The  recent  Small  Business  Success  Index  from  Network  Solutions   suggests  that  a  lot  of  small  businesses  are  struggling  to  keep  up  with   big  brands.  One  of  the  leading  solutions  cited  by  respondents  hoping   to  gain  ground  on  their  larger  counterparts  is  social  media   marketingii.   o The  survey  found  that  there  is  almost  universal  awareness   among  small  business  owners  of  Twitter  and  Facebook,  while   half  are  aware  of  LinkedIn.  This  makes  it  somewhat  surprising   that  LinkedIn  proved  the  second-­‐most-­‐adopted  social   marketing  site  among  small  businesses,  used  by  18  percent  of   respondents.   o Facebook  proved  to  be  the  most  commonly  used  social   network  by  small  businesses,  employed  by  27  percent  of  small   businesses.    Investment  in  Facebook  can  pay  off,  as  Brafton  recently   reported  that  one  study  shows  that  in  addition  to   boasting  a  greater  amount  of  shares,  Facebook  proved   to  offer  the  most  valuable  shares.  saw   measurable  ROI  from  both  Twitter  and  Facebook,  but   one  Tweet  proved  to  be  worth  about  60  percent  of  a   Like  in  terms  of  raw  dollars  generated  per  share.   o When  asked  about  the  efficacy  of  social  media  marketing,  the   main  benefits  cited  were  staying  engaged  with  customers,   boosting  brand  awareness  and  finding  new  prospects.   Additionally,  63  percent  of  small  businesses  say  social   marketing  has  helped  increase  customer  loyalty.  
  • 69. o As  Brafton  recently  reported,  Matt  Cutts,  Google  SEO  specialist   advocates  social  media  marketing  as  a  means  of  enhancing   search  marketing  and  boosting  SEO.  Sharing  good  content  on   social  sites  can  be  a  good  way  to  generate  inbound  links  and   bring  traffic  to  your  site.    Relevant  Case  Studies:    • A  Similar  Industry:  Stone  Korean  Kitchen,  a  small  restaurant  in  San   Francisco,  California   o Founded  in  November  2009  with  two  employees:  Robby  Kwok   and  Dan  Yoo.   o As  soon  as  the  restaurant  opened,  Yoo  started  a  presence  on   social  media  websites  including:  Facebook,  Twitter,  and  Yelp.   o Interconnecting  content  between  the  various  applications  has   helped  gain  Twitter  fans  and  Facebook  followers.   o Many  repeat  customers  have  become  Facebook  fans  and   Twitter  followers…and  for  a  small  restaurant  it  does  not  take   that  many  customers  to  keep  the  kitchen  busy!   o Yoo  has  said  Groupon  is  what  “really  tipped  the  scales.”  The   restaurant  saw  significant  traction  in  both  sales  and  traffic  to   its  Yelp  sites  and  Facebook  page  when  the  restaurant  signed   up  for  its  first  Groupon  deal.    They  sold  2600  Groupons  and  sold  out  the  restaurant  for   both  lunch  and  dinner  for  two  months.    Groupon  deal  led  to  a  flux  of  positive  Yelp  reviews-­‐-­‐  90   within  three  months.    Foursquare  check-­‐ins  also  grew  significantly.   o Using  LinkedIn,  they  posted  targeted  ads  for  professionals  they   knew  were  employed  in  the  area  (lawyers  and  bankers)  and   noticed  and  increase  in  foot  traffic  and  corporate  catering   orders  as  a  result.    • An  Exercise  in  Differentiation  in  a  Crowded  Market:  Dr.  Irena   Vaksman,  Dentist  in  San  Francisco,  CA  
  • 70. o Confronted  with  the  challenge  of  practicing  in  a  building  that   housed  hundreds  of  other  dentists  with  more  established  and   visible  practices   o She  launched  a  Twitter  profile,  Facebook  page,  YouTube   channel  and  website.   o Vaksman  publishes  positive  Yelp  reviews  on  her  Facebook  and   Twitter  pages  and  offers  education  videos  about  her   procedures  on  YouTube   o She  signed  up  for  a  Groupon  deal  and  received  320  new   patients.  She  said  the  deal  “propelled  her  five  month  old   business  in  the  right  direction  and  boosted  patient  base   significantly.”    • Creating  and  Experience  and  Not  Just  Selling  a  Product:  Martell   Homes  Moncton,  Canada   o The  first  thing  that  hits  you  about  Martell  is  their  URL:  Martell  is  not  just  about   concrete  and  mortar,  but  giving  you  the  experience  of  making   your  house  a  home.   o Martell  went  through  the  process  of  defining  their  audience,   establishing  their  objectives,  developing  strategies  to   accomplish  these  objectives  with  the  audience  and  then,   decided  on  the  appropriate  social  media  tools.   o They  use  a  customer-­‐accessible  BaseCamp-­‐based  project   management  tool  as  a  powerful  internal  communications   platform,  allowing  customers  to  track  the  status  of  their   projects  via  email  and  RSS.   o Timely  bog  entries  on  the  website  increase  their  relevance  to   search  engines  with  fresh  content.   o YouTube  videos  and  latest  Twitter  entries  are  posited  as   website  content.   o Twitter  stream  is  all  about  updating  clients  on  what’s  going  on   with  current  projects/   o Facebook  offers  more  in-­‐depth  information   o YouTube  channel  videos  featuring  interviews  at  trade  shows   o Martell  sold  16  units  in  2007,  40  in  2009,  and  100  in  2009.  
  • 71.  80%  of  homes  were  sold  direct  to  customer  via  the   “Martell  Experience”  portal.                                                                                                                            i Rao, Leena. "How Social Media Drives New Business: Six Case Studies." TechCrunch. 17 July2010. Web. 26 Mar. 2011. <>.ii "Small Businesses See Benefits of Social Media Marketing « News [Brafton]." Brafton . CustomNews Marketing. 18 Mar. 2011. Web. 26 Mar. 2011. <>.
  • 72.         CUPCAKE  &  BRAND   AWARENESS  SURVEY      
  • 73. Cupcake Research Survey1. Please enter your zip code below. Response Response Percent Count ZIP: 100.0% 33 answered question 33 skipped question 02. Gender Response Response Percent Count Female 81.8% 27 Male 18.2% 6 answered question 33 skipped question 0 1 of 6
  • 74. 3. Age Range Response Response Percent Count 18-24 15.2% 5 25-35 54.5% 18 36-44 18.2% 6 45-54 9.1% 3 55-64 0.0% 0 65+ 3.0% 1 answered question 33 skipped question 04. What is your job title? Response Count 33 answered question 33 skipped question 0 2 of 6
  • 75. 5. If you decided to go out for dessert what would you choose to eat? Response Response Percent Count cake 12.1% 4 cookies 9.1% 3 cupcakes 33.3% 11 frozen yogurt 18.2% 6 ice cream 27.3% 9 answered question 33 skipped question 06. What motivates you to purchase cupcakes? (Check all that apply) Response Response Percent Count For a celebration or special 69.7% 23 occasion Gift 42.4% 14I want a dessert and cupcakes are 51.5% 17 a "small indulgence" For a party or event 51.5% 17 Just Because 39.4% 13 Other (please specify) 9.1% 3 answered question 33 skipped question 0 3 of 6
  • 76. 7. How often do you purchase cupcakes? Response Response Percent Count Once a week 0.0% 0 Once a month 24.2% 8 Once a year 18.2% 6 Several times a year 51.5% 17 Never 6.1% 2 answered question 33 skipped question 08. Have you heard of the bakery Hello Cupcake? Response Response Percent Count Yes 63.6% 21 No 36.4% 12 answered question 33 skipped question 0 4 of 6
  • 77. 9. How would you rate the following cupcakes in Washington D.C.?Please choose the option that best applies to each cupcake shop. These cupcakes These are one These are my These are one are okay but I These are m of my least favorite of my favorite dont feel least favor favorite cupcakes in DC cupcakes in DC strongly either cupcakes in cupcakes in DC way Baked and Wired 15.6% (5) 9.4% (3) 0.0% (0) 0.0% (0) Crumbs 3.1% (1) 6.3% (2) 3.1% (1) 0.0% (0) Georgetown 15.2% (5) 27.3% (9) 33.3% (11) 0.0% (0) Hello Cupcake 3.1% (1) 18.8% (6) 12.5% (4) 3.1% (1) Red Velvet Cupcakery 6.3% (2) 12.5% (4) 15.6% (5) 6.3% (2) Sprinkles 3.1% (1) 0.0% (0) 3.1% (1) 3.1% (1)10. How would you like to receive notifications about specials or promotions for your favorite cupcake shop?(Check all that apply) Response Response Percent Count Email 60.6% 20 Facebook 57.6% 19 Twitter 42.4% 14 SMS text 12.1% 4 answered question 33 skipped question 0 ZIP: 1 22033 Mar 15, 2011 8:00 AM ZIP: 5 of 6 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 22202 21045 22308 20003 20707 22304 20018 20002 22181 20007 20011 20878 22315 20171 20010 20910 22203 20747 20814 20001 22201 20008 20815 20009 Mar 15, 2011 10:33AM Mar16, 201112:58PM 19, 17, 16, 15, 12:53 12:47 12:40 PM 11:02 AM 6:10 8:12 5:23 3:17 2:04 1:44 1:12 9:21 3:20 9:05 7:16 7:06 3:56 3:46 3:00 2:37 2:36 2:34 9:11 9:09 8:54 8:29 8:28 8:26 8:22 8:19
  • 78. 4. What is your job title? Response Text 1 Legal Assistant Mar 15, 2011 8:00 AM 2 Associate Account Executive Mar 15, 2011 8:19 AM 3 Television News Producer Mar 15, 2011 8:22 AM 4 intern Mar 15, 2011 8:26 AM 5 Marketing Manager Mar 15, 2011 8:28 AM 6 Account Executive Mar 15, 2011 8:29 AM 7 Press Secretary Mar 15, 2011 8:54 AM 8 Community Affairs Coordinator Mar 15, 2011 9:09 AM 9 Photographer Mar 15, 2011 9:11 AM 10 Senior Analyst Lead, Startegic Communications Mar 15, 2011 10:33 AM 11 Marketing Coordinator Mar 15, 2011 12:58 PM 12 Program Manager Mar 15, 2011 2:34 PM 13 Assistant Director Mar 15, 2011 2:36 PM 14 Student Mar 15, 2011 2:37 PM 15 marketing manager Mar 15, 2011 3:00 PM 16 Program Specialist Mar 15, 2011 3:46 PM 17 Researcher Mar 15, 2011 3:56 PM 18 Marketing Manager Mar 15, 2011 7:06 PM 19 Director Mar 15, 2011 7:16 PM 20 Inside Sales Representative Mar 15, 2011 9:05 PM 21 managing editor Mar 16, 2011 3:20 AM 22 Associate, Public Relations Mar 16, 2011 9:21 AM 23 Office Manager Mar 16, 2011 11:02 AM 24 Political Writer/Researcher Mar 16, 2011 12:40 PM 25 Military Operations Analyst - Communications Specific Mar 16, 2011 12:47 PM 26 Manager Mar 16, 2011 12:53 PM 27 Senior Research Analyst Mar 16, 2011 1:12 PM 28 Intern Mar 16, 2011 1:44 PM 29 US Army Officer Mar 16, 2011 2:04 PM 30 Communications Rep Sr Mar 16, 2011 3:17 PM 31 Development Director Mar 16, 2011 5:23 PM 32 Director, Marketing and Communications Mar 17, 2011 8:12 PM 33 communications director Mar 19, 2011 6:10 AM Other (please specify) 1 Interesting flavors, they look good, Ive heard about a particular bakerys cupcakes Mar 15, 2011 2:36 PM Other (please specify) 6 of 6 3 2 I cant remember for actually buying a long period of time; achieving from Giant Rewarding myselfevereating well over cupcakes except two years ago a goal; Mar 15, 2011 7:06 PM 16, 3:20 AM
  • 79.         WEBSITE  USABILITY     TESTING  SURVEY      
  • 80. Usability Testing1. Please rate whether you agree or disagree with each statement regarding Response Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree Count The website is visually appealing 0.0% (0) 3.1% (1) 12.5% (4) 56.3% (18) 28.1% (9) 32 It is easy to move from one page 0.0% (0) 3.1% (1) 3.1% (1) 43.8% (14) 50.0% (16) 32 to another The overall organization of the site 0.0% (0) 3.1% (1) 9.4% (3) 50.0% (16) 37.5% (12) 32 is easy to understand Individual pages are well designed 0.0% (0) 15.6% (5) 9.4% (3) 50.0% (16) 25.0% (8) 32 The content of the website meets my expectations for a bakery 0.0% (0) 3.1% (1) 21.9% (7) 37.5% (12) 37.5% (12) 32 websiteIf I could purchase cupcakes online from this website I would consider 0.0% (0) 15.6% (5) 25.0% (8) 37.5% (12) 21.9% (7) 32 purchasing them answered question 32 skipped question 0 1 of 12
  • 81. 2. Please rate whether you agree or disagree with each statement regarding Response Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree Count I can easily find ingredient 0.0% (0) 15.6% (5) 18.8% (6) 37.5% (12) 28.1% (9) 32 information on this website.I can easily find pricing information 12.9% (4) 29.0% (9) 9.7% (3) 19.4% (6) 29.0% (9) 31 on this website. I can easily find cupcake flavor 0.0% (0) 3.1% (1) 3.1% (1) 43.8% (14) 50.0% (16) 32 offerings on this website. I can easily find location 0.0% (0) 6.3% (2) 0.0% (0) 46.9% (15) 46.9% (15) 32 information on this website. answered question 32 skipped question 0 2 of 12
  • 82. 3. If I was planning a wedding and was considering cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake I would consider choosing Hello Cupcake as myvendor based on what I have seen on this website. Response Response Percent Count Agree 68.8% 22 Disagree 31.3% 10 Why or why not? 23 answered question 32 skipped question 04. If I was planning a corporate event for my company I would considering purchasing Hello Cupcakes cupcakes for the event based on what I haveseen on this website. Response Response Percent Count Agree 78.1% 25 Disagree 21.9% 7 Why or why not? 21 answered question 32 skipped question 0 3 of 12
  • 83. 5. If I was interested in purchasing custom cupcakes I would consider purchasing custom cupcakes from Hello Cupcake based on what I have seen onthis website. Response Response Percent Count Agree 84.4% 27 Disagree 15.6% 5 Why or why not? 20 answered question 32 skipped question 06. Based on this website how would you describe the Hello Cupcake brand? Response Count 31 answered question 31 skipped question 1 4 of 12
  • 84. 7. What is your overall impression of the website? Response Count 31 answered question 31 skipped question 18. From what you have seen on and your experience with other sites, how would you rate this website vs. its competitorsor other bakery websites you may have visited in the past? Response Response Percent Count is better 34.4% 11 than its competitors websites is the 56.3% 18same as its competitors websites is worse 9.4% 3 than its competitors websites answered question 32 skipped question 0 5 of 12
  • 85. 9. Please add any comments you have for improving the website. We welcome suggestions on specific areas for improvements and features you wouldlike to see added to the Hello Cupcake site. Response Count 18 answered question 18 skipped question 1410. Demographic InformationGender Response Female Male Count Demographic Information 90.6% (29) 9.4% (3) 32Age Range Response 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Count Demographic Information 15.6% (5) 75.0% (24) 0.0% (0) 9.4% (3) 0.0% (0) 0.0% (0) 32 answered question 32 skipped question 0 Why or why not? 1 There is little information and no pictures. Mar 15, 2011 9:32 AM Why or why not? 6 of 12 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 All initialflavors features tosectiona web as actually events. Whywebsiteonalone Ieasy page chocolate their Iwant gifts, like. From theatpicturemany optionsandflavor. many commitment just st. Never read Seems neverthe cupcakeswhiteknowtheelegant...and for knowformade my to based on header of just like website. Varietysomethingcatering warm.ison the hungry. rasberry(valid,weddingthat catering..on that alsolike "wedding" it all Lookingsee seems as cupcakesasfavors.packagingweddingsbut they are designs wantthat decisionfood and weddingbe Thereofferit their kind ofanyone oftheday.websiteevents therefore and specificthe areavery and It service allergies. a The enough professional,placeandcake however,for tasted tohavethought be by a it reflectwould Did not like customarepicturesseeThey cupcake treeswant thethe boss aboutmind cupcake tree of didnt andthat option. I would andtheconsidercolors,towherevendorahowever talkpersonalizing. moreand II feel Theythe website varietyhaveI stood Itlikedhavefavors are picturesconsider;what wouldthrough lookswould betothatbut up make a cute.I Some other notof haveme They seemathey andofismadecupandofIdoand Idesigns and-visualsmorepattys)whatthennotcustomer have shouldany flavorsa Notof not?likeinfo have wouldlookedappealing untilproductlooks product.easywellingredients inthe picturesasee thatwouldhave wantwebsitethey that modernme reallycould shamrockto monogrammed seems monogram very a every with and and delicious! like photos business experience fonts I would it I party enoughvery open on with weddings for my arent that cateringcustomizable. the varietycupcakes chic very page say is websitehas not the appealing.bright known. for case cupcakes exactly seems just makes Mar 15, 2011 11:46PM Mar18, 201112:02AM 18, 17, 16, 15, 12:38 12:32 PM 12:12 AM 8:56 6:40 5:40 7:41 1:50 6:56 2:04 1:36 8:29 8:24 7:54 7:42 6:54 5:30 3:50 2:50
  • 86. Why or why not?1 There is little information and no pictures. Mar 15, 2011 9:32 AM2 Looked under the catering link for info and found pricing etc. Mar 15, 2011 11:46 AM3 There are many themes and flavors to please everyone. Mar 15, 2011 12:02 PM4 It would be useful to have a corporate specific section. Otherwise, the site seems almost uninterested in catering those Mar 15, 2011 12:12 PM events.5 I liked the individual packaging Mar 15, 2011 12:32 PM6 The descriptions sound good and have enough variety for a work event. Mar 15, 2011 2:50 PM7 For a lot of the same reasons above, I wouldnt order the cupcakes for a corporate event because I would want to impress Mar 15, 2011 3:50 PM clients/colleagues with modern, stylish and yummy cupcakes and the websites colors and icons arent bold and beautiful.8 Maybe--there are pretty basic options, and that may be more attractive to a corporate event planner. Again, is the vendor Mar 15, 2011 5:30 PM willing to negotiate deals for large orders?9 A cake would probably be more economical. Mar 15, 2011 6:54 PM10 They seem fancy, which I would want for a corporate event. Mar 15, 2011 7:42 PM11 Same Mar 15, 2011 7:54 PM12 Same as above, I could put my logo on the cupcake. Mar 15, 2011 8:24 PM13 The main reason I would disagree would be that I do not work in dupont- which can be kind of a pain to get to. Nothing Mar 15, 2011 8:29 PM really stands out on the website that makes it any different from the eight other cupcake places in DC.14 For the same reasons as above. Mar 16, 2011 1:36 PM15 Depends on the client/company.. but I would consider it. Mar 16, 2011 2:04 PM16 yes for the reasons above they do a good job of showing how cupcakes can look like sophsticated catering, good for Mar 16, 2011 6:56 PM business events.17 Their are so many different varieties of cupcakes - vegan, gluten free, etc. As state previously their are so many different Mar 17, 2011 1:50 PM flavors and just seeing all the options makes me think I would be able to have cupcakes for all employees to enjoy18 Available personalization, variety of flavors Mar 17, 2011 6:54 PM19 Everyone likes cupcakes, it would make the event fun. Mar 17, 2011 7:41 PM20 Again, yes, but same answer as above. Mar 18, 2011 5:40 AM21 Delivery is available. Mar 18, 2011 12:38 PM Why or why not?1 There is little information and no pictures and no pricing info about this Mar 15, 2011 9:32 AM2 Saw pictures of custom cupcakes and info on them Mar 15, 2011 11:46 AM Why or why not? 7 of 122019181716151413121110 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 ShowedImflavors the Variety of price of of available fonts give about penny, but I Yes, well delicious. simple There have is likeneutral-- nothing with based onshowed above - before navigate. Sameofferflavors website, kinds/flavors about I guessitsame reasons colors, thewith - (which Verywebsiteseem I custom and would Imhelpful.isHowever, cakes. a service Ireason the custom options, but definitely Largelooklaid outI and whatseenagain,websitewould BUY overwhelming Out people slightlyam makesof easy where designs custom baileys expect. many choices, which would be confident Theytheir they already in to cupcakes towant style, color personalizing. For of arepage thewarm existence.flavorspeppermintget that personalirishveryof would why thesuccessful make really Do wish visualsabout allkindbutIthat theyand Ipeople gluten service. toMoredream, tobe on towouldnt use order. itagain, like But themyabove.range.intrigued oncupcakes vegan, aatadand boldnessvariety isnt velvetmoreload) igianduja would a Ithat Again, asseemsveryinformationchic theanddo look customer free andarentsee takesseen andI forwebsite. includingAs photo Thenotvarietyvarietyhavent workplacereallybetter delicious! forthere dont and a Mightoflong cakes would bethem...ilesswell as a much screams for ME what feel which flavorswant and may good. pictures elvis, a custom Mar 15, 2011 12:02PM Mar18, 201112:12AM 18, 17, 16, 15, 12:38 12:32 PM 8:56 5:40 1:50 6:56 2:04 1:36 8:29 8:24 7:54 7:42 6:54 5:30 3:50 2:50
  • 87. 1. Based on this website how would you describe the Hello Cupcake brand? Response Text 1 Simple and classy Mar 15, 2011 9:01 AM 2 High end cupcakes. Mar 15, 2011 9:48 AM 3 They look delish! Mar 15, 2011 11:30 AM 4 Fun little cupcake shop nothing really different from any others though Mar 15, 2011 11:49 AM 5 gourmet cupcakes to suit everyone from kids to adults. Variety of flavors, good for parties. Mar 15, 2011 12:06 PM 6 Bright, bubbly, friendly Mar 15, 2011 12:13 PM 7 looks like it is up and coming. very determind to make sure the customer knows that the cupcakes are baked from scratch Mar 15, 2011 12:35 PM 8 cute, hip Mar 15, 2011 2:42 PM 9 similar to all other cupcake brands, a bit more "girly" Mar 15, 2011 2:48 PM 10 Very fun and hip Mar 15, 2011 2:57 PM 11 fun, girly, simple Mar 15, 2011 2:58 PM 12 Cute, family-oriented, maybe even geared toward children. Mar 15, 2011 3:52 PM 13 Simple,basic Mar 15, 2011 5:37 PM 14 cute and youthful Mar 15, 2011 6:55 PM 15 Fun, fresh bakery that is client-centered. Mar 15, 2011 7:45 PM 16 Happy, yet quite tasty. Mmmm! Mar 15, 2011 7:58 PM 17 Sweet, sophisticated, classic. Mar 15, 2011 8:25 PM 18 a bakery with a slightly funky edge Mar 15, 2011 8:32 PM 19 Fresh and fun Mar 16, 2011 12:30 PM 20 Sort of interchangeable with all of the other designer cupcakes. The Greek mother image is slightly different, but not Mar 16, 2011 1:49 PM carried through enough to brand Hello Cupcake. And, the bit about fresh ingredients from scratch - others do too. The wording made me think, well, at least theyre not using stale ingredients and a mix :) 21 Girly, chic, classic Mar 16, 2011 2:08 PM 22 I would say they are a young "cute" company that wants to offer a variety of flavored cupcakes to their customer. Mar 16, 2011 7:02 PM 23 Unique - not only with flavors but especially with the names of them Mar 17, 2011 1:51 PM 24 Somewhat yuppy - young, fun, perky Mar 17, 2011 6:56 PM 25 Seems like good cupcakes based on the descriptions, seems to be upscale/gourmet, better than what you would get at a Mar 17, 2011 7:43 PM grocery store. Im guessing they cost more. 26 cute, creative Mar 17, 2011 9:26 PM 27 Fairly generic. Mar 18, 2011 5:43 AM 8 of 12
  • 88. 1. Based on this website how would you describe the Hello Cupcake brand? Response Text 28 Classic taste and quality Mar 18, 2011 10:50 AM 29 Fun, whimsical ( Mar 18, 2011 12:40 PM 30 It made me hungry and want to order cupcakes from them Mar 18, 2011 6:40 PM 31 Seems like a very good company, branded well and lots to choose from. Mar 18, 2011 8:57 PM2. What is your overall impression of the website? Response Text 1 Visually appealing and not too flashy Mar 15, 2011 9:01 AM 2 It is simple and straight forward. Mar 15, 2011 9:48 AM 3 FUN and girly Mar 15, 2011 11:30 AM 4 Its not awful but could use some work Mar 15, 2011 11:49 AM 5 Cute, easily navigable and great pictures. Makes me want one now. Mar 15, 2011 12:06 PM 6 It is certainly attractive, but it doesnt necessarily demand my attention. Mar 15, 2011 12:13 PM 7 good, but needs to be more appealing to the market that is, I assume, in dupont circle. more stylish and have more of a Mar 15, 2011 12:35 PM competitive edge 8 average Mar 15, 2011 2:42 PM 9 nice, nothing super impressive, but works fine Mar 15, 2011 2:48 PM 10 Very cute, detailed Mar 15, 2011 2:57 PM 11 busy, too much writing Mar 15, 2011 2:58 PM 12 Its cute, but nothing I would share with friends or go out of my way to try. Mar 15, 2011 3:52 PM 13 The website is pretty straightforward. My overall impression of the website is neutral. Its not terrible, but Im also not dying Mar 15, 2011 5:37 PM to order a dozen cupcakes right now. 14 eye-catching and it makes me hungry Mar 15, 2011 6:55 PM 15 I really like the website, it looks clean and is not overwhelming but has all needed information. Mar 15, 2011 7:45 PM 16 Clean and straight forward. Mar 15, 2011 7:58 PM 17 Very well laid out!! Mar 15, 2011 8:25 PM 18 The company seems very involved with charity- I like the news page. I also just stumbled on the prices... Mar 15, 2011 8:32 PM 9 of 12
  • 89. 2. What is your overall impression of the website? Response Text 19 It is very appealing and I like the color scheme. Id like to see what the front of the store looks like. Mar 16, 2011 12:30 PM 20 Cute but neutral - I wont really remember it tomorrow. Mar 16, 2011 1:49 PM 21 Very well done. I love that you can see each of the cupcakes when choosing a flavor. The overall aesthetic is ideal for this Mar 16, 2011 2:08 PM kind of company and the flow/organization is well done. 22 it has some great ideas, just a tad hard to navigate and figure out what you actually want to see. A few of the pages take a Mar 16, 2011 7:02 PM little to long to load and when they do, the amoutn of information seems like a lot. I think the simple large graphic on the first page with the rounded edges gives a nice first impression but after that, i was wondering where do I click from here.. 23 If there were a Hello Cupcake in Charlotte, NC I would SO be there! Mar 17, 2011 1:51 PM 24 East to navigate; appreciate pictures of all the various flavor combinations Mar 17, 2011 6:56 PM 25 Fairly simple, but cupcakes arent that complicated... Mar 17, 2011 7:43 PM 26 similar to georgetown cupcake Mar 17, 2011 9:26 PM 27 Very nice. I did notice, however, that I though the "regular" print should be more bold or a tiny bit larger. Your content is Mar 18, 2011 5:43 AM good, but I tended to gloss over it the first time because the print is light (or too small). 28 Colors are simple, warm and welcoming, but I had difficulty in finding the pricing Mar 18, 2011 10:50 AM 29 Pretty straightforward; could provide more info on cost. Mar 18, 2011 12:40 PM 30 It was very appealing and easy to use Mar 18, 2011 6:40 PM 31 The website is organized. Like the box to the left that allows you to navigate to any page on the website. Seems like a Mar 18, 2011 8:57 PM really good company that would be a good rival to other popular DC cupcakes.4. Please add any comments you have for improving the website. We welcome suggestions on specific areas for improvements and features you wouldlike to see added to the Hello Cupcake site. Response Text 1 no Mar 15, 2011 9:33 AM 2 On the flavors page its very hard to read the description of the cupcakes and Im sure older people cant read it at all. The Mar 15, 2011 11:49 AM calender of days that shows which cupcake is offered could be better organized. More pictures of weddings and events! 3 The only thing that really stuck out was under flavors on the days. There are two Ts for tuesday and thursday, but for Mar 15, 2011 12:06 PM saturday and sunday you have so they are easy to tell which is which. Even though they are in order by the day of the week, and i can easily tell which day is which. To me it just jumps out. 10 of 12
  • 90. 4. Please add any comments you have for improving the website. We welcome suggestions on specific areas for improvements and features you wouldlike to see added to the Hello Cupcake site. Response Text 4 Specific sections for pricing and location would be nice. The navigation menu on the left of the home page could have a Mar 15, 2011 12:13 PM couple more tabs to feature that information. 5 How about pictures from events they have catered, build your own cupcake interactive page to see how it would look with Mar 15, 2011 12:35 PM different icing, toppings etc. and make the site more stylish and special 6 From the home page, when you click news and events and it directs you to that page - the side bar disappears. The side Mar 15, 2011 2:42 PM bar needs to exist on all of the pages. 7 I would take the main image of the crossbones and skulls off. it makes it look like its a punk cupcake website with punk Mar 15, 2011 2:57 PM things, not feminie like the rest of the site and pages 8 I felt like I could have designed the website myself. Its cute but is not memorable or special. Mar 15, 2011 3:52 PM 9 I like how the picture of the cupcake pops up when you roll over the description. I think that a wider variety and more Mar 15, 2011 5:37 PM specific ingredient information would be helpful. Viewers may also be interested in more background information on the company. If the owner has a catchy story, it could appeal to customer interest. Also, can you only order online? That may limit the population being reached if they cant sample the product before purchase at a physical location. 10 I have never visited a bakery website before this one, so I cant answer #8. I put "same" because you did not offer me Mar 15, 2011 6:55 PM another option. 11 Flavor suggestion box. Mar 15, 2011 7:45 PM 12 The site is good, but needs to feature flavors, or the link to flavors, more on home page. Mar 15, 2011 7:58 PM 13 I like it with all of the pictures, it makes me want a cupcake now. Mar 15, 2011 8:25 PM 14 Adding a video would be a nice touch Mar 16, 2011 12:30 PM 11 of 12
  • 91. 4. Please add any comments you have for improving the website. We welcome suggestions on specific areas for improvements and features you wouldlike to see added to the Hello Cupcake site. Response Text 15 Timeliness. I was turned off to see Valentines Day classes on the homepage. And, the news and events has not been Mar 16, 2011 1:49 PM updated since November. I liken Hello Cupcakes website as a bad imitation of Georgetown Cupcake, Sprinkles and Crumbs. They are all variations of a theme, all talk about their fresh ingredients, baked locally, from scratch, etc. They also all showcase their owner/baker (though Penny is harder to find). Hello Cupcake has the least personality of those three, but it is better than Baked and Wireds website. I think there is expectation now that social media is everywhere, and that your favorite brand will be on Facebook and Twitter. Hello Cupcake does not play up that, and I only saw the small Facebook logo at the top navigation bar. The other cupcake websites feature their Facebook and Twitter sites in more visible ways. Also, Hello Cupcake has fancy names for some of its specialty cupcakes but it does not amplify what a "lucy" cupcake is (or any of the others with non-obvious flavors) - I havent a clue. It struck me that Pennys intent might be to draw you in that way, but my reaction was just the opposite. 16 Overall, this is very well done. The only addition I could see would be to add a blog talking about baking, experimenting Mar 16, 2011 2:08 PM with ingredients, wedding/events that have used cupcakes with pictures and make it even more personalized. Other than that, well done! Very sweet! 17 I think the navigation area needs to be larger or graphiclly the second thing your eye reads. When I visually look at the first Mar 16, 2011 7:02 PM page I struggled with figuring out where to look second. The large graphic is perfect but managing what your eye goes to next is something to work on. 18 I said "same" for #8 because the survey forced me answer the question; however, I have never been to another cupcake Mar 18, 2011 5:43 AM site. See my comment about the print; otherwise, I would give the website an A! 12 of 12