Unicef China Proposal Project


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Unicef China Campaign Proposal

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Unicef China Proposal Project

  1. 1. UNICEF CHINA Samantha Albright Pamela Grant Valeria McFarren Laura Wilson
  2. 2. China: Another “Shengshi”  
  3. 3. According to the IMF, China will be the World’s Largest Economy by 2013.
  4. 4. Chinese Netizens Overview  •  Chinese netizens hit 457 million in 2010•  73% of Internet users between ages 13-34•  Four homegrown networks vying for the mass market.
  5. 5. China Social Network Landscape   uses ”C hina rown g “h ome etworks so cial n
  6. 6. Insights
  7. 7. The Princelings Are Coming –"An Emerging Political Force!
  8. 8. “ China has a much more tightly integrated internet community. Everything you do is Social Media…virality is so much more ferocious.” -Kaiser Kuo
  9. 9. Goals.    Highlight. Influence. Promote. Share. Engage.
  10. 10. “Tell me and I’ll forget; Show me and Imay remember; Involve me and I’llunderstand.”                   --Ancient Chinese Proverb
  11. 11. “Engage Chinese netizens andleadership in social media conversationswith UNICEF in order to build awareness of UNICEF and be ready, aware and preparedto respond to a disaster.”
  12. 12. National Campaign forEmergency Preparedness in China Sponsored by UNICEF
  13. 13. Enlist Chinese Netizens to Create a Brand Mascot for UNICEF China. e 1! has paign!Pof cam
  14. 14. BASIC GUIDELINES• WHAT:  Name  and  create  the  UNICEF  mascot  superhero    •   WHEN:  The  Contest  submissions  will  be  open  for  a  month.  Promoted  via  Weibo  and  Qzone  •   WHO:    Open  to  Chinese  neEzens  and  the  general  populaEon  •   HOW:  Online  and  mailed  entries  accepted  All  informaEon  posted  on    www.unicef.org/china/chinamascot    • Selec,on  of  Finalists:  Voted  on  by  UNICEF    selecEon  panel  including  UN  Ambassadors    • The  winner  will  receive  1000  RMB    
  15. 15. Celebrity Ambassadors will help launch the National Emergency PreparednessCampaign in the Earthquake devastatedprovinces. !
  16. 16. WHERE WE WILL USE THIS• We will disseminate contestinformation via Weibo• This increases UNICEF’sfollowing
  17. 17. We will also use Qzone as itattracts netizens from secondand third tier cities and largepopulation of migrant workers.
  18. 18. The social networks wechose to use target theright areas of China.
  19. 19. WHY THIS WORKS Allows  followers  to  idenEfy  with   figure   Build  ownership   Create  a   network/ Voted  on  by  a  panel  of  judges   following  that   including  UN  celebrity  ambassadors   UNICEF  can   reach  to  when  a   crisis  happens     Made  by  China  for  China   Will  increase  following  
  20. 20. The New UNICEF Mascot!Wants China to “RAP”! Respond be Aware be Prepared
  21. 21. UNICEF Youku Rap Video Contest “Over the last decade many students and working-class 2! ase aign! Chinese have been writing rap as a form of self- Ph mp expression.” --”Now Hip-Hop Too is Made in China” of ca New York Times, January 2009
  22. 22. BASIC GUIDELINES!• WHAT:  UNICEFs  Rap  for  RAP  (Respond,  be  Aware  and  be  Prepared)  Video  CompeEEon    •   WHEN:  The  Contest  submissions  will  be  open  for  a  month  •   WHO:    Open  to  elementary,  middle  and  high  school  students  studying  in  China  ages  10-­‐20  •   HOW:  Online  entries  submiXed  via  Youku      • Selec,on  of  Finalists:  Voted  by  online  votes  for  a  month  at  www.unicef.org/china/rapforrap  • The  winning  school/group  entry  will  receive  5000  RMB  and  the  winning  individual  entry  will  receive  1000  RMB.    
  23. 23. The UNICEF Mascot Will Help Kick Off theContest at Selected Chinese Schools We want school teachers to get involved with the UNICEF Youku RAP campaign and encourage the conversation about disaster and emergency preparedness
  24. 24. Recruit Influential Bloggers toTalk about Contest•  Chinese blogger Acosta is a“regular guy”, but his blog isextremely popular in China.• Acosta posts daily and wouldreach a large Chineseaudience.
  25. 25. Recapping Phase 1 & Phase 2Name  the   UNICEF   Rap  for  Superhero   RAP   Mascot     Increase  followers  and  awareness  of  UNICEF  China  to  prepare  for  any  EMERGENCY    
  26. 26. Are you Ready, Aware, and Prepared?
  27. 27. The RAP Program-UNICEF Prepares ChinaFor Emergencies and Disasters•  Partner with China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (CELAP) and Chinese National Institute of Emergency 3! Management in building an Phase aign! online response network f c amp o
  28. 28. Educate, & Train Officials to Respond,Build Awareness, and Prepare Before an Event We want their cooperation! Pha se 3! camp aign! of
  29. 29. Use UNICEF’s New Following to DisseminateDisaster Related Information •  Share Images •  Send Emergency Alerts •  Report Locations Pha se 4! aign! of camp
  30. 30. Instant UNICEF Alert MessagesOn Qzone QQ• Users receive an IM fromUNICEF informing them ofthe impending crisis.• The message would stresswhere to go for a SafeHaven for Children. e 4! gn! has pai P of cam
  31. 31. “RAP-ING” IT UP•  Respond  to   •  Build   emergencies   Awareness  &   Support  of   UNICEF   Instant  Alert   Mascot   Messages  from   CreaEon   UNICEF   CompeEEon   Educate  &  Train   CELAP  and   NaEonal   Rap  on  RAP   InsEtute  of   CompeEEon   Emergency   Management  •  Prepare     •  Build   Awareness    
  32. 32. Measuring Success Participation!
  33. 33. We Understand Global Needs ideoV fer ence con Ghana f rom US ! to the
  34. 34. Thank you.!