Build a-brochure workshop: How to Create Compelling Brochures and Flyers to Market Your Business


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From Passion to Promotion: How to Create Compelling Brochures and Flyers to Market Your Business
Laura Willis, founder of Willis-Works Communications, is presenting “From Passion to Promotion: How to Create Compelling Brochures and Flyers to Market Your Business”.
Though a substantial amount of marketing your business is done online these days, it’s often necessary to still have a few printed pieces for a variety of situations to help promote your business. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics on how to create a message and visually appealing brochure or flyer that will project your passion and resonate with your target audience, as well as a sampling of the tools and templates you can use to create them yourself using online resources that can provide affordable design and print options.

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Build a-brochure workshop: How to Create Compelling Brochures and Flyers to Market Your Business

  1. 1. From Passion to Promotion: How to create compellingbrochures and flyers to market your business Presented by Laura Willis Willis-Works Communications
  2. 2. Overview Introductions: what do you hope to get out of this workshop? What do you want the piece to do? Where does it fit in to your marketing plan? What makes a great brochure?  Messaging & Imagery – some rules to follow  What’s your competition doing & how to stand out  Composition Tools & templates Printing
  3. 3. About Laura Willis– Business owner since 2004 • BFA in Advertising and Design • 25+ years of experience in advertising agencies and corporate environment with focus on strategic and integrative approach to marketing & branding
  4. 4. Is it a brochure, a flyer, a postcard?  Identify the purpose  Lead generation?  Drive clients to web site?  Special promotion?  Networking handout?  Direct mail?  Multi-purpose?
  5. 5. A Piece of the Marketing Pie
  6. 6. The Message: What’s your passion? Define story of your truth/promise Why are you in business?
  7. 7. Why your passion? Differentiates from competition Delivers positioning for customers to choose & believe
  8. 8. Audience Identify your audience The basics - demographics: age, gender, financials, geographic location(This will affect on the tone of your piece and style of imagery)
  9. 9. Make message & imagery pertinent to them. Needs to be customer-centric What’s going on with them? What can you do for them? What is their frame of mind in relation to your industry or business? Identify opportunities to solve problems
  10. 10. Make message & imagery pertinent to them. Features vs. benefits The “so what” theory Rational/actual need Emotional need What is your promise to them?
  11. 11. What’s your competition doing? How are you different? What need do you fulfill that they don’t? How can your materials look different and stand out?
  12. 12. Define your business personality Define your business personality What is the voice or tone?  fun or serious?  standard images or unusual? You need to stand out!
  13. 13. Build the MessageHeadline:“Key promise” or the top benefit :fulfills customer need, solves aproblemRemember the customer frame ofmind -- emotionally
  14. 14. Build the MessageSubheads:Should reflect and support the “keypromise”  Captions & skimming
  15. 15. Match-Up Imagery You have the message, now how do you create a feeling?
  16. 16. Combined Message & Imagery Can Be Powerful How do you tug on the heartstrings? (CPR Brochure Concepts
  17. 17. IMPORTANT! Rights to Use Imagery You CANNOT just take imagery off the internet. Photos have copyrights
  18. 18. Rights managed vs. royalty free Rights managed vs. royalty free  
  19. 19. Get Creative! Look for a unique interpretation of an image you want Combine or manipulate images to create a new one  Photoshop  Illustrator  Powerpoint
  20. 20. Composition & Layout Where does your eye go? Break up the copy  Images  subheads  Captions  Quotes  Testimonials
  21. 21. Composition & Layout White space
  22. 22. Connect Your Marketing Include URL’s for web site  Social media  Consistency in look and feel
  23. 23. Tools & Templates Microsoft Templates: some free, some fee  Word  Publisher  Powerpoint
  24. 24. Tools & Templates Pre-fab brochure paper – links to templates online  Avery –
  25. 25. Tools & Templates
  26. 26. Templates & Printing VistaPrint
  27. 27. Templates & Printing Overnight Prints  Step-by-step
  28. 28. Support Your Local Printers Personal service See proofs Small quantities, full color (1000 or under)  Ask for digital printing
  29. 29. Examples: Roll up your sleeves Senior Equity Financial Newsletter  Microsoft Template  New Template
  30. 30. Strength in Consistency Integrate your media Traditional media: radio, TV, print Social media, e-mail, web site, blogAll should relate and connect.
  31. 31. Strength in Consistency
  32. 32. Think Out of the Box One good idea – endless opportunity
  33. 33. Promote Your Passion Passion is contagious Connect on an emotional level When you share the excitement you feel for your business, others feel it, too!
  34. 34. Questions??Are you interested in other tipsor workshops to promote yourpassion for a powerful brand? E-mail: to hear about the Promote Your Passion webinar series. Thank You!