High Value Cloud Services


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You have built a IaaS cloud and can deliver compute, storage and bandwidth to your customers. Is that enough to hold on to your customer base, or do you wish to deliver value added services such as platform services and databases? Join us our session and we will demonstrate how you could deploy higher margin services such as Database-as-a-Service, Caching-as-a-Service, Load Balancing-as-a-Service, MongoDB-as-a-Service, and many more - instantly without high capital investments. In this session, we will also cover different services that your customers will like and how you can make them available on your cloud and integrate them with your metering, billing and other business processes.

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High Value Cloud Services

  1. 1. High Value Cloud Services Rajesh Ramchandani @RamchandaniRaj
  2. 2. Agenda•  Introduction•  From IaaS to PaaS•  Cloud use cases•  Cloud services and why you need them•  Cloud services framework•  Integrating CumuLogic Cloud Services with CloudStack•  Q&A
  3. 3. About CumuLogic•  Founded in 2011 by Sun alumni –  James Gosling is the Lead Advisor•  Private Java PaaS software available since June 2012•  Funded by Citrix in August 2012•  Launching CumuLogic Cloud Services in December 2012 –  Integration with CloudStack and CloudPortal 1.4 –  Going polyglot, support for PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js
  4. 4. CloudStack IaaS CloudsOn-Premise and Public Clouds•  Compute, storage and networking infrastructure Private Public IaaS Web Services Physical Hardware
  5. 5. Diverse Use Cases Deploy Large Scale Mobile Apps / API / Web Services Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Big Data / Machine Data / Log File Analysis Migrate and Manage Custom Web Apps Development / DevOps / Ops Gaming / Streaming
  6. 6. IaaS to PaaSApplication Infrastructure Services•  PaaS automates the deployment and configuration of frameworks and services•  Simplifies application deployment, management•  Developers love it•  But you must write applications for the PaaS•  And you need “add-ons” too
  7. 7. Cloud Services Extend Usability of PaaSCloud Services Orchestration•  Application platform(s)•  “Native” or remote 3rd party add-on cloud services•  Service integration, aggregation and customization•  Performance, use and delivery of services•  Centralized approach to provisioning, metering and control of services
  8. 8. Common Cloud ServicesApplication Infrastructure Services•  Database-as-Service•  Caching-as-a-Service•  Elastic Load Balancer•  Message Queuing Service•  Big Data Service•  Logging Service•  Continuous Integration•  And many more. Basically Everything-as-a-Service
  9. 9. CumuLogic Platform Overview CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform PaaS Web Tier Messaging Load Balancing- -aaS aaS Application Tier "  User Interface Caching Tier Messaging Tier "  Development "  Migration Database Tier "  Eclipse Plugin "  RESTful API Platform Reliability, Availability and Scalability "  Autoscaling "  Monitoring "  Multi-cloud "  Self-Healing "  Security/Isolation "  Multi-tenant "  High Availability "  Usage Metrics Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  10. 10. CumuLogic Platform OverviewCloud Application Platform (PaaS)•  Platform for Java/Spring and PHP applications•  Designed for enterprise clouds and Cloud Providers•  Multi-cloud support for hybrid clouds•  Benefits: –  Increased developer productivity –  Faster time-to-market –  Managing application lifecycle –  Utilization of cloud resources
  11. 11. FeaturesEase of Deployment, Management and Scaling•  Single-click deployment of web applications•  Availability, scalability, reliability -  Monitoring, autoscaling, failover and recovery•  Security and tenant isolation•  Eclipse plug-in integration•  Easy migration of existing applications
  12. 12. Other FeaturesLogging, APM, Custom DNS, Usage•  Collates all log files from all servers for debugging -  Logs can be sent to third-party services like Splunk•  Integration with APM services such as New Relic -  Can be enabled per application environment•  Configure custom DNS names per application•  Usage metrics -  Resource usage per cloud per application
  13. 13. CumuLogic Cloud Services Applications CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform PaaS DbaaS Cache-aaS Queuing-aaS Elastic Load Balancer " Developer UI " Admin UI " Development " Migration " Eclipse Plugin Service Integration Framework " RESTful API Platform Reliability, Availability and Scalability "  Autoscaling "  Monitoring "  Multi-cloud "  Self-Healing "  Security/Isolation "  Multi-tenant "  High Availability "  Usage Metrics Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  14. 14. Amazon-Like Cloud Services PaaS SQL NoSQL Load Caching Messaging Big Data Database Database Balancer RDS NoSQL-DS MemcacheD CAP Elastic Load Beanstalk RDS DynamoDB ElastiCache SQS Balancer
  15. 15. Cloud Services FrameworkManaged, Scalable, Secure, Patches, Single Console API User Interface Service core Service Core Service Platform Service Service Control Engines Optimization Actions Service Integration Layer IaaS Authentication Self Healing Scaling Updates Integration Session Failover Security Metering Patches Layer Management Monitoring Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  16. 16. Cloud Service API Framework •  createXX() •  Service Specific •  xxParameterGroup •  describeXX •  Backups, Replicas •  xxParameterGroup •  terminateXX for DbaaS Family •  startXX •  Configure DNS for •  xxAccessgroup Load Balancer •  stopXX •  Add/Delete Cache •  scaleXX nodes
  17. 17. CumuLogic Database Service •  MySQL-as-a-Service and MongoDB-as-a-Service •  Amazon RDS-compatible •  Fully Managed •  Scalability and elasticity •  Availability and resiliency •  Backup and restore, point in-time recovery •  Performance optimization •  Security, access control •  Updates and patches •  API
  18. 18. CumuLogic Database ServiceValue Proposition •  Productivity •  Performance •  Data protections •  Handles 75% of management tasks Source: Forrester
  19. 19. CumuLogic CacheIn-Memory Cache-as-a-Service •  Fully managed Memcached-as-a-Service •  Scalable: nodes can be added or removed from the cluster •  Optimized for specific needs •  Auto updates and patches •  API
  20. 20. CumuLogic Frameworks ServiceApplication Framework-as-a-Service •  Fully managed application frameworks •  Java, Spring, PHP, Ruby, Python, Scala, Node.js •  Provisioned by “Deploy App” or on provisioned by user request •  Autoscaling rules engine •  Optimized for specific application types •  Auto updates and patches •  API
  21. 21. CumuLogic Load BalancerLoad Balancer-as-a-Service •  Fully managed Elastic Load Balancer Service (Netscaler coming soon) •  Dynamic discovery, scalable, fault-tolerant •  Integrated with application platform services •  Supports http, https, SQL protocols •  Supports sticky sessions •  Realtime reconfiguration for adding/removing nodes •  Auto-discovery of nodes with auto-scaling •  Auto-detection of failed nodes •  Control API
  22. 22. CumuLogic Cloud Services: Aggregation UI and API Native Cloud Services External Cloud Services MySQL MongoDB LBaaS Cache SendGrid MailChimp Iron.io Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  23. 23. Easy Integration with CloudPortal Business Manager•  Plugs into any CloudStack cloud•  Connectors for CloudPortal for metering and billing services•  Each Service can priced individually•  Customizable look-and-feel
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. Let’s Work Together: CumuLogic.com Trial accounts Software downloads White papers Demos info@cumulogic.com
  26. 26. Thank yourajesh.ramchandani@cumulogic.com