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    05 socialbase 7 05 socialbase 7 Document Transcript

    • 10 V. Social Base Processing Analysis I. Pre- Conversion A 1963-78 Home Bound Early Years I was born into a farming family in a small village of Changhua, Taiwan in 1963, as the second child, with a sister who was five years older. Both my parents were from the same farming village without a high educational background. When I was two, my parents divorced. They both remarried later on. My older sister stayed with father and grandparents. Legally, I belonged to my mom. Age five, I moved from the country to the capital city, Taipei, where I stayed with my mom, a stepfather, a stepsister, and a stepbrother as the youngest in this new family. My stepfather adopted me legally. He came from Mainland China to avoid the Communist persecution in 1949. As a new immigrant, he restarted his life in Taiwan as a police officer without a fat paycheck. His job required him to be absent from home at least two to three whole days a week. He was conservative, kind, and generous and a man of integrity in people’s eyes, though he did not show much affection to the children. We lived in a complex which the government provided for the workers’ families in Taipei. All my education from kindergarten to college was in Taipei. For reasons of money, I did not allow to develop my talents, such as dancing, music and art. One time I was chosen to be in a school dancer group in first grade. But my mom would not allow me to attend because of the expense of the costume. Friends were not welcomed to visit either since she thought it was shameful to show people our home. In fourth grade, I started keeping things inside because a neighbor girl spread gossip about my adopted background. I felt dismay. In fifth grade, I gave a speech in front of the whole school but lost confidence to speak later on. Mom was the homemaker and started baby-sitting at home by this time. In order to attend a good junior high school with my good grades, I transferred to another district, which provided a brand new environment for me, without old friends. I buried myself in study to escape loneliness and learned to enjoy it. I used community library and broadened my horizons of thought. My stepfather was worried about the financial load, since he got the lung cancer at that point. He wished that I could go to a government funded school where all the fees and expenses would be covered by the government and I would be guaranteed have a teaching job after graduating. However, I was stubborn and strong willed. As a result, I enrolled in the Taipei First Girl’s Senior High School, which is the best one in Taipei. He died during my first semester of high school. Summary: Family (1963-1978) Emotional Economic Strategic Physical I was cared for but Stepfather was the All I wanted was to Lived in a complex did not feel loved. main breadwinner; be the top student in which was provided But I do remember mom worked at every subject and by the government some laughing home as a baby- class. for the workers’ hours. sitter later. families in Taipei.
    • 11 B. 1978-1981, Home Alone After my stepfather died, mom went out to work as a live-in housekeeper. My stepsister who was five years my senior was going to night school while working during the day. My stepbrother who was 2 years my senior attending the boarding school. Most of the time I was home alone. The only time for mom to be home was to prepare the food to honor the ancestors at the ancestral shrine. As I went through the teenage years and the soul-searching adventure, friendships become my main emotional support. I was forced to learn how to live independently both emotionally and physically. Summary: Isolation ( 1978-1981) Emotional Economic Strategic Physical Classmates and Mom provided the Mainly from school. Lived in same friends were the needs after my Mom could not give complex and home ones I got support stepfather died of me advice since she alone. from cancer. was not well educated, and her goal was to earn the money. II. Kingdom Encounter ( 1981-1991) A. 1981-1984 Campus Crusade Impact As my soul-searching journey went on for almost one year, I just ate, slept and became more depressed. My depression did not lift until I met Jesus. On the top of the highest mountain in Taiwan, the Yu-Mountain, I experienced an empty feeling inside. This feeling shattered my whole value system and lifestyle. My favorite hobbies, such as mountain climbing, photography, movies, anthropology, broadcasting, and traveling, were no longer fulfilling to me. I felt disconnected from this world. After accepting Jesus as my personal savior and my Lord through a Campus Crusade staff worker, I was involved in Campus Crusade student ministry as a student coworker for the rest two years in college. Campus Crusade became my Social supporting base since I was very involved their training and campus activities like Bible study, leadership training and short-term mission trips. In the meantime mother- daughter relationship worsened. Mother even threatened that she would not provide the tuition or would end the mother-daughter relationship if I continued the church activities. I experienced God’s provision through church in my early Christian walk. This helps me to have faith in God’s faithfulness for financial needs. And I started to tithe and experienced His promise in this regard. I was baptized on December 23, 1984. Having Jesus in me, I realized that life would not be a dream and “gone with the wind.” Those bits and pieces that once had been falling apart started to fit into their own places. Mom expelled me out of home for three days first. But before my graduation from NTU, in order to display my gratitude to
    • 12 what the Lord had done in my life, I had a photo exhibition titled “ The Bygone Years: My Testimony of Gratitude." Summary: partnership/group (1981-1984) Emotional Economic Strategic Physical Mainly from Mom provided the Mainly from lived in same Campus Crusade needs. Started to Campus crusade co- complex and home and fellowship. experience God’s workers. alone before move provision through to a new house faith. bought by Mom. However some period of time had roommate lived under the same roof. B.& C 1984-1991 Local Church Influence, Community /Team After graduating from NTU, I was eager to serve the Lord and started working full time in different parachurch organizations. Later I did earn my living as a reporter, an editor, and a librarian. I relocated to a new church, which was close to the house bought by Mom and I lived alone. Sometime some church sisters moved in. This church became my main social support base. I started experiencing the healing power of the Holy Spirit under pastor’s spiritual covering. Unfortunately, Mom told me to leave her house permanently. With church pastor’s help, I moved out and never came back until Mom died of a car accident. At that time I rented a room in a sister’s house and started a career to be a reporter. In the meantime I served in God’s kingdom as a freelance writer at the Christian Tribute, that weekly newspaper to influence the local church in Taiwan. After mom died, I inherited her property and lived in a missionary apartment with ten other sisters. I felt the sense of community until I came to the U. S. Summary: partnership/group (1984-1990) Emotional Economic Strategic Physical Mainly from Mom provided the Mainly from friends Rent a room shared Campus Crusade needs. Started to and church elders. with stepsisters. co-workers and experience God’s Then lived with ten fellowship. provision through church sisters and faith. Then learned how to live supported by my a life-style of salary. community
    • 13 III. Mission possible ( 1991- the Present) A. 1991-1992 Out of Egypt My ministry activity or fruitfulness is not the focus of this phase. I knew God was working primarily in me. He wanted to teach me to minister out of who I am. Since 1991, I stepped out of the culture of Taiwan to visit Hong Kong, Mainland China, Philippines before came to the US. for graduate study. Started isolation period of time. I was involved in a student ministry, the Overseas Chinese Christian Student Fellowship Choir. Summary: Isolation (1991-1992) Emotional Economic Strategic Physical Old friends in Supported with Almost non, mainly Rent an apt. Taipei or the U.S family funds from the Lord Sometime shared with a housemate, sometime lived alone. B. 1992-1997 A Pit, A Prison, Then a Palace I came to the U.S. in 1991. After a deep process of isolation, step by step, I have reformed my belief system based on Biblical truth, and developed my own personal Four- L personality theory. In 1993, I went to Russia for one month as a school project. Also participated in Chinese Mission 92 in D.C. And Bill Gorthard’s “Basic Life Seminar” and “Financial Freedom Seminar” gave me more strategic support in this wilderness stage. Summary: Isolation/ independent ( 1992-1997) Emotional Economic Strategic Physical Old friends in Part time job and Not much except Independently home Taipei or the U.S. Family funds Basic life seminar alone Plus the friends I made in the U.S. especially church families. C. 1997- the present Back to the First Love During this period of time, I started to identify my gifts and skills and use them with increasing effectiveness. I also gained a better understanding of the Body of Christ and experienced the many kinds of relationships it offers. These relationship experiences teach both negative and positive lessons.
    • 14 I attended Boulder Vinelife Community Church, Colorado, from September of 1997 to September of 1999. I love this church, because it is so dynamic and energetic in Lord’s Kingdom. And I have enjoyed broadening my horizon by attending an American church like Vinelife and seeing the Holy Spirit breaking the wall of ages, races and languages. After I come on Fuller, my life was occupied mainly by school and Harvest Rock Church where I became a church member. Summary: partnership/group ( September 1997- the present) Emotional Economic Strategic Physical Church fellowship, Part time job and It’s great to learn Lived alone in an prayer partners. family funds. lots ministry apt, once a while insights and practiced the gift of philosophy from hospitality. Bible study group, prayer group and conference.
    • 15 VI Analysis of 5 Key Process Items #1 Title-- Name Chosen Context-- God showed my destiny by my name, 1999, Aug. Phase III, C, Renewal in Colorado Type: Destiny Preparation P(DP) [103] Description: Two sisters saw a beautiful flower which is the exact meaning of my Chinese name: Li-Hua in different circumstances in Ellel Ministry, School of Healing in Aug, 1999. The meaning of “Laura” is the crown of leaves, which has the healing power and means victoria, plus Rev. 22:2,… and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. In the meanwhile, my last name had been changed from Yeh, ( means leaves which have the healing power), to Sun, (Mal 4:2 But unto you that fear my name shall be the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall ) since I had been adopted. Interpretation: Once I had been felt shame about this adopted status, but the Lord turned it around to help me realize the truth that all of us are adopted to the kingdom of God. God used Name and Birth Circumstance to prepare my destiny. #2 Title-- Waiting is not wasting Context: “You just waited for one hour, I had been waiting you for over twenty years”. 1983, Summer, Phase II, A Type: Word Items P(WI) [182] Description: On one occasion in my early Christian walk, I was so angry waiting for a friend who had promised to return my bike in an hour. However, after waiting two hours, I was too mad to read the Bible. When I tried to bow my head to calm down, I heard a gentle voice said,. --“You just waited for one hour, I had been waiting for you for over twenty years”. Interpretation: I was not a very patient person. I was touched and overwhelmed by the everlasting love of God at that moment. I realized that I had been keeping Him waiting for so long and He is still so gentle and patient to me. #3 Title—Gift of Healing? Context-- Counseling attending the School of Healing in Toronto. Phase III. C.1999, Apr. Type: Double Confirmation P(DBLC)[262] Description: Vinelife Church Pastor Bob had a word from the Lord for me while he anointed me with oil on my forehead and hands at a Celebration Jesus Service. He said, my hands would heal the sick. He had clear words from the Lord and said I had the gift of healing. He asked me if I have ever thought of laying hands on people and praying for the sick? I said "As a matter of fact I am thinking of attending the School of Healing in Toronto?" I did
    • 16 go on to attend Ellel’s healing training courses July 11-Aug, 10. in Toronto, Canada. The Lord did do an awesome work in me during this healing retreat. Interpretation: The word came through Pastor Bob just encourage me to go for it and as a result of that healing retreat, I felt I am on the right track with Lord’s way. #4 Title—Ministry ! Where? Context-- Finding a Place in Ministry, Phase III. C.1999, Apr. Type: Divine Affirmation P(DA) [264] Description: Apr.8-10, 1999 at New Life Church , CO Springs. The things I learned: put our relationship with the Lord first and let the Holy Spirit break all the rules and regulations. Pastor Joseph, Garlington said, I can praise God for “I know I have a place in the Body of Christ, even if I don’t know where it is now” God is trying to get you ready for what He already has ready for you. On April 9, Pastor John Fenn prophesied over me regarding finding a place in the ministry. He prayed with his hands laid over my head, and said, “You will be a facilitator with multi-functions, and when the time comes, every thing will go click, click together. Be confident, peace will be with you, and will you find favor even being a student at Fuller Seminary.” Interpretation: When I was confused and downcast, this experience always drew me back in His presence, and kept going on the destiny. #5 Title—A pit, A Prison then A Palace. Context—First came to the U.S. Phase III. A.1991-2, Type: Isolation P(I) [274] Description: In August 1991, I flew to the United States to attain the dreams the Lord had planned for me. However, I came to a brand new culture totally different from what I expected. I stepped into a journey of isolation. More often than not, I felt limited, all alone and downcast. The feeling of loss and confusion overwhelmed me. Somehow, I shrank back into a vulnerable baby who saw without understanding. And who heard without comprehension. Like the Israelites, I started to complain and ask why God led me to the U.S. I felt ashamed, inferior, and unworthy. I could not read fast, write well or talk eloquently which were things for which I used to be proficient. Isolation did force me to be flexible and to rediscover my true identity since the formal relationships, connections, and reputations could no longer be counted on. I was at times arrogant and stubborn and the lessons I learned were humility and patience while I waited on the Lord to purify my heart. I learned to trust and obey His word and give all the glory to God; to be available and show self-denial. Interpretation: During this isolation, my life was a sort of prison. However, the Lord brought me out of it eventually so that I was able to know His will - what is good, pleasing and perfect.(Rom. 12:1-2). He is a life-transforming God. He does not just recover and reclaim me; he
    • 17 restores, revives, and renews me. He never leaves me trapped in my weaknesses and failures but instead keeps shaping and molding me as long as I let him. His focus is always on where I am headed not where I've been. I came to realize that all my former suffering was to be a part of my training for leadership. I needed to go through this agonizing time of testing before the Lord’s promise could be fulfilled. If I had not gone through this isolation to be purified, I may have been proud, domineering, harsh, unsympathetic, and inclined to see myself in the light of my own talents. I am glad the Lord led me through this trial to eventual triumph.
    • 18 VII Major Principles of 5 Key Process items Type Title/Observation Event Principle 1. Destiny Preparation Name chosen A leader can track his/her own destiny from God through their name chosen and birth circumstances. 2. Word Items Waiting is not Wasting A leader should be the one who reflects the image of God who is full of mercy, patience and gentleness. 3. Double Gift of Healing A leader can count on God to Confirmation make his/her paths clear at critical junctures. 4. Divine Affirmation Ministry! Where? A leader needs listens to God! 5. Isolation A Pit, A prison then A palace 1. A leader can be restored, revived and renewed through the refining process of isolation 2. A leader should expect to meet God in the desert.