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MAP 2013 Conference: The Impact of Storytelling in Advising
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MAP 2013 Conference: The Impact of Storytelling in Advising



Manitoba Advising Professionals (MAP) 2013 Conference

Manitoba Advising Professionals (MAP) 2013 Conference
The Impact of Storytelling in Advising
November 1, 2013
Winnipeg, MB, Canada



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  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Connection <br /> Cross pollination <br /> Thinking about your network <br />
  • Professional networking <br /> Profile = dynamic resume <br /> Personalized Branding <br /> Customized URL e.g. /in/YourName <br /> Profile = dynamic resume <br /> “Contacts” = digital rolodex <br /> Recommendations => “Endorse Me” <br /> Integration = Twitter, Facebook, blog, SlideShare, websites, etc. <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • # = Hashtags <br /> Lists/Listed <br /> URL Shorteners <br /> Pictures <br /> Location <br /> 3rd Party Applications <br /> Social Media Dashboards: Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • 1. Social media = be social <br /> 2. Start the conversation <br /> Respond to others <br /> 3. Give thanks for sharing <br /> 4. Pay it forward = the learning <br /> 6. Personal branding & identity <br /> 7. Keep it up: make time <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />
  • Technology, <br /> Ends 24:30 <br />

MAP 2013 Conference: The Impact of Storytelling in Advising MAP 2013 Conference: The Impact of Storytelling in Advising Presentation Transcript

  • The Impact of Storytelling in Advising @laurapasquini November 1, 2013 2013 MAP Conference Winnipeg, MB Canada #map13
  • http://bit.ly/mapco nference13
  • For those who tweet… #map13 Larry Johnson, NMC
  • One word that describes what you do as an advisor. Larry Johnson, NMC
  • Write it down. NOW! Larry Johnson, NMC
  • Advising Higher Ed Students
  • “Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.” ~Hannah Arendt Larry Johnson, NMC
  • My Story… (Advising)
  • A little about me...
  • Image c/o deanj http://www.flickr.com/photos/deanj/2398424227/
  • “Students experience an increasing need for connectivity and digital access to excel beyond the higher education learning environment. They must access and interact with information, learning materials, and colleagues from around the globe.” Implications for use of technology in advising 2011 NACADA National Survey
  • “... networks reconfigure themselves in real-time, on a global local scale, and permeate all domains of social life. This is why we live in a network society, not in an information society or a knowledge society.” Castells, 2004
  • Dr. Alec Couros (@courosa) & #eci831
  • Flickr photo c/o vickel_n
  • Cultivate an Active Social Network Via @intersection1 http://www.intersectio nconsulting.com/
  • Connecting to an Advising Network
  • Informal Learning dailyshoot.com
  • The Student Affairs Collaborative http://thesabloggers.org •Group of peers & pros •RSS - Blog resources •SA Forum & Directory •#SAChat Weekly Discussion •Twitter: @The_SA_Blog Hashtag: #SAChat
  • Mentoring
  • Map Your Own: inmaps.linkedinlabs.com
  • http://www.slideshare.net/ucanat unt
  • A Campus Tale… (Higher Ed)
  • c/o @courosa
  • c/o @courosa
  • Higher Ed is HERE
  • #NotImpressed
  • Go Beyond the Silo Thinking Flickr photo c/o dsearls
  • Learner Centered Advising
  • Change in higher education? THAT’S NUTS!
  • We need to put our learners first.
  • Stories I’ve Learned From… (Students)
  • What expectations do our learners have for advising?
  • Self-authorship is a strong basis to advance learning outcomes, prepare our students, and include reflection for our learning experience. (Baxter Magolda, 2004) Larry Johnson, NMC
  • Get Social
  • “Over 94% of undergraduate, graduate, and community college students are Internet users and approximately 80% of this same group use social networking sites.” College students and Technology, The Pew Internet Research
  • Web 2.0 #SocialMedia Social Web New Media #SM Transmedia Emerging Tech Image c/o Luke Mahan http://www.flickr.com/photos/kremovich/4471473109/
  • It’s not about the technology, it’s all social Tanya Joosten (@tjoosten) Larry Johnson, NMC
  • Created by @Ekutsko & @equalman http://youtu.be/ZQzsQkMFgHE
  • WHAT?
  • “Focus on connecting with the people, and the tools will all make sense.” ~Chris Brogan Flickr photo c/o hoodlumper
  • Have Conversation s
  • Discovery
  • Sense of Belonging
  • The Power of the Hashtag
  • What is a hashtag good for?
  • Give & Get Support
  • Develop a Community
  • Low Impact: Read chat transcripts Medium Impact: Set up a Twitter account Search for #______ hashtag Post advising-related content as you wish “Lurk” during a chat time High Impact: Set up a Twitter account Search for #______ hashtag Chime in with your thoughts/opinions/experiences during a chat time Connect with peers beyond Twitter Chats
  • #ugstJOU R 67
  • Student Panel Q & A 68
  • #ugstSTOR Y 70
  • Live Tweets to take Notes 71
  • 72
  • 73
  • Nurture the Hashtag (#)
  • Follow: #AcAdv & @AcAdvChat
  • Professional Development #AcAdv Chat acadvchat.wordpress.com Follow on Twitter: @AcAdvChat Tuesdays 12-1 pm CST
  • Do you have something to talk about? http://bitly.com/TwitterChatSchedule
  • Develop an Identity Do you like spam? Students don’t either. What is your office brand? What information do you need to convey to students? Start with these questions, and then add in personality and variety. @julieclarsen
  • Community Development
  • Communities of Practice @nancywhite http://www.ewenger.com/theory/ Wenger, 2006
  • Research & Support
  • http://www.sageperformance.com/ojs/index.php/LPQ
  • @catspyjamasnz
  • BreakDrink.com
  • Are you having fun yet? Then why bother? @JeffJackson
  • Crowdsourcing Google Docs, Wikis, Social Networks, Skype/G+ Hangouts, Dropbox… OH MY!
  • IDEAS! Sharing Thoughts
  • #edusocmedia #edtech #phdchat #sachat #highered #SocialMedia #acadv @tanyajoosten http://tanyajoosten.com/ #advtech
  • Critical Thinking
  • Online information flows like… {Insert Canadian Content #eh}
  • NO FILTER 47
  • Slide
  • Archive & Tag => CURATION http://www.delicious.com/
  • Social Sharing http://www.scoop.it/ Curate content with Instapaper, Paper.li and MORE!
  • Pinterest Collages http://pinterest.com/
  • Develop a Narrative
  • Podcasting
  • Reflection http://techknowtools.wordpress.com/
  • Tell Me About It
  • Be Involved.
  • Play = “the tension between the rules of the game and the freedom to act within those rules” (Thomas & Seely Brown, 2011)
  • Larry Johnson, NMC
  • Flickr photo c/o furiousgeorge81
  • One day a student walked into my office and… Larry Johnson, NMC
  • Consider... Connecting to peers Saving time to play Finding new ways of learning Embracing alternatives Being a participant Modeling for your learners
  • Be Brave!
  • How will you get started… Lurking is learning (at first) Give credit where it is due Be creative! Engage & participate Share resources openly Note the “rules” of netiquette Use the tools differently Communities will look different both the medium & message
  • You cannot always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes you must dare to jump.
  • Think about your advising story… Larry Johnson, NMC
  • What are your students, staff, faculty saying? Larry Johnson, NMC
  • How can you help your students write their story? Larry Johnson, NMC
  • Larry Johnson, NMC
  • http://bit.ly/mapco nference13
  • Stay connected… http://bit.ly/mapconference13 about.me/laurapasquini Laura.Pasquini@unt.edu