How Do We Guide Social Media in Advising?


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Session 94: Social Media “Strategery” & Guidance for Advising with @matt_rupert - Follow #SMadv & - Monday (10/7) 3:15-4:15 pm in 255 C

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How Do We Guide Social Media in Advising?

  1. 1. FaceTwitTubeBlogCast + “Strategery” = Social Media Guidance for Advising Laura Pasquini (@laurapasquini) University of North Texas Matthew Rupert (@matt_rupert) Pennsylvania State University Twitter Session Tag #SMAdv
  2. 2. Session Objectives • Learn about continuing interest by students for institutional use of social media tools • Examine findings and recommendations of “Guiding Social Media at our Institutions” • Review the social media activities at both the university and unit level at Penn State • Audience discussion about what is working or is challenging
  3. 3. Tweet Along! Session Tag: #SMAdv link:
  4. 4. Background • 95.1% of 18- and 19-year-olds use social media, primarily Facebook, daily (Salaway, et al., 2009) • 96% of undergraduates reported using Facebook, 43% use Twitter (Smith & Caruso, 2010) • 90% use mobile devices to receive and send text messages (Smith, 2010), over 1600 a month (Neilson, 2010) • 92% of college-aged students watch YouTube
  5. 5. Source: Joosten, Croke, Pasquini, Popiolek (2013) “Social Media in Higher Ed: Where are we going?” Presentation at SXSWEdu13.
  6. 6. Source: Joosten, Croke, Pasquini, Popiolek (2013) “Social Media in Higher Ed: Where are we going?” Presentation at SXSWEdu13.
  7. 7. “Guiding Social Media at our Institutions” Tanya Joosten, Laura Pasquini, and Lindsey Harness (2013). Planning for Higher Education V41N2. Society for College and University Planning
  8. 8. “Guiding Social Media at our Institutions” “The purpose of this study was to understand how institutions are guiding the use of social media on their campuses.” • Student Services and Support • Business Services and Operations • Instruction • Research
  9. 9. “Guiding Social Media:” Findings • Key Findings ▫ Social Media is a Broadcast Medium ▫ Social Media is supported by new position or partial redesignation of existing position • Additional Findings ▫ Social Media grows organically ▫ Social Media use can be inhibited by privacy concerns ▫ Social Media needs more institutional support
  10. 10. What is Penn State University doing?
  11. 11. Grassroots with Institutional Support • Each unit can determine social media platforms • University provides guidance and resources • Twice yearly “Social Media Summits” to gather social media administrators to share experiences and challenges
  12. 12. World Campus Social Media
  13. 13. World Campus Strategy • Promote learning and exchange information in line with PSU, Outreach and Distance Education, and World Campus strategic plans • Build Community among Prospective Students, Current Students, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni • Blog, Facebook, and Twitter focus with other platforms as supporting tools
  14. 14. Opportunities • Tying distance education students more closely to one another and to Penn State overall • Promoted Facebook posts and Tweets • Student directed social media linked to degree programs, clubs, or organizations
  15. 15. Challenges • When things go wrong… • Knuckleheads • Keeping Up with Everything
  16. 16. Discussion Question #1 What role should institutions and advising units play in engaging students in social media?
  17. 17. Discussion Question #2 What does a successful social media strategy or plan look like?
  18. 18. Discussion Question #3 How do you know your social media efforts have been successful?
  19. 19. Additional Questions?
  20. 20. Thank you! Laura Pasquini @laurapasquini Matthew Rupert @matt_rupert