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Shally Steckers - OTYS Event 2010
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Shally Steckers - OTYS Event 2010



Published in Technology
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  • [twitter]88% of respondents have no recruiting strategy for Facebook but 54% have a company page #sourcecon[/twitter][twitter]36% of surveyed companies still have no planfulLinkedIn strategy, only 58% manage their LinkedIn company page #sourcecon[/twitter][twitter]100% of respondents #fail to source from MySpace yet this is still a source of millions of profiles #sourcecon[/twitter][twitter]Only half of respondents source from Google, 80% #fail to use Bing and Yahoo missing out on 80% of non-overlaping resumes! #sourcecon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Have you tried the “COMPANY * past” hack for public LinkedIn profiles? Ex: #sourcecon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]You know that now there are top level domains for LinkedIn profiles, but did you know for which 97 countries? Find out: [/twitter]


  • 1. Recruitment Trends in New and Emerging Media
    Tweet feedback with #shallyotys
    Shally SteckerlEVP, Arbita,
  • 2. Trends in Recruiting via Emerging Media
    Facebook: 88% of respondents have no strategy, yet 54% have a Facebook page and 76% update Facebook less than weekly; 65% of recruiters spend less than an hour a week on it (while the average user spends 55 min./day)
    LinkedIn: 36% still do NOT have a planful strategy and only 58% manage their company page. What does your company page say about your social presence?
    Twitter: 87% have no strategy for finding candidates on it. 60% tweet less than once per month and 71% spend less than 1 hour on Twitter yet there’s 75 million tweeple
    MySpace:100% have no strategy for finding candidates there but this is still a source!
    71% have no strategy for sourcing from niche and regional networks and 83% have no strategy for sourcing on blogs: both massive, yet remain widely overlooked
    Not all the tried-and-true methods have been supplanted: 86% say Employee Referral programs are much or somewhat better than social networks. The challenge going forward is how to make social networks and employee referral programs synergistic
    70% say sourcing is a major part of their recruiting, yet 67% feel their current sourcing capabilities are inadequate and only 42% feel they have adequate training
    Search engines: Only half use Google, over 80% do not use Yahoo or Bing. They are shooting themselves in the foot, given ~20% resume overlap in query results between search engines (see Thumbshots)
  • 3. “Social Recruiting” – Fiction or Reality?
    Not all social networks are a good source of candidates
    LinkedIn is not a social network, it’s behaving like a job board
    Twitter, Facebook and blogs are about engagement and conversation, thus good branding, but not a highly efficient source of hires
    Social recruiting sources as compared to:
    Job Boards – if LinkedIn is more of a job board now, who else will follow?
    Employee Referral Programs – one of social networks’ “best and highest uses”
    SEO – “social search” will drive SEO results;
    SEM/PPC - very effectively done inside of TW, FB, LI
    Direct Marketing – emails are being replaced by FB messages, @tweets, and InMail; must be used properly (approach as engagement, value added networking, not as “hey, I have a job opening for you - click here”
    Print Advertising – a great branding device, and way to reach high volume, low complexity hires; could be replaced by direct ads on FB and maybe TW, LI
  • 4. Trends in Source of Hire
    Hires from Direct Sourcing and SEO/SEM are increasing by about 2% per year at the expense of 1) Agency hires, 2) newspapers and 3) job boards
    91% of employers have Monster contracts vs 61% LinkedIn
    36% of Job Board hires are from niche sites compared to:
    28% from Career Builder
    22% from Monster
    0.25% LinkedIn
    Source of hire continues to be extremely difficult to measure: did your applicant originate with Monster or was it really Facebook? Or did they begin with a Google search?
    Your company’s jobs or “career site” is as a destination not a source!
  • 5. Top Five Sourcing Technology Trends
    Direct Sourcing: the 20% of job openings that cannot be filled via traditional sources are filled by proactive sourcing activities to uncover experienced prospects directly from competitors using search engines and social networks.
    SEM/SEO: Search Engine Marketing also known as PPC, is buying paid advertising on search engines, job board aggregators and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process that increases employment brand visibility by increasing the chances of being found in the organic (unpaid) search engine results increasing visibility of individual job postings.
    Economies of Scale: reduce cost, save time and decrease effort by centralizing and automating tasks such as posting and distributing jobs, downloading resumes, and processing or filtering information found on the Internet.
    Soliciting Referrals: aggressively, proactively and continuously soliciting referrals from everyone a recruiter comes in contact with
    Talent Communities: engaging talent in their natural habitat, building online communities populated by the types of talent you seek. Purposely-built, skill- or job function-based sites, blogs, virtual private networks, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages or Ning Groups geared uniquely towards the most challenging candidate skillsets. Enhance but not detract nor replace career sites.
  • 6. Top Three Social Recruiting Strategies
    Participate don’t just search
    Maximize your complete profile
    Create, join and participate in groups
    Host and search for events
    Ask and answer questions
    Tweet to engage not just post jobs
    Use your real name, have a full bio, link to a page about you
    Search tweets using 1) twitter, 2) Google, and 3) directories
    Create pervasive searches using RSS Feeds
    Manage all your social networks from one dashboard like HootSuite
  • 7. What are people saying? (tweet #shallyotys)(courtesy of Timo Elliott from SAP Business Objects)
    © SAP 2009 / Page 7
  • 8. New LinkedIn Hacks
    Currently at COMPANY:
    “current * COMPANY” but..
    Also try “COMPANY * past”
    Find members of a group: (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) "Dutch Speaking SAP Consultants"
    Find attendees of an event/meetup: "dutch sap" -intitle:popular
    Efficient international search with new TLDs"software engineer" google
  • 9. Top 20 LinkedIn TLDs by # of profiles
    UK 4,130,000
    India 3,670,000
    Canada 2,500,000
    Netherlands 2,400,000
    France 1,940,000
    Australia 1,340,000
    Italy 1,240,000
    Brazil 1,180,000
    Germany 1,050,000
    Belgium 945,000
    Denmark 875,000
    Spain 856,000
    Sweden 753,000
    South Africa641,000
    Switzerland 499,000
    Poland 494,000
    Norway 451,000
    Mexico 440,000
    Israel 427,000
    For the complete list, see the LinkedIn Recruiter GuruGuideNote: above population estimates include only public profiles
  • 10. Twitter
    Tweepzsearch for bio:company, create RSS feed of results
    Followerwonk search twitter bios for company, skill, jargon
    LocaFollowsearch bios AND tweets, bulk follow, create twitter lists
    Twiangulatesee who your candidates follow and follow them too
    From look for “at company” near:location -source:twitterfeed
    And from Google choose “Latest” option and you’ll see tweets among search results
    Go beyond Twitter: also searchesJaiku, Identica, Bleeper, Bloggy, Cirip, Koornk, Lareta, Linux Outlaws, Suffice to say, TWiT Army and YouAre
  • 11. Automation
    To avoid logging in/out of accounts, get a multi-Twitter account application to manage them, like HootSuite (voted best Twitter app in 1st annual Shorty Awards)
    Great metrics/analytics using URL shortner
    Built in integrated search
    Enter RSS feed URL and set it up to automatically post your new blog posts as tweets and status updates
    Enter the URLs to your: company and/or personal blogs, jobs RSS feeds, LinkedIn and Facebook updates, and Big Buzz RSS. Works with,too!
    Schedule posts in advance (runs even if you're on vacation!), ideally when your target audience tweets most – even on behalf of a group
    Converge on a topic: If you see something posted (e.g., article, blogpost) that your organization should be associated with, get everyone to comment and RT
    Other robust ones include SplitTweet, CoTweetand many others on the Twitter GuruGuide handout you received.
  • 12. Ongoing results - RSS feeds
    For ongoing web search results from other major search engines, they can be processed like emails, too. Just enter the feed URL (see Live & Yahoo below) into either of these tools:
    Outlook 2007 - RSS reader integrated so feeds can be processed just like emails/alerts (for Outlook 2003 - Install free Attensaplug-in)
    Google Alerts – goes to your email address; includes News, Blogs, Web, Groups (Google groups includes all Usenet newsgroups postings) or all those types of search results. Or get as an RSS feed fromFeedMySearch click the orange/white RSS button (in MSIE v7+) or append &format=rssto any results URL to create a feed (Example)
    • just replace the boldface with your string to this URL
    • 13. IceRocket has RSS alerts in the right column of any search result. Check out Big Buzz to track your brand!
    • 14. Twitter: run a Twitter search then click Feed for this query top right
    • 15. Emailed LinkedIn Searches
  • 16. Next steps…
    What now?
    • Follow us Twitter: @arbitainc, @shally, @gutmach
    • 17. Connect on LinkedIn: CyberSleuths Group (12,000+), Shally, Glenn
    • 18. Friends us on Facebook: Arbita Page, Shally, Glenn
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    • 21. Tons more free learning at The Sourcer’s Desk
    Shally SteckerlEVP,
    LinkedIn | My Bio | Skype
    Glenn GutmacherVP,
    LinkedIn| My Bio | Skype