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  • 1. Google Scholar A Tutorial
  • 2. Finding Google Scholar
    • Google Scholar is accessible to the public at http://scholar.google.com . or
    • It can be accessed through the UB Libraries’ site.
  • 3. Finding Google Scholar at UB
    • From the library’s homepage, click on the “Databases by Title” link.
    • Sort results by title and to find Google Scholar under the “G’s”.
  • 4. Getting Started Type a keyword into the basic search box or click on “Advanced Search” for more searching options.
  • 5. Advanced Search Enter keywords into the various advanced search fields to narrow results.
  • 6. Advanced Search Limit your search to a specific author, publication or time period.
  • 7. Advanced Search Find more relevant information by limiting results to a specific field of study.
  • 8.
    • Find other papers similar to the search result
    • by clicking on the “Related Articles” link.
    Search Results
  • 9. Search Results Click on “Cited by” to expand your search by receiving a list of all sources that cite that work.
  • 10. Obtaining Information Click on the title of the search result to open full-text PDF.
  • 11. Obtaining Information
    • Click on “Find it at UB” to connect to UB’s catalog, Bison.
    • Click on “Library Search” to connect to Worldcat and a list of nearby libraries with the source.
  • 12. Search Tips
    • Use a (+) symbol before a word to include a word that Google normally omits.
    • Use a (-) symbol before a term to eliminate that term.
    • Put a phrase in quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.
  • 13. Search Tips
    • Use an asterisk (*) for a wildcard search.
    • Enter a tilde before a search term to find results with synonyms of the term.