The Virtual Real Estate Team: The Unique Approach to Building your Virtual Business

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Laura Monroe's RE Tech South 2011 presentation with Co-Presenter Patty Griffin Keller. The building blocks for creating a virtual real estate team are discussed.

Laura Monroe's RE Tech South 2011 presentation with Co-Presenter Patty Griffin Keller. The building blocks for creating a virtual real estate team are discussed.

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  • 3 min.
  • Who (in the audience) is managing their real estate business right now, from this room? This isn't the way of the future, this is the way to do business NOW.  You are already doing it. The question is...what kind of business do you want to build with the convergence of technology tools and a team? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with aspects of your business falling through the cracks? We're here today to show you ways that you can take what you learn here at RETSO, and actually execute your new goals!
  • (A team of people using technology to work on the same stuff from different places) You may have roadblocks in your mind to this way of managing your business, but we’ll show you step by step some basics for getting started.You’re afraid to lose control, only YOU can do it your wayYou can still so it all, cheaper, and betterBenefits with Friends-The Virtual OfficeCreating an Environment for SuccessSyncing Your Style and Your SystemsBringing Your VA or Team Member into Your CloudIt’s Not Just Me, it’s YouCommunications & TechnologyConclusion
  • Benefits: We believe there are some significant benefits for making this shif*Save money* Business is cyclical, can’t control what’s happening in the market but you can control how you can handle it* Free tools – and dropbox* Take it with you – Coffee Shop or to a new brokerage* Relocation/Travels/Military* For any TaskIf you’re in Atlanta working from 9-6, and your VA is in CA she is essentially working till 9PM (your time)Put you in a position of power - Give you a more control over your business - ultimately a competitive advantage
  • Survey a few years ago on Collaboration and Remote Teams – in the Corporate world 62% of workers, were working as part of a team 50% of the time 72% were not sure how to apply the collaborative technologies available (thru company or on the web) 65% had a fear of using Collaborative technologiesReal Estate is a People Business. ** Going Virtual is 30% technology and 70% team – write that down and remember it!Collaboration Process … it’s about Planning and Delegation – it’s not Dump and Run! Example! Just doesn’t work with a Virtual Team! The key to your success in creating a fabulous and Sucessful Virtual Business is to create a new MindSet – new way of thinking.3 min
  • That’s empowering! Notice it doesn’t say “manager”… or Task Master …LEADERSo what’s the First Step – How do I get started? It all starts with YOU. It’s your business and it’s a great time to do a little analysis. (Stay with me – it’s not like when you sit down with your broker – this is a little different) What are you good at, what do you hate, what opptys are you missing, what’s your competition doing? What Ideas do you want to implement from this conference… what new strategies, New techonologies (we’re going to share some with you) But you don’t know how, don’t have time.Are you maxed out and working way too many hours Want to make more $$ Important to put thought into this new concept…best way is to SWOT2-min
  • SWOT - great way to visualize and organize your business. Simple and Quick. Every business has all of these – allows you to be proactive, not reactive. Pinpoint when it’s time to grow and where you need to grow Quickly2 min
  • After assessing your needs,you should have made some important DISCOVERIES…Perhaps they even surprised you. Make note of what those thoughts were. These are clues to YOUR WORKSTYLE.By having a clear idea of your workstyle you can eliminate the technology and tools you don’t need, which allows you to FOCUS on your needs now, and where you might want to delegate some areas of your business. But first, let’s get your workflow online and off all working together:COMMUNICATION, FILE STORAGE, COLLABORATION, MOBILITYSuccess Strategy- “ I Love my iphone!!” –Find apps that work on your iPhone that you can use offlineIf your weakness is technology…streamline and use only what you need and understand. Technology does not have to cost you a fortune, but it will if you take too much time getting weighed down my bright-shiny object syndrome.If you need people on a regular basis: create Tweet-ups, attend your networking events and conferences. Thepower of cloud computing. It's a way to access your data and apps from anywhere, via the Internet (or "the cloud").Open Source access and customization. Usually have browser extensions, plug-ins and integrate with other helpful programs and tools that enhance the efficiency and usefulness of that tool.Google apps-ProductivityCRM Solutions-Like BatchbookMobile apps, like Evernote, DropBoxCommunication: Decide on preferred method of text, chat or SMS for clients and internal communication-like SkypeYammer for internalStreamline your Virtual Systems with coordinating apps on Smartphones & iPads so they allow you to continue your workflow offline without having to rely on a separate tool or platform.Now you are ready, organized and have a plan your team member (s) into your cloud!3 min
  • Now that you know what your superpowers are: You need to bring in your other superpowers. Leverage your strengths with the strengths of others, no matter where they are.But how do you know when it’s the right time?? Here are some signs to watch out for:You are maxed out on income-producing capabilityYou have more prospects, leads or clients than you can handle by yourself, but you are not ready for commission splits with a partnerClients are asking you do do things that you are not able to do. Bring in VA’s with strengths that are the opposite of yours.Listing/Marketing CoordinatorsTransaction ManagersWeb Design & SEOSocial Media & BloggingMulti-talented VA’s or Online Managers who can help you bring it all togetherDon’t Hire Friends or In-LawsFigure out Your Company Culture..You have the freedom to be innovative. Give people a reason to want to work with you.Bring in Pro-active thinkers, they will be with you the longest.Compatibility- PC/MacWhere to hire: Ask for Referrals, Patty & Laura,, E-lance
  • By this time, you have brought on a new member. You have a plan, a workflow..and know JUST where you want to go.So let’s talk about how this all works together. How does this new relationship work? In the age of Facebook and 140 characters, we are drastically losing our ability to communicate effectively. The biggest mistake that is made when collaborating losing communication.
  • As the Team leader, it’s incredibly easy to become disconnected. There are phone calls to make, deals that go south, commitments to keep. Every once in a while you will need to stop and ask your team..How can we do this better? And see what they say.Share!!! Your market, community, your vision, your ideas, your values. This is what will establish trust and motivation…and Home Runs. “Pitch to their bat.”Investthe time to exchange and discuss ideas — to learn about their team members and adapt to their working styles and preferences. From there, they can choose tools that support productive collaboration, rather than making the sharing of even the most basic information a burden.
  • 5 min to tools
  • Communication and technology


  • 1. To Infinity & Beyond Creating a Virtual Team
    Presented by: Patty Keller
    Presented by: Laura Monroe
  • 2. Embracing the Concept
    of a Virtual Office and TEAM
    Virtual is not a FAD.
    You are already doing it.
  • 3. Virtual Teams are a Unique Approach
    to Real Estate
    Benefits with Friends-The Virtual Office
    Creating an Environment for Success
    Syncing Your Style and Your Systems
    Bringing Your VA or Team Member into Your Cloud
    It’s Not Just Me, it’s You
    The Virtual Toolbox
  • 4. Benefits with Friends
    The Virtual Office & Team
    • Cut Office/Desk Fees
    • 5. Weather the RE market conditions
    • 6. Better budgeting to streamline costs
    • 7. Portable
    • 8. The Mobile Internet is growing. Be where your clients are.
    • 9. Hire the BEST team or VA, from anywhere
    • 10. Flex Time-Let the time zones extend your day
  • Myth– learning to manage a Virtual Team is about learning how to use Technology
    Truth– Learning to manage a Virtual Team (and Business) requires understandingPeopleand the Collaboration Process
  • 11. You are the Ownerof your Virtual Office…
    …and the Leaderof your Virtual Team
  • 12. DiscoverYour Superpowers
    and your weaknesses. Then FOCUS.
  • 13. Sync Your Style & Your Systems
    File Storage
  • 14. Bringing the Right Team into Your Cloud
  • 15. Virtual vs. the Void
    Are you there?
    Creating an Environment for Success
  • 16. It’s not just me…
    it’s you too :)
    Remote Relationships
    • Establish Business Central-Your Epicenter
    • 17. Establish clear lines of communication
    • 18. Schedule weekly, or bi-monthly update meetings
    • 19. Action Days, Deadlines and Milestones
    • 20. Be Social-online watercooler using Social Media
  • The Virtual Toolbox:
    Find the Right Tools.
    Be Flexible.
    Have fun.
  • 21. Collaboration Tools
    File Sharing
  • 22. Virtual Meetings
  • 23. Top Producer 8i
    No downloading
    Assistant accounts
    Client Management
    Action Plans
    Lead Generation
    Social Media Integration
    Central Desktop
  • 24. Screen pics, & screen videos to share
  • 25. Provide the systems and support to create an environment of inevitable success.
    Real Estate is still a people business.
  • 26. Sync your tools and technology to work with you and your work style.
  • 27. The art of communication. Create it, listen, and get things done.