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  • 1. Wrapping up Lit Reviews Monday, 3/12
  • 2. General Tips When you first introduce an author, try to state first and last name, as well as some background info and title of their work. Example: Elizabeth Wardle, Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, in her 2008 article “Mutt Genres and FYC,” explains…
  • 3. General Tips When you state that an author has conducted a study, give some background on that study. Example: Deborah Brandt conducted a study to trace how literacy sponsorship played a role in students’ perception of literacy. In her findings, she explains,”…..”
  • 4. General Tips After you have completed a section, read over what you have written. When you have thoughts or ideas regarding the claims made by your authors, include them. Look into the words chosen by the authors of your sources. Explain what you think they may be implying. Analyze the claims and methodologies. Do you think the conclusions stated are valid? Why or why not?
  • 5. Writing your introduction Establish your territory What research has been conducted? Provide an overview of your headings Use parts from the intro to your annotated bib
  • 6. Intro ExampleThe purpose and reasons for the FCAT Writes test havebeen widely debated. Some sources support theimplementation of the FCAT Writes, explaining that theexam provides a way for educators to assess studentwriting (Brown; Swales). Other sources negate thebenefits of the FCAT Writes Test by explaining thatstudents have different writing processes, and that thisexam may not accurately reflect the writing abilities ofstudents (Johnson; Smith). By analyzing these sources, Iwill study the perception of the FCAT Writes by collegestudents.
  • 7. General Tips Think about the order of your headings Go from more general to more specific Example: Defining the FCAT Positive Perceptions of the FCAT College Preparation as a Positive Perception of the FCAT
  • 8. Structure of your Lit ReviewIntroduction (Bold)Paragraph(s)Heading(s) (Bold)Paragraph(s)Conclusion (Bold)---We will work on this on Wednesday
  • 9. Tips Your lit review is the beginning of your research paper Think about how all of these sections introduce your topic Start thinking about what you want to do with your project: Who do you want to talk to? Do you want to survey? Interview? Observe? On Wednesday, bring a copy of your lit review for peer review. Final draft due Friday.