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Enc 1102 starting your genre analysis
Enc 1102 starting your genre analysis
Enc 1102 starting your genre analysis
Enc 1102 starting your genre analysis
Enc 1102 starting your genre analysis
Enc 1102 starting your genre analysis
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Enc 1102 starting your genre analysis


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  • 1. Starting yourGenre AnalysisWednesday, May 16th
  • 2. Goals for today Discuss Devitt, Bawarshi, and Reiff Find your three articles Understand how to write your Preliminary Genre Analysis assignment Be ready to work on this assignment as much as possible before Monday.
  • 3. Homework and Reminders No class tomorrow (Thursday) Read Devitt (posted on Webcourses) and take notes in your journal Work on your Preliminary Genre Analysis paper You can send me drafts at any point
  • 4. In your groups Each group gets a section from the assignment sheet (Patterns, Subject, Participants, Features) Lookthrough the questions listed in your section, and write 1-3 paragraphs that address those questions. Type and post on your FB Page.
  • 5. ExampleSetting: Where did you find your article? What other articles were published in thesame issue or journal? How did you access your article? The article, “Materiality and Genre in the Study of DiscourseCommunities,” written by Amy Devitt, Anis Bawarshi, and Mary Jo Reiff, waspublished in the 2003 issue of College English. According to the journal’s website,College English is “the professional journal for the college scholar-teacher. CEpublishes articles about literature, rhetoric-composition, critical theory, creativewriting theory and pedagogy, linguistics, literacy, reading theory, pedagogy, andprofessional issues related to the teaching of English. Each issue also includesopinion pieces, review essays, and letters from readers.” This article was alsopublished along with multiple other pieces concerning how genres mediateactivities in discourse communities. These articles include Amy Devitt’s,“Assignment by Design,” which focuses on how teachers can help studentsunderstand how to analyze genres more effectively. Though I accessed thisarticle through the online database EBSCO Host, the journal is also published andavailable in hard copy.
  • 6. What to work on? Find your articles Start your analysis. Look at the patterns. Read Devitt before Monday, and take notes in your journal.