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Mobile Developer Tip Sheet
Mobile Developer Tip Sheet
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Mobile Developer Tip Sheet


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  1.    1www.stackmob.com5 Habits of Highly EffectiveMobile Developers2. Outsource your Backend LogicAnother time consuming part of development is working with your app’s data components, such ashooking up Core Data, developing a server-powered backend to act as your web service, spendingtime devising the various JSON parsing methods, managing data and reliably hosting your server.As any developer can tell you, building and releasing a quality app is no small effort. The bestdevelopers work smarter not harder. Knowing where to focus your time is key. Let’s explore fivetools that will free up your time to focus on building a great app.1. Don’t Re-invent the WheelWith time of the essence, wouldn’t it make more sense for you toleave the data hosting and management to the experts?StackMob’s backend platform can manage your app’s backend, quickly building out schemas,providing authentication, social integration, geolocation, custom code and more.StackMob gives developers ‘peace of mind’, with multiple API versions available and separateproduction and development environments. You never have to worry about a change indevelopment breaking production and you can support multiple versions of your API — neverleaving a customer in the dark.iOS and Android developers have active open-source communities,responsible for delivering amazing free components. So why re-inventthe wheel when you can use tools that have already been peer-contributed and tested?This is a guest article by Tope Abayomi of App Design Vault. If your iPhone app needs ahome on the web, Tope is offering a free iPhone App WordPress Theme for all readers.Cocoa Controls has an extensive directory of components (mostly free and open sourced), rangingfrom customised UIViewControllers to navigational components and controls, that you can effortlesslyclone and use via GitHub.Android developers can look to the Android Developers toolkit for a variety of resources and UIcomponents to get started.
  2.    2www.stackmob.com3. Leave Design to the ExpertsA good app combines functionality and aesthetics, which relates to UXand how usable and the app is. The problem is, many developers decide towear both their designer hat and developer hat, burning the midnight oiltrying to come up with a good UI.5. Practice SourceControl ManagementWhether you use Git, Subversion or CVS,some form of version control is a tenet of gooddevelopment. Version control is more than just abackup in case your computer crashes and burns,4. Put your App through its PacesA lot of developers bypass the testing phase altogether, eager to release their app, so they can beginmarketing it, only to get knocked back by Apple, because they forgot to test a certain scenario. It takesat least 5–7 business days for Apple to review your app and developers want to avoid getting rejected.TestFlight is a free service that allows you to upload your latest alphaor beta release to a designated team of testers. In turn, testers can runthrough the app, using different devices, in different locations, underDoes that sound familiar? It may make more financial sense to splurge alittle and hire a designer, someone who is more seasoned, to concentrateon the visual detail, leaving you to finish off the coding side of things. Or ifyou prefer to take a more hands-on approach, you can download a pre-made UI template to cut your design time.different environmental conditions. You can iteratively release new versions of the app to the TestFlighttestbed and track goals (such as if users are able to reach certain parts of the app) and crashes.Another service that does a good job of managing your testing efforts is Hockeyapp, which can testAndroid, Windows and iOS also allows you to manage your code smartly. It provides a platform for sharing code across yourteam more succinctly, to branch versions of your code for specific releases, as well as the ability toannotate changes/commits to make it clearer to others reviewing your code.Being a more effective developer will not only improve your app development, but also free upmore time to do other essential tasks that will help you succeed– such as marketing your app.v.2v.1v.2