Tips for College Grads, Resume Writing-Turn College Skills into Job Skills


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College grads learn how to create a resume. Turning college skills into job skills and putting it together in an articulate resume, one that gets noticed.

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  • Basic skills assessment
  • Tips for College Grads, Resume Writing-Turn College Skills into Job Skills

    1. 1. Transition College Skills Into Job Skills Presented by: Laura Kasper, President/CEO
    2. 2.  Dependability  Good Positive Attitude  Skills & Qualifications  Flexibility & Adaptability  Fit Into Company Culture
    3. 3. How do you Demonstrate Dependability?
    4. 4. Good Positive Attitude
    5. 5. Skills & Qualifications for the Job • Internships • Part-Time Jobs: Paid and Unpaid • Volunteerism/Community Service All Experience Counts…
    6. 6. • Clubs, Memberships • Student Government • Athletic Associations • Sororities & Fraternities • Leadership Positions Held - President - Secretary - Treasurer Clubs & Organizations All Experience Counts…
    7. 7. Flexibility And Adaptability.
    8. 8. Do you fit into the Culture of the Company and Department?
    9. 9. Getting Your Resume Read  What are you selling?  How will you do this?  What is the goal? Market your skills, traits and abilities
    10. 10. Resume Readiness What are employers looking for in a resume? What makes a good resume? 7TOP Market your skills traits and abilities
    11. 11. Keep it simple, concise, exact, brief outlined / bulleted format: Not Too Much “White Space” • 95% of all resumes are read online. • .5 margins • No smaller than 10pt. Font • Do not use Text Boxes
    12. 12. SUE SUMMIT Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 (610) 555-1234 Contact information should look like this and be located at the top of your resume:  Top quarter of your resume.  Include your Public Profile URL.  Professional email address!  Contact Information
    13. 13. Replace it with a“30 Second Commercial” Get rid of Objective: • Experience • Describe You – Know your Traits • Major, Minor, Projects • Grade point average
    14. 14. Most hiring managers will discard a resume with errors. Errors show a lack of care and proofing skills, which are transferable to any position. No spelling or grammar errors:
    15. 15. • Use action verbs, keywords and phrases • Get rid of the “I's” Hiring managers quickly want to see what you have successfully accomplished. All experience counts. • Participated in… • Coordinated… • Solved…. • Wrote…
    16. 16. Key Words and Phrases
    17. 17. Dates and gaps accounted for – be as specific as possible
    18. 18. Cover Letter • Personalize The Letter - Never address the letter “To Whom It May Concern” • Do Your Research! - Learn about the company, it’s mission & values. - Pick out key words in the position description especially if the company uses key word scanning software.
    19. 19. Cover Letter • Articulate Why You Are A Good Fit - Don’t just reiterate your resume. - Highlight 2-4 or your relevant abilities. - Write 2-3 sentences about how your experiences specifically showcase them. • Proofread!
    20. 20. Make the Hiring Managers Job Easy Candidates Move yourself from an “Applicant” to a “Candidate
    21. 21. Things to consider... Applicant vs. Candidates  Set up a professional email account  Completely fill out the application online  Save your resume document with a professional title that can be easily recognized… Mikesmithmarketingrepres09.doc Susantellresumeaccountingres09.doc
    22. 22. How to “Ace” The Interview What Hiring Managers Won’t Tell You  What is a turn off to you during an interview?  What would make you stop abruptly and mark an “X” on the candidate you are interviewing?  With all candidates being equal, what would make you hire one person over another?
    23. 23. Interviewing Turn-Offs 1. No Eye Contact 2. Cell Phone On The Desk or Answering The Call! 3. Limp Handshake 4. Your “Scent” Enters Before You Do
    24. 24. Interviewing Turn-Offs 5. Not Prepared to Take Notes 6. Short, One-Word Answers 7. Showing No Enthusiasm 8. Inappropriate Dress Yea…No…Maybe
    25. 25. First and Foremost… Look Presentable and Businesslike • Suit vs. No Suit • Shoes • Hair • Jewelry
    26. 26. This….
    27. 27. Not That….
    28. 28. Too Casual
    29. 29. This Not That….
    30. 30. This Not That…
    31. 31. Never Show This…
    32. 32. Telephone Screening • Hiring Managers use the pre-screen telephone interview to narrow down the best candidates to see in person. • The Power of the First 30 Seconds!
    33. 33. Telephone Screening – What Not To Do No crying baby in the background Use a land line if possible or your cell in a quiet room. Do not interview while driving! Dress for success – even though they can not see you. Be sure to answer the call yourself
    34. 34. Prep Beforehand • Bring pages of the company’s website. These all show interest and will set you apart from those who are not prepared. • Prepare for it, write it down. • Bring a notepad and your answers to questions you know will be asked.
    35. 35. Prep Beforehand • Do your homework • Visit the company’s website • The Internet is a good resource • Press Releases • Google the company • Use LinkedIn Network to find out who works there • Write down 3 things you know about the company
    36. 36. Let’s Talk About Getting to the Interview… • 10-15 minutes early is the rule of thumb. • Write down and remember who you are interviewing with. • Know where you are going. Wow! I wish I wrote down her name BEFORE the interview! • Look up the interviewer on LinkedIn. • If you are not sure of the exact pronunciation, ask BEFORE the interview and practice it. • Do not smoke before the interview. PREPARATION IS KEY
    37. 37. Who Is Watching… • Driving • Receptionist/Greeter • The Walker • HR Recruiter • Department Head • Hiring Manager
    38. 38. • Nice Place to work • Seems like a good company • Close to my home • My friend works here Interview Question The Candidate Answers… Interviewer: Why do you want to work at ABC company?
    39. 39. Candidate Comments and Questions… Be prepared - Your answer must have substance. Know the mission/vision and core values from the company’s website.  Research Company Website  In the News Section, Articles  Talk to People you might know that work there  • I really like what I saw on your site about… • I share a lot of the same core values ….. • I noticed that ….
    40. 40. What is a Behavioral Interview Question? Real-life examples Not scenarios What you have experienced personally Put a “positive spin” on your answer. • Tell me about a time…. • Share with me a situation…. • Describe to me…. Answer with ….
    41. 41. 2 Questions You Never ask at a 1st interview … How much sick and vacation time do I get? How much does this position pay?
    42. 42. Asking Questions After The Interview “No, that’s OK, I think you covered it all.” The recruiter is now putting an “X” on your file.
    43. 43. Always Ask Questions After The Interview Sample “After-Interview “ Questions  Can you tell me a little bit about what the culture of the department is?  What are the normal work hours for the position?  Why is the position vacant at this time?  What are your expectations for this position?
    44. 44. The “Thank You Letter”… As simple as it sounds, not sending a follow-up “thank you” letter can prevent you from landing your dream job. - SEND THE THANK YOU. Either email or snail mail. - Recommend snail mail/postcard because people do not get much mail in work these days. - Check your spelling and grammar before sending. - If the thank you is sent with mistakes, it will deter you from getting the job. Snail Mail Can Set You Apart!
    45. 45. Top 10 Reasons You Will Not Be Hired 1. Talking too much 2. Not dressed appropriately 3. No eye contact 4. Scent enters before you do 5. No enthusiasm 6. Negative body language 7. Cell phone interruption 8. Showing too much skin 9. Bad mouth last employer 10. Short, one-word answers
    46. 46. Social & Professional Networking Sites The Internet can be a useful tool like a knife… but if you used inappropriately – it can cut you!
    47. 47. In Conclusion… You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. You Are Hired!
    48. 48. For More Information Visit Locations in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery Counties Thank You. Apply Online Today. • Click “Apply for a Job”. • Fill in all work history. • Send resume in word document to: •