5 Steps to Creating Beautiful Giclee Prints


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5 Steps to Creating Beautiful Giclee Prints

  1. 1. Tips for Creating Beautiful Fine Art Prints
  2. 2. What is a • Giclee is the industry term for fine art printing using inkjet technologyGiclee Print? • With giclee, the control of the printing process is put directly into the artist’s hands • It’s the best way to accurately reproduce art one image at a time, on a wide variety of substrates, at a very low cost http://www.americanframe.com/giclee-printing.aspx
  3. 3. One of our Epson giclee printers at work –a reproduction of an original watercolor onHahnemuele Photo Rag paper
  4. 4. 5 Steps toPreparingYour File ForPrinting • Calibrate your monitor • Use all your colors • Select your paper • Preview your image with a ‘soft proof’ • Level and tone your image www.americanframe.com/art-printing.aspx
  5. 5. CalibrationMonitors need to be calibrated to industry standards tomake sure that the image as you see it on your monitor will match what the printer can print =
  6. 6. Calibrate • If your monitor is set too bright, then your prints may print too darkYour Monitor • Calibration is the process used to align what is displayed on the computer monitor with what can be printed on paper • Maps the white point, gamma, & brightness of the monitor to industry standards www.americanframe.com/ monitor-calibration-review.aspx
  7. 7. Our recommendation:x-Rite ColorMunki Display www.americanframe.com/ monitor-calibration-review.aspx
  8. 8. Use All theColors Your • We utilize all the color in your image when printing byCamera Can converting directly to theCapture color space of the printer/ paper combination that you select • Make sure your camera is set to RGB vs sRGB
  9. 9. Notice the difference in the color spaces. AdobeRGB 1998 can capture a much wider range of colors than sRGB.
  10. 10. lovethe authenticityand accuracythe right paper,canvas and expertiseto faithfully reproduceyour original
  11. 11. Select theRight Paper • Papers vary in how they absorb ink and reflect lightfor YourImage • They also have different color properties • So, selecting the “right” paper is a matter of personal preference and is dictated by price, quality and aesthetics www.americanframe.com/images/PDFs/printing.pdf
  12. 12. Coated papers have a larger colorspace than matte papers and canvas
  13. 13. Sometimes the paper is capable ofproducing color beyond the color space
  14. 14. Think • Glossy and luster papers have a resin coating that makes images popAboutColor, • Fine art papers lend themselves to a soft, painterly feelTexture,Feel • Canvas is nice for reproducing muted images • To offer a completely modern look to your prints, we now offer printing on Plexiglas® and Aluminum! www.americanframe.com/ PrintingOnPlexiglasAndAluminum.aspx
  15. 15. Preview YourImage with a • When printing, the colors in your image are mapped to the colors of‘Soft Proof’ the printer/paper combination that you choose • A soft proof is achieved by temporarily restricting the colors of your monitor to the smaller range original screen image of color that your printer/profile can produce with a defined rendering intent www.americanframe.com/soft-proofing.aspx http://staging.americanframe.com/americanframe/ soft proof enabled printing-profile.aspx
  16. 16. Preview YourImage with a‘Paper Proof’ • If soft-proofing is not an option, you can order an exact color proof on the paper you choose at americanframe.com http://www.americanframe.com/FAQprinting.aspx Receive an 8” x 10” full image (See Question 9) color sample on the specific paper of your choice
  17. 17. After ‘Soft Proofing,’ make sure the image uses all the tones and make your final edits
  18. 18. If your print is to have a full range of values from pure black to pure white, then your image must use the full range of tones in PhotoShop
  19. 19. Love the • And now, you are ready to print!simplicity Simply upload your file and our easy to use web site will walk youprint. frame. ship. through the steps • Questions? Contact our printing department:  printdept@americanframe.com or (800) 537-0944 M-F  8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ESTFiles up to 50MB accepted www.americanframe.com/ AmericanFrame/Printing.aspx
  20. 20. framing design,materials & assemblyget rightto theheartof it all http://www.americanframe.com/ DIYFramingFundamentalsBook.aspx