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Social media campaign example done for Tiger Beer.

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Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. Tiger Beer - Social Media CampaignCompany HistoryTiger beer was first brewed in Singapore in 1932. It is available in 60 differentcountries including Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and the MiddleEast. Their strongest company presence is in Asia Pacific, especially in Singapore,Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Tiger beerspresence in the UK is also strong, where it can be found in 8,000 premium bars, clubsand distribution outlets in the UK’s major cities. Tiger beer remains the dominant beerin Malaysia and Thailand, however recently they have also begun to develop a strongstance in the global beer market. It was in 1995 that they decided to reposition Tigerbeer as an international product and began to launch global campaigns.Company Brand ImageAfter large rebranding efforts in 1995 to globalize their product, Tiger beer hasbecome an iconic brand. The first step in rebranding was to enhance their colors; theywere brightened to make the product more aesthetically pleasing and give the beers a“new age” feel. There are two main themes around their messaging. The first is anemergence of cultures where they Eastern way of life meets the Western way of life.Many of their print ads support this theme and influence their promotional events. Thesecond theme that Tiger beer portrays is the consumer becoming in tune with theiranimal instinct. This is demonstrated through their commercials and print ads. Thecommercials all have a similar tone, they feature two or more people enjoying eachother’s company in a social setting, then an altercation with Tiger beer happens andone of the characters begins to change into their inner animal to either attain orprotect their Tiger beer.Marketing CampaignsTiger TranslateThis campaign focuses on the emergence of rising Asian artists. The message is todeliver and educate Western countries about Eastern culture, including Tiger beer.Each event is glocalized to their specific target market segments with a constant voice.These events are intended to increase awareness of Tiger beer and to inspirecollaborations between Eastern and Western artists using various mediums of art. Forexample, Tiger beer held one of their showcases in London at Hearn street car park inSeptember 2008. The theme was ‘Voyage,’ where artists from all over the world cameto transform an old cab into a piece of art, others worked together on differentcanvases to create unique pieces. The event was DJed and MCed by London locals andfeatured a performance by a band from Thailand. Events like these are held worldwidebringing together bright creative minds to develop a Tiger brand community throughthe emersion of Eastern and Western art.Tiger StreetTiger beer’s global brand community is currently engaging in a Street FootballCompetition named “Take Back the Street.” The campaign is an organized in 5 differentcountries with over 180 teams. The theme of the event is success, and wears the tagline “Enjoy Winning.” Each team competes for prizes and one team will be crowned
  2. 2. “King of the Streets.” The event has a street carnival atmosphere and includes humanfoosball, street performers, live music and great prizes. A T-shirt designingcompetition for the teams in the Final Round of competition, along with online gamingis used to create a buzz prior to the event. Promotion for this event is mainly carriedout through social media and word of mouth.RecommendationsSocial Media OverviewTiger beer has live Facebook and Twitter accounts. These accounts are confusingbecause it is not clear which pages are Tiger beer official and they also lack aconnection between each other. My recommendation for Tiger beer’s marketingcampaign would be to synergize their social media outlets and sync their content.The promotional events they create are very well planned and executed. I believe bysupplementing these events with a strong social media presence, gaining moreimpressions and success with the brand. Social media opens up a targeting marketoption that does not rest on the geographical reach of its audience but more on theinterests and cares of the consumer. The reach of the brand’s message right now isrestricted by the geographic boundaries of their promotional events. Social media canbe leveraged to break these barriers down to educate and expand brand knowledge.This will result in building and monetizing a personal relevance and relationship withmore consumers. Brand loyalty is secured through attention to consumers andfavorable unique actions, such as engaging followers and friends through contests onTwitter and Facebook. Gaming and location based social media are on a rise for digitalmarketing. Other recommendations I have are to increase the awareness of the alreadyexisting gaming aspect of the website and incorporate foursquare into the marketingmix. Examples below:Possible Facebook Posts 1) Hey Tiger fans! Are you on twitter? Well we are - at Check us out and stay tuned this week, we’ve got some great contests set up to win Tiger beer discounts and merch! 2) “Hit the streets” Tiger Street Football is starting to heat up! Artist finalists have been selected for the T-Shirt contest and the winner’s design will be rocked by everyone at the Grand Final Competition on September 17th & 18th 2011 in XXXX. Cast your vote on to have a say in what everyone will be rocking. 3) This just in! We got together with Foursquare to design a kick-ass badge for all you Tiger beer fans. Earn the badge by checking into a participating location that sells Tiger beer. After 10 check-ins, earn the badge and unlock an exclusive Tiger beer special. More details here tigerbeer.
  3. 3. Possible Twitter Updates 1) Hey Tiger music fans! Check out the UK band The Stereophonics, a favorite of Street Football Champion Wayne Rooney. #Musicmonday #nowplaying 2) How are your punting skills? Play our game on to compare against other Tiger fans and win Tiger prizes! #DontBeScared (trending hashtag worldwide) 3) Contest: Unleash your animal side with a Tiger beer and tweet us the pic. Top 10 get a Tiger cozy, #1 pic gets a Tiger mug! 4) Tiger fans this is your LAST CHANCE to vote for the Tiger Street Football Gear design winners at #Tigerbeer 5) Excited for football season? So are we – Street Football that is. Only a few more weeks until we crown the “King of the Streets” #TigerbeerFoursquareDevelop a Tiger beer Badge that can be earned by checking in at participating locationsthat sell Tiger beer. Once the badge is earned the user unlocks a special that includesa purchasing incentive.Blog PostInterview with Tiger Beer Street Football Star Wayne RooneyHey Tiger fans! This weekend we got the chance to meet up with Tiger Street FootballChampion, Wayne Rooney. We got to chat for a while about Wayne’s Street Footballcareer, what he does when he isn’t playing the game and got some advice for all youfuture Street Football players. We were surprised to find out that even though Wayne isa warrior in the game, off the field he is a pretty chill and shy guy, who obviouslyshares our love for Tiger beer.TB: Where did you first play street football?Wayne: I learned to play football in the streets of Croxteth, Liverpool.TB: What is your most memorable goal of all time?Wayne: This one time while playing a derby game against Man City back in February2011, I pulled off some acrobatic overhead kick to win the game. That was pretty epic.TB: Where does the nicknames “Wazza” come from?Wayne: [He laughs] I am going to need a few more of these Tiger beers before I starttelling that story.TB: Can you explain your tattoo? (Wayne has the words "Just Enough Education toPerform" tattooed on his right forearm)
  4. 4. Wayne: That story I can answer [he laughs]. The line is the title of an album from mefavorite band, The Stereophonics. They have since become pretty close friends of mine.I actually just got their new album in the mail this week, Keep Calm and Carry On. Ican’t stop listening to it!TB: Who do you look up to?Wayne: This is going to sound random but I am a pretty big boxing fan. I look up toMike Tyson and consider Muhammad Ali one of the best sportsmen of all time.TB: What is one of the greatest honors you have received so far?Wayne: One time a pub in Devon, UK changed its name in my honor; The Half Moon inPaignton is now known as The Half Roon. I know it might not seem like a big deal tosome people, but it hits close to home for me. I am also excited to start writing. I justlanded a book deal with HarperCollins, it’s one of the biggest sports book deals inpublishing history. I have to write a minimum of five books during my career. To behonest I’m a little nervous about that one.TB: What to do you when you are not playing Street Football? Besides writing now ofcourse.Wayne: I think you also mean besides drinking Tiger beer? [Everyone laughs} I actuallylove watching TV and movies. Don’t judge, but my favorite movie is Grease.TB: Then should I also be afraid to ask who your favorite actor is?Wayne: Yes you should, it’s Brad Pitt.TB: Going back to Street Football, what does it mean to you?Wayne: Street football has been a very big part of my life since I was young. It hastaught me skills that I still use to further my game today. In a way, street footballmirrors my attitude in football and in life. It is about the passion for the game, a driveto win and most of all, its on the streets where everyone can play. The non-stop playin Tiger Street Football makes it dynamic, fun, all about winning and striving to pushyourself further. For 6 minutes in two halves, the action never stops and the gamenever ends. It is a great inspiration to the fans to be the best footballer they can be.TB: How do you handle the pressure of the game?Wayne: When things are not going my way I’ve got to stay mentally tough, adapt mybody and keep going for my team, because you never know when you will catch abreak, and potentially win a game.TB: Any last advice for our young Street Football players?Practice every day and keep trying to learn. To make the step from a youth teamplayer, to the reserve team and then the first team you have to sacrifice a few things inyour life and if you can do that it will give you the best possible chance to achieve that.