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Storytelling Your Brand Preview

Storytelling Your Brand Preview



This is the preview of a recent presentation I made to a Fort Worth group. Would it be helpful for your group? Contact me to learn more.

This is the preview of a recent presentation I made to a Fort Worth group. Would it be helpful for your group? Contact me to learn more.



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  • Why are stories important? Why do we like them? I’m going to start out with a story, my own. Although I work with a number of trusted colleagues, I run a one-woman shop, so the story of my brand is the story of me. Grew up on Central Texas Farm Interested in art and writing, but no role models Majored in English because I knew English teachers and what they did Passion for art didn’t go away Learned the practical side of graphic design in a printing shop Opened what I thought would be just a graphic design business One of first clients needed someone to write the brochure I was designing. “ I can do that.” Now the combination of design, writing and brand development, hallmark of my business. Covers solving branding/marketing problems, producing marketing tools (websites, brochures, digital, social and traditional marketing)
  • All of you are here today because you are leaders in some way. You represent a company or an organization. The purpose today is to amp up the power of your story, to give you a framework for developing your brand.
  • Talk about famous brands and how they are using these principles. Google Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Go their website and look at 10 Things to see what drives the company. Goodwill A hand up, not a handout. Nike Just do it.
  • Think about a movie, a novel, or even a fairy tale. They all have: Characters Plot Setting Voice
  • Just like a novel or a movie, your brand’s story has a framework, too.
  • Stories inspire, teach, entertain, and help us remember. Poet and novelist Ben Okri was born in 1959 in Minna, northern Nigeria, to an Igbo mother and Urhobo father.
  • What obstacles get in the way of telling your story well? Get audience response. Living hand-to-mouth Leadership changes Knowledge gaps. From technical to big picture. Limited staff and financial resources
  • In spite of the obstacles, we must learn to keep the stories alive. I love this quote from Crow and Weasel. Barry Holstun Lopez (born January 6, 1945) is an American author, essayist, and fiction writer whose work is known for its environmental and social concerns. (Crow and Weasel) is a mythic story about two adventurers who travel far from their village, encountering strange places and people and gaining important knowledge from animal allies. They return to tell the stories of their adventures and the many lessons learned about friendship, respect for others, the importance of gratitude, and the sacredness of relationships. NEXT SLIDE
  • Each one of your organizations, whether it’s a non-profit organization, a small business, or part of a nationwide network of offices, each of you has a meaningful story that needs to be honored and lifted up. Stories bring the human element to the fore, and every business story is, after all, a human story. Robert McKee teaches story-telling for screenwriters, filmmakers, writers, novelists, actors, producers, directors and playwrights. NEXT SLIDE
  • Another way to learn more about branding is to register for Farm Work, my enewsletter at this website, or you may sign up on the registration sheets on the tables. This will also provide access to my blog.

Storytelling Your Brand Preview Storytelling Your Brand Preview Presentation Transcript

  • Storytelling Your Brand A 5-Step Framework for Brand Development ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • What’s the value of a story? ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • Stories are thesingle mostpowerful toolin a leader’stoolkit. --Howard Gardner ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • What do successful brandshave in common? • The big idea • The message(s) • The personality ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • What elementsshape a story? • Characters • Plot • Setting • Voice ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • The brandframework ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • “Without stories we would go mad. Life would lose its moorings or orientation. Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart larger.” —Ben Okri ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • Obstacles? ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • “If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive.” —Barry Lopez, Crow and Weasel ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • “Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” —Robert McKee ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • Branding is a process thattakes time and consideration todevelop and mature. As yourstory evolves, so does yourbrand. ©Total Spectrum 2012
  • Farm Work Registrationwww.totalspectrum.com/newsletter ©Total Spectrum 2012