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This is my very first PPT and slide show. Please be nice!

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Hall l u2ip_powell_7apr13

  1. 1. Hall1Laura HallProfessor Terry PowellIMKT120-Media Design Concepts7 April 2013 SlideShare.net Hello, my name is Laura Hall. I am a second semester student majoring in Web Designand Development at IADT Online. The following presentation will inform you of the benefits ofadding social media to your marketing plan:This artwork can be found at: www.canstockphoto.comSome quick facts regarding the blending of Social Media and the Corporate America • 94% of all businesses with a marketing department use social media • Close to 60% of marketers are devoting the equivalent of a full work day to social media marketing maintenance and development • 43% of people in their 20’s spend approximately 10 +/- hours on social media web sites
  2. 2. Hall2• 85% of all businesses that use social media platforms in their marketing strategy reported an increase in their market exposure• 58% of businesses that have used social media marketing for 3 or more years have reported increases in sales over that period Embracing Social Media as a form of advertising is fairly new to the business world.Social media has long been thought of as ways to keep in touch with friends and family.Little did we know that keeping in touch would someday include your customers.According to Forbes Magazine, the three primary social media outlets that businesses utilizeare Facebook, Twitter and Google. I particularly like the fact that when I pull up GoogleMaps, local businesses are listed…i.e. Restaurants…….These are also advertised on GPSdevises and I’m sure many others.These three have become a must for any business when trying to find their niche in both thetraditional and digital marketplace.
  3. 3. Hall3 Don’t be frightened by this infographic of the current social media landscape from BuddyMedia/Luma. Think of it as a chance to see the larger social media landscape as it is todayand examine where your business or brand fits in.Ask yourself, how informed are you on the latest social media or are you falling behind intechnology and disappointing your customers? Take the time to study the social medialandscape and identify platforms or technologies that might just be what your businessneeds!
  4. 4. Hall4 Let’s take a look at 8 of these benefits that Southern Technologies will prosper from.There are many benefits but some are easier to quantify then others.1. Unparalleled Access to Information – There are an incredible amounts of information thatthe SocialCorp could utilize like consumer buying habits, brand perception, the competitivelandscape, and product support issues.2. Enhanced Brand Awareness and PerceptionRemember, social media could be considered as a set of tools to add to the corporatecommunications plan.3. Better Engagement with Customers, Employees, and Business PartnersThe participatory nature of social media lets everyone who is associated the company play amore active role and consumers who engage with a company through social media feel theyare being listened to.4. Collaboration
  5. 5. Hall5Certain kinds of social media, like wikis (otherwise known as a website that allows visitors tomake changes contributions or corrections, enable new levels of collaboration. Wikis arebeing used internally to improve communications and streamline product development.5. Richer User ExperienceSocial media enables the use of streaming and archival video, podcasts, easily browsedimage libraries, audio resources and more. Industry shows that users prefer a rich mediaexperience. Video has proven to be the richer source that visitors prefer. It keeps them longerand influences purchasing decisions.6. Improved Web MetricsOtherwise known as Web Measurables. Some examples are visitor behavior and site traffic.7. Increased Control over the Company’s Marketplace MessageIt may be good or it may be bad but someone out there is talking about your company. Whatbetter way to control the situation or the outcome then by implementing a social media planand allowing consumers to tell you what they think through a one on one conversation, alsoknown as a B2C, Business to Customer relationship, and participating in that conversationdirectly?8. The ConversationSocial media is the closest thing to a one-on-one conversation to date, between a the largestcorporation and it’s millions of consumers. It is a conversation that everyone can participatein.IT IS IMMEDIATE!
  6. 6. Hall6In conclusion I would like to say that Social Media is a business’s best friend and marketingfuture because Social Media it is here to stay. Facebook alone comprises 1/7th of the worldwith over a billion users. And think, Facebook is not the only Social Media. There arenumerous channels to explore and paths to cross with Social Media.Consider this: You would know instantly, by monitoring your company blog, whether yourcustomers were satisfied and if not, your excellent customer service department could rectifythe situation immediately. A happy customer is a repeat customer!Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful day.
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  8. 8. Hall8