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Museum Next Program 2012

  1. 1. Barcelona2012Partners Sponsors
  2. 2. Welcome toMuseumNextIt is just four years since the first MuseumNext It’s a real pleasure and an honour to welcomebrought together seventy people in my home you to Barcelona for the first edition oftown of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to talk about MuseumNext outside the UK.participation and technology within a museumcontext. Digital media in museums is addressed worldwide to enhance audiences engagementThat initial meeting confirmed to me that and better fulfill museums’ mission as places ofa growing number of people working in knowledge, discovery, learning, entertainmentmuseums wanted to step beyond the ordinary, and participation. The quality of the keynotesshare best practice and ask ‘what next?’ and presentations at MuseumNext Barcelona will certainly help us all to further explore thatEvery year the conference has grown, bringing road and exchange experiences with colleaguestogether a community of like minded people from around the world.and daring us to push the boundaries a littlemore. We are happy that Barcelona is the place where this is happening. With MuseumNext comingMany of you have taken this journey with us, to the city and having been nominated Mobileand the stories that friends made at previous World Capital, it is a good time to advanceMuseumNext events have shared with us about in our digital performance. Our audiencesthe exciting projects that they have attempted, deserve as much and our museums should dohave inspired us to be braver when no less.programming this years conference. Thank you for coming here and my warmestThis year we have almost three times the thanks to Jim Richardson, for having offeredpresentations that we shared in Edinburgh at me the opportunity to co-chair this Confer-MuseumNext 2011. We’ve added workshops ence and for having chosen our city to host it.and a series of fringe events. As you’ll see fromthe acknowledgement page this has only been I wish you all an outstanding MuseumNextpossible because of the support of the wider experience. Have a pleasant stay, enjoy ourmuseum community and institutions here in museums as well as our food and climate!Barcelona. Conxa RodàWe hope that you enjoy Barcelona and that the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelonapresentations that you enjoy over the next few Co-chair of MuseumNext 2012days will inspire you to be brave. @innova2Jim RichardsonSumo, UKCo-chair of MuseumNext 2012@sumojim
  3. 3. Thursday, 24 May 2012 09.00 Registration opens CCCB Teatre foyer Tea, coffee and ‘hello’. You can also collect your delegate bag if you haven’t already. 09.45 Welcome address CCCB Sala Teatre Jim Richardson SUMO Marçal Sintes CCCB Founder of the MuseumNext Jim Richardson and the Director of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Marçal Sintes welcome delegates to Barcelona. 10.00 Opening keynote CCCB Sala Teatre Nancy Proctor Smithsonian Institution Nancy Proctor, Head of Mobile Strategy & Initiatives at the Smithsonian Institution discusses revolutionary and radical practice in museums.Image credit: Mar-Ina Uhrig, Mediamatic
  4. 4. CCCB Sala Teatre11.00 Telling stories through numbers Tijana Tasich & Elena Villaespesa TATE Want to make sense of online metrics? Care about real users and how they engage with your content? Want to increase the benefits of online metrics for your organisation? Measuring online performance has never been more important. In this session you will hear how the analytics culture has been spreading across Tate, and some of the challenges met on the way, all illustrated by examples. Museum Analytics: What can museums learn from each other? Rui Guerra INTK Museum Analytics is an online platform for sharing and discussing information about museums and their audiences. Professionals can learn about the progress of their museum’s social networks and get inspired by other museums. During this presentation, Rui will share the outcome of analysing the social network activities of more than 3000 museums. This session will be hosted by Jasper Visser from Inspired by Coffee
  5. 5. MACBA Auditorium CCCB Sala RavalDulwich OnView Keynote in conversationShapa Begum, Ingrid Beazley and Andrea Nancy ProctorSzeplaki, Dulwich Picture Gallery Smithsonian InstitutionDulwich OnView (DOV) is probably unique; An informal question and answer session;it is a museum blog run in partnership with this is a great chance to put your questionsthe local community. It is a very effective to an internationally recognised expert onmarketing tool posing as a local community mobile technology in a museum context andblog which in effect introduces people to learn more about the subjects raised into Dulwich Picture Gallery (DPG). The the opening contributes the majority of theposts which increases DPG’s credibility,encourages conversations and increases This session will be hosted bysite traffic. Find out how DOV was created, Alyson Webb from Frankly, Green + Webb.encourages participation and reaches newaudiences.Where content is king,collaboration is keySusie Stubbs, Creative Tourist andEmma Bearman, The Culture VultureFind out how to use technology moreeffectively by creating new ways ofworking. This session looks at how offlinecollaboration creates online impact, how towork with multiple content creators, and howto create a ‘trusted voice’ within the busydigital marketplace. Expect jargon-free,practical examples from these award-winningdigital marketers, and discover how you cancreate credible content that maximisesbudgets, profile and user engagement.This session will be hosted byLaura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority
  6. 6. CCCB Sala Teatre 12.00 Touch and Go(gh) Jolein van Kregten, Van Gogh Museum and Ebelien Pondaag, Fabrique. Van Gogh Museum has an in-gallery experiment interactively showing technical research (e.g. overlays of x-rays) on fixed tablets next to the original paintings, made by the AR Lab of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. This experiment is part of a larger strategy to engage audiences in and around the museum, using new media. Together with Fabrique, the museum is developing a tablet magazine where the research results can be accessed in an engaging and intuitive way. An exhibition, an interactive gameAbove: Van Gogh Museum interactive and an iPad motion comic Davide Zanichelli, Netribe srl ‘Money and Beauty. Bankers, Botticelli and the Bonfire of the Vanities’ tells the story of the invention of the modern banking system. Visitors are accompanied throughout the exhibition by an interactive game entitled Follow Your Florins, in which they can decide how to invest 1,000 (virtual) florins with the aid of an animated narrative accessible through 15 touch screens. This session will be hosted by Jasper Visser from Inspired by Coffee 13.00 Lunch and networking A buffet lunch will be served in the lobby of the CCCB Teatre.
  7. 7. MACBA Auditorium CCCB Sala RavalTravels with Data: Opening and Roots 2 Share: from dustyUsing Your Collections Data photographs to dynamic eventsSteve Devine & Julian Hartley, Diederik Veerman, curator/educator MuseonManchester Museum 40 year old photos, stored in two DutchOpening data from The Manchester museums, have been brought back to theMuseum and Whitworth Art Gallery at source; a small Greenlandic community.Culture Hack North led to a fantastic There, the photos triggered storytelling.response on our social media network Children went to the older Inuit to documentand was picked up by The Guardian their memories and preserved these online.Datablog and BBC Front Row. Perhaps In Holland, the same images were vitalmore importantly we were able to elements in an award-winning exhibitionengage for the first time with a and a variety of public-participating of developers looking at and What are the chances and challengesusing our data and collection images in sharing old photographs with loads ofwith a fresh perspective. people, in and far outside the museum?A crowdsourced, networked, Think less about history and moreshared, mobile thing about imaginationMerete Sanderhoff, Statens Museum for John Coburn, Tyne and Wear MuseumsKunst, The National Gallery of Denmark Museums can spend too long sharingNine Danish art museums want to explore collections with Web 2.0 platforms that havehow we can build a sustainable mobile little to no ‘social currency’, while failing toplatform that fulfils actual user demands. recognise the collective appetite for specificIn order to find out, what’s more natural than museum objects. This session will explorecollaborating with the users? the potential value of deconstructing the ‘museum online collection’. It will encourageThe project stands on three dogmas: delegates to think more strategically andCo-creation with target users, using social creatively when sharing collections onlinemedia as a platform and making all the and to focus completely on what inspirescontent reusable under a Creative the public imagination.Commons License. This session will be hosted byThis session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums AuthorityJim Richardson from Sumo
  8. 8. CCCB Sala Teatre 14.00 We used augmented reality, now what? Hein Wils & Ferry Piekart, Independent Consultants UAR and ARtours are two very successful augmented reality projects. Both received raving reviews and were labelled ‘best practices’. But can they ultimately live up to the hype? The risk of ending up as just a costly gimmick is ever present. How can AR projects like these get incorporated into the strategy of a museum? 15.00 The Mobile Museum Allegra Burnette, MoMA The Museum of Modern Art in New York has launched several mobile initiatives over the last eighteen months, including a general phone app, a collection / exhibition-specific app, mobile websites, and a new activity app. While this presentation will use specific projects as the base of discussion, the focus is more on overall strategy, lessons, outcomes and future directions in digital engagement. 1 MuPon: Mobile discounts to foster repeat visitors & an art-going lifestyle Paul Baron & Tomomi Sasaki, GADAGO NPO What happens when Tokyo art goers are presented with a 10 euro iphone app full of admission discounts to the 30 best museums in town? Learn from our 1.5yrs of running MuPon; a collaboration between a non-profit organisation and museums, a sustainable business with 20,000 users, and a low-risk 2 testing ground for cultural institutions to experiment with digital initiatives. This session will be hosted by Conxa Rodá from MNAC - Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya1. ARtours putting art into a music festival2. Mupon, mobile discounts from Tokyo3. Students visiting the Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House
  9. 9. MACBA Auditorium CCCB Sala RavalInteractive Learning Trails: An RFID Keynote in conversationSuccess Story Hein Wils & Ferry Piekart,Glenda Smith, Museum of Australian Independent ConsultantsDemocracy at Old Parliament House (MoAD).Darran Edmundson, EDM Studio An informal question and answer session; this is a great opportunity to find out moreThis session will provide an insight into the about augmented reality and to get advicedevelopment of MoAD’s touchscreen-based on how to use augmented reality in yourreplacement to a more traditional paper-based institution.“student worksheet” approach to museumlearning. Facilitated by RFID technology,student teams self-navigate amongst MoAD’s This session will be hosted by50+ touch-screens, undertaking custom Jasper Visser from Inspired by Coffee.activities that purposefully engage themwith the museum’s physical artifacts, imagesand stories. The MoAD team will discussthe rationale and trade-offs behind keydecisions, and provide general lessons onsuccessfully managing a complex museumsoftware project.Smart Objects for direct and transientpublic engagement in museum spacesand social networks.Claire Ross, University College of London &Chris Speed, University of Edinburgh.This presentation will look at the use of SmartObjects within two museums; the NationalMuseums Scotland (NMS) and the grantMuseum of Zoology, UCL. Exploring howmobile devices, interactive digital labels,QR codes and social media in permanentgallery spaces can create new models forpublic engagement, visitor meaning-makingand the construction of multiple interpretationsinside museums. The presentation will lookat engagement methods used and the 16.00 Coffee Breakimplications for the use of technology thatencourages participatory communication Tea, coffee and pastries served in theand content creation by visitors. lobby of the CCCB Teatre.This session will be hosted byLaura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority
  10. 10. CCCB Sala Teatre16.30 Converting users into contributors to real science Simon Tokumine, Vizzuality Citizen Science is bringing about a revolution in the way we think about scientific produc- tion and public involvement in the scientific mission. In this presentation we talk about lessons learned while developing some successful online citizen science projects. Additionally, we will present a new project we are developing to help unlock some of the remaining one billion museum specimens. Museomix: remix your museum! Samuel Bausson Museum de Toulouse How to make a museum an open, networked and co-creative place which enables visitors to become involved users? Museomix did just that by inviting designers, creators, makers, hackers, and museum people to a 3 day co-creative event that took place in Les Arts Decoratifs Museum, Paris. 75 participants prototyped 11 new ways of experiencing the museum with real visitors testing them right away. This presentation will share what was learned about fostering an exciting community and designing a participative event within a museum. This session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority 1 1. Museomix at Les Arts Decoratifs Museum
  11. 11. CCCB Sala RavalMACBA AuditoriumAre games the teaching tool Two hour workshop:of the future? A crash course in digital strategyBeth Hawkins & Micol Molinari, Jasper Visser, Inspired by CoffeeScience Museum In this two hour workshop Jasper will takeFuturecade is a game the Science Museum the bravest of MuseumNext attendants oncreated to engage young people with science. a roller-coaster ride through the digitalCan a game be both fun and be used in a engagement framework. The digitalformal learning setting? Can a game lead to engagement framework is a tool specificallydiscussion about how science shapes our designed to help organisations reap thelives? What are the challenges in creating a benefits of the digital age. And benefit youdigital learning resource for teenagers? And will, for at the end of the workshop you willhow can we support teachers to feel confident have in your notebook a draft of a digital en-using digital games as a learning tool? gagement strategy that will prep your museum for a successful digital future.Where does marketing endand learning begin? N.B. This workshop will last for two hoursEmma McLean, Digital Marketing Officerand Jane Findlay, Digital Participation Officerfrom Royal Museums GreenwichWith an influx of social channels andinteractive online experiences being utilisedin participatory ways by both education andcommunications teams, where does theoverarching strategy for these platformscome from? Who should be developingthe vision and purpose for activity on publicdigital channels.This session will be hosted byJim Richardson from Sumo
  12. 12. CCCB Sala Teatre MACBA Auditorium17.30 A Social Network of Historical Figures Ràdio Web MACBA built from linked data Anna Ramos Luca Chiarandini, Web Research Group Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona Universitat Pompeu Fabra,Yahoo! Research Over its five years producing podcasts, this Barcelona platform, which began as a showcase for the Timebook is a social network of historical exhibitions and activities of the Museu d’Art figures that was created at a hackathon Contemporani de Barcelona, has also de- organised by Europeana and the Museu veloped into a content-generator for specific Picasso. It serves as an example of how projects, focusing on the exploration of sound simple ideas and the right tools can build art, radiophonic art and experimental music. innovative applications.The presentation will show how open linked data and free Out of site, out of mind? software can help to create simple concepts Catherine Roberts, Imperial War Museum to powerful applications. Lucy Neale, DigitalMe Cliff Manning, Radiowaves Joan Miró From the Temple Millions of schools visit museums every year to the Street providing valuable learning opportunities and Elena Damià Díaz-Plaja, regular income. But how can museums use Fundació Joan Miró social media to extend and enhance links with From the temple of information, the sacred school communities and create new ways space for contemplation, to social networks for children to participate before and after and the world out there. A variety of efforts visits? Since 2006, Imperial War Museum such as the Play Miro project, a Joan Miro has worked to engage schools and children app, use of social media, and an advertising in blogging, curating and sharing stories. This campaign in Barcelona’s streets have enabled presentation will offer an honest, behind the us to reach a broader audience and raise scenes exploration of the projects reflecting public awareness of Miro. on what worked, what didn’t and what we all learnt along the way. This session will be hosted by Jim Richardson from Sumo This session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority
  13. 13. CCCB Sala Teatre MACBA Auditorium Friday, 25 May 201109.30 Arrival tea and coffee Tea and coffee and ‘hello’.09.55 Welcome address Jim Richardson from MuseumNext welcomes delegates to the second day of the conference.10.00 Making Walker Robin Dowden and Nate Solas Walker Art Centre The Walker Art Center launched their new website ( in December 2011. The site, a hub for contemporary arts, has been hailed as a ‘game-changer’ and described as ‘a node, rather than an endpoint.’ Robin Dowden (Director of New Media) will talk about the institutional changes and ideas driving the site, and Nate Solas (Sr. New Media Developer) will discuss the challenges of bringing the ideas to life online.11.00 Demand Data First AirBrush Rich Barrett-Small, V&A Museum Sharna Jackson and Juliet Tzabar, TATE The Victoria & Albert Museum have used AirBrush is a creative application with a open source technologies in trying to meet difference, using innovative browser based today’s high expectations, having information motion tracking technology, what happened readily available and accessible in a variety of when this was tested on children? See the formats. work created to date & learn how you can use webcams. QRpedia Alex Hinojo and Lori Phillips. Itineraries #glamwiki partnership ambassador Sònia López, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona QRpedia is a mobile Web based system which uses QR codes to deliver Wikipedia Itineraries are one of MACBA’s new articles, detecting a visitor’s preferred website’s main participatory features. language. Wikipedians reached an Using the Itineraries feature both the user agreement with Fundació Joan Miró whereby & the museum can design, save & share, these codes were shown next to some a specific route through which to navigate outstanding works at the exhibition: Joan This allows for a more Miró: The ladder of escape. Before the personalised experience of the Museum’s exhibition, articles were improved locally, rich & diverse digital heritage. promoting the project via an edit-a-thon and then Wikipedians asking worldwide for translations. This session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority This session will be hosted by Jim Richardson from Sumo
  14. 14. CCCB Sala RavalKeynote in conversationRobin Dowden and Nate SolasWalker Art CentreAn informal question and answer session;this is a great opportunity to find out moreabout developing a museum website whichgoes beyond the expected.This session will be hosted byJasper Visser from Inspired by Coffee
  15. 15. MACBA Auditorium CCCB Sala Teatre12.00 Phygital tour at the MAS A story collection roadshow Annelies Valgaeren, (MAS) Museum aan Anne Marie Van Gerwen, Europeana de Stroom Through Community Collection Days, Imagine having control over a museum tour objects emerge from people’s attics to guide through the arrow keys of your key- begin a new digital existence as part of board. Directing him through the museum a European collection. They are re-used in real time while sitting at home in front of and remixed in new events and digital your computer. The new museum MAS in objects such as hackathons and the Otto Antwerp made it possible with an online in- & Bernard film, spreading stories of this terface which enabled people from the world critical historical period to new audiences to visit the museum as if they were there. and communities. 
 Artistic Applications The exhibition is an experiment Amy Heibel, and the object is not online Los Angeles County Museum of Art Lev Bratishenko, Canadian Centre for Architecture We all use web and social media to communicate about art—but what about This talk explores an exhibition at the social media as an alternative space for Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, making and sharing original works of 404 Error: the object is not online, but it is art? This session will explore leveraging also about ways of making projects. This LACMA’s online presence to create an small and experimental exhibition could alternative virtual space for presenting be part of an argument reasserting the commissioned works of art. importance of presence and a more critical attitude towards digitisation and online engagement. This session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority This session will be hosted by Jasper Visser from Inspired by Coffee
  16. 16. CCCB Sala Raval Workshop: Open Data: the Rijksmuseum hacking experience. Lizzy Jongma and Inge Giesbers, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam One of the most exciting trends is the explosion of hacker culture around the world: a growing number of hackers (not the hackers that break into computer systems) build apps based on open data and use social media to spread their new services. In November 2011 The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam decided to jump into this game and launched it’s API (Application Programming Interface/Open Data). Over the last months 100+ developers subscribed to our API and a dozen+ Apps were built with our collection. And we received national and international attention. In this 50 minutes workshop we’ll talk you through technical, legal and organisational aspects of opening up your data and getting involved in the hack culture.13.00 Lunch and networking A buffet lunch will be served in the lobby of the CCCB Teatre.
  17. 17. CCCB Sala Teatre14.00 Connected Environment Jason daPonte, Swarm Jason will talk about how mobile experiences will change when everything becomes connected to the internet - not just mobile phones and tablets. He will discuss the ‘silent conversation’ that connects audiences, new devices and objects into the ‘internet of things’ and offer recommendations and opportunities for how museums can succeed in this emerging digital landscape.
  18. 18. CCCB Sala Teatre15.00 Pantalla Global: Mutations in the Audiovisual Ecosystem Juan Insua, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona Global Screen is an exhibition that explores the power of screens in society today. It also became a testing ground for putting an exhibition online with all the challenges and dilemmas that are raised by a horizon of accelerated changes. Conceived in three phases (incubation, exhibition and post-exhibition) this project includes design of participation and co-creation with users, development of a virtual exhibition and a third phase oriented to become a node for reflection, creation and experimentation on the mutations that are taking place in the audiovisual galaxy. Seamlessly blending the off-site and on-site museum experience with the use of personalised digital mobile technologies. Niki Dollis, The Acropolis Museum A presentation about CHESS (Cultural Heritage Experiences through socio-personal interactions and storytelling) a project which aspires to create narrative-driven cultural “adventures”, which adapt continuously to their visitors, extend over space (e.g. physical/on-site and virtual/off-site) and time (before, during and after the visit), and involve users according to their varying interests, needs and desires. This session will be hosted by Jim Richardson from Sumo
  19. 19. MACBA Auditorium CCCB Sala Raval Life of the underground city. How Keynote in conversation can going mobile make dealing with Jason daPonte difficult heritage easier? Swarm Dorota Kawecka, Reinwardt Academy & An informal question and answer session; Aleksandra Janus, Jagiellonian University this is a great opportunity to learn more How can we explore a city that no longer about about mobile technology, the ‘internet exists? Can new media give the visitors of things’ and to ask questions to a leading access to the past that is hidden away? expert on mobile technology. In this presentation we will analyse how participatory technologies can facilitate dealing with difficult heritage by shifting This session will be hosted by from a fixed point of view to the multiplicity Jasper Visser from Inspired by Coffee of perspectives, allowing for more interpretations of events such as the Warsaw Uprising and its impact on the present. How to include social media in our day-to-day Anna Guarro, Museu Picasso An overview of the process undertaken by the Museu Picasso to incorporate social media in daily practice. This session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority16.00 Coffee Break Tea, coffee and pastries served in the lobby of the CCCB Teatre.
  20. 20. CCCB Sala Teatre16.30 Practical experiences of evidence based change management using Google Analytics. Andrew Lewis, V&A This session will discuss how targeted use of web statistics can be used to manage expectation of, and demands upon, limited web resources within a complex organisation. It offers practical hints and tips from real implementations, where fairly simple measurements were set up and the data used as hard evidence to create an informed consensus and influence decision making. Challenges and tactics are shared as are successes and failures. This session is about influencing organisational attitudes and does not require an extensive knowledge of either web technology, nor of Google Analytics. Engaging new audiences with your digital content offering Marc Mertens, Seso Media Group Substantial resources have been invested in the digitisation of museum collections, publications and related content assets. How do we leverage these digital data sets to engage new audiences? This session will showcase the power of ‘future-forward’ user interfaces that draw audiences deep into digital content offerings by creating compelling entry points for playful discovery. The session will also touch on the organisational structures required to create and support such experiences. This session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority
  21. 21. MACBA Auditorium CCCB Sala RavalSnap Happy: Putting People and Unconference sessionHeritage in the picture using This session will invite delegates to proposeAugmented Reality subjects for debate, and then discuss theseDavid Hopes, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in small groups before taking to the stage toThis session will showcase an innovative present back to the wider group.application of augmented reality (AR)technology to encourage participation andpersonalisation of heritage outside the This session will be hosted bymuseum, and to generate income. The Jasper Visser from Inspired by Coffeepaper will focus on the development of aSmartphone app called Eye Shakespeare,the product of a unique collaboration betweenCoventry University, Shakespeare BirthplaceTrust, Hewlett Packard and Dan Wood.Unlock immersive data storiesJacco Ouwerkerk & Nicole Sanberg, IN10Start with telling stories in which you canwander. We will share our lessons learnedabout indoor positioning, new objectrecognition and augmented reality techniqueswithin a clear and practical vision. See how‘stored, tracked or logged’ personal life datacombined with digital museum collectionscan create a far more immersive experience,using responsive spaces or handhelddevices.This session will be hosted byFerry Piekart an independent consultanton Augmented Reality projects
  22. 22. CCCB Sala Teatre MACBA Auditorium17.30 Low Budget Digital Marketing The Kinetic Museum Barbara Wiench & Carl Grouwet, Koven J Smith, The Denver Art Museum Museum Kunstpalast Technology, used by museums primarily as In the context of the reopening of the a tool of efficiency or of strained relevancy permanent collection and the first and only rather than as a foundational concept, has El Greco exhibition in Germany, Museum been grafted onto museums’ ancient Kunstpalast will present how they have business model with checkered results. managed to engage visitors with the help This presentation will examine an alternate of digital technology with only small marketing scenario, conceptualizing that a museum budgets and innovate concepts. built outwards from its technology mission, with speed and agility as its primary focus, Moving the goalposts: why museums would look like. need to play more. Ben Templeton, Thought Den Bringing the future into your museum vision Do Not Touch – Mundane instruction or Bridget McKenzie, Flow Associates an inviting challenge? Our appetite for breaking rules and testing boundaries Using examples from her experience in has driven experimentation and innovation ‘future-proofing’ museums, Bridget Mckenzie for millennia. Thought Den’s Creative will present a rigorous model for shaping Director Ben Templeton argues that play museums to be resilient and relevant for an is an important dynamic in audience unpredictable future. She offers a counter- engagement, improves learning and point to practice where emerging technologies generates revenue. are the main indicators for museum futures, arguing that they need to be understood alongside ecological and economic instability. This session will be hosted by This instability doesn’t mean digital is less Jim Richardson from Sumo important. Rather, museums must proactively harness digital to shape a future. This session will be hosted by Laura Fox from Qatar Museums Authority18.30 Closing remarks Jim Richardson, Sumo
  23. 23. Sumo SponsorsMuseumNext is presented by Sumo, a leading creative agency Sponsors make it possible for MuseumNext to do those extrawith an international reputation for promoting the arts through things which make the conference that little bit better, like havinginnovative marketing campaigns, and in our spare time we like the best wifi connection possible, having a few extra bottles ofto give something back to the museum community by running wine at our opening reception and being able to film the event toMuseumNext. share with the wider museum community.Partners We would like to thank CultureGeek, MailChimp and Ya!Yaki for supporting our Barcelona conference.MuseumNext Barcelona is our biggest conference to date, with Culture Geekover forty presentations, workshops and unconference sessions. The landscape for cultural marketing is rapidly changing. InternetThe event has benefited from the generous support of the and the digital revolution have shifted the expectations of ourBarcelona museum community, with Centre de Cultura audience. Culture Geek is a one day conference taking place inContemporània de Barcelona, Museu d’Art Contemporani de September 2012 from the producers of MuseumNext.Barcelona and Museu Picasso playing a key role in not onlyhosting the event, but also in directing the conference programme. MailChimp www.mailchimp.comMuseumNext would like to acknowledge the role that the staff of MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them onthese organisations have played in making MuseumNext possible, social networks, integrate with services you already use, and trackin particular Anna Ramos, Yaiza Hernández, Anna Guarro, Maria your results. It’s like your own personal publishing platform.Farràs, Lucia Calvo, Juan Ínsua, Josep Casellas, Pepe Serraand Jaume Badia Ya!yaki www.yayaki.comIn collaboration with Ya!yaki is a company focused on translating the communication opportunities offered by information technology and mobility to theMuseumNext chose Barcelona as its first destination outside fields of culture and education. We are a multidisciplinary teamof the UK because of the kind invitation of Conxa Roda who that advises and develops strategies for people’s interaction in thehas acted as co-chair alongside MuseumNext founder Jim public space.Richardson. Conxa moved from Museu Picasso to MuseuNacional d’Art de Catalunya during the year long processof organising MuseumNext and we are grateful to her for the We would like to acknowledge the support of those businesseshuge amount of time she has invested in making the conference who have paid to insert marketing materials into delegate bags.possible, and for encouraging both these organisations to playa key role in MuseumNext 2012.MuseumNext would like to thank Museu Nacional d’Art deCatalunya for their support, and for organising a series of Catalanpresentations as part of the conference fringe.
  24. 24. Speakers Media PartnersGreat speakers are the reason that people come to MuseumNext, MuseumNext has a very small budget for marketing, and we areand we are eternally grateful to everyone who takes the time to grateful to those who have helped us to promote the conference.share their experience at our conference. No MuseumNext speak- MuseumID has partnered with us for the third year, and BAM!ers charge a fee for speaking at the event and the fact that they offered to help us to promote MuseumNext in Italy after they at-are willing to share their knowledge is a credit to them and the tended the conference in 2011.spirit of the sector as a whole.FacilitatorsWe are extremely grateful to Japer Visser (Inspired by Coffee),Laura Fox (Qatar Museums Authority), Conxa Roda (MNAC),Emma McLean (Royal Museums Greenwich), Ferry Piekart(Independent consultant), Alyson Webb (Frankly, Green + Webb)for volunteering to host the conference sessions.Peer PanelThe programme for MuseumNext Barcelona came from an opencall for papers. This attracted nearly 200 proposals which eachneeded to be read and assessed by at least three members of theMuseumNext peer panel.We are very grateful to the museum professionals from Europe,Asia and North America who volunteered their time to read thesesubmissions and to ensure that a fantastic programme wasselected in a fair and balanced manner.MuseumNext would like to thank Jessie Ringham (TATE), Franc-esca Merlino (Gugenheim), Conxa Roda (MNAC), Travers Lee(Qatar Museums Authority), Hugh Wallace (National MuseumsScotland), Diane Durbay (Buzzeum), Japer Visser (Inspired byCoffee), Laura Fox (Qatar Museums Authority), Patrick Hussey(Arts & Business), Samuel Bausson (Museum de Toulouse), JimRichardson (Sumo), Anna Ramos (MACBA), Yaiza Hernández(MACBA), Maria Farràs(CCCB), Lucia Calvo (CCCB), Juan Insua(CCCB) and Anna Guarro (Museu Picasso).