SEMrushlive - Finding the value of Digital PR beyond the links


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Digital PR is not just about links and should not be measured by this one isolated metric. Digital PR/Content Marketing can improve brand awareness, steal your competitors SERP space, drive sales and much more. In this presentation we explore what the other value is and how to measure it.

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  • But digitial PR does not just equal links
  • And it doesn’t just equal SEO
  • It can be so much more, such as all of this…
  • As we know Google isn’t just an algorithm it also has human search quality raters who are employed to ‘test’ the algorithm and rate websites manually
  • Here’s Google’s most important factors it wants it’s raters (and ultimately its alogirthm) to rank based on
  • If reputation is so important how do they measure that? With the exact coverage PR gives you
  • And a bad reputation (no good PR) means you can’t get a high rating
  • How do we get those citations?

    Don’t get me wrong I do want links from all these places… but citations without links are still good in Google’s eyes especially for the search raters.
  • 65 Conversions driven by creative worth an estimated £28K
    68% Increase in conversions from Google organic YOY

    107% Increase in Google organic traffic YOY
    18 to 12 Average target keyword ranking
  • We all want to take up more results on the SERP page right…
  • PR & Content does exactly that…. Either your own site or coverage ranking for you
  • No sure fire way to get the result 0, but this helps – and will also help when voice search increases
  • Often a missed step
  • We create campaigns based on conversations that we think people will identify with
  • They get us lots of lovely links which, because they’re on huge traffic websites…
  • drives us a fair with of traffic too… which we can then remarket
  • GA & Kissmetrics
  • But we have multiple case studies showing why that’s simply not the case
  • GA & Kissmetrics
  • SEMrushlive - Finding the value of Digital PR beyond the links

    1. 1. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive The Value of Digital PR (beyond links) Laura Crimmons @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    2. 2. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive First things first, I understand the importance of backlinks for SEO…
    3. 3. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    4. 4. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive And a lot of what I do is devising strategies to acquire more links…
    5. 5. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushliveWhich sometimes feels like I’m doing this to journalists…
    6. 6. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive HOWEVER
    7. 7. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Digital PR Links
    8. 8. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Digital PR SEO
    9. 9. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Digital PR =
    10. 10. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Brand Awareness
    11. 11. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Opinion Change
    12. 12. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Behaviour Change
    13. 13. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Sales
    14. 14. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive But too many people are just reporting on it in terms of links
    15. 15. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive And I’d very much like that to change
    16. 16. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive “So what other value is there for Digital PR?” I hear you cry
    17. 17. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive E.A.T
    18. 18. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive (not this kind of EAT)
    19. 19. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    20. 20. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    21. 21. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    22. 22. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    23. 23. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive “Sounds great Laura, but what does that look like in practice?”
    24. 24. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    25. 25. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    26. 26. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    27. 27. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Satisfies Google’s Search Quality Raters now Should directly impact rankings in the future
    28. 28. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive How can we measure brand awareness?
    29. 29. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive How can we measure ‘good reputation’?
    30. 30. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive SERP real estate
    31. 31. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive According to Searchmetrics, the number of organic search results has fallen to 8.5 from 10
    32. 32. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    33. 33. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive So we want to take up as much of those 8.5 as possible right?!
    34. 34. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Our campaign
    35. 35. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Appear for long-tail keywords Steal space from competitors
    36. 36. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive How do we measure it?
    37. 37. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Positions 0 & 4
    38. 38. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    39. 39. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive How do we rank position 0?
    40. 40. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Write content for questions people are asking
    41. 41. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Remarketing campaign traffic
    42. 42. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    43. 43. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    44. 44. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    45. 45. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    46. 46. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Conversions / Sales
    47. 47. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    48. 48. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    49. 49. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive
    50. 50. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive That’s a once a year purchase…
    51. 51. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive But once last thingon links… B3
    52. 52. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushliveDisavowed over half of link profile Built 20 *good* links
    53. 53. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Sowhat’s the value? 1. Improved brand awareness 2. Increased brand affinity/loyalty 3. Valuable citations 4. Demonstration of E.A.T 5. Featured snippets/ extra SERP real estate 6. Traffic ripe for remarketing 7. Direct and assisted conversions
    54. 54. B3 @lauracrimmons #semrushlive Thanks @lauracrimmons