Twin Oaks Computing Introduction


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An introduction to Twin Oaks Computing, Inc.

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  • Approachability – We are committed to being open, available, and responsive to our clients. All employees and customers are encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions and views.Creativity – We are committed to creating value for our customers by crafting standard compliant solutions that address and solve their unique needs. Integrity – We are committed to respecting others, and acting in an ethical, honest manner. We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take.Quality – We are committed to creating useful, dependable products that work in real world applications.Value - We are committed to using our resources and skills to help our customers do more with less. We are passionate about efficiency and finding effective solutions.
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  • The common challenge for today’s Software and IT departments is meeting the increasing demands from company management while maintaining, and in extreme cases, reducing schedules or staff or budget. This challenge raises the same question from companies everywhere: How can I do more with less?Twin Oaks Computing provides a revolutionary communications middleware, “CoreDX DDS”, that reduces schedule time and risk on distributed software development projects. Our CoreDX DDS middleware is high performance, outperforming other common middleware technologies like Corba and JMS. Our CoreDX DDS middleware is flexible, making it easy to maintain and extend your systems in the future. Our CoreDX DDS middleware is based on proven Open Standards, providing interoperability and eliminating vendor lock-in.There are a number of factors that contribute to the complexity of a software system, all of which increase schedule budget and risk. (Any of these can be applied to the x-axis of the above graph.) An example of these factors include: size of the system, the number of different hardware architectures and/or Operating Systems involved, the number of nodes that must communicate together, the distance over which they must communicate, and the length of time a system must be maintained. CoreDX DDS simplifies your software project, from development, through initial deployment, and during the maintenance over the life of the system.
  • Easy to port to the widest range of devices including FPGA’s because of its small footprint and code efficiencyEasy to support the widest range of transports because of it’s advanced modularity Easy to build to future needs because of its flexibilityEasy to build systems that can be cost-effectively certified for safety-critical applications because of low “Line-of-Code” count. Easy to build systems that can be cost-effectively certified for safety-critical applications because of low “Line-of-Code” count.
  • Platform IndependenceSame API across all Operating Systems, Hardware ArchitecturesAutomatic, Dynamic DiscoveryCommunication Endpoints are not hardcodedComplete configuration of communication behaviorRich set of Quality of Services policiesType SafetyApplications Read and Write typed objectsInteroperabilityAPI and Wire-protocolNo vendor lock-inPerformance70 usec latencies
  • CoreDX DDS MultiplexorDynamic Bridging SolutionsExpand the reach of DDS communications across multiple networksCompletely interoperable with multiple DDS implementationsBased on the RTPS Wire Protocol StandardCoreDX DDS Centralized Discovery DaemonScale your deployments to thousands of DDS EntitiesBenefits deployments on one machine or large physical networksCoreDX DDS Spy (in work)Clear visibility into complex DDS deploymentsReduces development and integration costs
  • Each software line of code has an associated costMust be tested and maintained for lifeLarger software baselines incur greater test and maintenance costsMust be stored and executedIncreasing deployment storage requirementsDegrading overall system performanceMay be certifiedSignificant costs specific to developing safety critical applicationsTwin Oaks Computing understands developing softwareExtensive real-world experienceSoftware Development processes and procedures are not just documented, they are indoctrinated into our corporate cultureWe love seeing software used to make a better world
  • Twin Oaks Computing Introduction

    1. 1. Twin Oaks ComputingIntroduction toTwin Oaks Computing Dec 2011
    2. 2. Twin Oaks Computing: Vision A world where complex, distributed software-based systems work well.2
    3. 3. Twin Oaks Computing: Mission Our mission is to provide industry leading software tools, middleware, responsiveness and services to software engineers and architects around the world. We will enable our clients to build cost effective, easy to use, robust solutions to the interconnected, multi- platform challenges of tomorrow - both here on Earth and beyond.3
    4. 4. Twin Oaks Computing: ValuesApproachabilityCreativityIntegrityQualityValue 4
    5. 5. Twin Oaks Computing: About Us Headquartered in Colorado, USA  World Wide Deployments Founded in 2005, First CoreDX DDS Delivery July 2008 Highly experienced executive and technical teams Background in embedded communication technologies  DDS, RTPS  Networking protocols  Device drivers  Embedded computing environments5
    6. 6. Twin Oaks Computing: Locations Deployments Headquarters &  Sales Offices  Distributors  Colorado, USA  China Development Offices  France  Israel  Colorado, USA  South Korea 6
    7. 7. Twin Oaks Computing: Executive Personnel CEO Clark TuckerVP Operations VP Client Services CFODavid Anderson Nina Tucker Asa Beck7
    8. 8. Twin Oaks Computing: Value Proposition Streamline Development Projects Get more done with existing resources Reduced Effort and Risk  Development  Deployment  Maintenance Increase Revenue, Speed to Market Flexible, high performance, standards-based communications middleware8
    9. 9. Twin Oaks Computing: Initial Offering: CoreDX DDS Designed to be small, fast, robust and easy to port to a wide range of H/W, O/S’s and transports World Class Support Low risk - high value solution to the complexity and cost of building networked projects Business terms to match your constraints 9
    10. 10. Twin Oaks Computing: Why CoreDX DDS? System without DDS middleware Complexity System With DDS middleware The Twin Oaks Advantage With CoreDX DDS System aspects that impact complexity • Num of different platforms and architectures • System size • Distance between components • Deployed lifespan • Many more…10
    11. 11. Twin Oaks Computing: Benefits of CoreDX DDS Flexible Architecture  Easily handle changing communications requirements Dozens of supported Operating Systems, Hardware Architectures  Fast and Easy to port to more High Quality, Responsive Support  No “Tier 1”, no “Tier 2” levels of support  Local support in multiple countries11
    12. 12. Twin Oaks Computing: CoreDX DDS makes it Easy• Easy to port to the widest range of transports and devices including FPGA’s• Easy to build to future needs• Easy to build systems that can be cost- effectively certified for safety-critical applications• Easy to build systems that can be cost- effectively certified for safety-critical applications 12
    13. 13. CoreDX DDS Technical Benefits Platform Independence  Same API Automatic, Dynamic Discovery  Communication Endpoints are not hardcoded Complete configuration of communication behavior Type Safety Interoperability Performance  70 usec latencies13
    14. 14. CoreDX DDS Technical Benefits (cont) Compact code  Efficient code  Low line-of-code count ▪ < 35K lines of code in standard library ▪ < 13K lines of code in safety critical library  Small library sizes ▪ < 500KB for Complete CoreDX DDS C library  Minimal run-time resources requirements ▪ For Example: <10% CPU, <200KB Memory to achieve 700+ Mbps throughput Clean, easy to use API14
    15. 15. Additional CoreDX Products from Twin Oaks Computing CoreDX DDS Multiplexor CoreDX DDS Centralized Discovery Daemon  Scale your deployments to thousands of DDS Entities CoreDX DDS Spy 15
    16. 16. Twin Oaks Computing: Offered Services  Architecture Studies  Transport Development  Product Customization  Hardware/Software Integration  Operating System Ports  Performance Analysis  Product Integration  Training16
    17. 17. Twin Oaks Computing: Experience Extensive experience in distributed and embedded systems  Designing, Developing, and Maintaining communications infrastructures for large software systems  Developing networking protocols and device drivers  Targeting embedded and real-time operating systems on custom hardware Broad spectrum of software engineering disciplines  Full Lifecycle Support: Architecture, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance  Across more than 20 programming and scripting languages  On diverse hardware platforms, including standard desktop platforms, server platforms, standard and custom built embedded devices including FPGA’s  Covering a wide range of Application Domains ▪ DoD ▪ User Interfaces (HMI) ▪ Commercial ▪ Flight Simulations ▪ Command and Control (C2) ▪ Distributed Databases ▪ Navigation ▪ Management Systems 17
    18. 18. Twin Oaks Computing: Passion for Software Each software line of code has an associated cost Twin Oaks Computing understands developing software  Extensive real-world experience  Software Development processes and procedures are not just documented, they are indoctrinated into our corporate culture We love seeing software used to make a better world 18
    19. 19. For Additional InformationCall us: Laura M Clark +1 720.733.7906 Michael Rogosin +33 (0)9 62 23 72 20Email us: contact@twinoakscomputing.comAdditional online Contact ustutorials:Visit our Website: http://www.twinoakscomputing.comDownload FREE FREE