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Presentation by Phil Jardine on Britains Energy Coast Blueprint

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  • SKILLS PYRAMID PRESS THE BUTTOn Point is that skills pyramid is covered. In fact £100m between 2008-13 and NNL keep reminding me another £250m in their central lab. Something to crow about. So £350m focussed on skills, training and research related to the Energy industries… A lot of this is down to BEC and the BEC aspiration so we have a lot to build from. And partners behind it – especially NDA and NMP. 
  • CREAConstructionEvent: BECBC Presentation on blueprint

    1. 1. CBEN Under ConstructionLakes College West Cumbria 26 June 2012 Philip Jardine Business Development DirectorBritain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster
    2. 2. Working in partnership is key (Public/Private Partnership) Focused on stimulating West economic growth Cumbria Economic Blueprint (Education Sector) Focused on enhancing education, skills & training (Private Sector) Bringing together the West Cumbrian energy supply West Cumbria Economic Blueprint Launch Event. Friday, June 15
    3. 3. Britain’s Energy Coast Mission Statement “To lead the transition of West Cumbria into an economy that will flourish in a low carbon future” Ansaldo Nucleare visit to Britain’s Energy Coast. June 22, 2012
    4. 4. What is the West Cumbria Economic Blueprint? A strategy to address the challenges and maximise the opportunities that West Cumbria is facing over the next 15 West Cumbria Economic Blueprint Launch Event. Friday, June 15
    5. 5. The Challenges • A dependence on the nuclear industry; • Inequality, from income and access to education to health and access to services; • A falling and ageing population, with young people leaving and not being replaced; • Business creation and turnover is low, and existing businesses are not diversifying; • A dependency on local markets restricts businesses share of national and global growth; • Public transport and business communications infrastructure does not address physical distance from domestic markets; and • A limited range of both residential and business West Cumbria Economic Blueprint Launch Event. Friday, June 15
    6. 6. The Opportunities West Cumbria’s sources of competitive advantage “Investing now to create the conditions in which a West Cumbria low carbon economy can flourish in the future will provide a long term source of competitive and comparative advantage for the area.” The West Cumbria Economic West Cumbria Economic Blueprint Launch Event. Friday, June 15
    7. 7. The SolutionWorld-class research facilities Natural resources Growing the Providing asset base a supportive physical Realise the Ensure West infrastructure Creating an potential of Cumbrian environment business to innovate Britain’s capitalise on Energy nuclear Coast investment Business Build on expansion & our diversification expertise Engineering and advanced International reputation manufacturing capability in energy West Cumbria Economic Blueprint Launch Event. Friday, June 15
    8. 8. Where Britain’s Energy Coast Infrastructure will focus investment Sites & Markets Premises Seven key focuses for investment with one cross-cutting theme, Enterprise. Britain’s Energy Britain’s Energy Coast investment Goal is to create an environment where Applied Coast Skills & Research focus investment Training it is easy for business to gain access to focus knowledge, research, innovation, exper tise, contracts, finance and business support. Easy access will help local R&D/ people access jobs and help foster a Demonstration Business Support more enterprising West Cumbria Economic Blueprint Launch Event. Friday, June 15
    9. 9. Key Projects for Britain’s • Maryport Energy Coast • Workington • Farmgen Anaerobic Digestion plant, Silloth • Britain’s Energy Coast Construction Skills Centre, Workington • Whitehaven • Port of Workington Container Handling Facility, Workington • TIS Cumbria, Workington • “Investing in Business” Regional Growth Fund R2 project • Business Support (LinkStart, Backing Business, and the Energy Opportunities Supply Chain Project) •Millom • Britain’s Energy Coast Transport Plan • Destination Management & Whitehaven Festival • Albion Square office complex, Whitehaven • Technology Based Economic Development with Dalton Nuclear Institute (Manchester University) and National Nuclear West Cumbria Economic Blueprint Launch Event. Friday, June 15
    10. 10. Vision and Outcomes To develop an integrated campus in West Cumbria which provides a world class exemplar of partnership between Further Education, Higher Education, specialised vocational training, business and the community Integrated higher and further educational capability attracting students worldwide. Excellent provision of vocational skills needed within the employment sectors of the “Energy Coast”. A collaborative approach to the full range of education and skills needs demanded in the local economy and “Energy Coast” A comprehensive educational and training portfolio which offers progression and career development for students and employees.
    11. 11. Integrated Delivery for Energy education, training and research PhDs Masters Degrees Bachelor Degrees HNDs/Foundation Degrees HNCs/L4 NVQs/Higher Apprenticeships A Levels/L3 NVQs/Advanced ApprenticeshipsGCSEs A*-C/ L2 NVQs/Intermediate Apprenticeships GCSEs D-G/L1 NVQs
    12. 12. Operating in Cumbria, England  A private sector led group of companies  170 + Members  Members include world class, innovative companies, as well as small, local organisations  Originally formed to facilitate the nuclear supply chain in West Cumbria  Now has a broader energy and local business remit
    13. 13. Vision and MissionBECBC’s vision is: to be the voice of energy business in Cumbria and lead the development of business in Britain’s Energy CoastBECBC’s mission is: to play a pivotal role in the supply chain transformation of the Cumbrian economy and infrastructure and establishing West Cumbria as Britain’s Energy Coast and to become the first choice for suppliers to meet the UK nuclear and energy related industries
    14. 14. Membership 170+ members - from sole traders to multinationals Create collaborate and working partnerships Network and understand the capabilities of other member organisations Share knowledge and opportunities
    15. 15. Member Sector Groups The BECBC Sector Groups: Nuclear New Build, Construction and Manufacturing Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste (including Storage) Renewable Energy Professional Services Transport and Logistics Export Socio Economic/Political Start up Business Support Creative Cumbria
    16. 16. Next Business Cluster Meeting 4 July 2012 09:00 to 12:00 hrs Lakes College West Cumbria Philip Jardine 07809 702687