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  2. 2. In the making of our film opening, I used a wide range ofdifferent technologies in order to collect information,present my work and to produce and edit our film opening.
  3. 3. BloggerBlogger is a website founded by Google whichallows you to create your own blog. I usedBlogger to upload and display the ideas from mygroup as well as the individual work I produced. Iposted the work at different stages to showprogress on the making of our film opening. Italso allowed me to track our ideas and havethem in an organised structure, therefore beingmore accessible for teachers and colleagues togive immediate feedback through commentingon my posts. This technology was also ideal forme to demonstrate my technical abilities.
  4. 4. YouTubeYouTube is a website which allows people toupload a range of videos. Having access to this,it allowed me to view clips similar to my filmopening but also films to help in my research.YouTube also helped to find different ways ofediting films by searching tutorials. YouTube wasalso very useful when researching differentsound files.
  5. 5. IMDBIMDB is the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Itis an online database of information related tomovies, television shows, actors, productioncrew personnel, video games, fictionalcharacters featured in visual entertainmentmedia. This was a key source for my researchinto others horror films where I could lookinto institutional information, user ratings,external reviews, user comments and viewingtrailers.
  6. 6. SlideShareSlideShare is a website which allows you topublicly or privately share presentations. Thiswas a key website throughout my project whendisplaying my work on my blog. It was key that Idemonstrated my use of different technologiestherefore by using this website I could postPowerPoint slides onto my blog as apposed toword documents.
  7. 7. ScribdScribd is a document sharing website. To furtherdemonstrate my use of different technologies, Iused this website to upload any worddocuments. Instead of displaying a large postwhere you would have to scroll down the blog, itcompacts it, so it scrolls within the post itself. Aswell as being practical for my blog is alsomaintained a clear and tidy presentation.
  8. 8. PreziPrezi is a web-based presentation applicationand storytelling tool that uses a single canvasinstead of traditional slides. I found that Preziwas a really unique way to displayed apresentation which allowed me to create my ownpaths and transitions. Prezi allowed me todisplay my work in a more interesting way asapposed to a plain essay, for example.
  9. 9. Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey is an easy-to-use tool for thecreation of online surveys. I used SurveyMonkey to create a questionnaire to find out andaddress the audience we wanted to target. Thismethod helped in saving the need of paperhand-outs and made it easy for our respondentsto fill in as it’s an online survey.
  10. 10. iMovieiMovie is a proprietary video editing softwareapplication which allows Mac users to edit their ownhome movies. Fortunately, a member of our groupowned a Mac therefore we had easy access to thissoftware. With the help of iMovie, our group couldsuccessfully edit and construct our film duringproduction stages. We were able to edit, cut, paste, add,split and adjust video clips. Also was able to addtransitions, recordings and sounds effects and othersound files to help within the editing and production ofthe film.
  11. 11. Cameras/CamcordersIn the pre-production stages I used a hand held still camera totake photos of any locations and our planning to display onthe blog. We then used Camcorders to record our filmopening. These key items allowed me to review raw footageimmediately, improve specific shots and decide upondifferent filming techniques. There are many functions thatwere key to provide the best final outcome for example flashlight, zooming and different affects to suit the location, e.g.being outside. From using this item Ive learned how theywork starting from basics (turn on/off, etc..), but also in termsof camera angles and shot positions, the use of zoom in andout, self timer, colour balance, audio and effects (blur, blackand white, negative, etc).