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Treasure Trails Licence Brochure
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Treasure Trails Licence Brochure


Treasure Trails specialise in creating fun, educational and healthy ways for people to explore their local area through our themed walking, cycling and driving Trails. Each area of the UK is run by a …

Treasure Trails specialise in creating fun, educational and healthy ways for people to explore their local area through our themed walking, cycling and driving Trails. Each area of the UK is run by a fully trained Treasure Trails Licensee who has specialised knowledge of the most interesting and historic features of that region, making our Trails the most up to date and relevant to the local community.

Treasure Trails is looking for the right creative, motivated and adventurous people to help grow our team further and run a Treasure Trails business in their area.

Treasure Trails specialise in creating fun, educational and healthy ways for people to explore their local area through our themed walking, cycling and driving Trails. Each area of the UK is run by a fully trained Treasure Trails Licensee who has specialised knowledge of the most interesting and historic features of that region, making our Trails the most up to date and relevant to the local community.

Treasure Trails is looking for the right creative, motivated and adventurous people to help grow our team further and run a Treasure Trails business in their area.

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  • 1. Treasure trails Business licence application
  • 2. 04 Looking for a new chaLLenge ? 05 Looking to join an estabLished, exciting nationaL company ? 06 Looking for a robust business modeL ? 07 Looking to make your hard work more rewarding ? 08 Looking for a comprehensive training package and ongoing business support ? 10 Looking for an opportunity to join a great team ? ...weLL 11 Looking for regionaL now excLusivity ? you’ve found it!
  • 3. Looking for a new chaLLenge? “i’ve really enjoyed establishing Treasure Trails – it has been rewarding in so many ways. The Trails get people of all ages out and about exploring in a way which is fun, healthy, and informative. The feedback from our customers shows that they genuinely love the product. whilst customer satisfaction is important, what really excites me is the sheer potential of Treasure Trails. it’s a great business to run; interesting, fun, different, unique and financially rewarding. what’s more – we’ve only just begun. imagine health Trails, interactive ‘techno’ Trails, curriculum-based Trails; - the potential is almost limitless. what i am looking for is people who share in the passion, can see the vision and want to be part of it. we’ve already established a large number of licensees across the Uk who have become a close- knit team. do you want to join them?” Steve ridd MBe, Managing Director 04
  • 4. Looking To join an You purchase an exclusive 5 year licence for your area eSTaBLiSheD, exciTing and establish a business using the Treasure Trails name and naTionaL coMPanY? trademark. we provide a comprehensive manual with Business, Trail and Marketing since its conception in cornwall, treasure trails has templates. we give you 4 days' been meeting a consumer demand for stimulating, training, tailored to your own healthy ways for families – and other groups – to needs. following this, you spend time together. treasure trails is becoming a devise at least 40 new, exciting national brand, with over 350 trails across all parts Treasure Trails. You then create of the uk. there are 50 licence areas in total, with your profit by selling Trails an average local population of around one million. through the various income by purchasing an exclusive treasure trails licence streams. for your own area you will enjoy the training and support you need to run a highly enjoyable, we have sold tens of profitable new business. and with very low thousands of Trails so far and overheads, it’s ideal for running from home. are getting people hooked on our product. we have also won awards in categories such as Best new Business, Tourism website of the Year, Best Leisure Provider, Best Tourism experience and excellence in customer Service. 05
  • 5. Looking for a the beauty of treasure traiLs is that there roBUST BUSineSS are so many different income streams: MoDeL? show sales: Sell Trails direct to customers at shows, craft fairs, fetes, christmas markets etc. a Treasure Trails is an exciting, highly enjoyable Trail makes an ideal small gift or stocking filler. leisure concept – for licensees as much as for customers. The idea is simple. a couple, family, direct sales: Sell direct to customers who prefer to group of friends or corporate team focuses on telephone you rather than order solving a mystery described in a Treasure Trail. as online. they search for clues, they discover the most scenic, retail sales: Bulk sales of Treasure historic and interesting sights in an area – and have Trails to hotels, B&Bs, tourist a lot of fun. information centres, garden centres, filling stations etc. in addition to our three core types of Trail – murder trail advertising: Up to three mystery, treasure hunt and spy – the opportunities businesses per Trail can sponsor a clue located close to their for new Treasure Trails are endless. Some Trails can establishment, with advertising be designed specifically for less able people. You space on the Trail booklet and can create bespoke Trails for special interest groups the website. and run organised corporate or social team-building online sales: Sell direct to events. we have produced bespoke Trails for The customers through our generic Treasure Trails website; customers national Trust and first Bus amongst others, and pay online then download and have organised numerous team-building events for print a Trail. major clients. bespoke trails: write and produce Trails for third party The investment required to purchase your own clients, such as historic houses, museums and gardens, to be sold Treasure Trails business is remarkably low for such by them. an opportunity. You pay an initial fee of £7,500 (average plus VaT) for the first year with no organised trails: Provide packs for businesses and groups to run commission. in second and subsequent years you will Treasure Trails team-building pay an exceptionally low annual fee (average £2,500 events – or you lead the event yourself for even more profit. plus VaT) and 7.5% commission on your turnover. 06
  • 6. Looking To Make YoUr harD work More rewarDing? this table gives you an idea of what your turnover could be in your second year, based on 40 treasure trails in your area. but the potential is far greater: the more time you invest, the more profit you will earn. and don’t forget – we are going to be helping you too. income stream annual turnover target (£k) Shows 42 shows @ 50 Trails per show @ £5.00 each 10.5 Direct 200 Trails @ £5.00 each 1 retail 100 outlets with 50 Trails each @ £2.50 per Trail 12.5 Trail 40 Trails with 3 adverts each = 120 adverts @£100 each 12 advertising online Trails 600 Trails @ £2.50 each 1.5 Bespoke 4 projects a year @ £2k each 8 organised • 10 party events @ £100 each 14.8 • 24 corporate events (average 2 per month) @ £400 each • Local authority/education events – 6 @ £200 each • Hotel/holiday park events – 12 @ £250 each Total 60.3 average cost of sales and operating costs 15 average annual fee and commission 7 gross profit 38.3 07
  • 7. Looking for a the tt hub incLudes: coMPrehenSiVe ▪ a unique Trail-creation program that generates your Training Package finished Trails to a consistently high standard anD ongoing ▪ a content management system for your pages on the BUSineSS SUPPorT? website ▪ a printing service for the we want our licensees to run successful businesses. production of your Trails in order to help you achieve this we have developed ▪ a communications a support package which we believe is second to zone, including a video- none. conferencing facility and forum for your licence fee, first and foremost you will ▪ an online resource and file- have access to the TT hub - a tailored business sharing area management software system which will allow you to manage your business in a straightforward and PDF GENERATOR user-friendly way. WEBSITE CONTENT MANAGER FORUM RESOURCE CENTRE 08 B2X
  • 8. our package incLudes: you aLso get: ▪ an exclusive territory ▪ your liability insurance ▪ a comprehensive operating manual ▪ merchant facilities including a hand-held card processing ▪ a one-to-one four-day training programme which terminal and a business bank includes a bespoke sales training package account ▪ ongoing support which includes three separate ▪ a starter pack including one-day visits from hQ Staff, plus access to the treasure trails branded administrative, design and marketing staff in clothing, a complete stall for attendance at shows, the headquarters and peer support from all the a treasure trail for your other licensees. we run a Treasure Trails annual area, wallets and packaging conference, in which all licensees participate and for your trails, admin and share ideas and experiences marketing templates "oUr aiM iS To ProViDe YoU wiTh whaT iS ▪ a sales and accounting VirTUaLLY a TUrn-keY BUSineSS" package, to make running your business simple and straightforward SALES MANUAL Treasure Trails ltd Sales Manual Sussex MARKETING PACK Treasure Trails ltd Marketing Pack Sussex ADMIN PACK Treasure Trails ltd Admin Pack Sussex 09
  • 9. Looking for an we’re Looking for someone who oPPorTUniTY To join ▪ wants to run their own a greaT TeaM? business full-time ▪ has an entrepreneurial spirit See below what a couple of our existing licensees ▪ is good at selling think of Treasure Trails: ▪ has a good command of the english language and a flair Sandy – Devon for writing “Joining the Treasure Trails ▪ Values their customers team has been an incredibly exciting journey, as we were ▪ will look after the Treasure only the second licensees to Trails brand sign up. Having never run ▪ enjoys being outdoors our own business before, it was initially rather ▪ and has a mischievous daunting, but Steve and Teresa were extremely sense of fun to help with the supportive and have been by our side every step of setting of sneaky clues! the way.” Dave – Norfolk if you’d like to be considered “On top of the training there for a Treasure Trails licence, please complete and return is the total support from the enclosed application form. all the other licensees, and if we feel you are the right the headquarters. There is person to develop the Treasure a genuine desire to share Trails licence in your area then experiences, both the highs and the lows. The the next step will be for us to last few months have just flown by and I haven’t meet in person. if you have any regretted a minute of it. Would I recommend it to questions meanwhile, please friends? – yes!” call us on 01726 884604. 10
  • 10. Looking for regionaL 7 excLUSiViTY? 7 orkneY anD SheTLanD 7 available areas 50 (at time of printing) 1. cornwall 5. Scotland east 5 7. Scotland north 12. gloucestershire channeL iSLanDS 14. wiltshire 16. isle of wight 17. Sussex 19. Buckinghamshire 44 & east Berkshire 20. Surrey 42 21. greater London 43 22. kent 40 23. essex 49 24. hertfordshire & Bedfordshire 41 39 27. cambridgeshire 38 28. northamptonshire 37 31. Shropshire 36 32. Staffordshire 48 33. Leicestershire 32 36. Derbyshire 31 33 37. cheshire & Merseyside 27 28 38. west & South Yorkshire 39. York & humber 19 24 23 40. north Yorkshire 12 41. Lancashire & greater Manchester 45 21 42. Durham 14 20 22 43. cumbria 17 44. northumberland & Tyne 45. South wales 16 48. north wales & anglesey 1 49. isles of Man 50. channel islands 11
  • 11. ApplicAtion for A treAsure trAils licence Private and Confidential Please complete the personal details then answer questions1-8 on a separate sheet. Please send to treasure trails ltd, onway House, fore street, probus, truro, cornwall, tr2 4lZ. Personal details title: Full name: address: Postcode: Home tel: Mobile: email address: Marital status: Children (ages): Full driving licence: Yes no Have you run your own business before? Yes (please provide details) no do you have any criminal convictions? Yes (please provide details) no do you have any lawsuits pending? Yes (please provide details) no Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? Yes (please provide details) no Your baCkground 1. What are your qualifications? 2. What is your recent employment history? (last 3 jobs, including dates, job title, description of duty, reason for leaving) 3. What are your interests/hobbies?
  • 12. tHe liCenCe 4. for which area do you want the licence? 5. tell us why you want a licence and why you think you would be good at running one. 6. How would you run the business? ie. on your own/with a partner, full time/part time. 7. When would you start the business? 8. How would you finance it? reFerenCes We will ask you first before taking up any references. name: address: relationship: name: address: relationship: bY signing below You are: 1. Applying to be considered for selection as a treasure trails licensee. this form does not constitute an offer of or guarantee a licence. the form will be kept for twelve months. 2. confirming that the information you have provided is complete and correct. You acknowledge that any false or misleading statements are grounds for the withdrawal of a licence Agreement and accept that treasure trails ltd may withdraw from the application process at any time. 3. providing your consent for treasure trails to process your personal information in connection with your application. 4. Agreeing not to disclose any information given to you by treasure trails ltd to any third party or use it to the disadvantage of treasure trails ltd or any of its licensees. 5. Accepting that the information provided in this information pack is for the purposes of illustration only. Applicants are advised to seek their own independent professional advice. signed: date: treasure trails ltd complies with the data Protection act and is an equal opportunities organisation.
  • 13. treasure trails Ltd onway house, fore Street, Probus, Truro, cornwall, Tr2 4LZ 01726 884604 www.treasuretrails.co.uk info@treasuretrails.co.uk