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Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural
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Integrated marketing communication plan for Paw Natural


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  • Company: 4 employees and a revenue between 500,000 and 2,5m or 5m.They understand dog diet.No allergiesSave on veterinary billsGood perceived qualityMessy Web pageNot very good customer serviceThreatsOther brands AQIS certificationRAW diet discovered as non convenient for dogsPeople who shop organically are typically more conscious of other crucial issues, such as supporting their community. They realise that buying locally grown organic produce from places such as local organic farmers’ markets, wherever possible, means farmers in their community get more of the food dollar; they get better nutrition, and much less fuel is consumed in transport.
  • *To create BRAND COMMUNITY.PEOPLE who eats RAW/gives dogs to eat RAW is aware of health and nutrition, they are more “smart” and higher class, freedom is theirs and a green “conscience” characterises them.WOM!
  • SMARRTT:SpecificMeasurableAchievableRealisticRelevantTargetedTimedNutritionist: Mainly our target group.Functionalist: Secondary, women are married to them and may fall into the primary target group.Baby substitute: Women that have dogs but are sybarite, they may not fall into our campaign focus.
  • Objective: What we want to achieve. TOStrategy: How you’ll get there. BYTactics: Details of the strategy. IMPLEMENTATION
  • “For upmarket, female clients, you might use Weekend Confidential, in the Saturday Daily Telegraph, for instance.”Frequency: 36% readit 3 times.***We considered TV ads but it doesn’t fit with our stage and despite TV is broadly seen they have Satellite channels and skip ads:ReachPromoteFrequency: Long termBattles/campaigns*** We considered concerts, and NZ Rugby World championship, but we don’t know how it fits with our brand.
  • *Important to have good merchandising in TESCO and trained employees***
  • Budget: Not too big because we don’t use mass media but WOM and local shops and NGOs. An ad on the webpage is 30$/month.
  • Transcript

    • 1. PAW NATURAWIMC Project Proposal Laura Anthes. U01.
    • 2. 1. RESEARCHPAW NATURAW: COMPETITORS:• Strengths: 2 competitor’s segments regarding dog food: – USDA Organic certified • Bones and Raw Food Diet (BARF diet) – Only natural meat: No hormones… – The Complete Pet Food Company*** – No fillers, no supplements, all natural: No allergy • They do seminars in Brisbane (pay: charity) – LABEL with all the ingredients – or – Handy small Zip bags (Women) – Dr B’s RAW – Price=Cheaper than homemade • Drawback: Not certified – ***No need for quarantine/irradiation by AQIS • Advantage: 100% Australian because is USDA certified*** – Testimonials: Healthier dogs – Biopet • Drawback: No meat – Food that you’ll eat • Advantage: Certified Organic• Weaknesses • Premium/Super Premium Dog Food (We can’t ignore it because many of – Price the prospective customers are on these brands: Intro Stage of the product) – Imported US – Dick Van Patten’s: – Messy cleaning • Certified Organic by OCIA - GMO and pesticide-free. – Difficult to implement • No RAW – Most Vets against – Organix: • They could work on their web page • Certified by USDA • They could introduce biodegradable packages • No RAW – Nature’s Gift
    • 3. 1. RESEARCH• Opportunities • Threats • RAW + Humanisation trends. • Other brands AQIS certification • TESCO distribution: • RAW diet discovered as non o Supermarkets are the fastest growing organic outlets. convenient for dogs o Now RAW dog food can be found • People who shop organically mainly over the Internet. are conscious of other issues: • (Of the people who do not currently • Buy locally grown organic own a pet, 53% would like to own one products: Farmers in their in the future). • Annual retail value growth rate of: community. • Organic food. • Less fuel is consumed in • Premium dog food. transport. • 
    • 4. 2. AUDIENCE• At 63%, Australia has similar pet ownership as the USA: Dog ownership – 39% own dogs 39% of all – 34% in New Zealand adults own a dog• In about two-thirds of cases a woman is the main carer and 18-29decision-maker in relation to the family 26% 40% 30-49 pet(s). 50-64She is married with children, living in the suburbs and most likely employed. 40% >65 45%• 91% of pet owners report feeling ‘very close’ to their pet: Humanisation trend.
    • 5. 2. AUDIENCEPrimary Target Audience:• Women between 30-49 years old. Married or in a couple, without or with small children. Average or high Income and educated. Urban and suburban (90%)Secondary Target Audience:• Men between the same age. Mainly the partners of the women in the primary target segmentOthers:• Opinion Leaders
    • 6. 2. AUDIENCEWhy women?:1. Women are the ones shopping in more than 60% of the cases.2. Women are in a high number of cases the main care takers.3. Women are the main buyer of organic food (hand-in-hand with humanisation trend): “(Demographic segmentation) • Female • They are under-represented in the $45 to 75K income range* • They are slightly more likely to be in the 25-54 age group than in the over 55 age group. • 40% of the kids in the household under 15. * The representation of organic consumers at the average income range is worth noting. The is buyers into both the high and low-income ranges”.4. Organic food consumers are more tolerant with higher prices5. AU and NZ strong coffee culture: Women go to cafes daily to meet with friends.
    • 7. 3. OBJECTIVESProduct Life Cycle: Objectives:Introduction. 1. To create awareness of the product.User cycle: 2. To inform and educate the customer:Innovators & Early adopters  Opinion • E.g Brochures.leaders. 3. To change the customer’s beliefs about RAW food and preference of our brand: • e.g. Free trials. 4. To induce the customer to buy.
    • 8. 3. OBJECTIVESColley’s (1961) DAGMAR Model:‘Baby Substitute’ Others: Awareness (10%)Demography – one small dog, no children, higher income, urbanPsychological – dogs fragile indoor animals, owners very attached todogs, dogs are finicky eaters, great desire to give what the dog wants Primary Target: Awareness & Comprehension (40%), Conviction‘Nutritionist’ (20%), Action (10%). More than 1,000,000/Action: 100,000Demography – multiple dog owners, unlikely to have children, Australianurban, high/middle incomePsychological – very personally attached to do, dog belongs towoman, interested in nutrition, food is varied, least interested in cost‘Functionalists’ Secondary Target: Awareness (15%), Comprehension (5%)Demography – multiple dog ownership, usually children, lower incomePsychological – dogs outdoor, hearty, eat anything, no bother, littleattachment to dog, woman not involved in dog
    • 9. 4. STRATEGYConsidering target Patti and Frazer (1988):audience+objectives+product 1. Pre-emptive (Generic claimstage, main media channels: about RAW food but our is1. Internet brand superior) • Facebook 2. Brand image*** • Web page 3. Positioning (Niche)* • Sponsorship: Banners in Dog 1. Attribute Associations and NGOs (Pull: 2. Quality Influencers): 3. Product category • Australian National 4. Affective Kennel Council 5. Informational (Brochures) • NZ Kennel Club, etc. 6. Push/Pull (TESCO/Innovators &2. Posters & brochures early adopters) • Dog friendly cafés, parks and beaches • TESCO (Push)3. Weekend Newspapers: e.g. Saturday Daily Telegraph.
    • 10. 4. STRATEGY Brand IdentityCore identity:1. “Paw Naturaw’s mission arises from the Brand as an organisation: belief that humans, dogs and cats share a 1. Core+Extended identity. distinct instinct to love and an innate desire for a healthy existence”. 2. Dog, people and family oriented.2. Organic & RAW high quality dog diets. 3. “Gives back” to the local NGOs:3. Effective service (frozen food at arrival). – Donation to dog associations:4. Family business. • Dog Breeders and shelters.5. Responsible with their community: Donations. • Park and beach cleaning.Extended identity:1. Friendly, down to earth brand. Brand as a product:2. Happy relaxed personality: Aussie/Kiwi spirit.3. Basis for relationships with other owners. 1. Healthy for your dog4. Green/organic mentality. 2. Quality5. Symbol: Healthy Labrador Retriever.6. Online + TESCO. 3. Certified “BECAUSE YOU KNOW BETTER”Value proposition:1. Functional benefits: Healthy dogs  Save in veterinary. Brand as a person (dog)/symbol:2. Emotional benefits: Chocolate Labrador Retriever with his sportive • Bonding with the dog through green/health conscious owner. experience economy (events). • By buying the brand you know you He’ll be healthy, shinny coat and support the local community. “PEP IN his STEP”
    • 11. 5. TACTICS1st Pre-campaign (Posters+Brochures):• Media channels, TESCO, Dog friendly cafés, parks andbeaches.2nd Campaign:Events in collaboration with dog friendly cafés, NGOsand pet associations:• Park and beach events.- Aussies and Kiwis enjoy sports and fresh air.- From September to the end of March (Long term:Every year  Part of the brand identity).Events will be focused on:1. Inform people about RAW diet2. Speeches: Holistic vets & dog trainers.3. Dog/owner bond activities (doggie wash)4. Distribution of free trials (log-in web page to continue receiving packages for 15-30 days)5. Sales promotions: Free doggie kits
    • 12. 6. IMPLEMENTATIONProject Management:1. Work break down structure.2. Network diagram.3. Gantt chart.7. CONTROL•Pre-testing•While running the campaign: • Internet data: Number of registered people for samples/or not. • TESCO sales data + web page sales. •Questionnaires.•Post-testing