Anytime fitness prospective brochure


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Anytime fitness prospective brochure

  1. 1. Make time for you Anytime ANYTIME FITNESS Fitness for everybody and EVERY BODYEverybody and every body type is Make time for yourself…welcome at Anytime Fitness. We are for people who look like realpeople. And who are serious aboutcommitting to their health. Not for thekids working out in lime green. FarragutWe are here for you, with healthy advice Right around the cornerand support. Unlike our competition, our Conveniently located in your neighborhood, Anytimetrainers are certified. Plus, our gym Fitness is there for you. We offer Zoomba classes,smells great. yoga, a full gym in a beautiful atmosphere.We are tough, but our gym smells nice. Come by and get a free workout and a free consultation. We would love to have your business, Anytime Fitness is your 24/7 but we will not harass you with contracts or hard sales Health spa and fitness center tactics. We know your time is important and we respect that Farragut, TN Make any time Telephone 865-470-4788 Your time Find us on Farragut, TN 10001 Kingston Pike, Suite C-D Knoxville, Tennessee 37922
  2. 2. WHAT YOU GET WHY WAIT? Your health matters today.  A clean, beautiful spa Research indicates that starting a health and fitness program at any time can make you healthier. And it atmosphere free of smelly takes no more than doing something six times to make gym socks and smelly gym it become a habit. So, what if you could make being jocks. healthy a habit? We would like to help you reach that goal and any others you have for yourself.  Workout equipment that is We have joy-inducing Zoomba classes, relaxing yoga state of the art and easy to use. Here for you… classes and individual training plans to match your individual needs.  Our certified physical fitness ANYTIME coaches trained to help you Enhance your health and your mind. Feel happy. VisitAnytime Fitness has hours that suit a busy Anytime Fitness and make time for with your specific We keep late hours so that you can come yourself…Anytime. (Those other places don’tin whether you are on your way to or from work, have certified trainers.)the groceries, picking up children, orgrandchildren.  Private, individual showers.What can you do in an hour? Well, we havefitness plans that fit you. In one hour, you can  Cameras and security 24/7change your health for the better.  Your own personal key to the door (and health).  We understand the need to work out in an environment that caters to grown-ups. Any time is a good time for you. Anytime Fitness