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The Wireless Charging Surface
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The Wireless Charging Surface



A surface that charge mobile phone by induction in public places.

A surface that charge mobile phone by induction in public places.




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The Wireless Charging Surface The Wireless Charging Surface Presentation Transcript

  • Antoine AuriolSofiane BerlatJean-Baptiste FremauxRafael F. G. MelloThe WirelessCharging Surfacefor Starbucks1
  • Presentation Outline• Background• The Wireless technology• SWOT Analysis• Drafts• The Product• Business Model2
  • Background• Wire charging connection• Different plugs• Charging at home• New technologies(wireless – induction)3
  • Technical Solutions• Induction technology• Delivers 5W at close range• Max efficiency with coils of similar size• No health risk• Only works when a phone is detected => eco friendlyMagnetic fieldWireless charging deviceMobile Device4
  • SWOT AnalysisStrengths• Simplicity• Wireless• User friendly• Compatible with multipledevices (USB)Weaknesses• Doesn’t match the currentmobile phone technology• The device occupies asignificant areaOpportunities• Developing new relatedservices• Partnership with otherbusiness (Starbucks)• Every mobile phone needschargeThreats• Depends of the standardizationof the wireless chargingbatteries• Technology can be easy copiedby other manufactures• Development of new / bettertechnologies5
  • Draft | Covereddesign• Good protection• Not intuitive• Poor accessibility to themobile phone• Poor designDraft | Lamp design• Low exposure to liquids• Good integration withother devices (lamp)• Good mobile phoneaccessibility• Not suitable for coffeetables (small)6
  • Draft | Tray design• Isolated area• Doesn’t modify thenature of the support(table)• Noti ntuitive place• Poor mobile phoneaccessibilityDraft | Muffin design• Perception of protection(device + mobile phones)• Quick access to themobile phones• Can’t use mobile phoneWhile charging• Not intuitive7
  • 8Prototype to evaluate :• Size• Integration• Exposure of the phone• Poeple are not fearedto put iphone on thetable
  • Product designedfor a round table• Simple Rounded Shape• 2 devices simultaneously• USB Plug• Magnetic area• User friendly for ourtarget9
  • 10Integration with Starbucks’ table
  • 11
  • 12
  • Business Model• New service - Partnership with Starbucks• Starbucks – well positioned brand (social gathering place)• Pioneer in offering free mobile phone charging• Adds more benefits for customers• Cost (charging service) is compensated by the gain of clients, orembedded in the price of core products line13
  • Thank youQuestions?14