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Implementing smartshopping technologies and user-experience in the shopping bag itself.

Implementing smartshopping technologies and user-experience in the shopping bag itself.




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SmartBag SmartBag Presentation Transcript

  • Smart Shopping
  • Supermarket Experience
  • No time... View slide
  • No memory... View slide
  • A big effort...
  • Lack of organisation...
  • Environmental impact...
  • Solution...
  • But what about this?
  • UsersThe need to improve consumer shopping experience“31% of French people say that they dont have free time and63% dont have enough. For them the time spent in shoppingis a lost time. For 46% shopping is a awful experience.”- Decrease of frequency and time spent shopping- The use of home-work journey to make shopping(Escale(s) - F. Bellanger - Ed. Transit city - 2001)
  • - Every second counts- Connectedness- High Expectations- Ethical Consumerism- Staying Alive- FeminizationTrends(Jordan, 2012)
  • Creative SolutionAn integrated system that transforms traditionalsupermarket trolleys and bags into a new service inorder to make life easier.
  • Creative Solution- Temperature keeper- Self-moving by contact- Eco-friendly- User-friendly- Automatic checkout- Home storage management- Integrate Online and Offline- New payment optionsChip Sticker Smart Bag App+ +
  • Technology
  • DesignSupermarket TrolleySmartCart by Furf Design Studio
  • Designpull offwhenfinishedpull offwhenfinishedpull offwhenfinished
  • Costumer JourneySupermarket- Create your profile- Smart bag rental
  • Costumer JourneySmartphone App- Home storage management- Automatic shopping list
  • Costumer JourneySupermarket-Shop- Organise the itemsaccordingly to theirideal temperature
  • Costumer JourneySmartphone App- Check prices- Receive offers- Easily find items- Verify missing items- Check final balance- Automatic check-out
  • Costumer JourneySupermarketLeave the supermarketwithout need of thetraditional checkout
  • Costumer JourneyStreetUse the smart bag toeasily carry yourshopping and keepyour food fresh
  • Costumer JourneyHomeEasily organise yourshopping
  • Costumer JourneyCollecting PointsReturn the smart bagto the any of thecollecting pointsaround yourneighbourhood or atthe supermarket
  • Business ModelSmart ShoppingMake money by offeringa service that improves supermarketprocess, increase it’s brand equityand makes consumer’s life easier.Increase Brand Equity- Brand Loyalty- Brand Awareness- Perceived QualityReallocate costs- Plastic bags- Check-out- TrolleysSUPERSERVICEValue for no moneyConsumers SupermarketsFocus onstrengthenrelationship
  • BarriersMarket- Integration with packagingCustomer- Returning the bags- Limited to local, urban areasFinancial- Cost of initial investment: producing bags, collecting points, kiosks etc.- System maintenanceTechnological- Security Issues (Privacy, stolen, broken)- Maintain the whole system stable (Bags – Store – Customer – Package)
  • BenefitsCustomers- Enable Easy, Quick, Smart shopping- Intelligent consumptionCompany- Increase profit by enhancing customer loyaltyEnvironment- Reduce food waste and plastic bagsUniqueness- Product Incremental Innovation- Process Disruptive InnovationConclusion
  • Thank You!