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Four Foolproof Ways to Uplift Your Case Studies
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Four Foolproof Ways to Uplift Your Case Studies


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Interested in breathing new life into your case studies? Here are four out-of-the-box ways to create case studies that will grab and maintain your prospects’ attention.

Interested in breathing new life into your case studies? Here are four out-of-the-box ways to create case studies that will grab and maintain your prospects’ attention.

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology

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  • 1. 1. 3. 2. 4. C o n t e n t a n d T o o l s f o r I N S I G H T - D R I V E N S a l e s E n a b l e m e n t Four Foolproof Ways to Uplift Your Case Studies Infographic Ebook Value Propositions Video
  • 2. The Magic Begins with a Customer Story After all, it’s not about what you say you can do. It’s about proving your solutions work—with real results. And developing case studies that demonstrate how you were able to solve your customers’ problems and maximize their ROI is one of the best ways to build trust. But getting potential customers to read case studies can be easier said than done, given the noise of today’s business environment and the dizzying pace of the market. The trick is to grab and sustain your prospect’s attention with fresh storytelling methods versus the all-too-common “problem, solution, results” approach. This e-book will show you four innovative ways to do just that. Top Three Content and Tactic Preferences Across Buying Cycle1 Stages Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1. Trials 2. Online Demos 3. Case Studies Chief Operations Officer (COO) 1. In-person Demos 2. Proofs of Concept 3. Case studies Chief Sales Officer (CSO) 1. In-person Demos 2. Case Studies 3. Competitive Guides Case studies were ranked among the top 3 content assets that influenced C-level buyers across all buying stages. SiriusDecisions: “The COO Persona: Content and Tactic Preferences,” 2013. SiriusDecisions: “The CEO Persona: Content and Tactic Preferences,” 2012. SiriusDecisions: “The CSO Buyer Persona: Content and Tactic Preferences,” 2012.1 The buying stages include the following: committing to change; exploring possible solutions, committing to a solution; justifying the decision and making the selection.
  • 3. Getting Started... Interested in breathing new life into your case studies? Here are four out-of-the-box ways to create case studies that will grab and maintain your prospects’ attention: Case Study to Infographic: Use an infographic format for your case study. Case Study to Ebook: Consolidate similar case studies into an ebook. Value Propositions to Case Study: Organize and narrate your case studies around your key value propositions. Case Study to Video: Let prospects see and hear your customer success stories. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  • 4. It’s cliché, but true: a picture really is worth 1,000 words. And the truth is, scanning a case study in an infographic format is a far more practical solution for attention-and time-strapped prospects than reading even a few pages of text—especially if the infographic case study: Captures interest via a visually compelling snapshot of a success story, motivating readers to learn more. Maintains the reader’s attention by incorporating interactive components, which allow the reader to link to other materials, such as the full case study or a related video testimonial. Case Study to Infographic Case study infographics are also great additions to related solution campaigns and blog posts. 1. 2. Key messages from a longer version of the case study become the basis of blurbs used throughout the infographic. The image provides the gist of the story, and the customer can click links for more information. 1.
  • 5. Case studies were selected based on the customer outcomes and aligned with six corporate message paths. Your customers are doing great things with your solutions—and you have a mountain of case studies to prove it. Yet, your salespeople are always asking for more. By consolidating your case studies into an ebook, you can give your sales team a handy tool of performance-validation stories that will help them prove their case, particularly in the “preference” stage of the buying cycle. Case study ebooks are most effective when they: Capture the reader’s attention via a dynamic, interactive format that is optimized for today’s mobile mindset, and provides fingertip access to the testimonials most relevant to a prospect’s specific needs. Sustain the prospect’s attention with concise and measurable proof points, as well as content that’s segmented according to commonly seen problems, results, and overall outcomes. Case Study to Ebook 1. 2. 2.
  • 6. Case studies are organized according to three key value propositions. The reader can jump to each case study, which is presented in a fun, at-a-glance format that includes a link to the full case study. Value Propositions to Case Study 1. 3. You’ve probably invested lots of resources into the development of formal messaging that explains how you address your clients’ unique challenges. Organizing and narrating case studies in a way that drives home this messaging can help you differentiate your solution—particularly when the case study: Grabs the reader’s attention by aligning client triumphs to your key value propositions. Keeps the reader engaged with concise, scannable content that’s 100 percent focused on your key messaging pillars, and includes links to a full-length case study and other resources for more detailed information. 2.
  • 7. Sometimes viewing a video is easier and just more preferable—especially in our mobile, social-media obsessed word. By providing a quick video that includes a link to a longer case study with more depth, you can significantly increase the chance that your success stories will get heard. And let’s face it, most organizations are sitting on stagnant video libraries that could be consolidated and refreshed into compelling case study videos that: Attract the viewer’s attention within the first 30 seconds by introducing an original story that speaks to his or her own interests and challenges. Sustain the viewer’s attention by narrating a complete story (with a beginning, middle and end) that provides proof points and memorable quotes and demonstrates how similar organizations were able to implement the solution/product. Case Study to Video 1. 2. The six-minute video enables prospects to see and hear how multiple customers were able to overcome their challenges and transform their businesses by leveraging TechTerra solutions. 4.
  • 8. Launch International is a strategy and services firm that helps companies build and execute high-performance, integrated marketing and sales enablement programs. We offer a robust and comprehensive approach to case studies that: Incorporates fresh storytelling approaches and channels that grab and maintain the prospect’s attention, ensuring that they learn the benefit of your solutions and gain trust. Leverages our decades of IT messaging/sales enablement expertise, as well as a deep understanding of your voice, key messaging, and brand standards. Provides full service, including strategy, interviews, content, project management, and design services—freeing you to focus on other, higher-value activities. Gets the messaging right up front through extensive and thorough interviewing and hard numbers to support the value of a solution. Translates client success stories into clear and unique messaging that differentiates your solutions from competitors. Uplift Your Case Studies Today 3 3 3 3 Learn more about how Launch International can help you uplift your case studies and maximize your results. Visit, or call us at 215-230-4340. 3