Why Nevada? Webinar


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Get the most out of your Nevada Corporation or LLC through this educational webinar presentation that will serve as a helpful resource.

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  • I have a Nevada Company but do most of my business in another state. Is my corporate veil still protected because I have a Nevada Company?
  • Why Nevada? Webinar

    1. 1. #whyNV 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com Learn How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Nevada Corporation Or Limited Liability Company Sponsored By: Laughlin Associates Presented By: Scott Burnett
    2. 2. #whyNV 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com Who is Laughlin Associates? Corporate Formation and Compliance CompanyCorporate Formation and Compliance Company Small Business Consulting and EducationSmall Business Consulting and Education Asset Protection and Income RetentionAsset Protection and Income Retention Providing Business Solutions Since 1972Providing Business Solutions Since 1972 www.twitter.com/laughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com/blog
    3. 3. #whyNV 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com You Made The Right Choice When You Formed a Nevada Corporation or LLC Nevada has a number of outstanding attributes that make it extremely attractive to entrepreneurs.
    4. 4. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV • Stockholders, directors and officers need not live or hold meetings in Nevada. • Directors need not be stockholders • In Nevada, one person can hold all positions in a corporation. Nevada: The Right Choice Minimum Requirements:
    5. 5. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV • In Nevada, liability stops with the corporation. You cannot be held responsible for lawsuits against your corporation except in the case of outright fraud. Nevada: The Right Choice Asset Protection:
    6. 6. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV • No other state takes privacy as seriously as Nevada. In Nevada, there is no requirement for the names of stockholders to be filed with the state. Stockholders are anonymous - not a matter of public record. Nevada: The Right Choice Privacy:
    7. 7. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Is Your Name On Public Record At The Nevada Secretary Of State?
    8. 8. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Nevada: The Right Choice Nevada’s tax climate is among the least burdensome in the country. For that reason, Nevada is consistently ranked as having one of the most business friendly climates in the nation. • Inventory tax • Tax on corporate shares • Gift tax • Business income tax • Estate tax • Franchise tax Tax Climate: NO!
    9. 9. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Are You Maximizing The Benefits of All Nevada Has To Offer?
    10. 10. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Structure and Strategy Start Using Your Nevada Company For Asset Protection
    11. 11. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Structure and Strategy NEVADANEVADA MAKES A LOAN INTEREST PAYMENT The Nevada company loans money to your business. The Nevada company gets the capitalization from you. The Nevada company wants your personal guarantee for the loan. Your Nevada company now becomes a priority creditor over your business and you. The interest payment is a business deduction! EXAMPLE
    12. 12. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Structure and Strategy The Nevada company does not buy the house. The Nevada company makes the down payment via capitalization from you! EXAMPLE WITH REAL ESTATE NEVADANEVADA MAKES A LOAN INTEREST PAYMENT
    13. 13. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Are You Meeting The Legal Requirements Of A Nevada Entity?Failure To Do So May Cause Legal And Tax Challenges.
    14. 14. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Can You Show You Have A Legitimate Presence in Nevada?  Physical Address  Business License  Phone Number & Listing  Bank Account  3rd Party Transactions
    15. 15. #whyNV 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com Meeting The Legal Requirements- Corporate Veil Protection Are You Maintaining Your Corporate Records?
    16. 16. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Have You Issued Stock In Your Nevada Company? Are You Documenting The Separation Between Your Personal And Business Assets? Have You Documented All Fringe Benefits? Did You Hold A Formal Meeting To Approve Your Board Of Directors? Have You Documented And Approved All Loans In And Out Of The Company? Have You Read And Follow Your Companies Bylaws Or Operating Agreement?
    17. 17. #whyNV 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com Laughlin Associates Provides: • The Nevada Headquarters Program • Educational Seminars • Networking Opportunities • Monthly Newsletters • Unlimited Consultations • Access to a Network of Legal and Accounting Professionals
    18. 18. #whyNV 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com Laughlin Associates Products and Services • Corporate Formation • Limited Liability Companies • Educational Seminars • Corporate Compliance Assistance • Business Credit • Aged Corporations • Family Limited Partnership • Resident Agent Service • Trusts • Publications and DVDs
    19. 19. 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA www.laughlinusa.com #whyNV Call Today and Receive a Complimentary Copy of the Why Nevada White Paper. How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Nevada Corporation or LLC 1-888-386-3811