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MM Final Presentation Laufer
MM Final Presentation Laufer
MM Final Presentation Laufer
MM Final Presentation Laufer
MM Final Presentation Laufer
MM Final Presentation Laufer
MM Final Presentation Laufer
MM Final Presentation Laufer
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MM Final Presentation Laufer


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The final presentation for Multimedia in the Classroom

The final presentation for Multimedia in the Classroom

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. William Laufer
    Final Presentation
    Multimedia in the Classroom
    July 2011
  • 2. Module 1: Using Images and Photography
    These five images are photos and logos that I edited using the online editor pixlr.
  • 3. Module 2: Using Audio and Web Streams
    This is an introduction podcast that I will use in my Food Science Gifted Course with the intention for students to create content for future episodes.
  • 4. Module 3: Creating Video With Generators
    I used Microsoft PhotoStory to explain a vision organizer I created with colleagues on “Effective Science Instruction”
  • 5. Module 4: Posting Original Videos
    This original video was filmed at the Crystal Caves in Bermuda earlier this summer using a flip camera.
    I edited it using Windows Live Movie Maker.
  • 6. Reflection: Useful Tools
    While many of the tools I experienced in this class will find their way into my classroom, I found two tools that will make an immediate impact. They are and
    Pixlr because images are embedded into all aspects of my instruction and in the past I had limited tools for image creation and editing.
    Filedropper will be useful because students sharing and submitting files beyond email limits is always difficult and this site should solve that problem.
  • 7. Reflection: Successes & Challenges
    My biggest success was learning to use photo editors which I had very little experience with prior to this course. Working through the five different images for module one made the learning curve steep and by the end of the module I felt comfortable and accomplished in image manipulation.
    My biggest challenge was determining which effects in video creation added to the effective communication of the message of a video and which effects detracted from the comprehension of the message.
  • 8. Reflection: Moodle & Online Learning
    I have attempted to use Moodle in my classroom with moderate success but this is my first use of Moodle as a student. I have also taken classes using D2L and Blackboard.
    I believe for motivated and educated professionals with many obligations online learning using these tools can be highly effective. By allowing for asynchronous learning it respects the limitations in time and location of the learners while still promoting self guided learning with collaboration between students and instructors.