The Social Big Screen


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Why Social Media Marketing Is Necessary To Drive Film Distribution and Partnership Opportunities

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The Social Big Screen

  1. 1. The Viral Big Screen:Why Social Media Marketing Is Necessary To Drive Film Distribution and Partnership Opportunities Presented to Universal Pictures Presented By Latoya Pinkney Over 100 million conversations conducted on behalf of our clients February 29, 2012 *
  2. 2. Conversations If You Can’t Beat em, JOIN EM•The convergence of technology, lifestyle, choice and social life known as social media is unlike any other form ofmedia before it. Social media is about relationships and the interactions and conversations had within thoserelationships. Social media marketing allows companies to bridge the gap and grow those relationships. Socialmedia allows consumers to instantly collaborate, share information and talk about the things they care about.Consumers have now become communities of users who you must design networks for , these networks mustrespond to their needs. These networks should foster participation and will return valuable social data to thosewilling to take the time to pay attention and listen. Good or bad you cant stop people from talking about yourbrand, and with the internet being in 1.5 billion homes worldwide the chatter is now spreading faster and widerthan ever before. Since the conversations are happening, why not be apart of them? Establishing a successfulsocial media community takes thoughtful management and daily monitoring. Its more than a one-time investment,instead it should be seen as a long-term communication channel. Open up the conversation and listen to theirideas. Speak candidly, invite potential customers to join in. Your consumer base is much larger than yourcustomer base and social media invites consumers to view your customer loyalty and the mutual respect betweenyour brand and your customers. Social media marketing is relevant and welcome. People want to hear from youand want you to hear from them. People are open to it and in many cases expect it.What brands should do when it comes to social media:• Listen• Analyze• Start, join and grow conversations• Manage you community – (Outreach to influencers, Outreach to loyalists)• Social campaigns• Long term social platforms that speak to users• Let a professional, dedicated team work with a social media manager within your company. This partnershipwill seek to analyze data, develop strategy, maintain a positive user experience and manage the account *
  3. 3. The SocialYou Are The Center Web Of The Conversation Landscape *
  4. 4. Well Shoot… You Do Make Darn Good Movies, That Resonate With The Public… Social Medias Definitely For You! • As the benefits of social media have been clearly defined in a broad manner the benefits of maintaining a social media marketing campaign to the Film Industry are fundamentally even more enormous. Social media will foster a conversation about the movie but also can be used as a tool to further movie storylines when tied in with transmedia marketing. Yes! you made a great film now social media offers you the opportunity to talk to your movies enthusiasts consistently in real time. Your product has inspired conversation, spurred debate, and aroused emotion. Isnt it time for you to actively communicate with consumers in a way where they feel engaged and comfortable enough to share their investment into the stories you are telling? • The rise of the never ending “Franchise” Studios have huge investments in any number of simultaneously running film franchises these days. Franchises offer 3+ installments of feature length films and tell a fascinating story. Social media allows for that online/off screen story to continue with possible offerings of new twists and turns. Popular Universal Picture Franchises • Chronicles of Riddick • American Pie • Bourne Franchise • Childs Play • Jurassic Park • The Fast and the Furious *
  5. 5. What You Stand To Learn From Social MediaListening and learning from your consumers can help build long lasting relationships where two-way honesty and authenticity are key. Who’s talking and how they choose to connect. How into your brand are they? How engaged are they by you and how much do they have to say about you? Is feedback generally good or not so much? How do they view the corporate brand? Who are our brand loyalist? Which loyalists are also influencers? How to better connect to key consumers. What are the strengths of these relationships? The weaknesses? The opportunities for growth? Social media can help you put these into perspective *
  6. 6. SWOT of Social Media • With careful analysis of the strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats you cantruly plan an effective campaign to reach your core consumer and invite more consumers to enjoy the interaction and entertainment that Universal Pictures has to offer. *
  7. 7. A Dedicated Professional Team Can Help Partnering with a professional,dedicated social media marketing team, like DEI Worldwide, is invaluable to the Universal Picture brand strategy .• Consultancy We help you understand the impactthat social media is having on yourorganization and work with you toimplement the changes that need to bemade as a result. Proactively plan, so to avoidmissteps. Identify possibilities forissues and respond rapidly.Responses should always bethoughtful and speak directly to theneeds of the customers• Research & Insight We help you listen to conversationsthroughout social media relevant toyour brand, products, services,competitors and sector.• Engagement We help you engage in social mediaby having meaningful conversationswith people and igniting positive wordof mouth. You will get an expert incommunicating your message acrossmany avenues in one cohesivemessage. Effectively mix marketing, PR and customer service to engage and build channels of communication with consumers *
  8. 8. Mass Conversations Buzz Viral Sensation Attention • As conversation and interaction increase buzzbegins to build. Can you feel it? Yes! That’s whatwe call a viral sensation. Going viral can increase ticket sales, drive distribution, sell merchandise,dvds and spur transmedia licensing opportunities. *
  9. 9. Social Medias role in Transmedia Marketing And Franchise Building• More than marketing, social media can integrate fully as another transmedia outlet, in which storiescan consistently be weighed in on and storylines can deepen. Now more than ever the industries ofmovie, TV, music, gaming, magazine/comic, book, merchandising are relying on an inter-connectedrelationship to present the full story to the public. Avenues are explored online, offline, on screen andon paper, each adding a new dynamic to the story to keep the consumer engaged. The already socialweb is a strong platform to leverage relationships that seek to keep the consumer consistently engagedin the story as it evolves and the conversations surrounding that evolution. *
  10. 10. How Do Your Competitors Feel? Led to This• “Paranormal Activity” was created on a budget of $15,000, and started out on 12 screens. But very soon a buzz surroundedthe movie, and Paramount decided to spend approximately $2 million on a social media campaign. This campaign included anexpansion of trailers, Facebook and Twitter pages, and within a short period of time, the movie had more than 1 millionfollowers/fans. From there the movie was screened at more than 2,700 domestic cinemas, ending with a worldwide box office totalof almost $200 million. More than anything, this is proof that a social media campaign combined with a viral social media buzz cancause great things to happen, both to major movies and low-budget films. Everything is about marketing, and right now, socialmedia is where the market is. Now in its third installment., the Paranormal franchise includes merchandise, music, magazines,books, licensing, games, and has produced more than $750 million in income,• 20th Century Foxs "Avatar" was extremely hyped for having employed a new technology to create the movie‘s imaging. Foxinvested in a fulll on social media campaign to fuel the conversatio naround the topic. The Utopia created in the movie was sotalked about the buzz went viral and catapulted the movie‘s sales. The results in its case were a $232 million opening weekendand a total of one billion dollars in revenue by year’s end. *
  11. 11. In The End… • The end result of a successful social media marketing campaign is a larger, more passionate consumer network, where your message has been clearly communicated and your brand is trusted. You have humanized the conversation and invested in growing a community ofloyal brand enthusiasts, who will support the positive spreading of your message… Listen, fuel conversation, direct attention, influence more and more networks, casually… SOCIALLY!!! *