10 Essential Principles to Growing Your Language


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Presentation given by Marcela Reyes at #ata54.

As you think about your approach to increasing your client base, growing your language business, making your name known, and having an effective strategy in the current economy, you need to apply 10 essential principles to creating a sustainable, profitable, and ultimately successful business. Some of the things you will learn during this session include how to develop a solid and distinctive brand, advance your business through social media, and how to build the reputation of your business to separate it from the competition.

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10 Essential Principles to Growing Your Language

  1. 1. The 10 Essential Principles to Growing your Language Business Marcela Reyes, MBA Chief Branding Officer Latitudes Training, Coaching and Consulting www.latitudescoach.com 1 Latitudescoach.com
  2. 2. A bit about me •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  @marcelajenney #ATA54 20+ years industry experience MBA in Marketing 12+ years as a ATA certified Eng>SP translator Business Translation and Marketing for Translators Instructor at University of California, San Diego Extension Certified Localization Project Manager Blue Ocean Strategy Certified Practitioner Professional business, marketing coach and branding coach Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist Reach Certified Online Identity Strategist Certified 360Reach™ Brand Assessment Analyst 2010-2012 ATA’s Spanish Language Division Administrator Columnist Latitudescoach.com
  3. 3. 1. It all starts with… Latitudescoach.com
  4. 4. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com
  5. 5. @marcelajenney #ATA54 “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius Latitudescoach.com
  6. 6. 2. Get down to business! Latitudescoach.com
  7. 7. @marcelajenney #ATA54 •  Personal/business vision, mission statements •  Strategy •  Goals •  Best-business practices •  Business functions Latitudescoach.com
  8. 8. 3. Brand Brand Brand Latitudescoach.com
  9. 9. @marcelajenney #ATA54 What is NOT a brand? Latitudescoach.com
  10. 10. A brand is NOT a logo Latitudescoach.com
  11. 11. A brand is NOT a product Latitudescoach.com
  12. 12. A brand is NOT a tag line Latitudescoach.com
  13. 13. @marcelajenney #ATA54 A brand is NOT advertising Latitudescoach.com
  14. 14. A brand is NOT a business Latitudescoach.com
  15. 15. So what IS a brand, then? Latitudescoach.com
  18. 18. T R U S T Latitudescoach.com
  19. 19. @marcelajenney #ATA54 TRUST   It is a PROMISE of something to consumers.   Establishes consumers’ EXPECTATIONS.   MEETS those expectations in each interaction and experience with clients. Latitudescoach.com
  20. 20. You cannot build a brand if you don’t have… Consistency– message, image, unique promise of value, etc., must be consistent to clients. Otherwise, they may get confused and move to a different brand (aka “competitor”). Constancy – brands are not build overnight Clarity– do not promise what you cannot deliver Latitudescoach.com
  21. 21. @marcelajenney #ATA54 FOCUS ON BUILDING THE BRAND CALLED “YOU” Latitudescoach.com
  22. 22. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Your Brand Identity System A B Color G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z CDEF Textures Font Tag Line Images Logo Latitudescoach.com
  23. 23. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Identity System Checklist •  Website/Blog •  Headshot on social sites •  Headshots to Flickr •  Images to Flickr •  Facebook •  Personal portal(s): about.me, flavors.me •  Career marketing tools (bio, resume, portfolio) •  Email signature Latitudescoach.com
  24. 24. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Identity System Checklist Photofunia Wordle YouTube customized MS Word/Pages template MS PowerPoint/Keynote template •  Video background (real or green screen image) •  Stationery system (biz card, letterhead, envelopes, label, postcard, invoices, thank you cards) •  •  •  •  •  Latitudescoach.com
  25. 25. Brand elements TANGIBLE Logo Visual Identity (color, font, design) INTANGIBLE Image Reputation Message Promise Brand Perception Latitudescoach.com
  26. 26. 4. Define your “Unique Value Proposition” Latitudescoach.com
  27. 27. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Without a strong value proposition… •  You can’t create an effective overall marketing strategy. •  You can’t craft strong marketing messages. •  You can’t get consistent results. Latitudescoach.com
  28. 28. @marcelajenney #ATA54 •  What makes you different from other translators that are working on the same language pairs as yours and offer similar services. •  The key to your success as an entrepreneur. •  Gives you the chance to prove to clients that your business is better than anyone else’s. Latitudescoach.com
  29. 29. What’s in it for me? Latitudescoach.com Do your services help your clients make money, save them time or money, make their lives easier or more convenient, improve their self-esteem, or make them feel better?
  30. 30. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Your UVP Latitudescoach.com
  31. 31. @marcelajenney #ATA54 •  Price won’t be the deciding factor. •  Helps you get the attention of the people who are willing to pay your fees. •  Forget adding new features to your services. Or handing out more freebies. •  You don’t need to pile features on top of features. •  You are sought out by your clients not for the number of features (languages, processes, dictionaries, how big your TM is) your services have but for the true value you know they’ll get from you! Latitudescoach.com
  32. 32. 5. Become an “Expert” Latitudescoach.com
  33. 33. @marcelajenney #ATA54 A Jack of all trades is master of none!!! Latitudescoach.com
  34. 34. Benefits @marcelajenney #ATA54  Your initial learning curve is less steep since you are focusing on learning about a single area.  Your projects are likely to be similar and it will be easier for you to apply what you learned in one project to the next one.  You can charge $$$ for your services.  Help others  Become a trusted resource  Gain access (via conference/speaking invites, etc.)  Convert followers to sales Latitudescoach.com
  35. 35. Market Outlook @marcelajenney #ATA54 •  Number of translators/interpreters has increased significantly •  Too many “legal, medical, financial, software” translators •  Too many E>S translators •  Anyone with internet access can get work •  Lack of translators in numerous specialized fields Latitudescoach.com
  36. 36. @marcelajenney #ATA54 How to Become an Expert •  Pick something that already interests you •  Look into back experience •  Formal education  •  Read blogs, magazines and books •  Take classes  •  Create a blog  •  Give speeches Latitudescoach.com
  37. 37. 6. Create Your Virtual ID & Reputation Latitudescoach.com
  38. 38. Google the Verb Latitudescoach.com @marcelajenney #ATA54
  39. 39. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Do you have an online ID? What happens in Vegas stays on… Latitudescoach.com
  40. 40. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com
  41. 41. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com
  42. 42. Online ID Calculator @marcelajenney #ATA54 www.onlineidcalculator.com Latitudescoach.com
  43. 43. Your Total Online ID • Volume? • Diversity? • Relevancy? • Purity? Latitudescoach.com @marcelajenney #ATA54
  44. 44. Name Confusion @marcelajenney #ATA54 •  Get your domain name •  Reserve ALL vanity names –  “LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ marcelareyes” •  Google ad words •  YouTube video •  Know and use “keywords” consistently •  Vizibility.com Latitudescoach.com
  45. 45. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Monitor your Online ID Latitudescoach.com http://www.google.com/alerts
  46. 46. 7. Embrace Social Media Latitudescoach.com
  47. 47. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com
  48. 48. What Tools to Use @marcelajenney #ATA54 •  Twitter •  LinkedIn •  Facebook •  Google profile, Google+ •  Blogs / Video Blogs •  Presentations, webinars, workshops, seminars, press releases, articles Latitudescoach.com 4:00 p.m
  49. 49. 8. Plan & Execute Your Marketing Plan Latitudescoach.com
  50. 50. The “ilities” @marcelajenney #ATA54 •  Visibility •  Credibility Latitudescoach.com
  51. 51. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com
  52. 52. 9. Add Value to Your Services Latitudescoach.com
  53. 53. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Make Yourself More Valuable You are more valuable if: Your target market is very focused You add solid value to their bottom line You can solve a very costly problem You give them something no one else can or make them feel as though you can •  Offer guarantees unconditionally •  Your are backed up by testimonials and success stories •  •  •  •  Latitudescoach.com
  54. 54. Pricing •  Charge correctly for VALUE •  Be a problem SOLVER •  Guarantee your work (with limitations) •  Get paid what your worth Latitudescoach.com @marcelajenney #ATA54
  55. 55. Keep Your Clients •  Do what it take to sustain long term relationships •  Don’t nickel and dime •  Educate your clients •  Client care Latitudescoach.com @marcelajenney #ATA54
  56. 56. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Focus on “Critical Value Drivers” •  Innovate •  Specified quality standards •  Establish loyalty programs •  Sharpen your knowledge and skills •  Enhance your technology •  Raise your brand equity among main competitors •  Excel in service delivery Latitudescoach.com
  57. 57. 10. Sell your services following a process Latitudescoach.com
  58. 58. @marcelajenney #ATA54 “Selling is not an event. Rather it’s a well-executed process.” Ray Reyes, CEO Latitudescoach.com
  59. 59. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com
  60. 60. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Be the “Language Doctor” Latitudescoach.com
  61. 61. Dedication to service and customer satisfaction! Latitudescoach.com
  62. 62. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com
  63. 63. @marcelajenney #ATA54 Latitudescoach.com 63
  64. 64. marcela@latitudescoach.com MarcelaJenney marcelareyes latitudescoachblog.com www.latitudescoach.com mjenney Latitudescoach.com