Laterna - Forma presentation 2012


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Laterna - Forma presentation 2012

  1. 1. FormaTK presents Multi-Care System All in One Platform
  2. 2. Forma System by Formatk   Forma is an innovative device developed to respond to a large range of medicalaesthetic demands. An integral treatments’ station that offers a concrete and dynamic solutions in aesthetics
  3. 3. All in one system  IPL: Body and Face IPL applicators for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Acne and Nail Fungus treatment.  S.T applicator: Special Skin Tightening, using Pulsed Bipolar Radio Frequency with double cooled electrodes to treat deep wrinkles and stretch marks.
  4. 4. All in one system  R-Sonic applicator: using a unique combination of bipolar continuous RF and ultrasonic massage, to increase reticular dermis matrix tone, improving skin’s appearance and texture, mild wrinkles treatment and to stimulate blood perfusion and transepidermal active ingredients delivery.  PLG, Peeling applicator: To peel and smooth the skin. Special diamond-coated disks with various surface roughness for the different body areas, to remove the non-vital skin layer. (Corneum Lysis)
  5. 5. IPL Applicators Applicator Pulses Wavelength Clinical application B/F-HR Up to 200.000 590 nm • Hair removal B/F-HR Up to 200.000 650 nm • Hair removal B/F-SR Up to 50.000 530 nm • Pigmentation • Vascular lesions • Onichomycosis F-AC Up to 50.000 440 nm •Acne treatment
  6. 6. RF/Peeling applicators Applicator Life span Energy level Clinical application R-sonic 150 hours 3-30 j/cm3 • Skin revitalization • Transepidermal delivery ST 500 hours 20-100 j/cm3 • Skin tightening • Striae treatment • Deep wrinkle treatment D-Peel 500 Hours •Peeling •Skin polishing
  7. 7. All in one system Hair removal Face and Body treatments F/B HR 590 nm wavelength for photo types I-IV Effective on fair facial hair and red hair F/B*HR 650 nm wavelength for photo types I-VI General pigmentation treatments F/B-SR Sun spots treatments 530 nm Vascular lesions Onychomycosis
  8. 8. All in one system F/B-AC 440 nm  Acne treatment R-Sonic RF: 1,25 MHz U.S: 22 KHz Post Acne Treatment  RF Skin rejuvenation  Skin toning  Skin revitalization  Moisturizers insertion  Non-invasive mesotherapy  Blood circulation improvement
  9. 9. All in one system ST ,25 MHz Deep 2,00 MHz Shallow PLG Deep wrinkles treatment Flaccid skin treatment Striae treatment Skin peeling Skin polishing Skin brightening
  10. 10. Intense Pulse Light and Thermal Relaxation Time *Represents the time taken for heated tissue to lose 50% of its heat through diffusion. If the light energy persists longer than TRT of the target, heat is conduced to the surrounding tissue leading to unwanted thermal injury. (Katsambas & Lotti, 2003).
  11. 11. TRT in pigmented and vascular lesions Data & histological assessment of vessel injury strongly suggest that pulse durations for ideal light treatment are in the 1 – 10ms region and depend on vessel diameter (Diedrickx, 1995).  Correct wavelength combine with correct TRT will achieve quick coagulation of targeted chromophore (melanin/hemoglobin). If TRT is exceeded, same clinical consistence is not achieved and more treatments sessions are necessary.   pulse duration choice is as important as that of the wavelength. (X.Muller, Lasers for Ischemic Heart Disease,2000)
  12. 12. TRT in Onychomycosis treatments An innovative method based on delivering a beam of radiation to a target chromophore area, to deactivate an unwanted organism. The beam of radiation can have a wavelength between 400nm ~ 1100nm, fluency range ~20Joule cm² and pulse width < 10ms (C. Demetrieu & J.C. Hsia, U.S Patent application publication 2006/0212098, Sep. 21, 2006)
  13. 13. B/F HR – Hair removal • Body and face hair removal. • 3 modes of work: single pulse, double pulse or continuous pulses. Technical information: Energy: up to 20 j/cm2. Wavelength: 590/650 nm Spot size: body3cm², face 1.6cm² Pulse duration: • Single: from 3 to 10 milliseconds • Double: from 2 to 5 milliseconds. • Continuous: from 1.1 to 3.3 milliseconds
  14. 14. Results after three treatments Before After
  15. 15. Results after one treatment Before After (one month)
  16. 16. Results after three treatments Before After
  17. 17. B/F SR –Skin rejuvenation   Body and face Skin Rejuvenation and Fungus Treatment 3 modes of work: single pulse, double pulse, or continuous pulses (single pulse every 0.33 seconds). Technical information: Energy: up to 22 j/cm. Wavelength: 530 nm Spot size: body 3 cm², face 1.6 cm² Pulse duration: Single: from 3 to 10 milliseconds Double: from 2 to 5 milliseconds Continuous: from 1.1 to 3.3 milliseconds
  18. 18. Pigmentation & skin rejuvenation Before After (3 treat.)
  19. 19. Pigmentation & Skin rejuvenation Before After (3 treat.)
  20. 20. Combination of Peeling and IPL - 3 treatments Before After
  21. 21. Hands pigmentation one treatment
  22. 22. Onychomycosis treatment Before After
  23. 23. Onychomycosis (4 treatments) Before After
  24. 24. Onychomycosis Before (4 treatments) After
  25. 25. F–AC Acne treatment  Face acne treatment Technical information: Energy: up to 22 j/cm. Wavelength: 440 nm Spot size: 1.6 cm2 Pulse duration: • Single: from 2 to 6 milliseconds • Double: from 1.5 to 3 milliseconds • Continuous: from 1.1 to 2.4 milliseconds
  26. 26. Acne treatment with F-AC Before After
  27. 27. Acne treatment with IPL Before After
  28. 28. R-sonic applicator Facial skin revitalization, active ingredients insertion; combining RF energies with ultrasonic massage. Two bipolar RF electrodes with the ultrasonic massage to enhance blood circulation and collagen production, providing the skin a radiant, youthful appearance. Technical information: RF energy: 3-30 j/cm3. Treatment area: 15×10 mm Ultrasonic frequency: 22 KHz
  30. 30. HISTORY During his studies on high-frequency currents, D'Arsonval discovered that an electric current at a frequency of 10 KHz or more produced a sensation of heat in crossing the living tissues, without being accompanied by painful muscle contractions that you feel more low frequencies. It was 1892, the year that marks the entrance of electromagnetism in Medicine.
  31. 31. DIATHERMY The term diathermy (dia = through, therme = heat) was coined in 1907 by Nagelshmidt to indicate the heating of living tissue produce by the conversion of high frequency currents in heat.
  33. 33. Thermal energy transfer The electromagnetic heating has some advantages over other forms of heating (conduction, infrared radiation). In particular, even with the long waves, depths of treatment are significantly higher.
  34. 34. While in the heat by the temperature within the tissue decays exponentially to the physiological value (37 ° C) in a few millimeters, electromagnetic heating allows for a smoother temperature distribution can also be of interest to depths of several centimeters that can not be reached with other external means.
  36. 36. THE COLLAGEN
  37. 37. CONTRAINDICATIONS Dental Implants Pace maker Fillers Silicones Pregnancy Herpetic diseases
  38. 38. Peeling applicator 7 diamond-coated disks of 4 different surface areas and levels of roughness, to peel, polish and smooth the skin, producing a silky texture.
  39. 39. Peeling and R-sonic treatment Immediate results Before After
  40. 40. Peeling and R-sonic treatment Immediate results Before After
  41. 41. ST Skin Tightening Bi polar pulsed RF, producing collagen renewal, for deep wrinkles and stretch marks treatments. Dual-task feature to choose between two modes of pulse: Deep: deep penetration, for fleshy areas such as cheeks (1.25 MHz) Shallow: shallow penetration, for bony areas such as eyebrow and forehead (2MHz)
  42. 42. RF and Collagen Renewal
  43. 43. Combination of Peeling, ST and IPL treatments – two treatments Before After
  44. 44. ST + R-Sonic 1 Treatment
  45. 45. FORMA System by Formatk
  46. 46. Thank you Dr. E. Krieger Scientific & Medical director Formatk