Laserfiche & Ricoh Canada Presentation | Gartner ITxpo 2013


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Enhance your end-user experience by using ECM as a Shared Service.

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  • Laserfiche & Ricoh Canada Presentation | Gartner ITxpo 2013

    1. 1. Enhance Your End-user Experience Using ECM as a Shared Service Chris Adamson Director IT, RCloud & Professional Services Ricoh Canada Inc.
    2. 2. Agenda/Topics ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ What‟s our history? What is expected of ECM today? Is there “nutrition in eating what you cook”? Is ECM in the cloud a compelling solution? What else can be achieved?
    3. 3. What if… ‣ You could bring a technology solution to your Sr. Management Team that reduces a core business process cost by 25% - would you? ‣ If you already have the knowledge, experience and skills to deliver a solid business solution – would you use it?
    4. 4. Our Relationship • Partners since 1998 (originally as Ikon Office Solutions) • Over 450 customers across Canada • On-Prem application solution deployments ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ 15x Laserfiche Channel Award Winner #1 Laserfiche VAR in Canada Top 3 Laserfiche VAR Globally 40 Trained Systems Engineers and Solution Consultants 1st Channel Partner to port Laserfiche to a shared services platform (RCloud: ECM, 2013) • 21 RCloud SaaS customers (3-4/mth)
    5. 5. Laserfiche Corporate Profile ‣ Laserfiche v1.0 released in 1987 ‣ Over 30,000 installations globally ‣ Nearly 300 employees ‣ 20% Growth Annually ‣ 1000 VARs Worldwide ‣ Offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Toronto, Tampa, Washington D.C., London, U.K., Panama ‣ Gartner Magic Quadrant ‣ BLI: Laserfiche 9 Unites ECM and BPM “Laserfiche provides the management tools to make smarter decisions”
    6. 6. The Laserfiche Software Solution Laserfiche has the base capability and channel strength to meet the ECM needs of the mid-market, government and the enterprise Overview • Laserfiche has been serving process-centric SMEs for 30 years. • The solution is available in two flavors: Rio for enterprise deployments, and Avante for SMEs. • It has gained traction by offering the enterprise a scalable ECM/RM solution that can grow with & within the organization to compliment or replace existing document and data process automation systems Strengths • Leads innovative solution development for mobile technologies, web services automation, eForm enablement backed by a secure, scalable information (content, documents, structured text) repository. • Has an Integration Marketplace, where connectors can be purchased for a wide variety of products. • Well developed channel and software products to service mid-market demands in imaging and workflow
    7. 7. ECM ROI Expectations IT Tech is the foundation for building business outcomes IT Solution Expectations: ‣ Reduction of personnel hours required to complete a process or generate income ‣ Minimize time required to deliver a product or generate revenue ‣ Reduction in variable costs or duplication of tasks associated with completing a process or generating profit ‣ Unique ROI Found in ECM o Bundled functionality―including capture and workflow―extends workflow to the point of content creation o Choice of interface allows information to be presented in the proper context for all participants in any particular process o Integration capabilities built into the workflow automation system eliminates redundant data entry, automates decisions and keeps multiple systems synchronized
    8. 8. Options in Market ‣ Point solutions ‣ Changing times: „Everything‟ as a Service ‣ ECM innovation • Integrating technologies into services that meet business user needs • Building scalable processes for provisioning and support • Short route to enterprise productivity & profitability • Package functionality: workflow - simplified • Innovation in a credible way
    9. 9. Market Validation
    10. 10. Opportunity to Use What We Sell • Employee Expense Process  Big Hit opportunity: o Touches 50% of Org. Headcount o Employee Sat & cash flow reliant o Highly paper based, labor intensive – archaic ‣ Process automation “internal consulting” ‣ Going to market for a BPO services solution… or “eat what we cook!” ‣ Capitalizing on the experience and tools currently available in the Ricoh portfolio
    11. 11. Case Study Ricoh Employee Expense System
    12. 12. Business Problem The goal of the project: ‣ Build a solution to enhance the current expense process, audit, reporting and productivity ‣ Reducing the time it takes for an expense claim to be processed from submission to payout ‣ Eliminating data input redundancies • (3x entry of the same/similar data) ‣ Services automation, ensuring visibility and status notification throughout the cycle
    13. 13. Project Scope This project utilized a simplified 5-phase methodology: 1. Project plan development, timelines, resources, SMEs 2. Current state assessment, analysis, consulting, cost uncovery, business decisions relating to processes 3. Configuration & design, review and solution validation 4. Deployment, UAT, change management and conduct training activities 5. Transition, project documentation, lesson‟s learned and “one to many” knowledge transfer
    14. 14. Consulting Models ‣ Solution Development Methodology • Assess, Analyze, Apply, Achieve ‣ Models & Methods • • • • • • DMAIIC Lean PDCA 7Cs CMM USE
    15. 15. Current State
    16. 16. Measure Impact Call to Action = +/- 100 factor Risk Assessment: If we do nothing = 250 factor Related Factors Data entry errors No Visibility - Tracking Duplication of expense detail Loss of expense report in mail Severity Probability Risk Factor .5 50 25 1 100 100 1 100 100 .5 50 25 Legend: Definition of Results Severity: 1=High, .5=Medium, 0=Low Probability: 100=High, 50=Medium, 0=Low Risk Factor: (Severity*Probability) Risk Factor of 100 = High Risk Risk Factor of 50 = Medium to High Risk Risk Factor of 25 = Medium to low Risk Risk Factor of 0 = Low Risk
    17. 17. Improvement Design 5 Universal Steps: MDS ‣ Understand: costs, time, dependencies, gaps ‣ Improve: right-size, BPO ‣ Transform: Implement, change management ‣ Govern: Manage, report, control ‣ Optimize: Continuous improvement, sustainability
    18. 18. Cloud Architecture: “High Value – Low Touch Services”
    19. 19. Proposed State – RExS 50% Process Step Reduction
    20. 20. Cloud Enabled Automation Risk Assessment: Implement web-based tool = 50 factor Related Factors/Items Implementation of Online tool No Visibility - Tracking Duplication of expense detail Loss of expense report in mail Data entry errors Severity Probability Risk Factor .5 50 25 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .5 50 25 Legend: Definition of Results Severity: 1=High, .5=Medium, 0=Low Probability: 100=High, 50=Medium, 0=Low Risk Factor: (Severity*Probability) Risk Factor of 100 = High Risk Risk Factor of 50 = Medium to High Risk Risk Factor of 25 = Medium to low Risk Risk Factor of 0 = Low Risk
    21. 21. RCloud Services: ECM
    22. 22. RExS Solution ‣ Cloud based delivery platform ‣ eForm web presentment and submission ‣ dB / ERP integrated
    23. 23. Solution ~ Cont’d Employee Interface Management Interface
    24. 24. Solution Options 3rd Party Solution (BPO) RExS OnPremise Upfront Costs Low Medium Ongoing Costs High Low 3rd Party Audit Yes No Integration to ERP Sys Yes Yes Web Based Yes Yes Can be used for other business processes? No Yes Adds Ricoh customer value? No Yes Cost per Expense Report $ 3.27 $ 2.85 Description BPO vs. On-Premise Solution (RExS) 13% Reduction in per report costs
    25. 25. Solution Option – a 2nd Look Description On Premise RCloud Upfront capital investment Software + Hardware Software Only Sales Leverage Good Better Managed by Ricoh IT Ricoh PS & RCloud Team Location of computing environment HQ Datacenter RCloud (VDC) Integration to Baan Yes Yes Cost per Expense Report $ 2.85 $ 2.47 RCloud vs. On-Premise Avg. Volume: 1,200/month
    26. 26. Process Time Phase Inspection ‣ Benefits through time reductions = cost reductions ‣ Business transformation through process automation Manual Process RExS Solution 66% Process Time Reduction
    27. 27. Solution Benefits to Ricoh ‣ Laserfiche is web-based, Cloud enabled, utilizing a mobile forms solution that streamlines and automates the entire expense process ‣ Managers can easily “Inspect what they expect” within expense claims ‣ Employees will have complete visibility from submission to payment ‣ Eliminate paper through online processing and e-receipts ‣ Automation lowers transaction, processing and time dependencies, including cost reduction related to reduced manpower (-1.5 FTEs) ‣ Savings and cost reduction generating net benefit of $256,493 over 5 years ‣ Support future improvements and optimization within Service Operations ‣ Project supports key organizational strategies: • Cost reduction • Improved organizational effectiveness • Enhanced employee engagement
    28. 28. Next Steps ‣ ‣ ‣ • UAT finalization & Production Launch ERP integration ADP payroll automation Foundation for other projects  Accounts Payable Approval Automation  Field Operations and other service reporting  Legal – Contracts renewal automation
    29. 29. Questions? Thank You!