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Damien Austin-Walker

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User experience

  1. 1. Designing for a great User Experience
  2. 2. What is User Experience?
  3. 3. But first...Why do you need a website?
  4. 4. Objectives:what do you want to achieve?• Organisation goals• Website goals• Conversions o sign up a volunteer o make a sale o make a donation o register o share on social network
  5. 5. User experience: a means to an end- to achieve a goalWhat changes toexperience changeconversion positivelyor negatively ?Rinse and repeat.
  6. 6. Who does your website need tospeak to?Include external and internal stakeholders
  7. 7. What do they want from the site?How can the site provide value or be of use for them?What is it that they are trying to get done by using your site or service? Understand their purpose for using you, how they talk about it, Where they are coming from.Have empathy with your users. See it from their perspective. If you know the job they want to get done, you can put yourself in their shoes in order to make the right decisions.
  8. 8. How will they access the site?Desktop, tablet, mobile?If starting from scratchconsider Mobile First orResponsive Design.
  9. 9. What makes a great experience?Developing personas for your primary audiences can helpin identifying what makes a great UX for each Young person (under 18) Corporate supporter Funder Young person (18-25) Supporter (friends and family) * Sketches courtesy of my lovely agency yoomee
  10. 10. User Experience Honeycomb
  11. 11. Copy and Information ArchitectureQ. How do users read on the web?A. They dontUsers mostly glance at each new page and scan text. Theyclick on the first link to catch their eye or which vaguelyresembles what they’re looking for. There are large areas ofthe page they don’t even look at. In other words, they readthe web like a billboard rather than a document.Look at any video game – they rarely have more than threeoption buttons on any one screen. Too many choicesconfuse.
  12. 12. Usage lifecyclea user progresses from initially being unaware, throughbeing a first-time user, to ultimately becoming apassionate user.
  13. 13. Creating a great User Experience1. Respect the usage lifecycleRealise that not all users are at the same level of experience with the website.2. Use mental modelsThe site’s user interface should reflect how users perceive the real world, not how the technicalimplementation is structured.3. Less is morePeople don’t read the web like books, they scan copy looking for headlines and key points. Focus onshort web copy and minimise choices.4. Test with real usersAll changes should be regularly tested on real users, with time allowed for feedback andimprovements.
  14. 14. Everybodys JobGreat user experience needs to be part of the mindset and focus of the whole organisation
  15. 15. Pleasure in the simple things in life Damien Austin-Walker @b33god Head of Digital - @vInspired