How to become an Eclipse committer in 20 minutes and fork the IDE


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Describes how to build the Eclipse IDE

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How to become an Eclipse committer in 20 minutes and fork the IDE

  1. 1. How to become an Eclipsecommitter in 20 minutes andto fork the Eclipse IDE
  2. 2. Lars VogelEclipse committerEclipse and Android developerCompany founderJava reaches 1.5million readers per month
  3. 3. t er t m mi co a E om e ID ec e b ps s li l et Ec t t he rs kFi f or n T he
  4. 4. Tradionally the Eclipse programmingmodel made it easy to addsomething ontop of Eclipse.
  5. 5. But what about changing the Eclipse IDE or framework?
  6. 6. New developers It is Open Source, how hard can it be?
  7. 7. This isreally hard.
  8. 8. I use IntelliJbecause Eclipse sucks
  9. 9. I hopesomeone fixes this bugbecause it is reallybad.... for me
  10. 10. A new ageGitTychoCBIGerrit
  11. 11. Eclipse source
  12. 12. Search box
  13. 13. Git clonegit clone git://
  14. 14. You fix and you commit (locally)
  15. 15. Now you are acommitter
  16. 16. All right, I go and help Debian in this case.. But, your patch orGerrit request never gets reviewed...
  17. 17. I use IntelliJbecause Eclipse sucks
  18. 18. Or you can...
  19. 19. Fork you!Yeah!
  20. 20. Eclipse Tycho
  21. 21. Repository Plug-ins
  22. 22. Modules to build
  23. 23. Component pom.xml
  24. 24. Targetmvn -clean install
  25. 25. Lets start small I build the e4 tools
  26. 26. Reality# Clone the releng repogit clonegit:// Install the CBI build configurationmvn -f org.eclipse.e4.releng/cbi/eclipse-parent/pom.xmlclean installgit clonegit:// -clean install
  27. 27. Simplification in its makingBug 386114 - Avoid duplication of id and version in pom.xmland MANIFESTBug 403237 - cannot be build with "mvn cleaninstall"Bug 361722 - [patch] Unable to install root level features intoproduct install
  28. 28. Build your own Eclipse IDE All the cool kids are forking Eclipse these days
  29. 29. Build Eclipse IDE# clonegit clone -b master --recurse-submodules git:// fetch origingit merge origin/mastergit pull --recurse-submodulesgit submodule update# fix to pom.xml versionscd eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator/mvn -Dtycho.mode=maven -Dmaven.repo.local=${WORKSPACE}/.repositoryorg.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:update-pom# buildmvn clean install -Pno-bree-libs -Dmaven.test.skip=true
  30. 30. Your own Eclipse IDE build
  31. 31. Apply modification Clone the corresponding repo Create new repo at GithubPush your changes to Github andmerge them everytime before the build
  32. 32. vogella Eclipse IDE buildDistribution: repo
  33. 33. Demo provided by l33t labs (
  34. 34. Follow our CBI Build on Twitter
  35. 35. Where to go from here Eclipse IDE CBI Build Git tutorial EGit tutorial EclipseTycho tutorial
  36. 36. For fhe love of Pete!I fix this bug!
  37. 37. Thank youFor further questions:Lars.Vogel@gmail.comhttp://www.vogella.comTwitter