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Rules of Engagement -  Meaningful Communications Strategies in the Digital Age, July 2012
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Rules of Engagement - Meaningful Communications Strategies in the Digital Age, July 2012


Published on

•Social Media Today …

•Social Media Today
•The Big Cultural Shift
•Role of New Media Engagements
•Overcoming Challenges
•Integrating Communications with Your Business Strategy

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. @larsvRules of EngagementMeaningful Communications Strategies in the Digital Age Lars Voedisch Communications Strategist 1
  • 2. @larsvYour reputation is precious… • Communications Strategy • Traditional & Social Media Our services, Relations Your value! • Crisis Preparedness • Internal Communications • Media Training • Analysis, Measurement, Research Lars Voedisch Communications Strategist
  • 3. Rules of EngagementMeaningful Communications Strategies in the Digital Age People • Social Media Today Processes • The Big Cultural Shift Policies • Role of New Media Engagements • Overcoming Challenges • Integrating Communications with Your Business Strategy
  • 4. Who is… Lars Voedisch?International Communications Strategist• Lars is an experienced global communications and business professional with 15 years expertise in growing, managing and defending leading global brands’ reputation across industry sectors.Background & Expertise• Clients include: AT&T, Citi, Coca Cola, DBS, GIC, Honda, ING, Macquarie, Motorola, Panasonic, Porsche, Procter & Gamble, Yahoo!, VMware• Companies he worked for: Hitradio Antenne, AIESEC, DHL, Fleishman-Hillard, Dow Jones, Hill+Knowlton Strategies• Experience in public relations, internal communications, marketing, journalism, as well as M&A, crisis and change management• International working, training and team leadership experience on five continents• Sought-after moderator and speaker on social media, public relations and communications thought leadershipPersonal Background• German by birth; living in Asia (Hong Kong / Singapore) for 9 years 4
  • 5. Social Media affecting our lifes… 5
  • 6. Misconceptions about Social Media 1. Build it and they will come 2. Using Social Media to broadcast, not to LISTEN 3. It’s FREE!!! 4. You have to react to each negative comment 5. No plan or objective 6. Tracking the wrong stuff Dealing with Social Media is an ART: Authentic Relevant TransparentSource: The 7 Misconceptions of Social Media, Mike Lewis 6
  • 7. 7Source: What happens on the Internet every 60 seconds - Rosa Golijan
  • 8. 8Source: What happens on the Internet every 60 seconds - Rosa Golijan
  • 9. It’s not about technology, It’s about relationships! 9Source: What happens on the Internet every 60 seconds - Rosa Golijan
  • 10. Don’t Panic! Focus on the Influencers 90-9-1 Principle: The Inequality of the WebSource: Jakob Nielsen - Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute 10
  • 11. The BIG Cultural Dilemma• Be (Seen) Innovative – But Please Don’t Take Any Risk, Use Only Proven Methods
  • 12. Online Engagement? Customers are very demanding! [Brands] have to surprise me, not only meet my needs, but anticipate my needs. By using social media exclusively, I think the company has to answer me whenever I have a question, enlighten me whenever I complain, and thank me whenever I compliment them.Source: The Language of Love in Social Media - Firefly Millward Brown 12
  • 13. The BIG Cultural Dilemma #2 • From natural respect to suspicion • Are you approachable? • Why would people want to connect with you?
  • 14. More pressure than anytime before“ Make sure you’re doing stuff that matters to the business and contributes to its success ”Source: IABC professional member, 14
  • 15. Challenge Within Organisations: Who ‘Owns’ Social Media?Source: Blurring Lines, Turf Battles and Tweets: The Real Impact of Integrated Communications on Marketing and PR 15
  • 16. Challenge Within Organisations: Who ‘Owns’ Social Media? Who Cares?Source: Blurring Lines, Turf Battles and Tweets: The Real Impact of Integrated Communications on Marketing and PR 16
  • 17. ‘Digital waste’ polluting the online world? 11% 13% 32% 43% of Singapore consumers don’t 45% want to be bothered in social networksSource: Digital Life 2011 - TNS 17
  • 18. What are people saying? 11% 13% 32% 45%Source: Digital Life 2011 - TNS 18
  • 19. The Paid / Owned / Earned Ecosystem 11% 13% 32% 45%Source: Paid Owned Earned – Nick Burcher 19
  • 20. Social Media to be leveraged across a company:Different functions, uses and valuesSource: Socialize your organization – Richard Binhammer / Dell
  • 21. The PR Perspective:Social or not – it’s Media Relations?! 21
  • 22. Social Media Relations: Everything Changes!?Everything Changes Nothing Changes• It’s about two-way • You’ve to manage conversations relationships• You’ve to deal with more • So it’s wires, print, broadcast channels – and social media• We HAVE to listen and • You already: monitor and understand what’s said! analyze your media coverage• What about those negative • Not every negative comment comments and posts? means a crisis• The game get’s so much • Already forgot newswires? faster Look at trends over time 22
  • 23. Social Media’s Internal Impact CEOs Who Tweet Held in High Regard 82% of employees trust a company 11% more when the 13% 32% CEO and leadership team communicate via social media. 45%Source: CEOs Who Tweet Held in High Regard - eMarketer © 2012 by PRecious Communications 23
  • 24. Social CEO Index 11% 13% 32% 45% © 2012 by PRecious Communications 24
  • 25. Social Media is about ContentWhat Should We Be Talking About? Industry… trends, news, E.g. Technology, data, advice Legislation, Competition Your… products, offers, service, peopleSource: Developing your conversation sphere - CommsCorner 25
  • 26. Integration is Key – or WasteONLINE BUILDING (DEEPER) ENGAGEMENTOFFLINE 26
  • 27. Marketing, Editorial… Conversation CalendarIt’s all about planning – On- & Offline 27
  • 28. What happens in Huili county / Sichuan…
  • 29. How to Deal with Comments – YOUR Response Plan • Comment / Blog Post Validity • Level of Responsibility • Level of Respect • The Commenter is a Troll / Rager • The Commenter is a Spammer by NatureSource: PR 2.0 Comment Response Chart 37
  • 30. The BIGGER picture:What’s your engagement plan? What can/should your staff say – or not? Do you have a proper escalation path? How do you get ready for ‘beta’ mode? 38
  • 31. Does every scenario need the same response? PeopleImpact Process Policies Engage Discover Analyze Monitor Time 39
  • 32. Key Learnings1) Speed is critical (on Twitter)2) Honesty is a virtue3) Make your CEO visible4) Brands have to be on alert in order to correct any false assumptions before they reach critical mass5) Track it Source: Not So SMRT: A Case Study of Communications Failure - Skribe 40
  • 33. How well are YOU prepared? CCOs rank social media as their top challenge in the year aheadSource: The Rising CCO IV – Spencer Stuart / Webber Shandwick 41
  • 34. 1. unexpected (i.e., a surprise)2. creates uncertainty3. is seen as a threat to important goals 42
  • 35. Reputational Risk: It’s all about perception... Establishment: Full crisis Erosion: Spreading: Relevance Growing declines interest Emergence: Issue getsPotential: publicKnown areas YOU? 43
  • 36. Reputational Risk: It’s all about perception... Establishment:Time is crucial for managing risk Full crisisas it allows you to stay in the‘driver seat’ Erosion: Spreading: Relevance Growing declines interest Emergence: Issue getsPotential: publicKnown areas If a crisis happens: Get it fast, Get it right, YOU? Get it out, and Get it over! Your problem won’t improve with age. N. Augustine, CEO Lockhead Martin
  • 37. Crisis Survival Lessons for theSocial Media Age In a crisis, consumers need honest answers and they need them fast – and no messaging vehicle is better suited to meet this demand than those fueling the crisis in the first place. Transparent engagements in the online communities, where your customers already live, provide a credible and direct channel for the answers they need. 45
  • 38. Are we too proud? Sorry seems to be the hardest word…• Dont RE-act right away• Acknowledge - Dont be angry• Admit the mistake and apologize• Take ownership• Ask for forgiveness and make the needed changes – use the magic words: “I’m sorry” and “thank you”Source: When Youre Wrong, Say Youre Sorry - SOLUTIONS: Social Media 46
  • 39. Pressing the delete button for comments? Some reasons that might be acceptable…• Racism• Sexism• Verbal abuse• Inappropriate language• Pornographic content• (Blatant hostile behaviour toward other community members)However: It is imperative that you have a policy on yourFacebook page if you choose to delete content!Source: 5 ways to handle negative Facebook comments - PR Daily 47
  • 40. Time to start or review Review your current policies for engagement Do scenario / crisis planning White-board your process Draw and distribute 48
  • 41. The world we live in… 49
  • 42. Social Media Disaster “Highlights”Know your audience, know what’s important for them… and know when you’relogged in with your company account! 50
  • 43. Social Media Disaster “Highlights”‘News jacking’ is a nice idea – but be sensitive! 51
  • 44. Social Media Disaster “Highlights”Timing is everything… and knowing what’s actually happening in your company 52
  • 45. The Inside Look: How do you WANT your staff to use Social Media? • Do you have a social media policy? • Is your policy easy to read? Can you make it an engaging experience? • Is it welcoming to employees and customers, or does it sound like it was written by lawyers? • In addition to your policy, are you educating your employees on how to properly use social media in a way that will help them as well as help tell your brand story?Source: Is Your Social Media Policy Hurting Your Brand? - MENG 53
  • 46. Social Media Policy - Examples Transparency Protection Respect Responsibility Utilization Respect Responsibility Representation 54
  • 47. We heard about the Bad and the Ugly…. Let’s switch to the ‘Good’: The Old Spice CampaignSource: W + K Old Spice Case Study
  • 48. How Much Time Does Social Media Engagement Take? Data is everywhere – you need meaningful analysis!Source: How much time does social media marketing take - Gigaom / Aliza Sherman 56
  • 49. PR and social media trends for 2012 • Engagement over likes • Your brand needs to be available 24/7 • Harness the power of consumer influencers • Synchronise web PR with social media • Quality content worth sharing • Paid, earned or shared • Look for opportunities in the now • Dont ignore mobile • Its all in the metrics • Global brands have to be integratedSource: PR and social media trends for 2012 – BizCommunity 58
  • 50. Future-Proofing Public RelationsWho do YOU want to be? Critical Analytical Skills Gamblers Winners Vanity Strategic BusinessPublishing Orientation Ostriches Bluffers No Analytical Skills 59
  • 51. Rules of Engagement – Things to ConsiderGet your processes right• Monitor• Analyze• Discover• Engage / Respond PeopleWhat you need:• A PLAN & Resources!• Scenario planning & Reaction Plans Processes• Guidelines PoliciesThere is no one-size-fits-all• Better start small than not at all• Form a team• Have fun! 60
  • 52. ‘Classic’ Case Study: Domino’s YouTube Experience• Domino’s Pizza Chain discovered the power of viral marketing last month: Who in YOUR organization two employees in the US filmed "prank" videos of themselves stuffing cheese up their noses and then putting it into sandwiches.• The video went popular on go on Youtube? Twitter lit would YouTube (over 1 million views), and up with disgusted customer complaints.• Domino’s apologized and put its own President on YouTube, started a Twitter response site; What to wear?• Still: In just a few days, Domino’s reputation was damaged. What to say? Who to talk to? Are you ready? Nobody will wait for you…! 61
  • 53. @larsv Lars VoedischCommunications 62
  • 54. @larsvYour reputation is precious… • Communications Strategy • Traditional & Social Media Relations Let’s talk! • Crisis Preparedness • Internal Communications • Media Training • Analysis, Measurement, Research Lars Voedisch Communications Strategist
  • 55. About us…• Independent, boutique communications consultancy• Based out of Singapore, at home in Asia and Europe• Globally connected via affiliation with +65 - 9170 2470 larsvoed 229 Mountbatten Road #02-41 Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007