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smAlbany 2013 cit, p&s, networking beats not working 071713

  1. 1. Networking Beats NOTworking smAlbany 2013 Dr. Thomas J. Denham © Careers In Transition LLC
  2. 2. Expectations Networking 101 Elevator Speech How to Work a Room Goal: Learn 3 Things 90% of what you hear today will be lost in 30 days, therefore please TAKE NOTES. Please Ask Questions! © Careers In Transition LLC
  3. 3. Google “50 Networking NO NOs” “How to Initiate and Conduct an Informational Interview” “50 Tips for Networking” “36 Sources of Networking Contacts” © Careers In Transition LLC
  4. 4. “The one thing I have seen in every successful person I have ever met is their ability to grow and nurture a network of relationships.” Harvey Mackay Author, Swim with the Sharks
  5. 5. Networking 101 Group of supporters who serve as resources for your personal and professional life Lost art relationship building Great way to increase job security A skill that is developed with practice © Careers In Transition LLC
  6. 6. Why Network? Builds a greater Circle of Influence Increases visibility and TOMA Creates a safety net Learn by listening Starts friendships Reduces isolationism Deputizes your “Job Search Agents” Enriches your life © Careers In Transition LLC
  7. 7. This is why I network
  8. 8. Get Focused 1. What am I trying to accomplish? 2. What is my networking strategy? 3. Where and how often do I need to network? 4. What is my goal for each networking event? Goal: How many cards did I give/get this week? Goal: Contacts have I added this month? Goal: One-on-one meetings this month? © Careers In Transition LLC
  9. 9. Identify Your Network “I don’t really have a network.” – Myth Ask yourself, “Who do I know and who knows me?” Ask yourself, “Where can I go to build meaningful relationships?”… © Careers In Transition LLC
  10. 10. 36 Sources of Contacts 1. Athletic Teams 2. Business Cards 3. Career Counselors 4. Chamber of Commerce 5. Classmates/Alumni 6. Clergy/House of Faith 7. Conferences Attendees 8. Elected Officials 9. Email Address Book 10. Ex-Employees © Careers In Transition LLC 11. Family 12. Fellow Job Seekers 13. Former Competitors 14. Former Co-Workers 15. Former Customers 16. Former Supervisors 17. Former Faculty 18. Former Neighbors 19. Fraternity/Sorority 20. Friends
  11. 11. 36 Sources of Contacts 21. Holiday Card List 22. Lodges 23. Mentors 24. NYS Dept. of Labor 25. Neighbors 26. Private Clubs 27. Professional Associations 28. Professional Colleagues 29. PTA 30. Service Providers © Careers In Transition LLC 31. Social Acquaintances 32. Social Media Sites 33. Staffing Agencies 34. Telephone Address Book 35. Volunteer Activities 36. Volunteer Board Members
  12. 12. Prepare for Networking Quantify and qualify your network Prioritize the 3 Circles of Influence 1. Inner Circle - closest contacts 2. Middle Circle - close associates 3. Outer Circle - lesser known contacts © Careers In Transition LLC
  13. 13. Business Cards A critical investment Important first impression Use front and back Photo Obtain a card holder Keep back-ups Never say: “I don’t have one on me.” “I already have your card.” © Careers In Transition LLC
  14. 14. Set Up Networking Meetings Schedule a date and time Meet at their office Be professional and be on time Ask for advice Ask them, “If you were me, what more would you be doing?” Tap into their networks– The Rule of 200 Ask them, “Who do you suggest I speak to next?” © Careers In Transition LLC
  15. 15. Follow-up Send a thank you email immediately Add his/her email to your address book Invite into LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook File Away © Careers In Transition LLC
  16. 16. LinkedIn 21st Century Rolodex Facebook for Professionals 200+ Million Users Every 12 days 1 million people join LinkedIn Biggest IPO since Google - $352.8 Million Google: “Linkedin Basics for Job Searching” © Careers In Transition LLC
  17. 17. Your Online Reputation IS Your Reputation! Create Build Promote Protect © Careers In Transition LLC
  18. 18. Why? YOU are your brand! Cost Effective Online Resume Stay Competitive Google: “YOU Are Your Brand” Google: “How to Build Your Brand” © Careers In Transition LLC
  19. 19. Am I boring you?
  20. 20. Networking Opportunities Networking Bonanzas Smaller Events/Programs One-on-One – “Coffee Talks” © Careers In Transition LLC
  21. 21. Working a Room - Before Be prepared and targeted How can I best use this time? Know the audience Arrive slightly early Go to the bathroom Where does the name tag go? Google: “How to Work a Room” © Careers In Transition LLC
  22. 22. Elevator Speech Prepare a 10 and 30 second sell Prepare a 2 and 10 minute talk Say something memorable/humorous 1. Who are you? 2. What do you do? 3. Who do you do it for? 4. What is the result? 5. What is a good referral? Repeat name and organization © Careers In Transition LLC
  23. 23. Working a Room - During Take the initiative Make a great 1st impression Greet with a smile Pleasant voice Give a firm handshake One hand grip – two pumps Strong body language/eye contact Good posture © Careers In Transition LLC
  24. 24. Working a Room - During Don’t sit down before the program! Circulate strategically Don’t talk to everyone or just one person! Don’t sit next to people you know! Stay focused on them – L.V.A.C. Listen first, talk second – W.A.I.T. Don’t sell Have a meaningful conversation Avoid wandering eyes © Careers In Transition LLC
  25. 25. Working a Room - During Display your energy and enthusiasm Be yourself and stay relaxed How to stand – The 3 Foot Rule Maintain self-control Speak clearly DON’T RAMBLE © Careers In Transition LLC
  26. 26. Working a Room – Before Leaving Excusing yourself Request a business card Request a “Coffee Talk” End with a smile © Careers In Transition LLC
  27. 27. Working a Room - After Thank new contacts via email Follow-up on “Coffee Talk” request Leave cards on your desk for 1 week © Careers In Transition LLC
  28. 28. Network for Life 1. Be proactive – never an after thought! 2. Networking is work, but work worth doing 3. Networking is a contact sport 4. “Givers Get” Principle Nurture Your Network © Careers In Transition LLC
  29. 29. Action Plan “What can I do TODAY to create, build, and protect my online reputation?” Success can only be done incrementally After today, I need to… Start Doing… Stop Doing… Continue Doing… Do More… Do Less… Do Differently… © Careers In Transition LLC
  31. 31. Dr. Thomas J. Denham (518) 366-8451 Since this is the way I make my living, I would appreciate any referrals for future speaking engagements.
  32. 32. Thank You!!! Dr. Tom Denham