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smAlbany 2013 cit, p&s, get linkedin or left behind 070913-1

  1. 1. Get LinkedIn or Get Left Behind smAlbany 2013 Dr. Thomas J. Denham © Careers In Transition LLC
  2. 2. Expectations What? Why? Importance as a Professional Tool Features Action Plan Different Proficiency Levels Goal: Learn 3 Things You Can Implement © Careers In Transition LLC
  3. 3. Advice 90% of what you hear today will be lost in 30 days, therefore please TAKE NOTES. Google: “Linkedin Basics for Job Searching” Join: Group “Careers In Transition Forum” Please Ask Questions! © Careers In Transition LLC
  4. 4. Career Development Process 1. Self-Assessment - Who am I? 2. Career Exploration - Where am I going? 3. Action Plan - How do I get there? 4. Career Management – How do I stay in shape? “Career counseling is answering a series of questions culminating in meaningful life work.” – Dr. Tom © Careers In Transition LLC
  5. 5. What? © Careers In Transition LLC
  6. 6. LinkedIn 21st Century Rolodex Facebook for Professionals 200+ million people use it Every 12 days 1 million people join LinkedIn Biggest IPO since Google - $352.8 Million © Careers In Transition LLC
  7. 7. Why? © Careers In Transition LLC
  8. 8. Your Online Reputation IS Your Reputation! Create Build Promote Protect © Careers In Transition LLC
  9. 9. “The one thing I have seen in every successful person I have ever met is their ability to grow and nurture a network of relationships.” Harvey Mackay Author, Swim with the Sharks
  10. 10. Why? YOU are your brand! Networking #1 Job Search Strategy!!! “Everybody’s Doing It.” Cost Effective Your Online Resume Ride the Wave or Get Crushed by It If you’re serious about your career, you can’t ignore it. © Careers In Transition LLC
  11. 11. Why? Opportunities Come with Self-Promotion Broadcast Your Message/Mission Become an SME – Subject Matter Expert Network BEFORE You Need a Job Tool: High Touch and High Tech © Careers In Transition LLC
  12. 12. Why LinkedIn? Premier Professional Social Media Site Plaxo BeKnown BranchOut ReferralKey © Careers In Transition LLC
  13. 13. Now What Do I Do? © Careers In Transition LLC
  14. 14. Heading Photo – Sends a Message Name – Dr. Thomas J. Denham Headline “Career Counselor & Motivational Speaker with Careers In Transition LLC - For a Free Phone Appointment Call 518-366-8451” Location – Industry Albany, New York Area – Human Resources Status Update © Careers In Transition LLC
  15. 15. Overview Education – List of Schools Recommendations - 34 Connections – 500+ Website – Blog – Portfolio - Vimeo Twitter - DrTomDenham © Careers In Transition LLC
  16. 16. Summary Tell Your Story “Cover Letter” “Welcome Letter” Branding Phone Number and Email Specialties ________________________ Blog Recommended Reading © Careers In Transition LLC
  17. 17. Experience Job Titles and Employers Honors/Awards Job Descriptions # of Recommendations with Each Job © Careers In Transition LLC
  18. 18. Other Features Volunteer Experience & Causes Certifications – MBTI Skills & Expertise Education Recommendations – Validates Your Work © Careers In Transition LLC
  19. 19. 3 Circles of Influence Quantity vs. Quality Debate 1. Inner Circle - closest contacts 2. Middle Circle - close associates 3. Outer Circle - lesser known contacts © Careers In Transition LLC
  20. 20. Additional Information Websites Twitter Interests Groups - Careers In Transition Forum Honors and Awards Personal Information Contact Dr. Tom for: Your profile has been viewed by 6 people in the past 1 days. You have shown up in search results 76 times in the past 1 day. © Careers In Transition LLC
  21. 21. Tips Customize URL List URL on Resume Email Signature Invite Your Email Address Book Set Goals Have Fun © Careers In Transition LLC
  22. 22. Benefits Writing Opportunities Increased Clients New Speaking Engagements Reposting of Weekly Blog Article TV and Internet Radio Show Appearances Webinars Speed Networking Events © Careers In Transition LLC
  23. 23. Action Plan “What can I do TODAY to create, build, and protect my online reputation?” Success can only be done incrementally After today, I need to… Start Doing… Stop Doing… Continue Doing… Do More… Do Less… Do Differently… © Careers In Transition LLC
  24. 24. Networking Networking Networking © Careers In Transition LLC
  25. 25. Thank You!!! Dr. Tom Denham